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  • Sullivan Ridge - #SullivanRidge

    Socal - Los Angeles County - Brentwood NickNames: #SullivanRidge sullivan, jedi

    From the 405 freeway get off on Sunset Blvd. and head west. In approximately 4 miles find Capri Drive and turn right. Take this about 3/4 mile and park at Capri and Amalfi. Get on your bike and continue up Capri about 300 feet and make a left at the 'T' intersection. This paved road will bring you to the park entrance and after a couple miles and 2 yellow gates, the road turns to dirt. The parking area is a quiet residential neighborhood so if you'd like this corridor to remain open please keep the noise down and your clothes on. Thanks.

    Submitted by Dusty Bottoms Thomas Guide page: 631

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    • Trail UpdateWrongly Graded-whoever graded sullivan ridge didnt do much riding. it is a very nice ride it has some nice jumps some very hard climbs and the uphill is a killer so if you are a begginer dont try it
      a 41 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a 2010 stumpy from van nuys


    • Trail UpdateNiiiice-Went down Jedi single track this weekend. It's packed hard and super-fast...very nice. Thanks to whoever built/maintains the kickers and berms up there...I did a few laps on that section. And I didn't see anyone up there (plenty of people huffing it up the fireroad though, and the usual crazy, I'm on the 405, A-Holes in their Audi's driving up to the boyscout camp at 50mph...soon one of them is going to take out a hiker/biker on a blind corner. I hope once that person (or their next of kin) gets done sueing the pants off them and the boy-scouts, that traffic gets back to normal on the road. Right now it's scary riding up there on weekends with all the crazies flying up the road, thinking they're on the freeway. Be careful of these guys if you're heading up...


    • Trail UpdateOhhhh Yeahhh-Did an out-and-back on the ridge today. No fellow riders on the way up, but saw plenty coming down. Also saw an abandoned stroller...wierd. Conditions are nearly ideal after this weekend's rains, with no mud and just enough moisture in the soil to keep down the dust. Also, recent maintenance has removed the loose rocks and the snag on the uphill after The Tree, making going up a lot easier and going down a lot faster! Views were incredible. Saw Catalina and Santa Monica Bay without any smog or haze in the way. Beautiful. Get out there and ride while the weather is perfect, and the rest of the country is snowed in.
      The Flying M a Cross-Country Rider riding a Trek Fuel from LA


    • Trail UpdateJust a little heads up. Went for the usual Sunday ride up the
      ridge and stopped at the halfway point on the fire road. Next
      to the lone tree there we heard the buzzing of bees. No
      sooner did we look around than we were surrounded by a
      swarm of extremely aggressive bees. We took off and they
      followed for a little while, then gave up. Bee careful if you
      take a breather near the tree on the fire road.
      a Cross-Country Rider riding a Superlight from LA


    • Trail UpdateFun Single Track Runs Parallel-
      If you got the skills,
      ride the single track that runs parallel to the main
      fireroad. It starts and ends through the length of
      the fire road towards the more north section as you
      get closer to Dirt Mulholland.

      It was fun. But there are some steep drops that were
      way beyond my skills. So take it slow and easy the
      first time around because these drops are sudden and
      endo enducing...

      I am rating the single track part of the trail, not
      the fire road.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Santa Cruzer a Cross-Country Rider riding a Santa Cruz Superlight


    • Trail UpdateSullivan Ridge-Recent (last 2 weeks) grading of the Sullivan fire road has left it smooth and hard-packed, and an easier climb. The last week or so has seen great (cool) weather in the am. However it is still getting hot and smoggy by 10:30. The early-early am session is best.

      Overall, the ridge singletrack is dry, fast, and fun these days, with a very well defined line that is not rutted yet. Not too dusty or loose either. All the obstacles on the upper ST's are pretty easy these days. The large knoll on the West side, just South of the turnoff to Sullivan Cyn, is fun and very technical, and just a short push. Rutted, rocky, steep, and has some small drops for a nice freeride diversion. Lower down, there's still lots of ruts off the line that can get you if you stray. But also offer plenty of optional routes to try. The last couple of rocky downhills before Josepho are getting torn up, and have a couple of nasty rocky bits to watch for (or to look forward to, or to jump over, depending on your point of view and your speed :)

      The wall drop to Josepho pavement is in good shape, and the yellow pole at the bottom of the singletrack exit is still waiting to break your hand. Upper Jedi is good at the top, still overgrown with tall grass in the lower-middle, but has been partially cleared at the bottom (rest being cleared soon?). No report yet on Lower Jedi, or the optional ridge trails. Assume overgrown with tall grass (ridable, but low visability and itchy - definite reduction in fun-factor).

