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  • Stone Canyon Trail - #StoneCanyonTrail

    Socal - Los Angeles County - Tujunga NickNames: #StoneCanyonTrail

    Get off the 210 at Sunland, going east. Take a left on
    Oro Vista, which becomes Big Tujunga Canyon Road.
    Park at the Wildwood Campground site.
    Stone Canyon Trail starts from the far east end of the
    campground parking. Go 100 yards east of the
    pavement, then cross the river (there are plenty of trail
    stones except after heavy rain). Then go left another
    200 yards until you see a rugged trail on your right with
    many loose rocks heading up the east side of the
    Stone Canyon wash.
    If you want to only bike down Stone Canyon, the top
    trailhead is just west of the top of Lukens. When the
    Haines Canyon Fire Road makes a u-turn down to the
    southeast, Stone Canyon is straight ahead.

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    • Trail UpdateStone Canyon From Mt Lukens-I rode this downhill on Feb 9, 2014. Trail is in good condition with recent maintenance work. About a dozen short walks are needed to get past washed out sections. One of the steepest descents around. Enjoyed it!
      MarkusM a 53 year old Weekend Warrior


    • Trail UpdateFire Damage Fixed-I hiked this trail today to scout it out. Along the way I met a guy named Matt Maxon, who's been working tirelessly to maintain this trail. He's done an excellent job clearing the slides caused by last year's fire and today was out with ax and hoe to clear brush. Thanks Matt. Matt also does work on other trails in the area and runs a site dedicated to them.

      I've gotta ride this one SOON!

      SAK a 33 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Klein Att Comp from Tujunga URL: Trails of the Verdugo Foothills


    • Trail UpdateFire Damage-I just returned from looping Stone (Graveyard to
      Haines to Stone, then back down Big Tujunga
      Road) and found that a small fire had burnt out the
      bottom 20% of Stone Canyon trail. Small rock
      slides since the fire have made this part of the trail
      sandy, off-camber and very narrow, in a section
      that was already pretty scary due to exposure. I
      ended up walking about a tenth of a mile.
      Otherwise, the trail is in pretty good shape, a bit
      overgrown and loose for the first 2/10ths of a mile.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 16 miles Elevation change: 4000'
      Singletrack=25% Dirt Road=50% Paved Path=25%
      LCS a 34 year old Weekend Warrior from LA


    • Trail UpdateA Little More Info-As stated by LCS, this an *extremely* difficult trail to access. The climb up Haines cyn fireroad is a nightmare grind, and looping this ride (which is do-able: up haines, down stone, down big T to the baseball fields, up the fireroad adjacent to the fields, down to haines, down haines to your parked car), although under 15 miles total, will unreasonably tax 99% of the good climbers I know (pretty close to 5.5k total climbing). In the summer it is insanely hot and there is no shade anywhere. Carry enough food and water for a 35 mile ride. Expect to get wet crossing the creek at the bottom of Stone.

      Climbing the Stone Cyn. singletrack is not a realistic option- the trail loses about 3300' evevation in 3.5 miles. I had hoped it would be a screamer of a downhill, but while the top half mile is quite rocky and technical, it quickly becomes buffed out, a little off camber, and switches back 36,000 times. In my opinion, there are far more challenging and rewarding rides in the San Gabriels than this one (if you want a similar climb to haines, go to Mt. Wilson Toll rd, if you want a similar DH to Stone, head to Ken Burton or Josephine Saddle).

      My final bit of info is that this trail has been entirely restored and maintained by only *one* very committed volunteer named Matt Maxon. I guess the USFS doesn't have the funds or personnel to maintain the trail. If you do ride Stone be courteous- the trail wouldn't exist if it weren't for his herculean efforts.

      Be the ball.

      Ride rating: Advanced
      El Santo


    • Trail UpdateStone Canyon Access-Stone Canyon is a great singletrack that gets very little
      use. The reason is that it is tough to access.<
      ;br>Going up Stone Canyon is a very steep, technical climb.
      It is about three miles long, with rocky sections at the
      top and bottom, but a fairly smooth and well maintained
      trail for most of the middle 2/3rds. There are few hikers
      and virtually no bikers on the trail.
      Because the uphill is so challenging, a better choice for
      most bikers would be to just descend Stone Canyon,
      using one of the fire roads up Lukens to get to the top of
      the trail. Fire roads that ascend Lukens include Haines
      Canyon in Tujunga (5.5 miles), Earl Canyon in La
      Crescenta (8 miles), and Mt Lukens Rd from the first
      fire station on the Angeles Crest Highway out of La
      Canada (7.5 miles). Unfortunately, none of these fire
      roads make a nice loop with Stone Canyon, meaning
      you will need two cars.
      Another possible loop is to bike up the Grizzly Flat trail,
      which begins just up the road from the end of Stone
      Canyon trail. However, I found this very overgrown and
      too steep to bike for almost a mile.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 6+ miles Elevation change: 3200 feet
      LCS a 33 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Cannondale Super V 1000 from Hollywood


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