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  • Turnbull Canyon - #TurnbullCanyon

    Socal - Los Angeles County - Whittier NickNames: #TurnbullCanyon

    From 10 fwy go south on 605 fwy exit beverly bl. go east on beverly bl. go 3 miles and park on side of the road when you just enter the canyon it turns into Turnbull cyn..trail enterance is on the left. Its a fire road to the top for 5 miles, then it has many single track. Great for after work ride into the sunset.
    Another option to getting there off of the 605 Beverly exit is to take the 60 eastbound off of the 605 and exit off at Seventh Ave. From there go right to the top of the road, take another right to the dead end. Slip through the fence and climb a series of switchbacks that will get you on your way.
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    • Trail UpdateTurnbull Canyon-This place is PACKED to the gills on weekend mornings! Earlier, earlier, earlier is key if you want to avoid/minimize much of the foot traffic. I started Sat. morning at 6:20 AM and I was curious to check out the riding conditions at this favorite spot after the rains last weekend. Not surprisingly, the rains have "re-sculpted" many sections of the trails deepening the ruts, moving rocks around and altering the trail camber in various spots. I like to piece together 2 different loops at the park which I think covers most of the good XC singletrack climbs and descents. Probably ends up as a respectable 13-14 mi. ride overall.

      Ahwinga trail I think itís called, is a multi use singletrack with a nice descent and a tough climb out. An excellent spot to practice switchback technique as they are all quite do-able both climbing and descending, with many different line possibilities thanks to their broad widths. Fresh ruts, loose dirt and rocks due to the rain increased the challenges on the switchbacks.

      As I was riding I was contemplating how my riding style has changed over the years. These days I am far from a super fast descender and I also like to take my sweet time on the climbs. I derive more enjoyment now from carefully picking/navigating different lines and experimenting with them, using brake technique on descents, etc.; maybe even sometimes intentionally taking the tougher line just for the experience. This is a luxury I take at Turnbull since I used to ride here frequently and I know these trails so well.

      Cow trail is always a rolling, swooping blast and this trail sees very little hiker use even during peak times. The fire road climb out is a tough one, particularly when the sun is beating down on you. Just try to go into zen mode, keep it slow and steady and realize that this type of exercise is good for the body and mind.

      TheInfiniteRoller a 44 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Turner XCE, 2002 from Long Beach


    • Trail UpdateMountain Lion Spotted W/ 2 Cubs-I got caught out after the sun went down and saw a mountain lion with two cubs. She was spying on my hiding in some tall grass while her cubs were messing with eachother. This was on the climb of Rose Hills #2 fire road, south of Turnbull Canyon Rd.

      After dropping a brick in my shorts I proceeded to continue my climb as she followed me. I rode slow as to not entice her chase. I am not sure how far she followed me because I could no longer see in the darkness. I kept shouting names in hopes to keep her away.
      salazar44 a Weekend Warrior riding a Santa Cruz from Whittier


    • Trail UpdateTrails are in good condition. although still some construction at the top before dropping to 7th but shouldnt affect your ride. Thanks to those that have helped maintain the trails-specially A side.
      los5 riding a Butcher


    • Trail UpdateDoes anyone have any trail updates? Just moved back into town and it's been a good 8 years since the last ride at Turmbull. Is the trail still in good shape for an after work climb? Update please. Thanks!
      a 46 year old Racer riding a Felt Nine 1 29er Hardtail from Hacienda


    • Trail UpdateIm seeing alot of blame going to the downhillers but truth be told they are the ones here most and before all the hikers were around i know of a group- WEST COAST BAD BOYZ who monthly go on clean up hikes to keep all the glass , trash , needles , drugs, ect out of the canyon they have been around for at least 10 years that i know of,i see them alot on weekdays shredding the hills, and fact is most of you dont even know the facts, rose hills will be using the hills for the land as soon as the need is there they have expanded tons since the new temple and chineese looking monuments came up , its up to all of us to keep tbc alive if you cant hang on the trails dont do em if you dont like bikers dont go , tbc is big enough for everybody to enjoy so we all need to share and stop blaming everybody else , if your not part of the solution then your the problem ,simple as that

      dh love a 31 year old Downhiller riding a giant glory from whittier


    • Trail UpdateWhere is the trail update???
      a 46 year old Die-hard Enthusiast


    • Trail UpdatePlease continue to keep turnbull clean. Thank you.


    • Trail UpdateVery Good Condition-All trails are in good condition, spent half the day there we rode all trails in turnbull. all are in great shape. some one added a couple jumps seventh street side of trails. Only problem was seventh street side trails have alot of dog crap, thru out the whole trail.
      a Weekend Warrior riding a Trek special


    • Trail UpdateTurnbol Canyon-A Side, Rattle, Seventh and the elevator all in good condition.
      Los5 a 39 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Santa Cruz Heckler from Montebello


    • Trail UpdateCar break-ins! Several cars that park at the very end of Orange Grove have recently been vandalized. Recommend that you park your car to the east at the parking lot at the end of 7th Ave or in front of the houses.
      yamabkr a Downhiller


    • Trail UpdateTrail Conditions-I've been riding the Hacienda Hts. side since 1982, the trails are perfect; no dust,good traction,nice temps, and a few ruts to make things intresting. We are very lucky to have a place to ride so close to the city. We ride to the 7th.street parking lot and start at the gate every Mon.Wed.and Fri.at 3:00. Sat. we ride to Schabarum from 7th. Come join us,thanks,Colin.
      Colin Kim a 46 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a 1966 Schwinn Five speed springer from Hac.Hts.


    • Trail UpdateI'm a regular at Turnbull and today the trail was a complete slop to ride on! gushy mud everywhere especially on the switch backs going down! Trail is extra rocky and rains made small river ruts to cause you to lose your balance so look out. trying again tomorrow.
      TrekStar a 25 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Treck from East LA


    • Trail UpdateSummer Time At Turnbull-Being that it's summer everything is dry. Heads up for some soft stuff when coming down. Rattlers are out early or late in the day.
      Los5 a 36 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Santa Cruz from Montebello-LA and beyond


    • Trail UpdateWhats wrong with a freeride trail it doesn't ruin the trail. So all you cross country riders can find some steep fire road and have a homo orgy at the top in your spandex. so you can s my d
      iker a 18 year old


    • Trail UpdateBig Cat!-trails are awesome!!! seen a 80-90 lbs. bobcat when i was coming down the main fire road. it was pretty freakin cool!
      JB a 32 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a trek liquid from USA


    • Trail Updatevery muddy a few days ago. try again tomorrow
      john a 57 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a spec epic from la puente


    • Trail UpdateI would say that the next best trail would be the "A" side trail. Its the one that ends at the bottom of Friends and Greenleaf. If your riding up the main fireroad off of Turnbull Cyn. Rd, you would make a left at the top a left at the fork then a right.
      adam12 a 30 year old


    • Trail UpdateTrails-so.. since rattle snake is bulldozed, what is the best trail that goes down the Whittier side?

      Also, which is the best way to ride up the Hacienda Heights side?
      CoolBiker a Weekend Warrior


    • Trail UpdateIf the dog is off a leash and doesnt bite you then who cares? I'm more worried about running over dog crap than being bitten. Lighten up Larry H Parker. All the dog owners on the trail Ive come across seem to be very responsible.
      adam12 a 30 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Huffy


    • Trail UpdateCA is a "Strict Liability State" under section code 3342 (a) The owner of any dog is liable for the damages suffered by any person who is bitten by the dog while in a public place or lawfully in a private place, including the property of the owner of the dog, regardless of the former viciousness of the dog or the owner's knowledge of such viciousness. A person is lawfully upon the private property of such owner within the meaning of this section when he is on such property in the performance of any duty
      imposed upon him by the laws of this state or by the laws or postal regulations of the United States, or when he is on such property upon the invitation, express or implied, of the owner.
      In a nut Shell California is a strict liability state, meaning that a "dog owner" is liable for injuries inflicted by his dog upon a human being, even if the owner was not negligent and the dog had never bitten anyone before.
      This is for the entire state of California!!!
      End of Story!! Put those dogs on a EFN leash! Attorneys love to Mountain Bike Too!!! I'm one of them.


    • Trail UpdateFire Update-The fire didn't touch the Rattlesnake, but the upper part of the elevator got burned. Good news is that its still ridable.


    • Trail UpdateFire-looks like the only part that is burnt is the opposite side of the canyon from rattlesnake


    • Trail UpdateNot Your Back Yard-Sorry guys Turnbull Canyon is not your back yard. Jasmine is right on about building the ramps. It messes up the trail. People who are building these things have no idea what they are doing and instead of fixing trials and improving the park they are causing more damage. They obviously have no repect for their fellow riders or anyone else on the trial which is demonstrated by the fact that they keep building after they know it's the wrong thing to do. I would love for the rangers to catch these guys in the act and trespass them from the park. In the mean time I am looking forward to upcoming service projects to help remove all of the man made obstructions on the trail.


    • Trail UpdateUpdate Fire...-It looked like from what I seen on the Tele, maybe Rattlesnake? Either way I think it might be closed up there for a min...sux!
      ejf a Weekend Warrior


    • Trail UpdateFIRE!!-does anybody know what trails are affected by the fire?


    • Trail Updatethis is for Bike Boy Dozer .... your post makes this website UGLY! no threats ... no nasty words! keep the camaraderie! i enjoy hiking this trail with my kids and now, should i be afraid to go up there because somebody is out to get somebody else? and one last note ....if you've been reading the previous posts you should have known that the ranger DID say it was going to go down as did the ones before it BECAUSE it RUINS the trail. let's all try and preserve it so we can enjoy it for a long time!


    • Trail UpdateRATTLESNAKE-I hope your happy Bike Boy, ass's like you are the reason Rattlesnake got torne up again. why dont you stop crying to the ranger and stick to your own trail!!!!!!!!!!! armored up dude hell if you know they go down that trail why do you peddal up it common sense!!! Ow well; it will go up again!! in the mean time i'll keep my eye open for you "Bike Boy"

      Bike boy a 56 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a spec. marathon epic from La Puente
      a Downhiller riding a Bike Boy Dozer


    • Trail UpdateRATTLESNAKE!!-What a great little trail for sure! Rode it today, from the bottom up. I wonder though, If i'm climbing, and some armored up dude comes flying down those jumps and ramps?, someone gonna get hurt? I realize mountain biking can be dangerous, but come on, use some common sense. Those things are coming down soon. The ranger says so.
      Bike boy a 56 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a spec. marathon epic from La Puente


    • Trail UpdateRattlesnake-I have to agree with the last post. Instead of worrying about tearing things down, focus on maintaing the trails. Whenever I ride through I often stop to pick up litter left by others. I use some of the dirt jumps on the trail and appreciate the effort put into building them especially the ladders. The best way to not get hurt is to not use them. They are not placed in areas of the trails where riders are forced to jump them, so they are fine. With mountain biking there is always the risk of getting hurt without the jumps.


    • Trail UpdateRattle Snake-Instead of working against the people that built the jumps and ramps. Lets do something better; help maintain the trail, because rattlesnake already has a bunch of ruts cut into it again, after just being plowed. Also, I have no problem sharing the trail with downhillers, dirt jumpers, and cross-country riders but what concerns me is people putting traps, or debris in front of the jumps, now thatís how people are getting hurt. Talk to the ranger before you start working on the trail because you could get a ticket, but Iím sure he would have no problem after.

      Hiker from down under.


    • Trail UpdateMTB riders and hikers, specialy those who did the ramp, if you really love this trail, please tear down those ramp or else we might loose this gem / mtb haven as you call it.
      Carbonlink a 35 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Specialized modified from La Puente


    • Trail Updatethis is called the rattlesnake trail.i rode it today and saw the two new ramps for the crazies! I was kinda tempted to tear it down. but I figured what the hell! I'm not nuts enuf to do it. I'm really concerned about someone getting seriously injured. and the trails being closed out to us diehard mountain bikers.any comments anyone?
      john a 56 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a specialized marathon epic from la puente


    • Trail UpdateNice-Which is the trail where you come from Skyline Road, past the white gate, and take a left through the rusted barbed wire?

      I road that today and it is pretty nice, very good jumps that people built
      a 16 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Trek hardtail singletrack from Hacienda Heights, CA


    • Trail UpdateDRY-7 street loop is in prety good condition. Beverly side is very loose, sandy, & tough to get traction. Alot of trails have been made wider on the Beverly side.
      a Weekend Warrior riding a trek special from eaglerock


    • Trail UpdateWhat The F#@k.-Pritty Much Everyone Who Put In The Time,To Make Whittier Hills, a Better Place To Ride.Its All Been Pritty Much Dozed Over Or Scraped.Still Some Hidden Gems!
      No Jumps-Thanx To Him&Her! You Know Who!!!!!!!!!
      Well Keep On
      nick a 31 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Special (ENDURO) SICK............ from WHITTIER


    • Trail UpdateBeen riding the 7th ave loop, with rattlesnake etc. lately, and is getting packed down better each week.The college trail is in awesome shape now too!
      John a 56 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a specialized epic marathon from la puente


    • Trail UpdateRATTLE SNAKE DEMOLISHED-The county came through the rattle snake trail with bulldozers and totally wiped the whole thing out. It's almost a fire road now! The big drop was ripped out along with everything else, totally fucked up! This was one of my favorite trails. The trail was left really loose and impossible to ride down at a decent speed.
      adam12 a 30 year old Weekend Warrior


    • Trail UpdateRode Saturday 2-09-07 great ride,Noticed alot of dog shit on roads,and the amount of little 50s pulling the bmx riders to the top.S0 be careful of whos comeing up.As you are desending! Oh YA Dont Litter.
      LOCAL WHIITIER RIDER.RIDE 06 ENDURO (speacialized)
      nick a 31 year old Weekend Warrior riding a specialized 06 enduro from whiitier


    • Trail Update7 STREET LOOP 1-25-2007-The 7 street loop is in very good condition. very fast & dirt is packed down nicely.
      (whats with all the dog crap on the trail).
      the parking lot at the end of 7 th street was closed sign said construction.

      a Downhiller


    • Trail UpdateWall Of China Is Makable Again-The rain really helped pack things down. I just followed the line up in 1:1 and right before the hump you shoot to the left and spin. 2.5 stick-E Nevegal also helps. Free Riders look out for large branches put down behind drops. Thats just mean and could cause serious injury. Sometimes you will find branches in front of jumps but behind them is just plane out evil.


