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  • Whiskey Flat Trail - #WhiskeyFlatTrail

    Socal - Kern County - Kernville NickNames: #WhiskeyFlatTrail

    From Kernville (North End of Lake Isabella), head north toward Johnsondale, about 15 miles. Stop at McNalley's resturant. The trailhead parking is next to the resturant. Cross the Kern river using the footbridge behind McNalley's. The trail goes South, back to Kernville. If you want more info, ask at Mountain River Adventures (MRA) in Kernville.

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    • Trail UpdateKernville Out And Back-I have done the entire trail but the northern section is not maintained and not really good riding. I think it is best to ride out and back starting at the trail head at the end of burlando.

      The first 6 miles of trail is maintained by locals and is alot of fun. (the turn around is near "sock'm dog" for you rafters/kayakers).
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 6+6 Elevation change:
      a Cross-Country Rider from Kernville


    • Trail UpdateWhiskey Flats-Due to an enormous wildfire in July-October 2002, the area around here looks like the moon! Give it a few years to recover before coming up. So sad...


    • Trail UpdateWhiskey Flats-Rode this trail Feb. 17 2002. Great trail, but the weather conditions were not so good. We were camping at Kelly's hole just a couple miles before the trail head for the long weekend. Weather was good until Sunday morning. It started raining, then turned to hail, then snow. But being the hardcore biker that I am (ya right) we decided to go anyways. So of course the trail was muddy. It was almost impossible to stay in the saddle for most of the uphills because there was so much wet sand. It was really nice to ride in the falling snow. The snow wasn't sticking, and once you warmed up, it was very nice.
      The first creak crossing is a bit rough. If you go up stream about 50 yards, you can cross on some rocks and tree's. The creek was wadable, but due to the semi-artic conditions we decided to try and stay as dry as possible.
      It's a long ride to the top, but once you are up there, it's an awsome view up there, and a camera is highly recomended.
      Now to the good part. The down hill ride is outstanding. Pretty smooth trails, not to many rocks, but enough to hit some nice jumps on the move. Watch out for a few places where the trail narrows, and pass between several big rocks. This get's a bit tricky, and if you not careful, it could be painful. Also, on the down hill, there is some low hanging branches, so be aware.
      Had to cut the ride short though. All the weather, and soft trails really slowed us down. The sun went down before we could get to the end and had to cross the river at the bottom, close to the road.(NOT something you want to have to do in mid Febuary)
      Over all, I loved the ride. Can't wait to go back when the weather is a little more friendly, but worth the punishment even in the snow. Some greating eating joints up there. Defenatly stop at the resteraunt just before Johnsondale. Can't remember the name, but it looks like an old miners joint.
      22 year old male riding a 2002 cannondale jekyl 800 lefty.
      Ride rating: Novice
      WalkDaddy Slim~ a 22 year old Downhiller riding a 2002 cannondale jekyl 800 from Oceanside, CA


    • Trail UpdateToo Much Whiskey-After years of kayaking down the river and looking at this trail, I rode this after being dropped off at McNalley's (seriously great burgers IMHO) - takes way too long for the distance, and will never be a classic like Cannel. The main reason is that the uphills (and there are a lot for a ride "down" a river canyon) are mostly hike-a-bikes; way too steep and loose for riding up - this trail needs some switchbacks if it is ever going to be fun to ride (or hike). There are sections that are really good - beautiful views, lots of wildlife (ran into a bear cub coming down the trail) but just too much time off the bike to justify the hours! Take your time and ride Shirley Meadows or take the Cannel Plunge.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 14 miles Elevation change:
      mac a 34 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Specialized M4 from LA


    • Trail UpdateThis trail can be one-way or out-and-back. It is 14 miles one-way from McNalley's to the other trailhead at the end of Burlando Road in Kernville. It is about 2 more miles on paved road back to 'central' Kernville. The folks at MRA told me it was 3-4 hours one-way. I scoffed: 16 miles 'downhill' in 3-4 hours?

      Well, I road HARD and made 16 miles in 2 hrs & 45 minutes. This is a tough trail. I pushed the bike on most of the ups and had to walk many of the downs. Lots of rocks. A few stream crossings. And a section along the side of a cliff over the river. But I loved it. Take a buddy, a full pack of water and something to eat. Great views of the Kern River and surrounding hills. And thanks to the MTB folks from Bakersfield for maintaining this trail.
      Roger Sorensen a 39 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Trek Y-3 from Chino Hills, CA


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