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    Socal - San Diego County - San Diego/La Jolla NickNames: #UCSD

    There's a nice trail in the group of eucalyptus trees planted a long time ago. The trail is dirt, not necessarily single file, and posts exercise signs throughout. This area is set up for riding, or walking, there is no motor vehicle traffic. The area is located on the north east side of the campus just under the toirrey pines road construction, and just right of the 20 million dollar exercise facility RIMAC. The forest can be seen on the west side of I 5 just south of the gennesee exit.
    To access the trailhead: I-5, exit Genesee west, turn left on Torrey Pines Road towad UCSD, immediately enter UCSD campus, stay on main drive passing the soccer field (to your right) until you enter a parking lot with parking meters, the trailhead is on your right. Thomas Guide page 1228

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    • Trail UpdateUCSD-After living in La Jolla for 4 years I finally made it out to UCSD to ride! Although the trail system is fairly short, it is also quite nice, and has some wooded sections and even a couple of semi-technical climbs. You can probably do two loops in an hour easy, but there also seem to be quite a few 'side' singletracks - these may or may not be 'legal'...

      I wouldn't drive more than a half hour to ride here, but if you are a local, definitely worth the occasional visit.
      Seaclasper a 38 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Shlameel Schlamozel from Gorgonzola, Idaho


    • Trail UpdateRode This Morning-Great trail. Something for everyone. Lots of solid flat runs if you are out for a casual ride, plenty of level changes and fairly technical sections for those of us looking for a bit of a challenge.

      Trails have dried out nicely after the recent rains. Still a few small muddy areas in the low lying sections so tread lightly here.
      stepsider78 a 24 year old Weekend Warrior riding a 04 Giant Yunok from Anaheim


    • Trail UpdateUCSD Directions-To get to the trail head take Genesee West, go south (left) on Torrey Pines Rd. Then East (left) on Hopkins Dr. which is the parking lot entrance for UCSD. Then follow that road until you get to the intersection of Voigt Lane and Hopkins Dr. and the trail head is on the Northeast corner of the intersection. The trail is currently under construction so I have no feedback on the ride. The Thomas Guide Grid is: 1228A1
      Richie a 27 year old Weekend Warrior from San Diego


    • Trail UpdateUse Your Head-UCSD is light on anti-bike rules, but will crack down like mad if "urban riders" are seen or perceived to be damaging anything or doing something "scary and dangerous".

      Hot tip: don't ride "urban" during business hours, don't do it in the residential complexes and wipe up the blood if you stack.

      R. Atkinson riding a Intense 5.5 EVP from La Jolla


    • Trail UpdateDon't Limit Yourself-The trails are nice, but the rest of the campus is ripe for the picking. Too many stairsets, tabletops, and other fun stuff to list. Lots of urban out there. Just keep your eyes and minds open.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Andy a 20 year old Downhiller riding a Specialized Big Hit Comp


    • Trail UpdateI always just park across the street at the Torrey Pines Gliderport,and ride to the trail.
      Silly Squirrel a Cross-Country Rider riding a Bubbles from Kauai


    • Trail UpdateFree Parking At UCSD Par Course-
      Following a brutal audit by Jeffrey Jarvis (Central Auditing Office, University of California), UCSD has agreed not to ticket cars parked in Student Parking Spaces in and around the Par Course Area, on weekdays after 6:00pm and all weekends. Rad, buff cyclist types will quickly discern large parking lots, just to the east of the Par Course, with many open parking spaces --especially now, since it's Summer Session and there are only a few on campus residents.

      UCSD Parking Enforcement representative, Marjorie "Pinch" Nguyen, commented to The Guardian on Monday, "...we weren't happy about the audit, but we'll forego ticketing on evenings and weekends if we can keep our salaries intact. Those punks just better stay out of our meters, though."

      R. Dynes a 62 year old from Berkeley, Calif.


    • Trail UpdateDirections-Jason-
      Take the I5 and exit Genese west. You can clearly see the trails on the south side. You just have be creative and find a spot to park. The area is small and you can enter anywhere and the route is pretty much the same. I park on campus hope not to get tickets. Park near the soccer field and just head to the trees.
      Intenserider a 28 year old riding a 03 Giant VT & an 'ol Intense from San Diego


    • Trail UpdateDirections?-Can anyone provide better directions to get the trail head?

      Jason a 29 year old Downhiller riding a GT I-Drive, Fuji Roubaix Pro


    • Trail UpdateUCSD Park-I really enjoyed riding here this morning. A ton of single track trails the wind all over the place. There is one towards the northern end of the park near the street that runs right next to "CAUTION" tape but is a fun ride, it's hard to see though because it's all covered in leaves. There are also some crazy drop offs into the canyon towards the south end of the park.
      *email me if you want to ride some time.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: Elevation change: not very much
      Singletrack=75% Dirt Road=25%
      Jeremy a 19 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Specialized hardtail from San Deigo.


    • Trail UpdateUCSD-Cyclocross Course-This remains a "secret" trail, unknown by many but ridden often by locals and students. It's the site of the fabled Sorrento Cyclocross, and is really just a singletrack "Par Course" originally designed for runners but open to bikes. It hasn't been maintained in several years, so some of the 30' descents are pretty rutted.

      Like others mentioned, the best way to ride this is to make multiple loops, using different trail forks as you go. The "correct" direction is roughly clockwise, in terms of running and mtb traffic, if there is any.

      If you need to find it, ride onto the UCSD campus and go to the intersection directly due North of the Geisel ("Central") Library. On the Northeast corner, across from the SuperComputer center, is the entrance to the Par Course. No fees, no water, no bathrooms, no closed singletrack.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 2 miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=95% Dirt Road=5%
      Erik riding a Manitou HT from San Diego


    • Trail UpdateUCSD LOOP-So many options here! keep an eye out for single tracks in tight spaces! Mix it up and it could turn into a trail of hidden wonders.


    • Trail UpdateUCSD Eucalyptus Grove-This is a great place to ride when you're short on time. I don't know what the heck Mark rode there, but he obviously missed all the twisty singletrack, the log crossings, the short steep climbs, and the couple small drops (the gnarliest one is kind of hidden in the bushes). It's only about a 10-12 minute loop around the grove, but there are so many alternate ways to make the loop that you can get a lot of variety. Funny, the same guys I ride with who enjoy the toughness of Noble Canyon (up and down it) also enjoy riding at UCSD.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=50%
      Jim a Cross-Country Rider riding a Litespeed from San Diego


    • Trail UpdateThis is not worthy of being included in a list of "mountain bike" trails. I can think of better rides through landscaping at mall parking lots. Are we this desperate in San Diego County for trails that we need to include this dog of a walking trail on this site? Come on. . .
      Ride rating: Beginner
      Mark a Cross-Country Rider from San Diego


    • Trail UpdateUCSD Ecological Preserve-
      a Weekend Warrior


    • Trail Update
      Dirt Road=100%
      Brian Remer a 24 year old Weekend Warrior riding a specialized grund force


    • Trail UpdateUCSD's Eucalyptus Grove-


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