    • Trail UpdateMTB Are Going To Be Banned-The reason that the ranger was so abrupt with you is because people are building new trails in the perserve. This damages the ecology of the area by destroying habitat for many of the animals in the park. The ranger has a right and obligation to remove unauthorized structures in his area of responsibility. He is correct in his statement about the trails being closed to bikes. This has been done before. All he has to do is snap a few pictures of what some people have done to the trails in that area and show them to the city council. Please, for the sake of all of the riders out there who are following the rules, don't change the trails with out clearing it through the proper channels. Perhaps COBRA can get involoved and attempt to establish a positive relationship with the rangers in the area.
      mrkcy76 a 30 year old Weekend Warrior


    • Trail Update$500 Fine-Ok this might be some helpful info if youíre riding on or building illegal trails. I was just getting ready to start my ride off from Beverly and a park ranger had his truck in the middle of the fire rd. Iíll call him Dick since thatís what most people refer him as. I was peddling around his truck and noticed a bunch of wood in the back so I asked him what was that from and he said that he just tore up that step up jump (which is pictured here). I told him that was too bad because I really liked that jump. I then asked him why he tore it up and he thought I was kidding but I just wanted to find out what the problem was. He said that its illegal to ride anywhere off the trials and that anyone caught ridding on those trails will be fined $500 if he catches them doing it. He pointed at all of the berms that are on the side of the fire road. He said this place is a preserve first and recreation is second. He said if it continues to be a problem they will close the trials off to bikers. He said they just recently closed a trail over by the high school? He knew about the rattle snake drop and said, thatís LA Countyís land and that they would have to be ones to remove it. Dick acted like he owned the place and Iím assuming heís just a park ranger for the city of Whittier. He told me to spread the word. Honestly if someone tries to stop me while Iím shooting down the center of snakes, their going to get hit, I couldnít stop even if I wanted too. I love riding the technical stuff and appreciate all the hard work that people put in to it to make it happen. Hereís just my 2 cents, if you build something make it worth wild and consistent with the level that is there, that step up was perfect, but just in the wrong spot. I found a freshly built 3-4 foot drop on rattle snake that is weak and its landing trail is unfinished. Its right before the y that leads to the drop and can only be seen if youíre peddling up snakes. Itís in a good area but the two trails need to be linked in order for it to flow better. Also that drop should have started from the top making it a 10-15 ft drop taking advantage of that nice steep slope. Anyways, most of the trails are dry, soft, and dusty. We could really use some rain.
      nino a Downhiller riding a Nomad


    • Trail UpdateImproved Trail-Wow, Its hard to beleive this is the same trail I visited 4 years ago. There have been alot of improvements to the terrain overall. Most of the dangerous ruts have been leveled and the trail actually looks clean. A huge drawback however is the overall "looseness" of the Orange grove looping trail. Going down is fun but it takes a real effort to climb back up.
      Eetrey a 22 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Reign 3 from Lynwatts


    • Trail UpdateHelp Maintain Trail-Rattle Snake is in good shape. out today maintaining would like some help if anyone is interested please post.
      Rocky Mountain RMX a 29 year old Downhiller from Cerritos


    • Trail UpdateTrail Cond.-The trail has recently been tractored by the city mainly on the main trail, kinda loose, also damaged some of the side action for the way down. The tree across the cow trail has been cut away, so feel fee to blast through.


    • Trail UpdateMad props to whomever built the nice drop off ramp across rattle snake. That must of been alot of work hauling the lumber up there.
      Colin Kim a 44 year old Weekend Warrior riding a 1966 Schwinn Five speed springer from Hac. Hts.


    • Trail UpdatePoison Oak-Well, I finally made it up the 7th street trail without stopping. There is a nice new parking lot with bathrooms at the new traihead.This trail is much steeper than the other two loops farther west by Orange Grove school.Be aware,there is an abundance of fresh poison oak. The rangers close the gate however, whenever it has rained.
      Colin Kim a 44 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a 1966 Schwinn Five speed from Hac. Hts.


    • Trail UpdateFun Stuff-Rode last week for some fun tacky rain groomed trails.
      rode up the fireroad, down the 7th st side, up again and down the quick switchbacks with the cutoffs and jumps for a fun quick after-work ride.

      from the water tower, through the gate and left to the 7th st side, which direction do you like to ride?

      I normaly go couter-clockwise (down the first trail, up the second).
      seems fun either direction, for some reason I like it that way.
      Ride n Fun a Weekend Warrior


    • Trail UpdateTurnbull After The Rains-Started up the trail from the 7th Ave side yesterday afternoon. The trail is relatively steep, but the real challenge resulted from recently rains which I believe have created nice erosion ruts and have strewn some rocks about the trail. It is sometimes a bit difficult to maintain traction going uphill. I expect it will get more eroded when the next storm comes to town. -Andrew
      aw1335 a 35 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a KHS from Pasadena, CA


    • Trail UpdateLong Ride...-rode turnbull this past sun, 9/25. good ride, lotsa climbing and singletrack.

      hit all the st decents...cow, 7th, rattlesnake, friends, sycamore.

      the recent rains helped pack down a few sandy spots. the trail have recently been bulldozed'. all the trails are tacky and fast. there are some tricky spots on friend's and cow due to erosion. if you're good, you can ride them by hugging the right side of the trails.

      there was a down tree on cow that i have been rding under alot lately for the past coupla weeks. on sun, i bashed my knuckles on the tree's branches. fockin hurt good. i got off the bike, broke a few branched off so no one would get impalled (sp?). didn't think that was good enough, so i moved part of the tree off the trail.

      to the poster below, the 7th st loop is pretty loop to follow. most do it in a counter clockwise direction (they start near the white gate near the upper water tower), and do the moon-scape, rocky dh for last. there are quite a few though, that do it the "opposite" way. either direction, 7th is pretty easy to follow.

      if you go counter clockwise, you'll begin by ridin' along a ridge that has some loose sections. you'll get to a t-intersect. make a left here. you'll start gong down and hit some switchback. you'll get to the bottom of the loop at the orange grove trail head. you'll see where thetrail picks up. from there, the climbing gets steep with climbing switchbacks.

      it's pretty tough to make a wrong turn, since the trail is pretty well used and it's pretty clear.
      kam a 30 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Niner One9 from Bell, CA


    • Trail UpdateDusty But Clear-Rode through Turnbull today after ignoring it for the past few years. It's still pretty dry and desolate out there, but the mini downhill from the water tower is still pretty fun. The single track on the backside of the tower is in great shape. I got lost coming out of the 7th street/ Orange Grove side. Anyone know where that trail ends, or does it loop around? All the singletrack is clear with a few minor ruts, but easily ridable.
      gojmoney a 34 year old Weekend Warrior riding a DBR Vlink from Pasadena, CA


    • Trail UpdateTrail Fixed-I started to notice a lot of work done on the Lower Turnbull Canyon Fireroad several weeks ago. Brushes were cut back and the fireroad was widened.
      I took in a ride this Saturday and found the seriously damaged trail competely repaired. There used to be 6' deep ruts in the trail from the end of Rattlesnake to the lower water tower. It looks like some heavy equipment came through, widen the singletrack and filled-in the ruts.
      I was glad to see the damage repaired but at the same time disappointed to see the singletrack revert back to the widened fireroad. Well, I guess you can't have everything your way.
      JW a 38 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Trek Fuel 80 from El Monte


    • Trail Updaterode most of the trails in the Turnbull Canyon area on August 14th, 2005

      Turnbull Canyon Fireroad, from trailhead up to the ridge= cleared & very smooth, slight dust layering

      3 bitches= 1st initial climb has small rut in the middle with slight brush, from top if 1st to the water tower it's clear. small sandspot between 2nd and 3rd.

      Sycamore Canyon = very well cleared all the way down to the creek, switchbacks are very tight and in some cases undoable due to slight landslide activity, some trail maintenace should fix this easily. lower (2nd half) part of canyon fireroad is cleared and very fast all the way out to the trailhead parking lot.

      NIKE Hill / Skyline Trail, from Rio Hondo Police Academy to former NIKE Missile Site to Skyline Trail/ 7th Street Loop Junction= paved climb is flawless, from the landfill site to the junction it's clear with slight brush.

      7th Street Loop= going clounter clock-wise: the ridge is a little loss but still very fast, the initial swichbacks have some ruts that with a little help should allow for a safer and faster decent. along the bottom of the canyon, it's alittle loose, aswell as the swicthbacks on the climb, all very doable just slightly more technical for your average novice.

      Rattlesnake trail = still very rutted and technical, lots of fun riding the left curving berms, the trail is clear and not for beginners.

      Upper Turnbull Canyon switchbacks, from rattlesnake/ turnbull canyon junction to upper Turnbull Canyon Rd. = this trail is slightly loose but very doable.

      Worsham Canyon Loop (Cow Trail)= Fireroads up to the top before to get to the ridge is cleared, and along the entire ridge is completely cleared , making for a very trouble free climb, the singletrack part does have some dried up thistles and some very slight landslide activity that can be ridden through if you keep to the right. note: the little trail that leads from Turnbull Canyon Rd. to the fireroad is very rutted and over grown.

      Upper Turnbull Canyon Fireroad, between Rattlesnake/Upper Turnbull Canyon switchbacks junction down to lower water tower @ Lower Turnbull Canyon Fireroad= top part is extremely rutted out with the option to ride inside the 5' deep ruts and then it's a smooth ride down to the lower water tower, lot's of fun.

      Friends Ave. Singletrack, from main Turnbull canyon rigde down to Friends Ave.= slightly loose and bumpy, not as smooth as before , some landslide action, but doable if you keep to the right. a little trail work shouldd make this a very fast and smooth trail again.
      Epic Mtn Biker a 32 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a '04 Specialized Epic Marathon from Ontario, Ca


    • Trail UpdateBad As In Bad Trail-Man this trail is bad, if it wasn't for the all the brush that is protruding this single trail it wouldn't be so bad. But man were legs scratched up from biking through all that brush. There are alot of bugs and alot of places you are better off walking than biking cause the trail just doesn't permit, either your daring or dumb. But the downhill on the road next to turnbull was excellent, probably a better exercise to take the road to the top.
      a 24 year old Weekend Warrior riding a sinster comp from Long Beach




    • Trail UpdateNot That Bad-I rode Turnbull two weeks ago and I don't see what the big problem is. Instead of wasting your time cutting brush that does not really need cutting try picking up a few pieces of trash on your way out. I am more disturbed by all the litter in this place than overgrown trails. As the prev. posts said the trails are doable. You just have to slow down and be more careful. Most of the SoCal trials are going to be tough for a while because of the winter we had. This trail is great becuase it's so easy to get to. There are so many options to ride. Beginners to advance can enjoy this trail. I encourage anyone in the area to come out and ride this trail. Mother says to remember to take 1 piece of litter out when you leave the park. OK, I'm climbing down from my soapbox now.
      mrkcy a Cross-Country Rider riding a Giant Iguana from Temple City


    • Trail UpdateThe network of trails in and around Turnbull Canyon may be a bit overgrown in some spots or rutted, but it makes for a more challenging trail system. Frankly, if one loves the challenges that mountain biking offers then you'll like the way it is right now. Trails that are totally cleared and groomed make very unchallenging, boring trails.

      unfortunately the rhetoric that some are causing on this site in regards to Turnbull don't understand the concept of MTB'ing and should probably start road riding to avoid the occurrences of nature upon a trail.
      Epic Mtn Biker a 32 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a '04 Specialized Epic Marathon from Ontario, CA


    • Trail UpdateStill Sucks-you could ride 200 miles of trail up there and it will still SUCK


    • Trail UpdateCaution-Troll Alert...-with all the complaining you are doing, you sure sound alot like the hikers, rangers and landfill management you speak of.

      i ride here often, about 2-3 ties on a good week. i usually bring along a pair of cutting shears to trim trails were it is needed (usually cow), but i haven't been bringing them because i feel it's not needed.

      most of the trail in turnbull are fine. there are two trails that need work;
      1. escalators. thi sis the trail that connects the lower water tower with turnbull hwy. there are DEEP ruts at the base of the trail, a rather large slide that turned a almost double track portion to singletrack and there is very thick brush towards the top.

      2. the cow trail/worsham canyon st is not thick or overgrown, but thistle and other prickly plants are growing right on/in the middle the singletrack in a few random spots.

      today, i rode from the beverly entrance, up to the upper water tower, towards the helipad to sycamore. down sycamore to workman mills rd. took workman to the police station, did the paved climb to the nike site. then rode along skyline and up to 360* and did the cow trail. climbed up top 360* again and did 7th st. climbed back out of 7th and headed down friends.

      alot of climbing and a great ride, EPIC!!! all those trails and everything was rideable. even cow, but i have a bit of rash oon my legs. i gotta go out there again to some chopping.

      sycamore, friends, and many other parts of turnbull have been chopped and cleared.

      basically, bigbodean is painting a picture of a overgrown, unrideable turnbull. i did over 30 miles today and had a great time.

      as for the fire danger...it's part of living in so. cal and nature being nature. it rains like mad, the plants grown. the rain stops, the sun shines and the plants dry up. and the cycle goes on and on. it's the trail users you have to worry about.

      as for the strawberry field and landfill, please correct me if i am wrong, these were here before the landfill gave over the hills to the habitat authority. be thankful they did atleast that.

      oh, and for you trail users that love 7th. the trail is supposedly half closed because the landfill owns the second half of the trail. because of the slides, they just want to cover their @ss in regrads to lawsuits. use this trail at your own risk.
      kam a 30 year old riding a 29er SS


    • Trail UpdateTurnbull Sucks-boy, turnbull canyon really sucks about now. the trails look like the rest of the canyon, like a dump. you can keep your your smelly strawberries and overgrown brush, no matter how much work a few of us put into it, it will just keep getting worse because guys like epic rider just pass thru and won't help. with all the complaining the puente hills landfill, the rangers, and the hikers do, and all the bulldozers moving earth up there, it sure is overgrown. time to clear out some brush guys, don't you see whats happening around us, like in san dimas and corona and all the other dry spots in socal. they should use their money to clear out the brush, not the bikers.
      bigbodean a 38 year old Downhiller riding a not yours from whittier


    • Trail Updatehey Big Joe, I think saw you and your buddy there this morning. My buddies and I did Sycamore Canyon after getting up to the water tower. Sycamore is cleard all the way down to the gate, very smooth and fast. Once getting on Workmans Mill Rd., we rode up thru the back from where the Rio Hondo College Police Academy is and climbed to the NIKE Site then looped up to the water tower thru Skyline Trail, total: 9.3 miles. Skyline was smooth all the way. the Friends Street singletrack was a dry and dusty but still fast and fun.
      Epic Mtn Biker a 32 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a '04 Specialized Epic Marathon from Ontario, CA


    • Trail UpdateTrail Tore Up!-First time back since 2001. Trails seems to be overgrown in alot of places. Started on Beverly Blvd side. I was surpirsed to see the old emplty dirt lots (next to the trail head) are now closed off. Climb to the water tank and to the gate that goes over to the 7th street side. I was going to do the switch backs all the way down to 7th st. entrance but the trails was just so overgorwn in many places. Headed right towards the other switchbacks (w/the drops that cut down the middle). These weren't too bad. At the bottom as I turned right towards the exit/main trail...oh my god...the damage the rains did to this trail was unbelievable!!! Check the link below...

      Overall, it was pretty fun ride. It's been awhile since I was here. Unfortunately things are changing. It appears that there is construction on the 7th St. side. Have fun out there.

      Ride HARD, Ride FAST!!!
      Big Joe a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a n Intense Tracer from Corona URL: http://www.js3images.com/cgi-bin/images.cgi?opt=mountainbike-Turnbull_Canyon


    • Trail UpdateBeware Of Ruts-The trail is manageable, but the ruts are deceiving. Be careful....Last week I broke my wrist comming down off the hill by misjudging one of those ruts. Will be off the bike for a month.
      PhilG a 61 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Santa Cruz Superlight from La Mirada


    • Trail UpdateTrail In Good Shape-Rode the trail this morning. Trail is in good shape. Few ruts from all the storms but they are manageable. 1 big rattlesnake moving across the trail on the way down!
      superozzo a 38 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Trek from Pico Rivera, Ca


    • Trail UpdateMap Of Turnbull Canyon Trails-Hi this is Jerry. I haved moved to Arkansas, but I still have the maps and directions to Turnbull cyn and Brush Canyon(east side of Chino Hills). My new email address is: jerryterrell@cox.net
      They are free. I sure am going to miss the mountain biking in SoCal. Keep on riding.
      Jerry Terrell a 45 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a 2001 Trek Fuel 100 from Fullerton,CA


    • Trail UpdateAccess-CT,

      Most people start riding from the other side meaning from Beverly. But to answer your question... if you go by the school and go all the way to the end theres a fence there, but can go around it to the left. I talked to Amy Henderson of the Ranger Ken and he said that the orange grove loop is closed.


