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  • San Gabriel Bike Trail - #SanGabrielBikeTrail

    Socal - Los Angeles County - Irwindale NickNames: #SanGabrielBikeTrail santa fe dam, san gabriel river

    Exit the 210 Freeway at Irwindale Ave; go north (Irwindale will end at a rock quarry...Foothill Blvd); go west (left) on Foothill approximately 1/4 mile to the entrance; the entrance is on the north side indicated by a brown and yellow sign. Coming from the east it's easy to drive right past, so keep an eye out. There's no cost to park/ride -- but make sure you check the hours...from experience, "they" will ticket you if you're not out by the posted closing time. Follow the paved road to the parking area -- don't park in the dirt area near the entrance (it's marked "authorized vehicles only")....the park patrol/police will confront and/or ticket you..
    Trailhead2: Take the I-210 Fwy to Azusa Ave (Hwy 39) and drive north for about 2 miles past Sierra Madre. Continue for about 1/2 mile, and just before you arrive at the USFS information booth, turn right on Azusa and San Gabriel Canyon Road. Park here, free and pretty safe in this residential area.
    Now unload you bikes, and ride west across Hwy 39. You will see the paved San Gabriel River Bike Trailhead (this will go all the way to Seal Beach 47 miles away) but you do not get on it. Instead, you want the dirt trail that runs parallel, and on the east side of the paved trail. Find the chain link fenced area on your left, a small dirt field with some large rocks that serve as a barrier. keep the fence on your left, and ride west through the field. You will see the dirt trailhead ahead, about 100 feet west of Hwy 39. Get on it.
    Thomas Guide page 568 E5

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