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  • Susana Canyon Loop - #SusanaCanyonLoop

    Socal - Los Angeles County - Azusa NickNames: #SusanaCanyonLoop

    210 freeway exit azusa go north to east fork right.Travel to the ranger station on east fork you will come to a bridge park just past bridge make sure to bring your pass or you will get a ticket Thomas Guide page: 509 A5

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    • Trail Updateyou should try the trail head on the east side its even better



    • Trail UpdateCardio Attack!-Posted directions are confusing. Landmarks are Fellows Camp to your right (after making that right turn at the East Fork bridge from the South of Azusa) and the 2 satellite dishes mounted on top of a barricaded barn house :) to your left. Park with your "pass".

      The trail is just behind the satellites. Go UP, not DOWN, and back-carry your bike forever. Ride rating says "A" and "E" so don't complain :).

      Tips: Don't ride under the heat of the scorching sun. Bring water and 1st aid kit :). Trust the ride rating. It's "hell" coming back down.

      a 30sumtin' NOYPI rider from the 909s humpin' & bumpin a Specialized rockhopper pro hardtail.
      Alexis a 34 year old


    • Trail UpdateIm Glad I've Found This Trail-the trail starts right behind the satellite dish across the fire station. the uphill ride is quite interesting and scenic too. once u reached the top, u can opt to go back or conquer urself to finish the loop. u guys should never pass on this trail if youre a 'real' warrior. have fun!

      levis92e a 31 year old Weekend Warrior riding a iron horse yakuza ojiki from w covina


    • Trail UpdateSusanna Canyon Loop-sick ride today! trail was empty as usual so noone got in my way!I hope everyone stays off my trail and sticks to there cross country crap!have fun at your mud holes!
      crazymtbiker@hotmail.com a Downhiller riding a specialized enduro trail sx from azusa,ca


    • Trail UpdateSusanna Canyon Loop-I dont know what trail you took but if you take the path up the middle it takes you straight to the top of the mountain now you have the option of going back the way you came or going to the east wich is downhill, or going to the west wich takes you to another series of single track downhill. IF you want to ride the good shit meet me there on sunday morning 8:00?
      crazymtbiker@hotmail.com a Downhiller


    • Trail UpdateWe Did It-last weekend. Nice but not that great. More of a casual scenery type of ride.
      Pain Freak


    • Trail UpdateSusanna Canyon Loop-why hasn't anybody riden this trail trust me this is sick email me at crazymtbiker@Hotmail.com to ride on sunday.
      crazymtbiker@hotmail.com a 24 year old Downhiller riding a specialized enduro trail sx from azusa,ca


    • Single Track Downhill-the trailhead is on the east fork of the trail. you will begin by climbing up the trail, this is more like a hike a bike section but once you get to the top it is well worth it. now once at the top there is a series of trail forks, choose wichever you like just dont ride to far west or you will end up target practice at the shooting range. beware of mountain lions back here this is not the foothills this is the montains, if you think your ultimate gnar there is a downhill trail that will grab you by the boo boo if you know what I mean.
      Ride rating: Expert
      Ride distance: 6 miles Elevation change:
      Crazymtbiker a 24 year old Downhiller riding a specialized enduro trail sx from Azusa


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