    • Trail UpdateAny Update On Access From 7th?-See my post below - #166 - I can't find how to get to the trail from 7th street. Can someone help me out?
      CT a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Specialized from OC


    • Trail UpdateI'm gonna be there with a bunch of guys May 7th at 8am. you're welcome to join us, a few beginners will be there that are familiar with the trail network. Last time I rode, only the 7th street loop was still damp and over grown, everything else was just dry and over grown, you may want to join us so you can avoid the mud from this week's rain.
      Epic Mtn Biker a 32 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a '04 Specialized Epic Marathon from Ontario, CA


    • Trail UpdateGeneral Question-What weekday afternoon would have the most riders?
      I am new to this trail and wont know my way about.
      I want to try it after work, its close to the office.
      riding a 2-stroke (left then right-repeat)


    • Trail UpdateRattlesnakes--oh yeah - I forgot to mention that I spotted 3 or 4 rattlesnakes.- almost hit one on the singletrack around a corner.


    • Trail UpdateRE: Rattlesnakes-Rode the Hellman trail on 4/17 and saw two rattlesnakes on the same trail. They're definitely out there in bunches. The rain brought us lots of plant and animal life, so ride with caution. I'll try not to ride in the middle of the day when they like to come out and bask in the sun. Otherwise, all the other trails are in good condition. The single track on Hellman is pretty fast.
      rasta a 32 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Specialized Stumpjumper FSR-XC from Whittier


    • Trail UpdateRattlesnakes--I rode the trail from Turnbull this weekend - that's a tough climb to the top!

      I tried to start at 7th street, but there was a fence blocking the area at the end of 7th street. I turned to the right and drove to the end of the street, and found a locked barbed-wire fence. Is there still access from 7th street?
      CT a 25 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Specialized


    • Trail UpdateUmm...Jumps-The a-trail is in good shape and the jumps are easy to avoid. I say leave them be...who needs flat singletrack...if you want that go ride the Fullerton Loop. I for one enjoy catching a bit of air, even if I am a wannabe. :-)
      Bandit Man a 30-ish year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Tank from Viva Los Whittier


    • Trail UpdateLots Of Green!-Took the main entrance off Turnbull Cyn RD up toward the water tower. Turned off the took the single track that ends on Friends ST. Now is the time to get out and see this trail. The reward for all of the rain is a jungle like ride up the fire road. Lots of things to see. I must have counted 5 different type of beetles crossing the trail. With all the bugs comes the critters that eat them. There were countless number of those little lizards every where. Watch out for these guys. On my way up I accidently went over one. I got off the see if he was going to make it but he was dead by the time I dismounted. I set him aside for a lucky peditor to find. On the Friends St single track someone has made a bunch of jumps in the trail. Most of them are easy to avoid(too close to the exposed edge for my comfort)but if you do hit them make sure you can clear at least a couple of feet. Seems that the huckster wanna bes that built them got the dirt from the middle of the trail directly in front of the jumps. I found this out when I rolled over one slowly and my front tire fell into a 1' deep hole. Bringing my shovel with me next time to clear the one that almost got me.
      Ride distance: 4 miles Elevation change: 1000'
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=50%
      Mrkcy a 28 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Giant Iguana from Temple City


    • Trail UpdateOrange Grove Loop-The trail conditions are perfect with no further damage from yesterdays rain.Thanks to whomever did all the cleanup. Hopefully we're through with the rain.
      Colin Kim a 43 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a 1966 Schwinn Cruiser from Hacienda Heights


    • Trail Update7th St Trail Is Toe' Up!-I went and hiked the trail Sunday morning and it is in pretty bad shape. It's going to take a lot of effort to get her back in shape. The oak has been sawed but there are others down and quite a few slides that transplanted poison oak right in the middle of the trail. About half way up there is a large chunk perhaps 35 yards wide that slid just off the downhill side and took everything with it for quite a ways down the slope. It must have been pretty awesome to witness. A lot of water is still flowing in the washes and all of the debris and deadwood has been flushed out. I hope to get up there this weekend with a shovel and some loppers to at least move some of the debris out and get back to riding when it drys out a bit more.
      Jeffro Biafra a 41 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a A freshly cleaned and lubed Santa Cruz Superlight from Lakewood


    • Trail Update7th Street Trail-Went for a couple laps from Orange Grove yesterday,still a little slippery in spots.The conditions were perfect.Who do we contact to remove the fallen Oak tree? I have four or five volunteers available.
      Ride rating: Expert
      Ride distance: miles7 Elevation change: 700
      Singletrack=95% Dirt Road=5%
      Colin a 43 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a 1966 schwinn beach cruiser springer from Hac. Hts. .


    • Trail UpdateLittle Turnbull Canyon-Took a ride on the 2nd dry weekend after the rain. Started from the Beverly gate, went up to the upper water tower. Rode over the the Nike silo site. Came back down the Rattlesnake switchbacks. Nice weather so there were lots of riders and hikers. The conditions of the trail is generally good except for some areas. When riding alone the fence next to the strawberry field, there are swarms of little flying insects in the shady areas. It is not possible to avoid them, I just kept my mouth shut, lower my head and rode through the swarms. Riding from Rattlesnake to the lower water tower, I saw the same "canyons" I encountered last week. The rainstorms had carved some HUGE ruts through and down the trail. They are 5 to 6 feet deep at some spots. Further down the same trail, land slide combined with tree covers made the trail soft and muddy in some area. I took some photos and will find out how to post them.
      JW a 38 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Trek Fuel 80 from El Monte


    • Trail UpdateSurprise, Surprise.............-Went and hiked from the Greenleaf parking lot and covered pretty much all of Turnbull to check and see how bad the storms tore up the trails and was pleasantly surprised to find little new damage. With the exception of some previous runoff ruts getting deeper everything was packed down and looking good. To whomever did the raking and filling on the Rattlesnake switchbacks, thank you very much and I'll soon be doing some of my own in the near future to help contribute. I also talked to a rider who had just rode the 7th St. side and besides being a little tacky and moist he reported it fared well also. Great weather, good trails....yahoo!
      Jeffro Biafra a 41 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a in a pair of Hi Tec boots from Lakewood


    • Trail UpdateUpdate From Habitat Authority-Contributors to this web log have expressed concern that trails might be closed to cyclists and other users. Law enforcement officers are actively working to keep all trail users informed of existing rules as they pertain to use of existing trails; in essence, please stay on the trails and do not make or use short cuts. The Habitat Authority is currently preparing a Resource Management Plan that will address restoration and land use matters, including a detailed trail plan. Contrary to the ongoing messages on this website, the Habitat Authority is not proposing a trail plan at this time. The purpose of the upcoming meeting in January is to convey the Habitat Authority's intent in providing trails, to verify the accuracy of our ongoing trail assessment and to receive comments from the user community about issues regarding the overall trail system. You are invited to participate in this meeting for user groups on Monday, January 31st, from 7-9 p.m. at the Senior Center located at 13225 Walnut St., Whittier. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me at (310)214-1406. Remember the park (including Turnbull Canyon) is closed due to the heavy rains we have recently experienced.

      Amy Henderson
      Habitat Authority




    • Trail Update7th St. Trail-Rode from Orange Grove,down Rattle Snake,down the freeway and back up the fireroad to the water tower and back to 7th. yesterday.A little muddy at the bottom of Rattlesnake but otherwise ridable.I also rode this loop this morning and the puddles along the top were much smaller with a very light drizzle.I'm a little surprised that it's not muddier.Happy New year everyone,now go out and ride!
      Colin a 42 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a 1969 Schwinn Stingray 5-speed from Hacienda Heights



      BIGHITBO a 37 year old Downhiller riding a BIG HIT from WHITTIER


    • Trail UpdateScenic Ride-Rode this network of loops on last Thursday and this past Sunday. the whole area is green, the terrain is not beat up except for the Rattlesnake switchbacks that have been discussed on this site recently.

      the ecologists did a study of this area this month and will be giving a report to the habitat authority which will be having a public meeting in january about any possible trail closures and any possble creation of legal one-way trails for downhillers to address that concern since they know big bear is not gonna be available to the DHr's. this is also an effort to curtain the damage that has been created by illegal trails. Both the land manager and the rangers want mountain biker input at the meeting. once i find out more info about the meeting i'll post it.

      the 7th Street loop is nice and tacky, tires hooked up great, which made for a very enjoyable descent and climb.

      the Worsham Canyon singletrack ("cow trail")was nice and narrow, then newly grown greenery along with the clearing that happened earlier this year made it really nice going down that trail, the climb out from that was all green, the fire road which goes up that ridge was just a singletrack with the growth, a real short and swett grind.

      the singletrack that leads to Friends Ave. is in better conditons than a couple of months ago, some of the bad parts have been smoothed out which makes for a fun and wild ride down to the street from the ridge.

      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 14.5 miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=50%
      Epic Mtn Biker a 31 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a '04 Specialized Epic Marathon from Ontario, CA


    • Trail UpdateFantastic Conditions-Went and rode twice this week and both the Turnbull side and 7th St. are packed down, tacky and fast. Everything is green and crisp and with the offshore winds the views are very nice. But as Colin was noting there is quite a bit of horse damage on the Orangegrove side. Ironic how you won't see these "friendly" folk and their trail tenderizers all year until it rains and they are the first ones out to pot hole the puddles. Thanks a lot. Anyways, it's a damn fine to be riding.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 10 miles Elevation change: 1500
      Jeffro Biafra a 41 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Santa Cruz Superlight from Lakewood


    • Trail Update50 & 80's-If you think Turnbull is bad, you should try riding in the San Gabriel Mountains! I stay off the trails and wear a helmet and pack out what I pack in, but it seems like I'm the only one. Just last weekend I was at the end of a fire road and found a yellow sheet of paper advertising the Halloween Dance 2004 at the Agua Dulce Elementary School. 20 Miles from a paved road and here this thing is.
      Big Ben a 35 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Raleigh MT20 and an '02 Honda XR250R from Hollywood


    • Trail UpdateWell, I typed and posted a long reply but lost it. I am new here and must have messed up while trying to save and post my reply. I am planning on retyping it later, but wanted to post now and say that if folks are going to do trail mantenance on TBC, can you e-mail me? I would love to help.

      Rode TBC on sunday and it was fantastic. Nice and green and the traction was awsome.

      Mike N a 33 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Little Pink Bike Named BETTY from Pasadena formerly a Whittier local for over 20 years


    • Trail Update50 And 80's Tear It Up-I've road three days in a row and have been passed by young adults on motorcyles in the afternoon. The live in the gated area, beverly hills dr. Ranger where are you. They have no helmets and just tear up the trail. This place rots. I've ridden and lived here for over ten years. The amount of dog feces, trash and attitudes is overwelming. peace


    • Trail UpdateTurnbull Ride Today...-did my usual ride today, the weather was great, the sky was clear. i had a great view of downtown l.a., the san gabs. and the rest of the basin.

      as for the ride, it was my first ride here since thanksgiving. the trails were nice, green and just abit tacky. i didn't see any other souls out there. cow trail was great!!!

      i took my altimeter watch with me this ride, here are a few readings;

      trailhead off beverly to the lower water tower to the upper water tower, 750ft gain
      from skyline trail trail @ turnbull canyon rd. to the top of 360*, 200ft gain
      from the bottom/end of cow trail/worsham canyon trail to the top of 360*, 600 ft gain.

      total in 10 miles is about 1500 ft gain. if you throw in the 7th st. loop, you get some nice twisty stuff and another 4 miles and 800 ft. of gain.

      as for my post a week ago, i am not trying to narrow MY views to a single group of riders. and, yes, the equestrians cause ALOT of damage. But, they usually live closer to the trails and have money...and money talks (sorry to say)!!!

      i tried looking for contact info on the sign at turnbull, with no luck. i google'd "PUENTE HILLS LANDFILL NATIVE HABITAT PRESERVATION AUTHORITY" (duh!!!) and got some contact info. I'll email them to ask if they need help with any trail maintenance, and we'll see if they reply.

      as for now...again, be nice, follow the rules and have fun!!!

      as for the Mr DHer from whittier riding a RM...i am not going to get in a pissing match with you. i have done some maintenance on cow trail. mainly cut back some limbs, and try to keep a narrow path open for out rides. i also pick up some trash at the trailhead (if there is any, usually, that 70 year old lady @ 7AM beats me to it). don't act like you are the only one doing something out there. and, like you are the only one with skills...it's the 5-6" of travel front and rear you have that helps you, not skills.

      and personally, if you/any other rider rides the DH ST cutting thru Rattlesnake, you are just as guilty as the guys who cut the trail in the first place!!!

      that's it for now. i'll keep in touch and see if the habitat authority needs and hands on the trail. i've seen a ranger out there a couple of times, and they have always been really cool. i have heard (from other riders that have been riding this area for years) that the rangers flat-out ticket riders that wear DH garb.

      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 15 Elevation change: 2000 ft gain
      Kam a 29 year old riding a Rgid 29er SS from Cudahy, Ca


    • Trail UpdateRANGER STATUS-Hey guys, it's me again I checked this website and it is awsome to see the responses about this problem. Like I said though the ranger was pissed off and serious so I would be willing to put in some time or whatever needed(after all I'm unemployed right now) so I will do my part and try to get ahold of the ranger and see if we can all work together on this (inc. ranger) I remember I explained to him that I usually bike in O.C. and do the loop pretty often I told him that it is a nice clean trail because the city, neighbors and riders are like family we all stick together and help eachother and keep the trail clean. Thats just the only way it is going to work. So I will get ahold of someone in the state parks area and see what we can do as riders, will also let them know about horses cutting through as well. I look like a downhill rider so I did not appreciate the way the ranger approached me and said "hey you look like one of our downhill riders and pretty much wanted to write me up for doing something I didn't do. So lets all work together I will keep you all posted!!!
      Ride rating: Novice
      Ride distance: 12 Elevation change:
      Condor a 23 year old Downhiller riding a 05 specialized hrdtail. from Brea


    • Trail Updateplease do not turn this into a "fullerton trail" up date style forum.


    • Trail UpdateMr Downhiller-The fact is that the downhillers are the ones for the most part are the ones cutting the trails as they are in most places.The xc crowd would rather attempt the switchbacks.Still I believe the damage is being done by all groups as I have seen hikers cut this area myself.Everytime I've ever seen trail work posted for Turnbull, I've shown up.I ride here only occasionally,but I consider this a prime place to get a workout and it's great when the Nat'l forests get closed.I ride with over 30 different people who ride this area on a continuous basis,and have never seen them litter or cut trails.I have been guilty as are some of my friends of changing in the street (shirt to a riding jersey and then switching back) or making to much noise,but thanks for the reminder and I will watch it and put the word out to my riding friends.
      Pain Freak riding a Surly Turner from The 909


    • Trail UpdateTrail Destruction-I was there when they, a group of 8 horses, cut the switchbacks. I pulled off the trail to let them by. I wish I had a camera.
      Y NOT


    • Trail Update7th St. Trail-It seems funny to me that mnt. bikers get all the blame for trail destruction.Last week the worst destruction has been caused by a group on horses. Some horse riders cut short cuts tearing up every switchback after the rain last Saturday.Horses also leave big holes in the ground after a good rain. I think Mr. Ranger should check out the Orange Grove side.This is the worst thing I've seen 18 years of riding this trail.
      Colin a 42 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a 1969 Schwinn Stingray Two speed hub from Hacienda Heights


    • Trail UpdateRiding The Canyon-Went up and rode Friday afternoon before the storms this weekend and it was beautiful up from Beverly and over the top down the 7th side. Nice and crisp before the sunset and with the offshore winds it was quite a view from the tower. Now that that's out of the way it's time for an opinion about the few previous posts. This has been my 1oth year riding the canyon and I believe it can't be beat for fun and variety without driving an extra hour or two to go ride a more crowded spot. We have access to a real gem in the middle of the suburbs that is seeing more use than ever now that it is a legitimate, legal trail. The lack of respect for the resource can be disheartening though. There has always been litter ( beer cans, water bottles, plastic, etc. ) there is just more of it now and quite a bit of it is cyclist generated. There is no excuse for leaving GU wrappers, blown tubes on the trail especially since there are trash cans at the fire gate and tower. That's strike one against us in the eyes of other users. The impact of illegal trail "building" is worse and especially destructive.A trail carved straight down the fall line of the hill, rattlesnake switchbacks for example, sets up destructive erosion when our Winter and Spring storms hit. I'm not going to pin the blame on Downhillers, Freeriders or X-Country riders but the unavoidable fact is cyclists did it. Not equestrians, hikers or gangstas, but cyclists. The damage now is far worse than it has ever been and will be progressivly worse until it is stopped. On several occassions in the past years I've lugged my tools to work on a section and restore it only to see the next storm rut it right back up. Even a properly designed trail is going to have erosion and that adds to the challenge of cleanly controlling you rig but by cutting trails we are eventually going to cut our throats and we will be barred from use and once again have to take our chances dodging not security guards as in the past but park rangers with ticket books to ride this special place. Also in regards to respecting the residents on Beverly, Kam is dead-on. I was up Thanksgiving morning getting my pre-turkey ride in and the lack of respect for their neighborhood was a bad joke. Changing into gear, shouting back and forth, tunes from stereos, all of this at 7 am. When I finished up at 9 it was even worse. Thankfully it's not this bad on any given day but believe me if I lived there and had to wake up and see that circus out of my front window first thing in the morning on turkey day I'd be noting every time after that a cyclist was changing in front of my pad and the trash they were leaving so I could get some permit parking only signs installed. Bottom line guys is that if we don't straighten up our act and man up with some responsibility we are going to lose our ride spot and have only Fullerton loop left as the next closest ride. Our sport is way to precious to jeopardize because of boneheaded attitudes and finger pointing. Be courteous, pick up a couple pieces of litter and get out there and ride.
      Jeffro Biafra a 41 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Santa Cruz Superlight from Lakewood


    • Trail UpdateHAHAHAAAAA-wonder which is the group that created the new trail that cut thru middle of rattlesnake?


