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  • Windy Ridge - #WindyRidge

    Socal - Riverside County - Desert Hot Springs NickNames: #WindyRidge

    Take the Indian Ave Exit (North) from the I-10. Turn right on Mission Lakes Blvd.(About 5 to 6 miles from I-10)
    Turn left into the Mission Lakes Country Club Entrance. Follow the street all the way to the end. Striaght ahead should be the Driving Range. Park on the street next to the driving Range. Facing the Driving range (West) you should see a trail that leads you out along the side of it.
    Follow that trail to the end of the range and turn right. You should see a hill with a trail coming down. At the base of hill turn and ride West. Continue riding west staying on the trail closest to the hill. You will then see a trail that turns North. You will know you are going the right way if you see an aquaduct check platform. Continue up through the Canyon through soft sand. You will eventually see a trail on your right heading to the top of the hill. Once you are on the ridge it gets fun. Follow the ridge back to your vehicle.

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    • Trail UpdateWindy Ridge Closed-Sorry Folks, the Century Mountain View housing tract of new homes cuts off all return access coming down off of windy ridge.
      Jon Braginton a 36 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Gary Fisher Joshua F4


    • Trail UpdateWindy Ridge-The route defenitley has a steep drop section on the "quad" size trail and is marked by a pile of rocks at that drop-off. Take note of the "Bum Shack" that is occupied up the canyon jeep trail where you fork off to the left towards windy ridge.A very fun, but ride, about 1 hour.

      Ride rating: Expert
      Ride distance: 3.5 Elevation change: 600ft.
      Singletrack=40% Dirt Road=70%
      Jon Braginton a 34 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Gary Fisher Joshua F4 from Palm Desert, CA.


    • Trail UpdateWindy Ridge-The view from the ridge, as well as the great single track, is well worth the trip through the soft sand.
      The downhill is loose rock combined with ruts. This should get your heart pumping!!!!
      There are so many other trails in this area. During the summer make sure to bring plenty of water!!!
      Wow!! What a nice golf course as well.
      a Weekend Warrior


    • Trail UpdateWindy Ridge-This trail is pretty tough!!! The trip to the ridge is through soft sand and some hard packed. Once you get to the ridge there is some pretty narly downhill.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 3.5 miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=40% Truck Trail=60%
      a 27 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Trek from Desert Hot Springs


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