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  • Wagon Wheel Park - #WagonWheelPark

    Socal - Orange County - Mission Viejo NickNames: #WagonWheelPark

    Exit I5 (San Diego Frwy) on Oso Parkway in Mission Viejo. Travel east about 4 miles to the end of Oso Pkwy. Parking is just inside the park. There is a $2.00 parking fee, water, and a ranger station at the park. Thomas Guide page 923

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    • Trail UpdateParking Fee-The parking fee is $3.00 not $2.
      ezach a 22 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a GT Chucker from Laguna Niguel


    • Trail UpdateRiley Park-Fortunately I live one minute from this trail, unfortunately, it's only 35 minutes of riding. 6.5 miles from my front door and back. I usually turn it into a figure eight climbing the ridge trail up twice and down each side. Recently due to the rains, there has been some burms added on some of the limited but fun single track. I suggest branching off and riding into Coto to add miles and time in the middle of the ride. It has been very loose and sandy (as many of the trails around OC lately, namely whiting). Not a bad choice if you don't have much time. Rarely see anyone at all.
      Ride rating: Novice
      Ride distance: 6.5miles Elevation change:
      a 29 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a 2000 FSR


    • Trail UpdateWagon Wheel-Muddy,
      Head Left at Sycamore Loop. That'll take yo to the back side. But for more fun. Head NORTH on the fire road that runs along the 241 near Solano. Climb the first hill, then view the variety of fun coyote trails to your left. OR you can loop all the way around thru Coto, to the back side of Wagon Wheel park again.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: only a few miles Elevation change:
      Roadkill Nurse a 40 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a 2002 Specialized FSRxc from Trabuco Canyon


    • Trail UpdateThe Wheel's Fell Off...-In case I missed something, it took me about 1/2 hour to cover every square inch of trail in Wagon Wheel. I couldn't find any way to make it from the main area of the park, over the hills to the trails that are visible from the Oso / 241 intersection. If anyone can point it out, I'd appreciate it. It would save me from riding the Chiquita Ridge trail ALL of the time.
      Ride rating: Beginner
      Singletrack=5% Truck Trail=95%
      Muddy a 39 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Specialized FSR from Trabuco Cyn


    • Trail UpdateWagon Wheel Park- MV-Trail conditions are clean. Single and double downs. Rocky in some downs. Watch out for horseback riders... they are everywhere. Why can't we stop the homes from being built?
      a 26 year old Downhiller riding a Diamond Back v-Link 3.0 from RSM, USA


    • Trail UpdateTrail Conditions Oct '96'-
      The trails are hard packed with some sandy sections. The Vista Ridge trail is way to intense for beginners. The single track is steep, rutted, but very fun. Watch out for bobcats, deer, and an occasional mountain lion. We saw a bobcat, no deer or lions. The trails are for hiking, and horse's as well, so a bell is a good idea. Not much shade so the summer is going to be rough. There's one water crossing on the east single track.


    • Trail Update<A HREF="http://singletracks.com/wagonwl.htm">Wagon Wheel-


    • Trail Update<A HREF="http://www.hsis.uci.edu/grega/rides/wheel2.html">-


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