    • Trail UpdateTrail Destruction Update!-Downhiller from turnbull canyon, I'm a little pissed off that everyone keeps blaming the downhillers for all the Trail Destruction at turnbull. When in fact my friend and I are the only one maintaining the trails i have never seen any XC bikers or hikers or anyone else putting any effert. I do agree that everyone (not just downhillers) need to respect the area or we will all get kicked out. So before anyone goes blaming downhillers, get your A-- out their and do your part to take care of the area. I'm always willing to help out in cleaning and maintaining the trails, i live all of five minuets from Turnbull. So if your willing let me know. F.Y.I Downhillers/freeriders dont ride thier brakes like XC riders, they know how to ride.
      a Downhiller riding a Rocky Mountain from Whittier


    • Trail UpdateI'm Down-I'm down to put in some work for the Turnbull.

      miznax from the HH


    • Trail UpdateA Few Things...-If ALL of us bikers (DH, XC, CX, FR, unicycle...whatever) want to keep riding Turnbull, we've got to respect the damn trails!!!

      I have seen so much damage from people locking there damn rear tires up on the trail...that's the damage you see on Rattlesnake. If you can't ride it without locking up...STAY OFF THE DAMN TRAIL!!!

      Second, Do NOT build new trails. Do that in you back yard if you have one!!! You can see a trail made by the DHers right thru the middle of Rattlesnake. This kind of crap will make people (hikers and rangers) hate us (and most already do, read 2-3 posts below mine with the guy who had a "discussion" with a ranger). If I were a hiker/equestrian/ranger, and didn't love ride as much as I do, I'd do all that is possible to get riders out of this area.

      Third, pick up you damn trash...LEAVE NO TRACE!!! I have seen Gu shots and tire tubes left on the trails, escpecially Rose Hills (I think), the fire road that connects the end of Worsham/Cow trail to the top of Skyline/360*. I have picked up 3 tubes in the last 2 weeks off that trail. If I can pack it wearing lycra, you can too!!!

      Fourth. If you park near the homes down on Beverly, please keep the noise to the minimum and keep your shirt on. Change in the car at a gas station or trailhead, not in front of someone's home. If we get on the nerves on the home owners in the area, we WILL be dead meat. And, NO one wants to see you man boobs. I was riding here early morning on Thanksgiving, there were alot of bikers and ALOT of noise. Keep the noise down.

      And, last I checked there are signs posting NO activity between sunset and sunrise. So, I think that even means NIGHT RIDING. Yeah, I'd love to ride this area at night too. Correct me if I am wrong if it is allowed. But, judging from the signs posted in Turnbull, it isn't. So, if you're night riding....STOP!!!

      As far as Rattlesnake is concerned, we do need to get a group out there to do some maintenance. You guys wanna organize something??? Email me.

      If so, we gotta get in touch with the rangers. And, get a group together. I'll post here later to see if anyone want to help.

      Meanwhile, if you're doing some of the nonsense sh!t above, stop -OR- get lost and go ride somewhere else.

      And, bikers yield to everyone. Bikers yield to hikers, equestrians (that's people on horses for you that aren't the brightest) and (YES!) even other bikers that are climbing.

      And, do NOT forget to smile and say Hi to people on your ride.

      Got a problem with what I've typed here???
      Look for me.
      Pissed Of Kam a 29 year old riding a 29er SS from Cudahy, Ca


    • Trail UpdateGreat Day For A Ride-I started out on Beverly and took the steep fireroad to the top. From there I took the fire road west and a single track that was supposed to come out on Friends St. I think I stayed on the single track too long because I wound up on Greenleaf. Just made the street ride back to my car a few blocks longer which kind of sucks. The map I was using (thanks Jerry) had this trail maked as awsome single track. That is right on. I have only been to this trail a few times but this was the best part for me so far. I couldn't agree w/ the posts below about trail destruction more. The rattle snake switch backs are completly destroyed and I don't think any trail work will fix them. The a$$holes will just carve their new trails again and keep doing so until it is closed to mountain bikes. Good job, guys! Anyway the single track on the other side is much nicer. There are some sections that are narrow and exposed up toward the top but if you take it slow and easy a beginner can handle it.
      Ride rating: Novice
      Ride distance: 4.5 miles Elevation change: less than 1000'
      Singletrack=30% Dirt Road=50% Paved Path=20%
      Mrkcy a 27 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Giant-Iguana from Temple City



      I've been ridng here for over 10 years. the past couple of years, the switchbacks in turnbull canyon have been desecrated. Downhillers have cut a path straight through the switchbacks, ruining the habitat that is supposed to be preserved. also, i'm surprised there hasn't been an organized effort to help maintain the trails. i would be willing to give back to the trails if one of the local shops would organize something. closing off and fixing that downhill run would be a good way to help preserve that section.

      the 7th street loop that goes from the ridge down to 7th street and back up needs a little work also.

      Most of us here are responsible and safe riders, i'd hate to see a great place closed down because of a few knuckleheads.

      If anyone wants go do some trail work i'll lend a hand.

      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 16+ miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=80% Dirt Road=20%
      Epic Mtn Biker a 31 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a '04 Specialized Epic Marathon from Ontario, CA


    • Trail UpdateTHREAT TO CLOSE TRAIL!!!! READ-Hello, this is my second time using this trail, starting at the trailhead goin up to the watertower on the very top and checking out the awsome view it was worth it. Then the fun part coming down I believe this is the cow trail not to sure (switchback)anyways it was fun although I met a nice hiker enjoying the day I also met the PARK RANGER, this dude even had a gun he thaught he was THE MAN. He was pissed off at me and I explain that it was my second time he told me they will close the trail to riders because they are messing up the trails (switchback) making new trails and are going to fast he said look at the speed limit I told him to chill out and left but he did say they will close it to riders if we do not slow down and stop making new trails!! email me if you have any more questions !!!!!!! Condor 23 year old cruisin in a 2005 Specialized hrdtl.
      Ride rating: Novice
      Condor a 23 year old Downhiller riding a 2005 Specialized hrdtail from Brea


    • Trail Update7th Street Loop-Rode the 7th street Loop Yesterday starting from the fire road off beverly. Ride up to the water tower was still cold at 2 p.m. trail was hard packed and pretty quick. Look out for lots of mud on the 7th street trail, especially on the climb back up toward the water tower and skyline trail. Lots of fun
      a Cross-Country Rider riding a 04 Giant from Whittier


    • Trail Update7th Street-Tried some night riding up 7th across and up the three bitches and back down Skyline trail.Nice conditions,no Bobcat sightings.The ground is still great,no dust and mild temps.
      Colin Kim a 42 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Foes LTS from Hacienda Hts.


    • Trail UpdateTurnbull Canyon- Bobcat Sighting-Rode a few of the trails here yesterday. Started at Beverly with two other fellas. Rode up past the water tower and down 7th street. Saw a bobcat heading down the switchback at 7th street. As I was descending the cat was coming up and shot off the side into the canyon there. We proceeded to climb out of 7th street and opted to go over skyline drive across Beverly where we climbed up and over to the Cow trail. A few of us were worked and elected to head out and down at Philadelphia st. My partner ELAB was down for some more action. We'll have to hit it next time. We were considering looping back around the Cow trail back over skyline up to the water tower, down three bitches, over to Hellman trail which ends at the bottom by Greenleaf. With that extension it would have been a 13-15 mile ride. Great Fall conditions. Packed down dirt after the rain and very colorful.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 10 miles Elevation change:
      Rasta a 31` year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a specialized FSR/XC from Whittier, CA


    • Trail UpdateTurnbull Cny.7th Side-Rode from Orange Grove gate up to water tower Mon. thu.Fri. Trails couldn't be nicer,no dust and sunny.Get your lights ready,gets dark fast.The rain seems to make the trails more fun.Not many hikers or bikers.I'm the guy on the old school Stingray.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Singletrack=85% Dirt Road=15%
      Colin Kim a 42 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a 1969 Schwinn Stingray 5-speed from Hacienda Hts. Ca.


    • Trail UpdateThe map is homemade and free
      Jerry a 45 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Trek Fuel 100 from Fullerton,CA


    • Trail UpdateMap Of Turnbull Canyon Trails-I have a map of this area. If anyone wants it they can email me at jterrell@adelphia.net
      Ride distance: 8 to 15 miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=35% Dirt Road=60% Paved Path=5%
      Jerry Terrell a 45 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a 2001 Trek Fuel 100 from Fullerton,CA


    • Trail UpdateTrail Conditions-Took a ride on Sunday Morning. Started from Beverly/Turnbull Canyon gate and climbed to the upper water tower. Never seen so many hikers on the trails.
      The normally dusty condition of the trail is now packed down. There were some muddy spots in some shaded areas and low line places where water collected. The rain water had cut many deep ruts both along the switchbacks and across the trails east of the lower water tower.
      Hope the rain this week would not worsen the condition, but it doesn't look good.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      JW a 37 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Scott hardtail from El Monte


    • Trail UpdateTrail Conditions-After a rain, specially like we had, the trails on the north side of the hills stay muddy for a week. I wouldn't do the switchbacks on the 7th ave. side.
      Everything else will be sweet, even cow trail.


    • Trail UpdateTurnbull Cyn,,Condition?-How muddy is the trail??anyone know,,?? Planning of visiting the trail on the weekend...is it rideable???
      maybe we'll see a ghost or 2...Happy trails..
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Frank a 42 year old Weekend Warrior riding a cannondale hardtail from Montclair


    • Trail UpdateNo Ghosts On Cow Trail...-Did the usualy weekday ride.

      started off @ beverly/turnbull entrance. took a left at the lower water split, up to the upper water tower.

      then, look skyline (trail and street) and crossed turnbull hwy to hook up on skyline again. climbed up to 360 degrees 9the peak with the power towers).

      headed down towards abit to cow trail off the right side. finished up cow trail and climbed back up to 360* (man, what a grind, and it's less than 2 miles!!!). back down and across turnbull and down escalators and back to my car.

      all in all and fast and fun ride. no problems. about 11 miles of fun with plenty of climbing and singletrack.

      No ghosts!!!
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 11 miles Elevation change: maybe 1100 ft.
      Singletrack=30% Truck Trail=70%
      Kam a 29 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Kelly SS from Cudahy


    • Trail UpdateI Need Readers Opinions.-I am currently writing a paper on the myths legends and ghosts of turnbull canyon... and i need as much feedback as i can get. I need details or word of mouth stories... anything creepy or just scary you have heard of the trail. Thank you so much. Send information to Romanticfailure@hotmail.com . Thank you so much


    • Trail UpdateCow Trail-Cow Trail, as most seem to call it is actually Worsham Canyon singletrack that veers west off of Skyline between Turnbull and Colima. If coming from Turnbull it is about one mile and comes right after a fast downhill that goes into a left turn. Straight ahead you see a singletrack going up a hill, at the bottom of this is a fast right turn that literally drops you into "Cow Trail" or Worsham Canyon. This trail mostly descends for 2 miles then takes a right and loops back up to Skyline in a 1 1/2 mile climb. From Colima, after you go past all the houses on your right, you climb, it goes slightly downhill, level and slightly uphill again into a right turn with a nice climb. In the middle of that turn on your left is the trail. Once you are going down the trail watch out for the large Poison Oak bush at the overgrown left turn on your right about 1/4 mile into the trail.
      Enjoy the trail.
      Click23 a Cross-Country Rider riding a riding a dusty DBR from Whittier


    • Trail UpdateCow Trail-Not quite sure where Cow trail is. I usually ride from Colima Rd going west towards Turnbull canyon. After crossing the second street with houses the trail goes down into a canyon(with houses lining the top, then climbs a hill and reaches a intersection. Is Cow trail the one on the right. I usually go left or more accurately straight. Never took the branch. Will next week.

      Ride rating: Novice
      a 27 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Scwinn hurricane from Whittier


    • Trail UpdateMotorcycle Racing In Turnbull-Does'nt anybody remember the motorcycle racing on the road in turnbull, in the 60's 70's and 80's? Sometimes 50 or 60 motorcycles on a Sunday afternoon. If you do let me know because I know all of them. Remember .... Jeff , Doug, Steve, Kevin, Robbie. Lets talk.... email me
      MoToRcYClErObBiE a ? year old Racer riding a Kawasaki from Whittier


    • Trail Update7th St. Switchbacks-Went up this afternoon and rode the backside of Turnbull by way of the 7th St. switchers, heading up on the dump side over to Rattlesnake and down to the bottom tower and left back up to Skyline and down the backside to the start. Great afternoon, cool and cloudy and accompanied by Shadow, the trail dog. Almost time to get the lights out soon for the evening rides! Get out and ride!
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 7 miles Elevation change: 1000 '
      Singletrack=70% Dirt Road=30%
      Jeffro Biafra a 40 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Specialized Stumpjumper M2 from Lakewood


    • Trail UpdateJimmy-I like dirt. It's KEWL!!!
      Ride rating: Expert
      Ride distance: Elevation change: 4000
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=49% Paved Path=.5% Truck Trail=.5%


    • Trail UpdateBamBam-He's fine now he just cant use his arm he should be back on the bike in about amonth. and if you are looking at the helo pad from the top water tower he fell just across the helo canyon to the left. and thanks!


    • Trail UpdateThomas Guide...-Sorry to hear about you bro. Unfortunately, I think a Thomas Guide may be the best thing out there in terms of a trail map. All the other trails that branch off are not really on the Guide and I think they are more like "nicknames" by MTBers.

      Where did your bro take the spill??? Hopefully he's doing better. You're lucky that you're riding in the iddle of LA too.
      Kam a Cross-Country Rider riding a Kelly Single Speed from Bell


    • Trail UpdateBamBam-Hey anyone got a map of this place ive looked all over the place for one and cant find one. didnt think i needed one till last weekend when my brother was airlifted out of there. the thing is the 911 opperator asked what trail i was on and i had no clue so if anyone has a map or knows where to get one please please email me at NickRP@adelphia.net
      Singletrack=15% Dirt Road=75% Paved Path=5% Truck Trail=5%
      BamBam a 20 year old riding a enduro from La Habra


    • Trail UpdateTurnbull-Cool ghost story, but this is for trail updates.

