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  • Wildwood State Park - #WildwoodStatePark

    Socal - San Bernardino County - Yucaipa NickNames: #WildwoodStatePark

    Back in the day. This was for two wheeled trespassers only. Nowadys, it's a State Park. April-late May is ticks season here and there is some sparce poison oak. We intend to clear some out along the trails. This place is fun and can give you full day of riding if you try to do it all.

    East on the 10 FWY to Yucaipa. Do not get off at Yucaipa. Go to the next exit called Live Oak Cnyn. Turn left over the fwy. Turn right at the light just passed the bridge (Calimesa Blvd). Go a mile or so to the first stop and turn left (Wildwood Cnyn. Rd.). Drive about 5 miles or so. It's up hill all the way until you dive into the canyon (Wildwood). Just past the first stop in the canyon (County Line Rd) is Wildwood Park. This is you staging area.

    Now you're on your bikes. Ride east through the park until it turns in to dirt. 100 yards or so on your left, the other side of Wildwood Canyon road (North side), is a street that has some big oaks at the intersection. This is called Canyon Road. Cross Wildwood and ride north on Canyon Road past houses and side dirt roads. About a mile you will come to a pipe gate and the sign says Widwood State Park. Past the Gate the roads spilts. Left continues through the pasrk on a fire road and right starts you right away into some uphill singletrack. From this point there are several ride options. One I like is to continue on the left split for a mile or two. If you continue all the way, this road turns into Martell and dumps you out on Oak Glen Road about a couple of miles East of Bryant Street. There are several options along this road. The wide singletracks off to the right will take you on several loops through the park and put you over at the park entrance where you came in. However, instead of the singletrack, go a little further. There will be a Fire road interesction a little ways down the road. This is ambitious. If you look up at the peak that rises sharply and prominently above the Park (Pisgah Peak), you will notice a road that looks like only mountain goats go on. It's quite fun, steep, but fun. This road will take you back n a look to the south side of the park. From there there are several ways back to the entrance.

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    • Trail UpdateToday was the first time in at least a year that I have done this loop -- through Wildwood Canyon Park, up to Pisgah Peak, drop down into Oak Glen, scream down toward Cherry Valley, and back down Wildwood Canyon Rd. to the car. The climb was surprisingly hot -- in fact, it was warmer on the peak than below in Yucaipa. All the the grasses and shrubs are still very green, with sparse wildflowers. This ride is nearly all truck trail -- no single track -- but it is still a joy to ride.

      The last time I rode this, I was a momma bear and two cubs on the way back to Oak Glen. Today, no large wildlife made itself known to us. The newspaper did have a story last week about a mountain lion in the backyard of a home in the Wildwood Canyon area. I recommend always going with a buddy or group. This is a stout climb, and kitty sightings are getting more common in this area. Expected to see a snake or two, but no luck there either.


    • Trail UpdateWow-Its about time somebody stood up to people acting civil to one another. Thanks dude...now go clean your room before your mom gets home.


    • Trail UpdateGet A Room-Or excange e-mails. We don't want both to have to read about how both of you are doing and how long it has been since you saw eachother. That what up!


    • Trail UpdateYes, It Is I...Lucky Dog-How goes it Sean? Whats up wit Kev?


    • Trail UpdateLucky Dog?-Kaveman and I used to ride with a Lucky Dog. Is that you, Leonard?
      Irsean a 38 year old Weekend Warrior


    • Trail UpdateWildwood.-Haven't been there in a while. Always liked it. Short ride from my door step when I lived there.If you find yourself at Bogart Park in Cherry Valley,beware of the gate at the park entrance on your way out!

      Lucky Dog
      Lucky Dog a 41 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Gunnar IF Turner from ak


    • Trail UpdateWildwood State Park Singletrack-the north loop trail was in good shape,only minor ruts.a new trail heading east was fun, a lot of poison oak.in fact the trail was cut right over a large patch of it.has anyone named any of these trails yet?let's do it.
      Ride rating: Novice
      Singletrack=85% Dirt Road=15%
      Kaveman a 40 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a 04 specialized enduro pro from Yucaipa


    • Trail UpdateWildwood State Park-Wide variety of trails from singletrack to steep fireroad loop. There is one section of a trail that you can reach coming off of the Pisgah Peak Trail. This trail will take you back to the entrance of the park. It is a very fast narrow canyon. (about 5-10' wide) and the trail itself is usually no wider than a foot. Lots of trees on this section so good shade. At the bottom of this trail there is a split. Go left and exit the park through a ranch (it's ok, most of these people are staging their horses for this park here), turn right at the fork and dump out at the gate of the park (a mile in from Wildwood Canyon road). Be careful of westbound traffic crossing Wildwood Cnyn. Rd. They are coming down into the canyon without a stop so they get pretty fast. Like I said, this Park used to be private property, but now it's a State Park and I encourage the locals to check it out. If you enjoyed exploring this park, check out Bogart Park about 5-10 miles South East of Wildwood State Park (in Cherry Valley)
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=20% Truck Trail=30%
      Sean Baldwin a 36 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Old Triple Butted Cro-Mo frame from Redlands, CA


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