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    Socal - Santa Barbara County - Santa Barbara NickNames: #SAGEHILL

    Take hwy. 154 to Paradise rd. North of Santa Barbara, and drive about 7 miles down until you see a large sign with "SAGE HILL" written on it. It is on the left side of the road next to the fire station. Turn left and drive down the hill taking your first right. This will take you over a water crossing to a parking/camping area. Follow the road to the right, then to left and it dead ends at the parking area. The trail head is at the North end of the parking lot and there is a sign that clearly marks it.

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    • Trail UpdateAliso Canyon Loop-
      The trail is a medium technical trail, and not very long, about 3 miles. Make sure you keep LEFT when riding up the trail for the better climb. There are several creek crossings and a grueling climb, with a rewarding downhill. When you get to the top, you have a choice of going down into the Upper Oso camping area and riding back by road (Go STRAIGHT at the hilltop) or you can take the downhill ride (Go RIGHT at the hilltop) which is as fast as you dare. Feel free to contact me by e-mail for more info. and don't forget your helmet for this one. If you like to tear it up on the downhills like I do, WATCH OUT! Because the downhill side of the trail does a couple steep 120 degree corners! YIKES!
      "JT" a 28 year old Downhill-Cross Country Rider living in Santa Ynez. { xeryder@silcom.com }


    • Trail UpdateUpper Oso To Sage Hill Loop-
      Leave the Sage Hill parking lot from the South East end, and ride to the South East end of the camp grounds too. Pick up the trail into the creek and follow it until it dead ends at the water 1/2 mile later. You can carry your bike across the creek on some handy rocks about 100 feet South of the trail-water junction. Pick up the trail again and follow it back to Paradise Rd. at the first water crossing. Then ride across the water crossing, and over the little bridge, to Pass the Upper Oso Campground road on the left, (currently closed). Take the trail just after the road, also on the left, this will take you to the Upper Oso camping area. The trail crosses the road a couple times on the way. When you arrive at the campgrounds, ride to the North end of them, and get on the trail again, bearing left, this is a steep climb. When you come out at the top, take the left fork, ride to the top of Sage Hill. Enjoy the view, then take the downhill back to the bottom where the trail hits the Aliso Creek trail. Bear left, and ride back to the parking area. There are some Very technical spots on this ride, including sand, rocks and difficult creek crossings. The good news is, it's ALL single track.
      "JT" a 28 year old Downhill-Cross Country Rider living in Santa Ynez


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