      Rode from the Beverly/Turnbull Rd entrance, up to the 1st tank, then took a left and climbed to the upper tank, across Skyline (the trail, then the road) and climbed up to 360*, rode on Skyline for abit.

      I think I might have found Cow Trail (is it the narrow singletrack that peels of to the right after you pass/split the first two power towers?). What ever that ST is called, it looks fun as hell. Took it for awhile, then turned around and rode back the way I came (I was running late).

      Rode back to 360* and down, crossed Turnbull Rd., down Escalators (the rangers filled to deep ruts). Ended back where I started (the lower water tank). I passed a geary riding to my car, so I turned around and tried to catch him going up to the upper water tank. Got close, but I think he headed towards the heliport. Got to the tank and rode down Rattlesnake back to my car. Rattlesnake is kinda loose and abit rutted at the switchbacks...keep you bike under control here, or it'll get worse.

      Great day to ride with the cover of slight fog..gotta get up early to beat the heat.

      Anyone ever ride from the entrance at Workman Mill Rd. right next to the Rose Hills Mortuary (right by Workman Mill/Via verde intersect)??? I think the trail is called Sycamore. I think it would be a nice climb thru a canyon.

      Cheers! Less gears more beers!!!

      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: maybe 12 Elevation change: ?
      Kam a 29 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Kelly Single Speed from Bell


    • Trail UpdateHOPE U ENJOYED YOUR DRIVE-7 street loop is in good condition , lots of bugs, ticks

      trail updates , not old ghost stories Wrong website.
      Gee a 32 year old Weekend Warrior riding a GT Special from Whittier


    • Trail UpdateMy Drive Out To Turnbull Canyon-My name is Jessica Marie, Im 23 years old, and I live in Whittier California. I recently went up to turnbull canyon to visit the old haunted remains of a house at the very top of Turnbull canyon that was burnt down about 20 years back. Sightings of the Mother, Daughter, and Father have been reported, but no evidence of the sightings. The story is that about 20 years ago, a Mother, Father, and Daughter all lived in this big house. The Father went away on a business trip for about 4 days. The Daughters birthday was that weekend, so the Mother said she could have a pool party. The party happened, and after all the guests had left, the daughter was cleaning up when she slipped by the pool, hit her head on the concrete fell in the water and drown. The mother came home hours later to find her daughter floating in the pool, freaked out, and as she ran for the phone, she also slipped, fell, hit her head, and drown. 3 days had passed and upon the Fathers return home from the business trip he comes to find his beloved wife and his only daughter floating in the backyard pool. Immediately he thought someone had done this to him & his family, even he though he had no idea that these deaths were caused by natural faults. He was so terrified and disturbed that he poured gasoline all around the house, and lit a match. The house went into flames, and when the police and firemen got there, all that was left was the bones of the father, and the burnt bodies of the mother and daughter.
      To this day the house has been gated off but open enough to go walk around inside where the house once was. All that is left of the house is the foundation. The brick fireplace, the garage, the concrete steps that lead to certain gardens, the pool, and the front yard of the house. The pool is still there, but is filled with dirt. For the past 10 years people have gone up there just to visit the site of what tragic events took place. I personally have been there a few times. You get a sad feeling when you walk onto the property and when you stand on the dirt filled pool you feel cold and as if your not alone. One time a friend of mine & I saw a shadow moving in the distance, so we followed it, and it led us to the garage. Unfortunately as we walked on top of it, we had to stop because the garage caved in and we couldn't get to where the shadow was taking us. I do believe that there is a ghost there, but not of the mother and daughter, but of the hurt and disturbed father who killed himself and his home. This land where the house use to be has been open and for sale for many many years. I feel that it is haunted by the father, and people know about what happened, and want to leave the property alone.

      Jessica Marie a 23 year old from Whittier, california


    • Trail Update7th St. / Turnbull Cyn/ Skyline-Rode up the 7th St. trail 6/15 in the afternoon and it was in great shape. The swithbacks are getting a little loose but do-able. Rode across to the Skyline gate and down the switchbacks to Turnbull and it is beat up pretty bad in spots from the Spring storms. The section where it starts down the canyon to the water tower is badly rutted and pretty deep. Climbed back up the fire road to the high tower for a safety break before bombing back down to 7th, which was nice and fast. Total tick count:3
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 10 ish Elevation change: Up, down, up, then down again
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=50%
      Jeffro Biafra a 40 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Specialized M2 from Lakewood


    • Trail UpdateYou can start at old Beverly and Rideout. Go up the hill and at every cross street go right. This will take you to a water tower and a gate. This is the trailhead. This short hop takes you to the helipad. It is no picnic. From there you can see the many trails. The one that is really fun is the single track that takes you down to greenleaf ave. That's worth the price of admission alone.
      John a 33 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a '97 Schwinn S-10 from Pico Rivera


    • Trail UpdateA Few Questions...-hey all. i usually ride early weekdays mornings here. i ride from the turnbull/beverly entrance, go a short way up to the small water tower, climb some switchback, cross turnbull and head towards schubarum park on skyline trail. i haven't done this out and back for a month or so...it was really overgrown the last time i headed that way and i picked up ALOT of ticks and chiggers. is this parts still overgrown?

      also, people tell me i ride the "back" part of turnbull, and that the front part has alot more climbing...which is what i want. what's the best place to start for the front side. i think there is a trail entrance by the police academy or rio hondo, can someone give me a couple of cross streets to work with???

      Thanks in advance.
      KHP a 21 year old Weekend Warrior riding a GT I Drive from Southgate


    • Trail UpdateNice, But Lots Of Ruts-We did the fireroad today up to the top of the hill then over
      next to the strawberry fields and up to the radio towers that
      used to be the old missle defense place. It was very nice and
      downhill was amazing, execpt water must have eroded some
      of the trail so it was interesting coming downhill over it, all in
      all it just made it more fun having to do some tight and fast
      manuvering. Also the weeds are starting to grow around the
      trail more....
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 5 miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=30% Truck Trail=70%
      Scott Lacey a 20 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Diamondback Coil 04 from La Mirada, CA


    • Trail UpdateSkyline-parked up at skyline and rode the washburn trail...atleast I think it's called the washburn trail....up hill was hardpacked and pretty smooth....downhill single track was thick ...weeds over my head...weeds overlaping the single track.. saw a hiker who said that someone sprays the trails around july to kill the weeds and open up the trails.. anyone know if that's true?..I think it just needs to be ridden more..anyone know any other cool trails off skyline or off the top of turnbull canyon road?
      Jas1086 a 23 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a 04 Giant Rincon from Whittier


    • Trail Update7th St Loop/Cow Trail-7th Street Loop was in awesome hardpacked condition tonight. But, you gotta get out and start riding Cow Trail or it'll be completely overgrown in no time...the mustard is going wild and starting to take over the trail.


    • Trail Update3-11-04 A.m.-Now that I'm back living in the Heights I'm back to riding the old faithful. Rode the fireroad from Colima to the top of Turnbull Cyn Rd. It's pretty chewed up from the cows stampeding through it after the rain, but very rideable. I haven't seen the cows though. The mustard is creeping up since it's suddenly Summer in March.

      Then rode the Orange Grove switchbacks (left) down to 7th. This is in great shape. Haven't done the 7th Ave swithbacks (right). Will do next week. Stay posted...
      miznax from the HH


    • Trail UpdateNice Trail-Went 2 times before... only up to water tower and back down rattle snake.. kinda boring... went with a local today... BAD ASS!!! took me down 7th street (?)... nice downhill.. very fun roller coaster-ish.... but the switch back up hill was a killer.... (gotta stop smoking)... went down A-trail... now that was pretty hairy and fun as hell... best downhill I've been to so far... thanks everyone for the nice trail
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Rockhopper a 25 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Rockhopper FSR comp Disc from Cerritos, CA


    • Trail UpdateGetting Lost-Nothing wrong w/ getting lost. consider it part of the learning experience.


    • Trail UpdateMaps?-Does anyone know where I can get a map of the area so I don't get lost.
      BikerJustin a 29 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Giant NRS1 & C-Dale R300 from Whittier


    • Trail UpdateMaps?-Does anyone know where I can get a map of the area so I don't get lost.
      BikerJustin a 29 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Giant NRS1 & C-Dale R300 from Whittier


    • Trail UpdateMaps?-Does anyone know where I can get a map of the area so I don't get lost.
      BikerJustin a 29 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Giant NRS1 & C-Dale R300 from Whittier


    • Trail UpdateMaps?-Does anyone know where I can get a map of the area so I don't get lost.
      BikerJustin a 29 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Giant NRS1 & C-Dale R300 from Whittier


    • Trail UpdateMaps?-Does anyone know where I can get a map of the area so I don't get lost.
      BikerJustin a 29 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Giant NRS1 & C-Dale R300 from Whittier


    • Trail UpdateGolf Cart Path-With all the fires trail access has been a challenge, so I figured I could probably get a good ride in at Turnbull Canyon. Maybe if I was on a cyclo cross bike. The parking lot at home depot has more bumps than turnbull. Both sides of the canyon have been graded.

      If you are interested in doing this ride and want a challenge-go at night. Lights would be optional.
      Ride rating: Novice
      Anthony a 33 year old Racer riding a Turner Wet-Spot from Arcadia


    • Trail UpdateCow Trail-first off what up with all the maintance being done up here it seems like thier trying to turn turnball into a bonified park which could spell distater (pansy hikers) second the cow trail is awasome thanks for the post y not its the best loop out there happy trails
      Ride rating: Novice
      Ride distance: /// Elevation change: ///
      Singletrack=///% Dirt Road=///% Paved Path=///% Truck Trail=///%
      ghostrider a 22 year old Racer riding a stumphumper from whittier


    • Trail UpdateSat. Oct. 4th-Started from 7th St. (Orange Grove) up across Turnbull to Schabarum Park.

      The switchbacks going up from 7th are very soft but the trail is wide open. Thanks to all for the great trail maintenance done here. The top of Turnbull Canyon is nice and clear. Crossed Colima Rd and rode the portion between Colima and Hacienda, NOT WORTH IT! Portions of this trail are completely overgrown. Probably why I rarely do this part of the Skyline Trail. Crossed Hacienda Blvd. The Portion going up along side Hacienda is wide open. The top portion of the Skyline trail going from Hacienda Blvd to Schabarum is wide open as usual. Gotta give the props out to all who have done a great job of trail maintenance.
      miznax riding a stumpy hardtail from Fullerton


    • Trail UpdateCow Trail Is Awsome-Rode it 7-30-03


    • Trail UpdatePowder-rode 7th and rattle snake it was fun as usuall but its gotten a little powdery from the rains I guess no big deal though just gotta watch that front tire it has a tendency to drift happy trails boys and girls o yeah has anyone done the cow trail lately if so what are the conditions thanks in advance
      Ride rating: Novice
      Ride distance: 99999 Elevation change: not enough
      Singletrack=60% Dirt Road=40%
      ghstrider138 a 5 year old Racer riding a stumphumper from ten buck two


    • Trail UpdateSlithern-Rattlers are out! I came ankle to face (my ankle and its face) with a large rattler on the fire road leading up to the power towers on the east side of the highway. I had just climbed up the short single track and decided to dismount before heading the rest of the way. I put my foot down within 12" of a rattler's head, who was lounging on the edge of the trail, perfectly stealthed by the brush. I was almost a statistic! Look out or you might not be as fortunate (lucky) as I was...
      Ride rating: Expert
      Ride distance: A few miles Elevation change: Enough
      Yankee Doodle a 29 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Pony from Town


    • Trail UpdateYES, They Are True!-All the rumors you have heard are true and even more. These things have happened there, and there is a true gravity hill on the Hacienda Heights side (lower part of Oak Canyon Drive). It makes for some very interesting night rides.
      TrailNail riding a riding a SpookyXSL in Whittier


      Ride rating: Beginner
      frank a 21 year old


    • Trail UpdateTHANK YOU EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!-Hello everybody!!! I hope you guys remember but i put a posting up a few months ago asking for help with my book on Turnbull Canyon. The amount of responses and info i recieved was astounding! (if you would like to see any of it, dont hesitate to e-mail me at mchavez6@earthlink.net) I would just like to say THANK YOU to all of you for your help. Without your help there would be atleast 100 pages missing from my book. My book will be published in a few months. I'm still looking at some other sites around town, Please e-mail me if you guys have any other interesting places i may write about. I'm focusing on something called Tombstones in Covina and some other places around town. Please e-mail me with any other paranormal or haunted areas around San Gabrirel Valley or surrounding areas. THANK YOU ALL SOO MUCH!!!!!!!!! Dont hesitate to e-mail me with any information whatsoever!!! Thanks


    • Trail UpdateOnline Whittier Trail Guide-I'm in the process of developing an online trail guide to the Whittier Hills. Initially I was going to write about the trails myself, but there are too many, and besides this a lot of people out there know certain trails better than I do. If you want to write about a certain trail, or if you have emailable photos of a trail, please let me know. To see the site so far, click on the URL link listed below. To check out a sample trail description, from the homepage link to TRAILS, and then click on the "lower turnbull canyon" trailhead link. Or just click on this mess: http://whittiertrails.tripod.com/trails_of_the_whittier_hills11.htm. I apologize in advance for the pop-up ad, which is the price for a free Web site.
      MG a 25 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a GT XCR URL: trails of the whittier hills


    • Trail UpdateThis trail that some refer to as the Cow Trail was worked on the last two days by four of us. The thorny bushes are pretty much knocked down now. It needs to be ridden. On the lower end the small under brush remains, as we run out of time. I think if it is ridden by more riders it will clear out. Or if you have time, walk through with a hedge trimmer. This is a great trail and now that the cattle are no longer there it will be better.....But they also aren't there to keep it clear, so we need to. You can get on it off the powerline road west of Turnbull Cyn Rd about 1 mile. It starts on the right at a downhill left hand sweeper. Turn right off the road and then and imediate right down hill.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 3 miles Elevation change: 500 ft
      Ron a blank year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Chuck from Downey, Ca


    • Trail UpdateTurnbull Canyon-After all the rain this year, there is a lot of growth on every trail and road in the hills. The thistles are primed to needle us everytime we ride this area. I still have thistles in my fingers and legs from weeks ago and add to them every week. These trails get cleared when you the trail user, rides the trail or if you come by and clear it yourself. I know of many people that have cleared trails up here on their own and others that have helped the rangers clear hiking trails. Remember this is a wilderness area. You are not riding in a park! You want to use the trail, then you clear it or ride it. Personally I enjoy riding these trails in all conditions all year round. The growth turns even the main dirt roads into single tracks. Other trails like the corral trail which you can't even see right now,you will just have to open it by riding it or wait until late summer when all vegetation has died back.
      Feral Cat a 27 year old


    • Trail UpdateTrail Conditions = Sharp-BE CAREFUL!

      There's been a profusion of thistle growth on trails up here, from the top of Turnbull Canyon down into Oak Canyon and the Hacienda Heights Wilderness. It isn't so bad going uphill, but which hurts a lot (and can be dangerous) when you're whipping down a singletrack. Does anyone know if/when these things are going to be cleared?
      MG a 25 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a GT XCR


    • Trail UpdateSTAY AWAY-To the previous post if you feel your in danger then stay away from turnbull. this website is for trail conditions not NEWS UPDATES

      tuesday ride 7 street loop is in fair condition, alot of paint leftover by paintballers everywhere on the 7 st. side loop alot of Pink & Blue painted trees & Bushes big mess. Very dissapointing

      Cow trail is still very over grown
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Singletrack=75% Dirt Road=25%
      Gee a 25 year old Weekend Warrior riding a GT aggressor 1.0 from EagleRock




    • Trail UpdateLunar Eclipse / Overgrown-There was a nice little lunar eclipse last night between 9pm & 10:30pm and there were actually a few people out on "Top of the World" at that time.

