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Southern California Trails

  • Royal Palms Dual Slalom - #RoyalPalmsDualSlalom

    Socal - Los Angeles County - San Pedro NickNames: #RoyalPalmsDualSlalom white point, orlando's

    110 Harbor fwy South from I-405 in Carson CA, to end. Left on Gaffey, Right on 1st St or 9th St, Left on Western (213) several miles to shopping center at 25th St. Continue down the hill (ocean view) and park near the apt's at the bottom of the hill on the right. If no parking, continue and turn left and park at or in front of the park overlooking the ocean. Trails are in the big open area across from the apt's and up from the beach. White Point Park. An old military site. Thomas Guide page: 853

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    • Trail UpdateStill There?-Is the trail still there or has it been rebuilt? I would love to check it out, but dont want to drive to see an empty lot.
      Chris a 35 year old Downhiller riding a Intense & Kona from los angeles


    • Trail UpdateNo Such Thing As DS In South Bay-The only thing close to DS in that area is West on 25th street about 1/2 mile from western on the right side. It's best to start at the top which is on PV Drive East.
      a Cross-Country Rider riding a Mountain Cycle San Andreas from Lomita


    • Trail UpdateNO DUAL SLALOM!!!!!!!!!!-there is no trail!!!! Nothing to ride at all. I race dual slalom, just moved out west from back east. Save yourself a trip. The hill looks like there could of been something. But i dident see a single trail.!!!! anybody know of any dual slalom trails. i need a good place to train.
      Brosk a 26 year old Racer riding a azonic from Longbeach


      GEE a Weekend Warrior riding a GT 1.0 aggressor from HIGHLAND


    • Trail UpdateMountain Biking Nuts-suxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wasteland no were to ride dirt lot we took a dirt nap lol this place is closed!
      Ride distance: Elevation change: 0
      pimpassmotherfucker's a 33 year old Weekend Warrior riding a giant ac 2/jamis dakar sport from lomita,ca


    • Trail UpdateRoyal Palms Dual Slalom-Start at top of Western Ave. on the single trail on the hill. This will lead you to a hole in the fence where these other trails are. They are still there, but the backhoes have tore them up to make way for the White Point Preserve. When its all done, and with a little manual labor, we can bring the fun back to these trails.
      Ride rating: Expert
      Ride distance: .5 Elevation change: 500'
      Craig a 35 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Specialized Hardrock Pro from San Pedro


    • Trail UpdateRoyal Palms Slalom-SoCalMTB is lagging, this is a trail post from a year ago. Spot is still there, but jumps were buldozed around 1-1-01. Line is reforming through the plowed part, and the corners / course are all still there, but it's not as good as it was. May not be rebuilt this winter, but we could use assistance with trial work if you want to help.
      Ride rating: Expert
      Ride distance: .5 miles Elevation change: 500'


    • Trail UpdateSan Pedro Dual Slalom-Pro level dual slalom training course with everything: Two nearly-identical side-by-side courses, more than 20 turns, cool and funky jumps, every kind of corner, elevation changes, drops, double jumps, jumps that turn, and more. It even has slalom 'gates' and start 'boxes'! Bring a bud to race with. If you want fun-time slalom in So Cal, this is it!

      You will see a trail up the hill across from the apt's. The trail goes past a downed fence, and continues into a field that slopes downhill to your right and the ocean. You may cross a trail - continue and you cross the course. Turn left and walk up. If you hit the paved road you went too far. Pick a course and go for it!

      Watch out on the jumps. Some are designed to be funky to develop skills, and some are tough even with skills and a good bike. BMX kids also thrash 'em sometimes. Just go around them and rejoin the course if you have to. Modifying or grooming the course is frowned upon. Harder makes you better, faster. If you bust the slalom poles out, put them back, or pick a new one - they are these wierd bamboo-like weed stalks growing all over. Course crosses the pavement twice and ends at the bottom in the field. Push back up and do the other course, repeat, repeat, repeat!

      There are also some 'DH training courses' here (ST), and some dirt jumps. Lots of pedalling.
      *Thanks and kudos to Orlando for the 3 years of continuous effort it has taken to get this place to be a true DS!
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: .5 Elevation change: 500'


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