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  • Angeles Crest Fireroad - #AngelesCrestFireroad

    Socal - Los Angeles County - La Canada NickNames: #AngelesCrestFireroad

    Drive up Angeles Crest Highway (2), from La Canada approximately 5 (or maybe it 7 to 7.5 miles) miles to a large parking area on left hand side. There is a sign warning of a 15MPH MTB speed limit. Ride past locked gate. Thomas Guide page 505
    Also check out Mt. Leukens Road - La Canada/Flintridge

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    • Trail UpdateClear Creek Tunnels-Just a short update on the conditions since last year. The fire road is well-packed now, not loose. The Grizzly Flat road was gently cleared awhile back--only sign of it is weathering Caterpillar tracks (fun downhill washboard if you come back this way).
      This is a great little ride because it has variety (climbs, exposure, fire road, singletrack) and can be quickly reached from town (say, after work). The tree tunnels are a blast. The trail back up to the highway (marked as "To Georges Gap") is very steep at the start; don't let it discourage you; it opens up nicely after a hundred yards or so.
      Singletrack=40% Dirt Road=30% Paved Path=30%
      Dave a 43 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Trek 8000 from Los Angeles


    • Trail UpdateClear Creek Tunnels-I just rode this trail on 7/21 and the forest service really thrashed the fire road--serious loose, dusty riding. Follow the directions already given but if you want another variation when you get to clear creek go up through the LA school camp to the highway. Ride up the highway to the clear creek ranger station. There's a single track heading down the canyon from the parking lot that heads back to clear creek. Fun mile or two of groomed and rocky technical riding.
      Singletrack=60% Paved Path=40%


    • Trail UpdateTrail Conditions April 97-Mount Leukens and the Clear Creek Tunnels use to be one of my favorite rides. However, within the past few weeks the Forest Service plowed the Clear Creek Tunnels road. The road is very soft and rocky! 04-14-97


    • Trail UpdateClear Creek Tunnels-Hey, Steve you great Weekend Warrior from Burbank... Thanx for listing an awesome little ride. A few Additions---It is 7-7.5 miles from the 210 freeway to the trailhead, the trailhead is the Mt. Lukens Fireroad-2N79, and this is a very fun ride!! I got such a buzz off riding through the tunnel of trees and the top rocky section was techinical enough to make it interesting. This ride should be named the Clear Creek Tunnels. Thanks again for the info.
      Bob Nydam a 30 year old weekend warrior from Altadena {nydam@artcenter.edu}


    • Trail UpdateEdison Rd.-Several options are available. Our typical is to ride to water tank, and take right hand fork. Continue climbing until road end at the power lines. This is where the singletrack begins. Ride over a few humps and down some great trail. Upper half has some exposure. Lower half is like riding through a tunnel of trees. Several options at bottom. If you can find it, take the trail that branches off to the right near the bottom. Easy to miss, because you'll be going about 10-15 MPH through tree tunnels. Climb this trail, staying right at a fork ahead. After many (dozen or so) switchbacks, you'll top out at Angeles Crest Hwy. at a parking area. Take A.C.H. back you to your car. Total ride is 1-1.5 hours.
      SingleTrack=40%, DirtRoad=30%, PavedPath=30%
      Steve Meier a 27 year old weekend warrior from Burbank, CA {S.Meier@ix.netcom.com}


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