      I rode from the top of Turnbull west to Colima and the weeds are very high, they haven't overgrown the fire-road, but I can only imagine that the Cow Trail is totally overgrown.

      The ground is very soft & loose and there are rutts throughout the trail. So combined with the loose dirt had to keep the tempo slow. What's up, is nobody riding the bull? There is a portion that has been cleared in the bottom of the canyon that is very soft & loose :x

      The portion of trail between Cargreen & Colima is pretty badly overgrown. My legs got thrashed through there!!!

      Ride distance: miles 3 Elevation change:
      Dirt Road=100%
      MIZNAX from the Heights, now stuck in Fullerton.


    • Trail Update7th Street Loop-Cow trail is still over grown rode Monday 4-28-03 besides that all other trails are very good condition and ride able

      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Singletrack=60% Dirt Road=40%
      GEE a 25 year old Downhiller riding a GT aggressor 1.0 from HIghland


    • Trail UpdateWhats Up With The Cow Trail-does ne1 know if the cow trail (the eastside of turnbull canyon rd. (singletrac) is still overgrown from the rains i rode it bout a month ago and it was pretty unridable unless you have a weedwaker mounted on yer helmet (hmmm...i think im going to try that who with me)
      Ride rating: Novice
      Ride distance: 0 Elevation change: 0
      wackerhelm a 22 year old Racer riding a ac1 from whittier


    • Trail UpdateTurnbull (rattlesnake Loop)-whats up fellow turnbull patrons i just did the classic rattle snake loop today ( that is up from the main entrance(bottom of turnball rd.) up to the water tower and down rattle snake) it was an almost perfect day but i was shakey about the trails because as most know turnbull usually stays muddy. But i was pleasantly suprised for the most part it was good to go. Other than the usuall puddles that stick around for a least a week after rain the trail was all ridable and sticky. The newly formed rutts make the ride even more fun than usuall. i havent been down the cow trail or 7th street yet but i would stay away from the cow trail i heard its still pretty bad. Happy trails
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: maybe5 Elevation change: 500
      Singletrack=45% Dirt Road=55%
      ghstrider138 a 22 year old Racer riding a stumphumper fox susp. xt drivetrain from whittier


    • Trail UpdateLogjammer Down To 7th-If you want an easy way to find the singletrack down to 7th drive to the top of Turnbull Canyon Road, at the top take Skylike Dr. west (the only way you can turn) about 1/4 mile around the curves until you see a gate. Park, ride past the 1st gate to the second gate (don't go through) and stay to the right along the trail until you see a sign that points to the right. Then ride back up, repeat...

      Good luck with these cryptic directions. I wish I could find a good detailed map of the area. Franko needs to make a map of the area. After a couple of rides you'll become familiar.
      MIZNAX from HH


    • Trail UpdateTurnbull-What a great short ride, however I didn't ride the trail correctly. It was my first time up here. I started from the bottom of Turnbull/Beverly Blvd where I began the fire road. I made a right at the top of the dirt road to the water tower and continued passed to the last gate. This is where I made a right down a bitchen single track which led me back the to fireroad. I missed 7th street fast single track area. Do I enter the first gate by the water tower and continue straight? I saw a small no mountain biking sign. Does anyone know where to find a detailed map of this area?

      I found out this land is protected. Let's hope it stays that way.

      Ride rating: Novice
      Ride distance: 6 miles Elevation change: 800
      Singletrack=35% Dirt Road=50% Paved Path=15%
      Mike a 36 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a GT I-Drive from LA


    • Trail UpdateTurnbull Local-PS Forgot to post conditions. If you ride Turnbull you know how muddy it gets after any rain. Took a look around today and I'd say with all the sunsine it should be do-able but will continue to be pretty muddy on the fire roads this weekend. The swithbacks on both sides are your best bet, but they're still pretty rutted out. (Watch out for hikers on the weekend)

      I hope it doesn't rain this week. Next weekend will be perfect!
      MIZNAX from HH


    • Trail UpdateTurnbull Local-I've been riding Turnbull for years, I grew up @ the bottom of the hill. I have a two favorite loops from the Hacienda Heights (HH) side. 1) Up Turnbull canyon road then east along the fire road down to Colima Blvd. then back home ~45min. Good for beginners. 2) Up Turnbull Cyn then east along the dump then back and down the "log jammer" (switch-backs) down to 7th St ~1hr. Good local DH.
      Ride rating: Novice
      Ride distance: 5 miles Elevation change: 200ft
      Singletrack=30% Dirt Road=50% Paved Path=50%
      Max a 26 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Enduro Pro from HH


    • Trail UpdateTurnbull-went up yesterday (fri.) and it was nice. only a few spots were still muddy. the corral trail is sweet, best single track up there right now. worsham is beat up on the first downhill but after that it is pretty good.
      Ride rating: Novice
      frogman a Cross-Country Rider riding a hardtail from USA


    • Trail UpdateNice Dh-tried a new loop (for me) up at turnball today i usually do main gate to 7th street back up to the cow trail and down rattle snake back to the main gate but today i decided to explore alittle and found some sweet dh shietz i started at the main gate up to the water tower(the easy way f the three bitches) then decided to find out where all that fun looking dh that you see going up to the water tower is it wasnt to hard to find so i started out the begining is pretty tame and the jumps kinda get in the way but as you go down a little it turns into a nice grade and gets way loose and rutty i almost ate it toward the bottom but pulled it out in the end anyway i made it and petaled up to the cow trail which is always fun its a good ride as far as local stuff goes and for the most part all in in good condition if ne1 in shape xcers need someone to ride with drop me a line i go up there 3-4 times a week ghostrider138157@yahoo.com
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: like 14 miles Elevation change: ummm bout 700 ft.
      Singletrack=70% Dirt Road=30%
      ghostrider a 22 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a stumpjumper comp from whittier


    • Trail UpdateNice Dh-tried a new loop (for me) up at turnball today i usually do main gate to 7th street back up to the cow trail and down rattle snake back to the main gate but today i decided to explore alittle and found some sweet dh shietz i started at the main gate up to the water tower(the easy way f the three bitches) then decided to find out where all that fun looking dh that you see going up to the water tower is it wasnt to hard to find so i started out the begining is pretty tame and the jumps kinda get in the way but as you go down a little it turns into a nice grade and gets way loose and rutty i almost ate it toward the bottom but pulled it out in the end anyway i made it and petaled up to the cow trail which is always fun its a good ride as far as local stuff goes and for the most part all in in good condition if ne1 in shape xcers need someone to ride with drop me a line i go up there 3-4 times a week
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: like 14 Elevation change: ummm bout 700
      Singletrack=70% Dirt Road=30%
      ghostrider a 22 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a stumpjumper w/fox suspension from whittier


    • Trail UpdateTurnbull Canyon-fast single tracks. not too narrow. the way up was not bad. very shady. next time will probably make two trips. came up thru 7th ave. oh did i mention that its fast...
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Singletrack=75% Paved Path=10%
      Gee a Weekend Warrior riding a Gt from La,Ca.


    • Trail Update7th Avenue Loop-I just went up Turnbull today. Started at the gate at 7th and Orange Grove. This time, I rode up the horse trail instead of the multi-purpose trail. Horse trail is only about 1 1/2-2 feet wide. Pretty good ride up. Went down past the strawberries and went down the switchbacks. Pretty good ride.

      Other riders encountered: 1
      Hikers encountered: 0
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Singletrack=75% Dirt Road=10% Truck Trail=15%
      David Grijalba a 15 year old Downhiller from Hacienda Heights, California


    • Trail UpdateTURNBULL CANYON BOOK INFO!!!!!-Hello everybody, i'm in my eighth year at USC as a history major. As of right now, i'm going to be finishing my programs to get my PhD at USC, but in order to get your PhD you need to have written a book, within 300 pages in length on your major. My book is titled " Canyons, Houses, and Preschools. A History of Scary Sites in Los Angeles County amd Beyond." So far i have gathered information on many sites throughout Los Angeles County for my book. As of right now i'm currently working on the chapter involving Local Canyons. Turnbull has always fascinated me and my friends forever so i am very happy to finally publish some real information on it but i'm having great difficulty getting any information on it. Please, please send me any info, pictures, stories, maps, trails involving turnbull. I have contacted serveral people asking for help on this website and in other places yet i haven't recieved any info yet. Please help me, i would greatly appreciate it. Any valuable info that you may give me, i will surely credit you in my book. So please contact me as soon as possible at mchavez6@earthlink.net. Thank you so much.


    • Trail UpdateDusty Trail-Just rode this trail for the first time this Saturday. The trail head was very easy to find. All the "No Trespassing" signs had me worried a little, but seeing all the tire tracks had me thinking that nobody was enforcing it. It was sunny and the lack of rain this season has made the trail very dusty. It was especailly so when I was coming down behind a faster rider.
      Even though the trail was not that steep, it was long and straight in many areas. You can pick up some speed pretty fast. Just watch it around the turns, it is dry and loose. There are also hiker around so slow down and give them space.
      Another rider told me there are other trails around the area. Other than the "No Trespassing" signs and a sign for the heli-port, there is no other markers. I pretty much just follow the tracks. Does anyone know where a trail map would be available?
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Dirt Road=80% Paved Path=20%
      JW a 35 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Scott Unitrack from El Monte


    • Trail UpdateDirections-Just E-mail me, I'll give you the scoop on ALL the trails.


    • Trail UpdateNo Trespassing Signs Everywhere.-Just rode this weekend and was surprised at the number of No trespassing signs. I spoke with another rider who informed me that there used to be security guards here guarding the place (Rose Hills Cemetry Property). I guess they got tired of spending their money cause there's nobody there now. went up to the Water tower then on to the Heliport before going down to Painter and Beverly. Did anyone know that there is an entrance to this thing from Where Painter passes Beverly and stops at the foot of the hills? I would have much preferred to park there instead of the dusty shoulder on Turnbull. Rode on up to Skyline afterwards because I have no idea where the skyline trail crosses Colima Road. I turned around when Skyline started going through people's backyards. I'll start the trail from the houses next time to discover just how Skyline crosses Colima.
      OC Data Center a 31 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Trek 7000 from Rowland Heights


    • Trail UpdateDH Idiots Must Be Eliminated!!!!-I don't have anything personally against DH or DH riders but there seems to be an excess of IDIOTS riding in Turnbull lately. If you must make outlaw trails and cause ill will with hikers and other users please do it elsewhere. I've been riding in Turnbull for about 10 years since I live a half mile from the Beverly entrance. Please stop acting like idiots before the place is closed down for good.
      Cortinakidd a 40 year old riding a Nicolai from Whittier


    • Trail UpdateQuestions-Im just a guy who heard some crazy stories about turnbull canyon, if anyone knows the stories and a little history email me, david051@bolt.com
      Ride rating: Beginner
      Ride distance: miles 5 Elevation change:
      Dave a 19 year old Cross-Country Rider from Norwalk


    • Trail UpdateTrail Vandals/Redesign? 7th St-I have been on Turnbull and the Seventh Loop monthly over the past four years. This stretch has all the goodies to teach real solid skills to climbers and downhillers, as is. Sadly, there is a considerable difference in the mark left by both types of riders. Seventh Loop has been severely altered by downhillers on the South Switchbacks. I recall wooden erosion barriers placed by "powers that be" being uprooted and carelessly tossed aside, and replaced by steep switchback-cutting thrill-fests. It's bad enough that the erosion on that set of switchbacks is very... technical, but these cheep-thrill riders create a waterfall for their fleeting fun.

      So, everyone, when you see those individuals give them a nasty glare, and use some voodoo on them. I have yet to see anything akin to a Ranger in the area. Others have witnessed such a sighting, though I have not. My next ride will have to include: water, patch kit, sunglasses, pitchforks, and torches... Perhaps a silver stake and a hammer... What can we do? Is there some way to contact the authorities or take pictures of these guys if we see them?

      The sad thing is that I know it's better for them to be riding than lighting up or stealing stuff... Perhaps they should have closed up this area. Then we would really teach those kids (who have no problems trespassing on private property to begin with) a lesson by forcing ourselves to truck-it out to places where any good-natured cyclist is frowned upon...

      Lamenting about the bad apples,

      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 4-7ish Elevation change: Yes:Up/Down
      Singletrack=20% Dirt Road=40% Truck Trail=40%
      SBayha@aol.com a 24 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Trek Fuel 90 from Hacienda Heights


    • Trail UpdateLots Of Fun Stuffz-I've been riding this trail for the past three months 2-3 times a week, and it is great. Lots of good uphill challenge, good hookups to other trails, too, like Worsham, Skyline, Schabarum, and Seventh Street.

      Saw some bastards on a 4-wheel ATV riding down the front trail next to the Rose hills fence earlier this week in the afternoon. I hope the ranger caught them. As if that trail needs any more beating!

      Glad that Whittier bought out Rose Hills property. Don't know why downhill huckies come to Turbull. I guess they like the 30-second ride.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: as many miles as you want Elevation change:
      Singletrack=mostly this% Dirt Road=some of this% Paved Path=none of this% Truck Trail=none%
      Ridedogg a Old enough year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Special Jumpstumper from El Barrio, Eley


    • Trail UpdateTurnbull-went up main road then headed out to the corral trail and out worsham. it was a good ride. the corral trail is getting a little over grown. overall it was a good ride. the trail condition overall is pretty good.
      Ride rating: Novice
      Ride distance: 12 miles Elevation change:
      frogger a 26 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a schwinn from U.S.A.


    • Trail UpdateTurnbull Canyon-Fun ride this morning up in the canyon.
      Was feeling lazy this am so i parked at the top of turnbull then road down the front switch backs continuing down the freeway to the water tower.
      climb back to the top to my car and thought wow it was fun playing in the mud.
      There was two big mud holes on the front switch backs but all and all fun. get out a ride
      Ride distance: 3.53 miles Elevation change:
      singletrack lover a 37 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Giant xtc se 2 hardtail from whittier


    • Trail UpdateBeware Of Evil Mud And Bulls.-Y'all need to watch those mud holes. A few years ago they had to pull some poor dude out of one of those who was buried up to his neck, bike and all! I think it was the trail off Skyline and Turnbull,(just after the curve on the right if coming from Whittier but not sure, but I'm sure any deep mud hole will work) The clay has a tendancy to suck you in so to speak, when it gets really wet.
      By the way Land Management sometimes leaves cattle in areas up here and they can be a little pissy when they are disturbed. Just looking at you disturbs them by the way.
      I grew up in these hills. :-)
      (and we locals make up those scary stories to keep the yahoos out)
      Skyedancer a 35 year old


    • Trail UpdateTurnbone, Awesome Kick It Spot-very cool a couple of nice places to spark up a joint or 2 haha. i was riding my trek fuel 80, but i don't have it any more b/c i got jacked. that sucks.

      if any of u chickriders wanna hook up and go for a ride e-mail me at mushrooman2002@yahoo.com
      Ride rating: Novice
      Ride distance: Elevation change: not much
      Singletrack=10% Dirt Road=90%
      a 18 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a giant boulder exe from covina


    • Trail UpdateTurnbull Canyon-Road turnbull this morning with the G the owner of g's cyclery and wheels in whittier.
      There were only two mud holes coming down the front switch back's and the freeway section is fast hit 31.5 on a barrowed Giant xtc hard tail.
      Resently broke my nishiki fs 4 so it is back on a hard tail for me.
      I am also lookin for locol chicks to ride with also to check new ridding spots out .
      if intrested e-mail me and lets hook up for a ride or do some surfing...
      single track lover (bill) a 38 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a not worth saying at this time :( from whittier


    • Trail UpdateTourboll Cnyn-Road it yesterday and it was pretty muddy over by the switches. The bottom fireroad on the left(coming down)that hits the lower water tower seems pretty saandy. Not the same after they re did it. TC is the perfect after work ride-try to do 7th street loop. Cool down hills.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Singletrack=10% Dirt Road=90%
      LOS a 30 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Special Enduro from Monterey Park


    • Trail UpdateWATCH OUT FOR THE TAN-TANS!!!-They only come out in cold weather, and can be particularly nasty when disturbed!


