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  • Silverado Ranger Station - #SilveradoRangerStation

    Socal - Orange County - Orange NickNames: #SilveradoRangerStation

    The ride starts at the first Ranger Station on Silverado Canyon Road. Silverado Canyon Road is off of Santigo Canyon Road which is accessed from either Chapman Ave from the North or El Toro Road from the South. Thomas Guide page 832

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    • Trail UpdatePossible Law Enforcement Closure-I just read on CNN that Silverado canyon is the focus of a 35 year old
      missing child case, where the ex-boyfriend of the missing childs
      mother admits he buried the 3 year old girl in the canyon back in
      1969. http://www.cnn.com/2004/LAW/09/01/

      I would expect just out of common sense that there will be numerous
      law enforcement officials in the area, and they might be closing part or
      all of the area to conduct their investigation. This is just my
      speculation, not an announcement. Just an FYI for anyone headed to
      the area in the next week or so.
      jh a 34 year old from Ventura county URL: Link to CNN story


    • Trail UpdateQuestion-Is the Silverado Motorway currently closed to bikers? I remember them closing it to all users for some endangered species during the summer months. Any info would help. Thanks


    • Trail UpdateSilverado Loop-Climbed Maple Springs starting from the end of Silverado Cnyn Rd. There's a few miles of climbing on the pavement but it's in a beautiful setting. This climb is not as interesting as Harding Truck tr. although as you get up there, the rocky, sandy, loose terrain will challenge your balancing skills somewhat. Yes, rain is indeed in order. The hot, choking dust is starting to take its toll on my bike. I've been trying to clean her after every ride but that dust infiltrates EVERY PART OF THE BIKE. The Silverado singletrack was a blast. Very fast but also very loose. My rear disc rotor was SCREECHING by the end of the trail run. A good, solid XC ride...
      Ride distance: miles 17 Elevation change:
      Eck see a 33 year old Die-hard Enthusiast from Long Beach


    • Trail UpdateCLOSED-Silverado Motorway and Maple Springs Truck Trail closed again April 1 and will be closed until around September 1 for toad love. I confirmed this with the Trabuco district ranger station today.


    • Trail UpdateYesterday I posted the wrong information about closures here in the Trabuco District and I asked that the information be promptly removed. A few of you may have seen it. Most probably didn't.

      If your not familiar with why seasonal closures are occurring in various parts of the Cleveland Nat'l Forest please use the URL link below and scroll down to the press release labeled "Forest Service Outlines Actions to Protect T&E Species".

      Remember the most significant closure is Maple Springs Road from April 1st through sometime in September. Please heed the closure and help yourself and the rest of us maintain accessibility by helping the Forest Service comply with the lawsuit outlined in the press release.

      See ya on the trails.

      JLampitt a 28 year old from RSM, CA URL: Forest Service Outlines Actions to Protect T&E Species


    • Trail UpdateSilverado Motorway Loop-Just rode this loop yesterday (Sunday 12-19-99). Because of the amount of motorized traffic I took the loop in reverse. Riding up the old Silverado Motorway and coming down Maple Springs Road was a lot more fun than grinding my way up Maple Springs Road while dodging trucks and SUV's. Winds were EXTREMELY high but overall the trail is in great condition to ride. Looks as though the Forest Service has done quite a bit of blading the Main Divide TT and cutting back the overgrowth that was starting to infringe on the road. A very peaceful time in the wild's of OC.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 25-30? Elevation change: ?
      Singletrack=20% Truck Trail=80%
      JLampitt a 27 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Cannondale SuperV 500 from RSM


    • Trail UpdateHarding Truck/Silverado Motorway-There is a mistake on the original description. If you follow the described route up Silverado Motorway singletrack, turn RIGHT on Main Divide to reach Harding Truck Trail or Maple Springs Road. Turning LEFT on Main Divide will take you to Black Star Canyon. By the way, I would recommend riding this route in the reverse direction. Start at the Silverado Canyon Road/Santiago Cyn Rd intersection. Turn left on Santaigo Cyn Rd from Silverado Cyn. Turn left from Santiago Cyn onto Modjeska Cyn. Take Modjeska Cyn to Harding Truck Trail. Climb Harding Truck Trail to Main Divide. Turn Left on Main Divide and ride this to the Silverado Motorway. Drop down this singletrack to Maple Springs Rd. Turn right and ride through the gate to Silverado Cyn. Take Silverado Cyn down to Santiago Cyn. I would rather ride down the singletrack than climb it. Either way it's a good workout. Do it early in the morning because it will get hot.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 30 miles? Elevation change:
      Singletrack=10% Paved Path=33% Truck Trail=57%
      SS a 31 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Catamount from Orange County


    • Trail UpdateMain Divide Loop-Since this ride is a loop, you could go in either direction. The recommend way is to proceed up Silverado Canyon road to the Gate. Once through the gate (which may or may not be open) proceed up the forest service road officially know as Maple Springs road. Cross the stream an on the left up 10 yards is a single track trail. This is known as Santigo Motorway. It is a steep technical single track, exposure is minimal at some points you will wish for a lower gear. You will climb this to the Main Divide road which is clearly marked. Make a left on the Main Divide road (making a right will take you back down through Blackstar Canyon which is another well written up ride). Proceed up the Main Divide road to the Saddle where both Harding Truck Trail and Maple Springs Road meet. I recommend going down Harding because it is a great fire road decent and you can let it all hang out. Once you get to the bottom of Harding follow the paved road out always bearing to your right. You will emerge out on Santigo Canyon road. Make a right onto Santigo and about 7 miles later you will come to Silverado. Again make a right an return to your vehicles. Total milage is 30 miles.
      Singletrack=25% Dirt Road=60% Paved Path=15%


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