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Southern California Trails

  • Valley Of The Moon - #ValleyOfTheMoon

    Socal - San Diego County - Jacumba NickNames: #ValleyOfTheMoon

    Dec. 2005
    This trail begins just off of I-8 right on the border of San Diego County and Imperial County. I think the Trailhead is in SD County and the trail is mostly in Imperial County.
    From San Diego, take I-8 east 65-75 miles to In-Ko-Pah Park Park Road. This is approximately 15 minutes past the I-8 and highway 94 juntion. Once you have exited In-Ko-Pah Park Rd, turn right at the end of the 'offramp' and right onto old highway 80. 200 yards ahead and to the left will be a dirt 'road'. If you go past the border patrol stop, you've gone maybe half a mile too far. If you have found the right road/turnout, there may be an old sun-bleached sign board one one may have found trail maps. There may also be a mobile home to your left with a bunch of bird cages (Dec 2005). Park here, or continue up the road. Acording to google earth, the parking spot is at 32 Deg 38'23.72' N by 116 Deg 06'23.72' W. Thomas Guide page: 430?

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