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  • Trailer Canyon - #TrailerCanyon

    Socal - Los Angeles County - Pacific Palisades NickNames: #TrailerCanyon michael lane access

    Head east on Sunset Blvd. from Pacific Coast Highway and turn left a 1/2 mile up on Palisades Drive. Take this a couple miles into the highlands and make another left on Michael Lane. The trailhead will be about a 1/2 mile up on your left.

    Submitted by Dusty Bottoms

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    • Trail UpdateTrailer Canyon-Rode Trailer Canyon this morning, just looking for a short out and back as the heat of the day was already coming on. Last Saturday’s rain helped to keep the dust to a minimum, even a few small pools / mud pits in the shadowed areas. The fire road and associated short single tracks in the area are in good shape – nothing much to update here… I did come across several rattlers (its that time of the year) sunning themselves in the middle of the fire road. I’ve begun to see them on most of the fire roads / single track in the Santa Monica mountains area. Respect them, don’t hassle them.


      Roll Da Bones a 33 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Ventana El Salt & Yeti ARC from Culver City


    • Trail UpdateTrailer Trash-I start many of my rides from this trailhead and was surprised to see it not on the list.

      Another typical fire road ascent will have you climb for a couple miles(and around one gate)until the trail hooks left and heads towards 'the hub'. Before reaching the hub you will see options to go right first at 'conference center road' which leads to bienvenida, el medio, and temescal; and then right at the world famous 'will rogers backbone'. The options from the hub are virtually endless and the choice is yours.

      The ride I did last night went as follows... up Michael Lane(Trailer Canyon), over to the hub, fireroads down to Mulholland, then right, up small trail on your right marked by red & white 'no motor vehicles' sign, ridgeline ride down the frontside to intersection of Bent Arrow trail and Mulholland, down 'cookies' trail, up Cabellero, all the way back up to the hub, back to top of Michael Lane to descend on the 'trailer trash' trail.

      I call it this because it so overgrown that it's not very fun to ride. However, I will take an overgrown singletrack over a fire road any day of the week. The top of this trail starts at the knoll where Trailer Canyon and Conference Center meet, and ends at the middle gate on Trailer. If enough people break this trail in, it will be a sweet option.

      In the middle of my singletrack descent I stopped to take in the coastal fog mixing with bright red smog sunset, when I heard about 5 coyotes getting their grub on big time. They were snarling and howling, putting out the word to their homeboys that that dinner was served. It sounded like the buffet was taking place somewhere near the Santa Ynez hiking trail in the back of the highlands. Urban sprawl won't be jackin' up the food chain around here!
      Dusty Bottoms


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