    • Trail UpdateTURNBOWL-Thankgiving day ride was great thanks for everone who showed up. I look forward to next year and a big thanks to the Arizona beverage guy who had the race team out and gave all of us thirsty riders some cold drinks after the ride.
      p.s. I love that bottle rocket drink
      Greg a 24 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a GT from whittier


    • Trail UpdateTurnbull-Watch out for ticks. I have been riding in this area lately and have picked up quite a few ticks (and I stay on the trails). Anyone working on trail restoration and upkeep in this area please email me. I would really like to see the Sycamore trail reopened. Also interested in night rides in this area.
      Jason a 24 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Trek 9800


    • Trail UpdateTurnbull-Watch out for ticks. I have been riding in this area lately and have picked up quite a few ticks (and I stay on the trails). Anyone working on trail restoration and upkeep in this area please email me. I would really like to see the Sycamore trail reopened. Also interested in night rides in this area.
      Jason a 24 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Trek 9800


    • Trail UpdateTurnbull Canyon-All is looking better here on the turnbull canyon trails after the rain things are starting to harden up so it is getting faster.
      Road this am with the boys of G's cyclery and wheels we put in 8 miles.
      7th street loop is still trashed in the turns but not as soft so it is getting better.
      Road it backwords yesterday and it was really fun vary differnt from going fowards.
      Is there any ladys who want to ride with me please drop me a line.
      As for night rides check with g's cyclery a few guys do go out at night , as for me i need some xc lights , any one got some used ones for sale??
      single track lover a 38 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Nishiki FS4 full suspinson from whittier ca.


    • Trail UpdateTurnbull Night Rides?-Rode this last night for the first time as a night ride, light assisted. I usually hit the Fullerton Loop for the during the week night rides, but this was a nice change. I noticed a few others who were out there. I was curious if there are regulars who ride here during the week (at night) who might not mind some company. Drop me an e-mail if there is a group that heads out on Tues-Thurday nights. I also hit the occassional Schabarum/Powder Canyon night ride as well, if anyone is interested in riding there during the week.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 8 miles Elevation change: enough 4 me
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=50%
      Mike a 28 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Dualie w/discs from East Whittier


    • Trail UpdateTURNBULL CYN-Rode there Sunday with the Boys
      The trails are loooosssssse in the turns but lots of fun.
      Those of us that stayed rode 12 miles the otehrs rode 9.
      Weather was perfert no sun overcast and no wind!!
      There are lots of trails here I don't know about the ones that are closed!
      I stay on the open ones!!!!
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 12miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=90% Dirt Road=10%
      MR BONK a 40 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Trek vrx400 from Rancho cucamonga


    • Trail UpdateTurnbull Canyon 7th Street Loop-I have been ridding the turnbull canyon area and the 7th street loop for many years since I can ride there form my house.
      Road the loop friday am and it was fun as allways but the turns are really soft so watch out.
      As for turnbull canyon yes most of it is outlawed now for mountian biking but people will continue to ride it what can one do.
      help keep the area open pack your trash out with you also stay on the trail.
      also please no more jumps on the front switch backs these are in the wrong spots and will get one hurt.
      bill a 37 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a nishiki FS4 full suspinson from whittier


    • Trail UpdateTurnbull Canyon/Skyline-I've been doing the loop a couple times a week usually in the late afternoon and like Mike says, watch out, there are lots of rattlers out right now. I've been seeing 3-4 every ride and this past Monday I came across one at the worst possible moment, downhill, exiting a switchback and accelerating, causing a pretty nasty digger as opposed to running it over. Ouch.... Just watch out and enjoy the best local ride around.
      Jeff a 37 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Specialized M 1 from Long Beach


    • Trail UpdateWhittier/Puente Open Space-Rode Turnbull and Schabarum over the last week. Had very close encounters with multiple rattlers on each visit. One was laying along the singletrack climb from 7th Avenue, so there was not much room to maneuver. Another was a baby rattler laying camoflagued in the freshly cut brush on the main Scabarum fire road. Be careful out there!
      Ride distance: Elevation change:
      MIke a 27 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a bike that is cooler than yours from Whittier, CA


    • Trail UpdateHey Mike!-Hey Mike. I live in Hacienda Heights. I am always riding in the Schabarum, Skyline, Turnbull area. Give me an email and we can ride together.
      Theblur a 17 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Schwinn Mesa GSX from Hacienda Heights


    • Trail UpdateColima To Turnbull - The Climb-I have grown up in Whittier and although I have ridden the Schabarum and Turnbull sections of the Skyline trail, I have never ridden anything in between. Last Saturday I decided to change that. I began my ride in East Whittier, at the junction of Colima Rd. and Whittier Blvd. The roughly 3-mile climb up Colima was brutal. I don't think the emisisons from all of the cars chugging up the hill with me helped any. Just on the other side of the hill, I picked up the trail at the equestrain tunnel. I shot up the very over-grown and somewhat steep singletrack. Once at the crest, the trail leveled out, and it was very apparent from the large amounts of weeds covering the trail that this part of trail sees little usage. I kept climbing as I passed through a few neighborhoods which intersected the Skyline trail. For the most part, it was singletrack which gave way to fireroad about half way into the ride. After a long grinder towards Turnbull Canyon, I reached the peak of Workman Hill and was treated to a fun downhill. I decided to cross Turnbull Canyon Road and hit the 7th Avenue trails. There were a few ruts on the switch-backs, but the trail was packed fairly well. Fast and Fun. I ended at the bottom of 7th, where I hooked up with some friends for a dip in their pool. I would have to say that a loop is doable, but a very long ride. I also think that to get the highest fun factor, one should start at Turnbull and proceed east towards Schabarum. That would minimize the long boring climbs and maximize the fun downhill stretches. I might ride it again, but this time, I will reverse directions.
      BTW, the only others on the trail were some rabbits and a rattler. That was kind of a treat for a Saturday ride just about anywhere in SoCal!
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 9.75 miles Elevation change: 800-1000 ft.
      Singletrack=35% Dirt Road=35% Paved Path=30%
      Mike a 27 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Specialized Skunk-junker, hard-core hard-tail from Whittier, CA


    • Trail UpdateTurnbull - Worsham-Rode this last Monday. Headed up towards the water tower and then down the main descent. Boy, there are some nasty ruts from the rain! I bet the DH'ers don't mind, but with my 4" fork and 2.1 tires, I feel that I barely escaped death! :-) XC Boys beware! Rode up the single track to Turnbull Cyn Rd and then up to the power towers on the east side of the road. Dropped into Worsham Creek trail. It is overgrown, but rideable. Boy, I like those sweeper turns. This trail is a nice little hidden gem in the Whittier Hills. Dumped down to the oil fields behind the college. That last little drop has some ruts and can be a bit of a challenge...at least for me. Overall, a great workout and a great ride.

      One thought - How many other "less traveled" trails are up in those hills? Looks like time to explore.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 12 miles Elevation change: ??
      Singletrack=75% Truck Trail=25%
      Mike a 27 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a FSR Enduro Pro - at least the bike is a Pro! from Whittier


    • Trail UpdateTurnbull Canyon/Worsham Canyon-Turnbull Canyon seems to have escaped the last few major winter storms. While the ground is still damp, it is far from soggy. Take the fire road east near the top of Turnbull Canyon. After a short climb to the top, the road descends eastward. At the bottom of a second descent, a single track splits to the south. Take this trail to the bottom of Worsham Canyon. Spring vegetation is starting to grow. This trail will soon be lost to the thistle and weeds until summer.

      It manages to stay nice and rut free due to limited use.

      At the bottom of Worsham, there is a split that drops you into Whittier. Stay high on the trail for a nice ascent up the fire road above Turnbull Canyon road.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 6 Elevation change:
      Singletrack=33% Dirt Road=33% Paved Path=33%
      John a 38 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a GT LTS from Whittier


    • Trail UpdateTurnbull Canyon-Hey downhills guys! I hope you can see how all your cuts have led to some mega-ruts on the trail. Nice work , thanks for all the good will that will get us with the hikers and horse folk. Load up your hoopty mini-trucks and go somewhere else......
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Jeff a 37 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Specialized M2 from Long Beach


    • Trail UpdateTurnbull Canyon-I see someone has been riding the singletrack. Lets take care of it.I spent a week cleaning it up.
      a Die-hard Enthusiast


    • Trail UpdateThanksgiving Day Ride
      What a great day and I hope all had a good Ride. Thanks to all the riders who came out and did it! It makes the dinner well worth waiting for!! The Trail conditions are killer!!
      a Cross-Country Rider riding a Trek 9.9 from Fullerton


      STEVE a 42 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a TREK from ROWLAND HEIGHTS


    • Trail UpdateTURNBULL TO SCHABARUM-Is Colima Rd the connector for these two trails?
      a Die-hard Enthusiast


    • Trail UpdateTurnbull Canyon-There is a Thanksgiving Day ride that leaves at 8:00 am from the Whittier side of Turnbull.If you do not know where that is,it is Painter and Beverly at the mouth of the canyon.The ride starts in Turnbull and goes to Schabarum and then back.There will be beginners up to expert,so everyone is welcome,and tell a friend.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 20 Elevation change:
      Singletrack=20% Dirt Road=80%
      a Cross-Country Rider


      STEVE a 42 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a TREK from ROWLAND HEIGHTS


    • Trail UpdateCONNECTION TO SKYLINE DR...-Can you describe or list the connection from Turnbull(7th St. side) to Schabarum Park. I ride these trails all the time and if I can find a connecting trail that would be awesome.

      Thanks, Ride HARD, Ride FAST!!!

      Big Joe a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a GT Hardtail from Fullerton, CA


    • Trail UpdateTurnbull Canyon-When I was in grade school(17 years ago)there was all kind of crazy stories about Turnbull.The house on top of Turnbull Canyon Road,with the gate,was known as hell house.There was stories of a limo that would drive cars off the road,people jumping out of the trees onto cars and couples making out being killed by axe murderers.There is also a place called gravity hill where your car will roll up the hill.When I started riding in Turnbull about 10 years ago I would not ride alone.Now I have no problem and I just rode there last week and the trails are perfect.I ride from my house in Hacienda Heights to the trailhead described above off of 7th Ave(about 4 miles).Up the switchbacks, then all of skyline trail to Schabarum Park then about a mile home.About a 20 mile loop with lots of steep climbing and fast downhilling.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 20 miles Elevation change: alot
      Singletrack=15% Dirt Road=60% Paved Path=25%
      a Cross-Country Rider riding a GT Psyclone from Hacienda Heights


    • Trail UpdateHaunting-is the skyline area haunted? anyone know the history of that place? if you do you can e-mail me at airzjordan@aol.com, thanks


    • Trail Update7th Steet Side-Went out for a quick night ride. Started on 7th street side...up the switchbacks to the top. Trail conditions were great going up. The turns were solid and made the climb very easy. As I started going down the multi-purpose trail, damage were more obvious. The rain created alot of ruts but the more technical the more fun it is!!!
      Ride HARD, Rude FAST!!!
      Ride rating: Novice
      Ride distance: 4miles Elevation change:
      Big Joe a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a GT Hardtail from Fullerton, CA


    • Trail UpdateTurnbull Canyon Update-The Turnbull Canyon area currently owned by the Rose Hills Foundation is a unique natural area in addition to being a great place to bike and hike. It appears that the Catholic Church will not pursue cemetary plans here and talks aimed at selling the property for conservation and open space will reopen. This is great news for those of us who appreciate this island of nature in a sea of suburbia. For further details on the efforts to save these hills visit www.geocities.com/puentehills. Also please feel free to check out my site linked below for more on the plants and animals and endangered ecosystems found in Turnbull Canyon. Please do not cut trails or use the illegal downhill trail as this only causes erosion and ill will toward all of us bikers. As you know the county recently cleared the trails here and really trashed the plants along the trails. I wish they would teach their people how to use the saws before letting them go bonzi. In some areas they cut entire trees to the ground that were over twenty feet from the trail! Fortunately this will recover. Let's work together to keep this area open and natural. See ya on the trails!
      Shawn a 34 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Huffy Mt. Storm from La Mirada, CA URL: Nature in the Puente Hills


    • Trail UpdateTURNBULL CANYON-Went for my usual short evening Turnbull ride up the Beverly entrance on Wednesday 9/13. On coming out at the Turnbull/Beverly gate the ranger was stopping everyone coming out to inform them that Rose Hills had given them the authority to issue tickets and or arrest tresspassers on Rose Hills property. There were at least 8 of us listening to the lecture. When asked, the ranger said that the skyline trail and the 7th avenue trail is legal. They don't have jurisdiction of the Worsham canyon trail behind Whittier college, so that appears to be safe. So one could ride skyline from Workman mill road to fullerton road and be in a legal riding area. The main area that they don't want riders to ride is the most popular main road going up from the end of Beverly/beginning of Turnbull. He specifically asked us all if we were riding cross country or if we had stayed on the main trails no doubt referring to the unpopular trail cutting of downhillers and digging of jumps by the BMX'rs. Recently Rose Hills has also dug several test holes on the Turnbull canyon side of the property which means that sooner than later Turnbull canyon will be converted to landscaped final planting grounds. The new park area above Mar Vista is also off limits and all entrances to this area have been closed. Supposedly they are busy making trails. This area was to have been opened last year for public access. It was unofficially open for a while, but they got scared when they started to see too many mtb riders and hikers already in the area. They want to keep it closed until they have sufficiently sanitized this relatively wild area and made it more park like.
      Robert Denero a Cross-Country Rider riding a diamondback from Whittier


    • Trail UpdateTurnbull Canyon-Okay guys, will somebody out there tell me what exactly are the legal areas to ride in Turnbull Canyon? I always start my ride at the northeast corner of the Rose Hills property. I usually begin going to the right and ride along the fence. This takes me to the 7th Avenue loop. I also continue riding to the top (along the fence) where there is an equestrian water station and radio tower. I then take Skyline Trail down to Workmen Mill Road. Am I riding on legally?

      However, if I go left at my starting point, I take a series of switchbacks down Turnbull Canyon. Eventually, I wind up at a junction whereby a right will take me up to the water tower on Rose Hills property but if I go left, I wind up at the Beverly entrance. What part of this ride is illegal?

      I have only ridden half of the 7th Avenue loop - I have only tried the multi purpose trail that leads me down to the wide gravel road down to 7th. Where does the steep Skyline Trail that's a half mile down lead too? There's suppose to be an entrance at the end of Orange Grove but I can't find it.

      I would like to continue riding in the Turnbull Canyon area but I really need to know what is off-limits. Also, are all the fire roads on the north side of Turnbull Canyon Road illegal? Is that still Rose Hills property? I often ride those trails back home.

      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Newbie a Weekend Warrior riding a Specialed Stumpjumper from Hacienda Heights


    • Trail UpdateTUNBULL LOCAL-Paul when you jumped the fence did you notice the no trespassing signs? Did you notice the signs posted at every intersection and gates? Give yourself a ticket. This place has been illegal for years. I have talked to every ranger with a full face helmet on, they never said a word to me. The real problem here is they amount of trash along trails and roads. Rosehills doesn't give a f--- about the enviroment, given the opportunity they will plant stiffs in all of this area. Did you look on the other side of the neat 10ft dirt wall Rosehills made. just a matter of time.