      Sullivan Goat Trail down is in nice shape, but dont skid it, it is getting torn up in the switchbacks. Westridge Offramp (Tempting Death) is rutted, technical, slippery, hard, and super-fun these days. Lowering your tire pressure to the 25-30lb range will help a lot. Nice extra diversions these, if you plan your route/park in the right place. Sick stuff around if you know where to look.

      Have Fun!
      Ride distance: many miles Elevation change:
      Airbear a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a 5 from The Westside


    • Trail UpdateGood Old Sullivan-Finally more sun than rain. Managed to ride Westridge and its single track this past Wed (took a personal day, my B-Day) fun as usual. Trying to get the mileage back up (slowly) after what has been seemingly a month of rainy days.

      My wife (Kona Girl) and I met another buddy (K2 Man) at the traditional parking area for Sullivan and headed up the pavement about 2:30pm yesterday. Cool but nice, real nice! Checked out the final little drop of single track, where the pavement ends / begins for the return trip and continued up the fire road. The soil is perfect, just enough moisture to make it tacky and not the least bit dusty – wait till August! Climbed to the big oak tree (not sure if its really an oak, but have always called it that.), about half way up the fire road and checked out the single track ahead and above, again for the return trip. It looked to be in good shape, a few ruts but not bad. Began the climb past the “big tree” and enjoyed being in the sun for a bit. Road the little single track drop where the entrance to Sullivan Canyon begins a few times while I waited for the other two in my party to catch up. Noticed the sand bags Dusty (see posting below mine) talks about at the S-Curve singletrack drop. Continued to Mulli and regrouped again there. Goofed around at the top on the small drop right where Sulli and Mulli meet.

      With it starting to cool a bit more we were off, dropping down Sulli fire road, swung to the left to take the climb / drop at Sulli / Sulli Canyon. Continued along and then rejoined the single track, again on the left after a short down hill on fire road. Climbed and descended, the soil in great condition, tires holding firm. Dropped down the single towards the “big tree”, really fun here, some new ruts and bumps to spice things up. Across the fire road at the tree and then a challenging climb up the single track on the right. Loose gravel everywhere, only a thin “line” for the climb but with the power “on” it’s a fun grind. The incline and “looseness” took out the K2 right away, the Kona kept climbing, almost all the way through the toughest section, but soon she lost the line, only the Ventana toped this one! Began the fun, fast singletrack roller coaster towards the pavement. Grouped up at the last rut filled drop towards the black top. Took the far right side and with the smallest of dabs cleaned it. Raced down the black top, slowing to smile and say hello to the dogs (and their humans) and back into the neighborhood filed with multi-million dollar homes.

      Well the weather “person” says it should stay dry most of the week for some mid afternoon fun in the Santa Monica’s and hopefully into next weekend.

      The trails are in prime condition, give’em a day or two to dry out after a good rain and you’ll be rewarded with the best conditions of the year.

      -Ride on-

      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 12 Elevation change:
      Singletrack=30% Dirt Road=50% Paved Path=20%
      Roll Da Bones a 34 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Ventana El Salt & Yeti ARC from Culver City URL: Fearless Descenders


    • Trail UpdateSulli To Mulli-Since this corridor is one of the busiest in the world, I thought it was high time it had it's own page. This fire road will bring you to dirt Mulholland after 6 + miles and 2 big grunts. From Mulli the options are virtually endless.

      If you go right you can hit the nike missile base, Westridge fire road, Kenter fire road, the whoops, etc. If you go left you can hit Caballero canyon, Farmer's ridge, The Hub, the Backbone, Eagle Rock, Paseo, etc.

      Or just head back the way you came and hit the appropriate side action singletracks(Jedi).

      Good luck to you.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 6+ Elevation change:
      Dusty Bottoms from Santa Monica


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