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  • Wildhorse Creek - #WildhorseCreek

    Socal - San Bernardino County - South Fork Santa Ana River NickNames: #WildhorseCreek

    From the intersection of I10 and 215 go east on I10 and turn left. Follow the signs to the 38, go right and continue up past Angelus Oaks. Just past the South Fork Campground about three miles on the left is the sign for the Wildhorse Creek Trailhead. It is posted for horses, hikers and bikers. For about five miles there is very cool rolling hills single track=hiking trail. Turn around at the Wild Horse campgroud and cruise back. The camp ground is a great place for lunch with a year round stream and lots of shade. No trail permit required. Thomas Guide page: 389

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    • Trail UpdateWildhorse-went to check out this ride last saturday. a sign at the trailhead reads something like this: trail open to hikers/horses. to avoid conflict with other users this trail is closed to all other users. i don't live in this area, but i think a local bike group should take this up w/ the forest service. if the forest service can get away w/ doing this in one area, they can certainly do the same w/ other areas. the infamous santa ana river trail is within the same forest service district.


    • Trail UpdateWildhorse Trail To Sugarloaf-This trail suddenly became popular this weekend it seems. Here's my tale. On Friday 8-31-01 first time with plans of summiting Sugarloaf (9952), which I'd only hiked before. The ride up to Wildhorse Camp was great. Buffed singletrack, although loose at times due to the nature of soil (grainy), not horses of other users as far as I could tell. There were sand pits here and there. Views were great! Some exposure. Broke my rear derailleur cable just before the camp by the creek. MgGuyver'ed it into a singlespeed. Proceeded past the creek to bushwhack uphill hell. Tossed it in and returned to my car on 38. On the way returning from Big Bear for a new cable, I realized I had to finish this hill. It was about 1 pm. Went up Sugarloaf trail from Green Valley and saw God. Basically I was spent but wanted to summit so bad. Hiked about 40-50% up the the top, mostly on the rocky sections where momentum is hard to achieve, except for the top fun section. It was great getting up there. It is the highest peak to bag on your bike legally in the SoCal to my knowledge. Just keep in mind that you will experience at least one false summit. You'll curse as you realize this fact going down a rocky trail from the false summit knowing your goal is up again. But that's what it's all about, right? The descent is wicked. The edge of control at the top, keep your weight way back, but manageable, fun and a feeling like you've really done it! Elevation is good.
      Ride rating: Expert
      Mike Kim a 35 year old from Carlsbad


    • Trail UpdateHike-a Bike-I did the hike-a-bike up to 2N93 the same day. If you like misery bush, slippery rocks on loose soil and a very steep climb dragging your bike along I recommend it. I continued up to the Sugar Loaf Trail and blasted down the rock filled Greenspot Trail to meet some friends in Baldwin Lake Area.


    • Trail UpdateWildhorse Creek Loop-A variation we do on the above ride is when we reach
      the Wildhorse Campground we keep on going up the trail.
      After a couple of miles of mostly hike-a-bike you reach
      and old dirt road. Take it to the right and in another
      mile you come to fire road 2N93. Turn right and it's an
      10 mile downhill blast to Hwy 38. Go right on Hwy 38
      back to your car.
      Malcolm a 55 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Santa Cruz Superlite from Redlands


    • Trail UpdateWildhorse Creek Trail-Rolling hills, loose dirt, some rocky sections, some tree roots but very enjoyable. Few shallow sandy sections with no bottoming out or other hazards. Bring your 'Adventure Pass'. Very gradual uphill with great view of San Gregornio and 10,000 foot ridge.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 10 miles Elevation change: 1000 feet
      Randy a 57 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Turner XCE from Highland, CA


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