    • Trail UpdateTrail Clossure-on 9-2-00 i was riding up the fire road from the beverly gate ,and ranger from the 7th street side stopped me and said that Rosehills asked them to help them enforce the no trespassing law.The only legal area is the 7th street side. After laborday weekend they will be giving $500 trespassing tickets!.Rosehills and the Rangers do not like the Downhillers cutting new trails down the sides of the canyons,thrashing the existing trails and scaring the hikers.It's too that the Downhillers are getting singled out,but they are the ones who have the biggest impact on the area.I don't know if fireroad being closed is final,but if you want to try and help keep it open, e-mail me and if we get enough people togeter we might be able to do something.
      Paul a 37 year old Die-hard Enthusiast from Rosemead


    • Trail UpdateTurnbull Canyon-This information is directed to a rider named Popper or anyone else that can use it. Hi newbie, welcome aboard to a real fun sport. I am going to try to answer some of your questions: A lot of Turnbull Cyn is considered private property but no one is currently enforcing it, not even the police, they have seen me enter the trail and they didn't stop me at all.As to your question on the northeast corner of fenced area, there are actually 3 trailsthat head down towards seventh street. If you go straight at the gate, you find a wide fire road that goes up then flattens off and then narrows down, this is considered the "NO BIKE TRAIL". If you try it, make sure that it is at night time so that you don't run over the hikers on the trail. If you are fairly new to the sport, wait to get some downhilling experience first. It is very narrow and very winding and some quick unexpected turns. The other 2 trails you ask about are part of the seventh street loop. See how close you were. Start at the gate slightly to the left. Go down the roller coaster section, stay to the left at the 2 trail junctions that you see to continue the loop (if you plan on stopping at 7th street make a right at either junction) back up to the top, expect a lot of switchbacks down and up. You will end up at the top about half a mile from where you started. Then just pedal back to the start. Guess what? YOU FOUND THE LOOP ain't that CCCooolllTake care, have fun and enjoy the trail.Hope I answered some of your questions. :-)Current conditions of the trail: The straights are in exellent condition and some of the turns are loose, there are still rattle snakes on the trails at times getting some sun. Other than that the trail is in excellent condition.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Singletrack=95% Dirt Road=5%
      Psycho Al a 39 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Cannondale Super V500 or Porsche MTB from Whittier


    • Trail UpdateTurnbull Cyn-Rode there Sunday it was asome, we had a large group
      the downhills were the best!!
      Thanks to Sonny for being a great Trail Boss!!
      Sorry Jimmy you missed a great ride.

      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=50%
      Bonk a 39 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Trek vrx400 from Rancho Cucamonga


    • Trail UpdateTurnbull is a greta place to ride you can go anyplace and not to worry about getting a ticket! it is all good 7 th st is the switch back section that takes you down to the bottem and then back up.
      have fun


    • Trail UpdateTurnbull Canyon-I am a Newbie who has ridden Turnbull sevral times this months. The afternoon/evening rides have been fun and exciting, especially the downhill trails. However I have several question:
      1) What percent of Turnbull Canyon is private property and what percent is open free space?
      2) Isn't the water tower and thr fire trails down the the Beverly entrance on private property?
      3) Can you be given a ticket or fined for riding on the private property of Rose Hills?
      4) Starting at the northeast corner of the fenced area, if you travel west for .5 miles, there are 2 trails on the right. Can we use both trails? One says hiking/equestrian trail but I have been told that means no bikes. Is that true? Do both trails take me down to 7th Avenue?
      5) If you travel west for another .5 miles, there is another steep equestrian trail that veers up to the right. Where does that trail take you to? There is a sign that says beware of mountain lions. Have there been any mountain lion sightings?
      6) Just exactly what is the 7th Avenue loop? How does a Newbie like me find this loop?
      Thanks. Keep on riding!

      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Popper a 47 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Cannondale Super V700 from Hacienda Heights


    • Trail UpdateTurnbull Canyon-The trail was excellent this weekend. I haven't been here for a few months so I was definetly looking forward to the ride. The first climb was fun as usual, nothing like a good climb to start your ride. Sun beating on your back and trying to catch your friends up the hill...oh what a joy!!! I met up with friends who's never been over the gate past the water tower. Took them down the multi-purpose trail(just over the gate), awesome!!! The trail was in great shape until you get to the switchbacks. It seems like every switchback going down was way too loose. Same as we started climbing out...some were manageable and some you had to hike-a-bike. Overall the ride was great!!! As you head towards the exit(to the right of the gate), the switchbacks were in better shape. The singletracks that runs through the middle of the s/b were awesome. Always a blast flying through there.

      You know the motto - Ride Hard, Ride Fast!!!
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 8+miles Elevation change:
      Big Joe a 25 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a GT Hardtail from Fullerton


    • Trail UpdateTurnbull Canyon ( 7th Ave Side )-As of today May 13th, 2000 I rode this trail and there seems to still be significant weather damage all throughout the trail with many sections full of ruts from water and there were also lots of loose rocks on the trail as well, some the size of softballs, so be carefull out there. The trail has been getting very overgrown with that Mustard grass stuff which makes it hard to keep an eye open for them nasty snakes which I dont like. La County needs to get their Dozer out there to clear some of the overgrowth back and smooth out the trail but until them its still fun and be carefull........ Ride Hard, Ride fast. PS if Anyone finds a Airwalk Shoe Size 10.5 let me know, I lost it when I slammed from getting stuck in a rut.. thanks
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 4 miles Elevation change: 500 max
      Singletrack=3% Dirt Road=1%
      Joe Taylor a 27 year old Weekend Warrior riding a GT LTS-4 from Hacienda Heights, Ca URL: Joe's Homepage


    • Trail UpdateAs of 3/30 , the trails seem to have some whether damage from water erosion. There seem to be extra bumps and ruts in the road and can catch you off gaurd The area is beautiful this time of year but Beware of all the poison Ivy which seems to have grown everywhere. Riders are very friendly and willing to let you tag along.(whittier hospitality I guess) Try to stay on course to avoid trails from being damaged, don't give the tree huggers more to gripe about. Iv'e noticed that the area in general is getting more popular then the last time i visited the loop. My only concern is that we all leave the trails as we found them and not trail blaze. Have fun all and ride responsible! Keep our trails open!
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: about 5 miles round trip Elevation change:
      Mike a 35 year old Weekend Warrior riding a K2 3000 from Pico Rivera Calif


    • Trail UpdateTurnbull-A correction to the post that 972 acres of Turnbull Cyn. has been sold to the Archdicese of L.A.: The Archdiocese is in a discovery phase, and has not committed to the purchase. The Rose Hills Foundation which currently owns the land, has been through this process 3- times before, with the prospective buyer pulling out after determining that development is either prohibitively expensive, or that the environmental hurdles are too difficult to overcome. To those concerned about preserving Turnbull and its immediate area, and converting it to public park lands, please visit www.geocities.com/whittierhills. It's not too late. Let your voice be heard. Write to the Archdiocese and to the Rose Hills Foundation Board. The Puente Hills Conservation Authority has plans in place to purchase Turnbull Cyn. and transform it into public lands for all to share. Be part of a positive movement to save this beautiful and pristine canyon
      Scott Johnson a 37 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a K2 RS 5500 from Hacienda Heights URL: http://www.geocities.com/whittierhills


    • Trail UpdateTurnbull Canyon-I rode Turnbull Canyon this past week on March 17, The trails seem to have some ruts in them from the rain but they are wide enough to go around as you decend down the trails. Most of the puddles are drying out with some still remaining in the shaded areas. Ride Hard, Ride Fast and be safe.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Joe Taylor a 27 year old Weekend Warrior riding a GT LTS from Hacienda Heights, Ca URL: My homepage


    • Trail UpdateTurnbull Canyon-I rode the 7th Avenue loop yesterday (3/14) and found lots of water damage: ruts on all the switchbacks, about six small rockslides, two washouts, and a medium-size tree that fell onto the trail. The section of Skyline between the top of the 7th Ave. loop and the gate that leads to the residential area is blocked by a large puddle of standing water/mud. This puddle was to big for me to ride through. The loop itself is still rideable (sp?). I'll check out the backside of the mountain tomorrow (3/16).
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Miguel a 31 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Comp from Hacienda Heights .com


    • Trail UpdateBYE BYE TURNBULL-90% of all trail descriptions are illegal. The only legal riding is on the designated singletrack at the top of turnbull and bottom of 7th ave. Now for those of you who don't care where you ride, 972 acres of turnbull has been sold to the catholic archdiocese to use as a cemetry. Development has already started, the area in post 9(scroll down). Complainers and tree huggers I know your out there.
      Loser riding a DH UNICYCLE w/ 12


    • Trail UpdateUse Don't Abuse-An article in the 1-11-00 Whittier Daily News documents the abuse ie. cutting of switchbacks, happening off the 7th Avenue Trail. I have seen the abuse myself. QUIT IT! The local riders don't want this trail closed.
      Local trail rider since 1986 riding a 1986 Schwinn High Sierra


    • Trail UpdateTurnbull Canyon-I rode turnbull on 1-1-00 it was a little damp which was nice because lately its been really dusty. The trails are in good shape especially 7th street.Keep your eye out on 7th steet for some new short cuts. Some people say Turnbull is not technical enough, they should ride the single track (its suppose to be offlimits to bikes but I have been riding it for a long time and only saw 2 hikers I see more hikers on the main trails.)or the switchbacks near turnbull canyon rd,which has plenty of dropoffs and jumps.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Paul a 36 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Stumpjumper from Rosemead


    • Trail Updatethis ride is great if you love lung cancer, its very smoggy most of the yr.and watchout for all the beeners at the top who like to drink their 40's at sunset.
      babyone a 21 year old riding a trek from ventura E-mail: fafaf59201@aol


    • Trail UpdateTurnbull Canyon-There's a guard on the private property entrance off of Beverly that is turning away riders. He was there 10-29-99. So, just go up the paved road all the way to Skyline and you should be able to reach the water tower from there. Getting back down to Beverly I went on the private property road and the guard was already gone.
      Ride rating: Novice
      Singletrack=25% Dirt Road=75%
      John a 33 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Mongoose NX 9.5 Pro from Buena Park, Ca


    • Trail UpdateTURNBULL-Who ever rated turnbull advanced should ride some real trails! Don't get me wrong its a fun trail and all, the jumps really help, but advanced its not. I haven't seen every trail up there, but if there is advanced tell me where it is.
      Ride rating: Novice
      Russ a 25 year old Downhiller riding a Trek from Whittier (about a mile from the entrance)


    • Trail UpdateTurnbull Cyn. (7th Ave. Loop)-I've been mountain-biking for about two months, and it has all been on the 7th Ave. Loop. It's great! This is a great place to develope most of your skills: climbing, maneuvering through switchbacks, hard-packed dirt, soft dirt, and downhilling (mostly climbing though).
      I'm fortunate enough to live 2 miles from the Hacienda Heights side of the trail, so I ride there, start and finish the loop at the lower end, then ride home (four to five times a week). The coolest thing about it being a loop is that if you get bored with it, just ride in the opposite direction. It's like riding an entirely different trail.
      Most of the guys I've met on the trail are pretty friendly and great about answering my beginner-guy questions about mountain biking. Don't forget you helmet nor your water!
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: Elevation change: 760'
      Dirt Road=100%
      Miguel a 30 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Mongoose D-60R from Hacienda Heights, CA .com


    • Trail UpdateTurnbull Cyn,-The trail is good condition. You have to take a few days to explore the many "local" bandit trails. There are a few with interesting names. "the 3 bitches" is pretty tech-downhill. The entrance on Beverly is open and the earlier post was probably by one of the local nondirt lovers. The down side is definetely the snakes. Too many snakes for my taste. To avoid them...just ride fast.

      Ride rating: Novice
      Walter a 33 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Klein race comp from Downey,Ca


    • Trail UpdateTurnbull-This ride is ok...good novice trail but its kinda lackin in the way of good technical stuff. The singletrack sections arent that great but provide a welcome relief from the dull fire road sections. If youre close, its definitly worth checking out but if not theres probably something better thats closer to you.
      Ride rating: Novice
      Mike a 18 year old Downhiller riding a Trek VRX from Whittier


    • Trail UpdateTURNBULL CANYON-Rode this trail the last three weekends and its in good shape. Take the fire rode up which is mostly dirt with parts of it paved, the ride is a killer work-out (I hate uphills) if you ride to the water-tower you'll see a great view of Whittier. Once your at the tower take the little down-hill drop for a small rush. Make a right at the bottom and a right at the fence. Singletrack and mustard-plants all the way down and back to where you started. This trail is a nice fast loop worth riding.
      Turnbull CanyonTurnbull CanyonTurnbull Canyon
      (Trail riders Ronnie , Art , and Rick)

      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=45% Paved Path=5%
      RONNIE a 33 year old Weekend Warrior riding a DBR-X2 from RANCHO CUCAMONGA


    • Trail UpdateGood Trail....not too hard....not too easy either...great for everything except when it rains...gets REAL sloppy.
      I think Tommy needs to change gears ;-)
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=50%
      Gene a 24 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Trek Singletrack 930 or KHS FXT Descent from Whittier


    • Trail Updatethe trail is the bomb. it is a nice wide fire road, all the way up, avoid the two singletracks to the water tower unless you like to puke. use the road to the left of the singletrack and go around and follow the fencline to the singletrack, wich takes you back to the bottom. this is an ultra cool ride down, lots of drops and ruts. my friend osheen went end over end and had a dirt sandwich, but dont tell his mom janet she will get pissed. total trip 5.4 miles bitchin ride lotsa fun.
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=45% Paved Path=5%
      David Mosikian a 25 year old Weekend Warrior riding a garry fisher ziggurat from montebello ca, usa


    • Trail UpdateThe trail head shown in the introduction is now closed at the end of Beverly. Indications are that the property owners don't want Mtn. bikers in there anymore (if they catch you expect a ticket and possible fines). You can get to the majority of the trails from the top of Turnbull Canyon via Skyline Dr. After riding the trails last nite they are in a major state of disrepair. It looks like there is still a lot of damage from last winter. You can also reach the trails via the Equestrian trails which start on the north end of Rio Hondo College.
      Roger a old year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a GT I-Drive from Norwalk, CA


    • Trail UpdateTommy Armour-The trail is a task to get up. Its steep and long switchbacks all the way to the top. I have never gone any further because I was so damn tired by that point. Dont do it on an ultra hot day.
      Dirt Road=95% Paved Path=5%
      a Weekend Warrior riding a Specialized Rockhopper from Hollywood


    • Trail UpdateSwitchbacks up and down out of City of Industry are bulldozed every summer; the premier single track is east of the Turnbull Canyon Road. To get there, at the summit of Turnbull Canyon Road, ride east up the fire road leading up to the highest promintory on the ridge line. Descend down the fire road heading east from the summit. Just before the cow pens, the road branches to the south. Take the plunge off the right side of the road for a 2-3 mile descent. The trail will end on a fire road that climbs back to the promintory.
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=50%
      John Dalton a 34 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Trek from Whitter


    • Trail UpdateTurnbull Cyn.-Turnbull Cyn provides a variety of options from fast fire roads to sweet singletrack with some pretty cool views from the top. Spring / Early Summer is the best time for this ride, and a night ride in this area is always a good way to end the day. We initially located this trail out of "Sketchy Trails" and it has proved to be a good training ride, and a good relaxation ride - whatever you want to make of it. The climbs are good, but not too intense, and some of the downhill sections are fast and technical. Turnbull is a definate recomendation!!!!
      Singletrack=40% Dirt Road=20% Truck Trail=40%
      a 31 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a GT from LaVerne


    • Trail UpdateTurnbull Canyon-
      Singletrack=47% Dirt Road=46% Paved Path=2% Truck Trail=5%
      Ruben Suarez a 29 year old Racer riding a trek y-11 from montebello


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