- Thursday, July 25, 2024

Southern California Trails

  • Crystal Lake - #CrystalLake

    Socal - Los Angeles County - Azusa NickNames: #CrystalLake

    From the I-210 Freeway at the Highway CA-39 exit in Azusa, go north on CA-39, driving many miles, passing San Gabriel Res. along the way. Just past Falling Springs Resort, make a right on Crystal Lake Road. Drive to the entry kiosk and pay $5 here, or show them your pass, then drive to the hiker parking at the end of the road (past the store). Park here. Two things to be noted about the parking fees. One: The parking fee has been raised to $5. Two: On your way up the mountain there are signs saying that you need a permit to park, and there are two kiosks on the way up. Don't pay at them, they are only for if you want to park on the side of the road. Continue up CA-39 to the campground and then pay your $5 there. Thomas Guide page

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