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  • Rocky Peak Road - #RockyPeakRoad

    Socal - Ventura County - Simi Valley NickNames: #RockyPeakRoad

    Take any freeway to the 118 Freeway into the Simi Valley. Exit Rocky Peak Road and park at the north end the road near trailhead. Few parking spots, come early. (more parking across the freeway.) For more milage ride out of the back of Santa Susan Park South at the end of Devonshire street. Great views. Be prepared, no water or restrooms. If you are lucky, maybe you can spot mountain lions, deers or hawks. Thomas Guide page 499

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    • Trail Update"Rocky Peak" Is Well Named-This is a pretty challenging climb. Lots of uphill but in addition to the elevation gain, you have rocks. BIG HONKING ROCKS. Everywhere. Be prepared to walk in a few spots because it's way too rocky AND steep.

      Did not get to go on Hummingbird, but looks like a fun single track. Will try it next time. Definitely not my first choice for a fun ride, but if I want to push my skills and cardio, will probably revisit.
      Highlander664 a 44 year old Weekend Warrior riding a KHS XCT 556 from Burbank, CA


    • Trail UpdateRocky Peak-We rode this trail out to Fossil Point and back on November 11. The trail is in great shape and I am not.
      old gringo a 54 year old


    • Trail UpdateDevil's Canyon-Rode Devil's again this weekend. The rains and horses have definetly wreaked some havoc on the last mile or two of the ride. Most of the riverbed and trail are super soft and quicksand-ish, making for lots of hike-a-bike. Top is amazing though and overall, still a pretty epic ride.
      hbking a 30 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Intense from Simi Valley


    • Trail UpdateRe:re:Devil's Canyon Trail-Thanks, I will check it out, and report back.


    • Trail UpdateDevil's Canyon-If you're starting at the 118 Rocky Peak trailhead, you need to continue North on Rocky Peak fireroad past Chumash, past Sea Shells (aka Fossil Point) and past the Las LLajas turnoff. Rocky Peak fireroad splits in a v-shape at the Las LLajas junction. If you take the right split (heading North still) for about another mile or so, you'll reach it (you will be heading towards the white house you can see to the east). The fireroad rolls up and down and begins heading east shortly after the split. You'll begin descending into the northern end of the canyon and right before you would have to start climbing a very steep pitch, you'll see a road heading south. You'll pass two "no trespassing" signs as you approach this turnoff. This road eventually turns to doubletrack and then singletrack. One tricky spot I encountered once on this road (Devil's Canyon) - there is a downed oak tree blocking another split, go around it and keep heading south along the river. The other option goes straight up hill towards the white house -this is the wrong way. You generally head south all the way to the Topanga Canyon/118 exit. You can also use Las LLajas to reach the split, and you'll make a left where the main climb ends (shortly after the large, lone oak) as it connects to Rocky Peak. If you keep taking the road towards Fossils, you are going the wrong way. Sorry for the long winded directions, just trying to explain the route as thorough as possible. Good luck, enjoy the ride, and update this to let us know you made it.
      HBKING a 29 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Intense from Simi Valley


    • Trail UpdateRe: Devil's Canyon-Please share where this trail is. I'm local to this area, and know the trail systems well. I've gone up and down Mar Ranch to Sea Shell, Chumash, Johnson, Hummingbird.
      Mtnbiker a 40 year old URL: http://www.lamountains.com/maps/joughin.pdf


    • Trail UpdateDevil's Canyon Info-This trail is really cool, literally. Almost the entire ride is canopied with oaks and your crossing and riding in a stream the whole way. It's mostly singletrack (begins and ends as a road) and isn't all that technical, but it is fun and a nice change of pace. The canyon itself is fairly deep and narrow and there are some interesting looking rock walls on both sides of you at times. You constantly dive in and out of river gullies, and there are a few that may challenge you. There are some sections (up to 50 feet long) where you are riding directly downstream - in the river - but there aren't any real deep areas. There are two "No Trespassing" signs on the fireroad between Las Llajas and the start (north end), so I don't really know the exact status of the ride, but you're only on this road for a couple minutes after you see the first one. I also wanted to give a quick thanks to Dirtshark for sharing the info on this ride. I've lived and rode here for a long time and never knew about this one - it was a good time. If anyone needs more info let me know. I'm new to the site but have been enjoying it since I discovered it.
      HBKING a 29 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Intense Uzzi DH from Simi Valley


    • Trail UpdateRescue Off Rocky Peak-I took a ride up Rocky Peak this morning. West of the trail I came across a helicopter rescue taking place off Hummingbird Trail (see pic in Rocky Peak Trail pics section) Even with zoom, I couldn't tell if it was a hiker or a rider being rescued.

      Once at the peak, it was cold and windy but very clear. I only saw one other rider on my way up and a few hikers. There was good grip on the ride down as a result of the light rains.
      xbmxr a 36 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Specialized from Simi


    • Trail UpdateChumash is 2.7 to Rocky Peak fire road. From there, Four miles south is the 118 Frwy. and One mile north is the Fossils. From the fossil one mile more north is a fork in the road, east will take you down Devils Cyn [Great Ride, see Devils Cyn] west will takr you down Las LLajas fire road to Yosemite.
      THE BIRD KING a SEE FOSSILS year old Cross-Country Rider riding a 292 from Simi


    • Trail UpdateDevil's-How much farther from Cumash is it to the start of this trail? Easy to find or hard? i would love to try it.


    • Trail UpdateGreat Night Ride...-Hit Rocky peak road last night about 6:30. The roads in great condition right now which helps for the steep climb that it is. Got up to the top, took a short break and continued on past Johnsons and chumash to the rollers that will eventually drop you into devils cyn. Devils is in awesome shape right now and completely rideable. About 50 water crossings on a fun as hell singletrack will take you back out to the top of Topanga cyn blvd. xlnt ride!!



    • Trail Updatethis fire road has been graded/repaired and it left it so soft and loose its miserable to ride. It needs a good rain or heard of elephants to hammer it down.
      Dirtshark a 42 year old


    • Trail UpdateRocky Peak To Las Llejas-Yep! Been riding it since before the fire.
      Lost coyote a Cross-Country Rider riding a Trek Fuel 100 from Simi Valley


    • Trail UpdateRocky Peak Question-Does anyone know if Rocky Peak is open all the way through
      to Las Llajas Canyon just past the Chumash junction? If so, It
      could potentially be a nice fat loop.
      Kosmo a 34 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Cannondale Jekyll 600 from Simi Valley CA


    • Trail UpdateRocky Peak Question-Does anyone know if Rocky Peak is open all the way through
      to Las Llajas Canyon just past the Chumash junction? If so, It
      could potentially be a nice fat loop.
      Kosmo a 34 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Cannondale Jekyll 600 from Simi Valley CA


    • Trail UpdateRocky Peak-It is 0.8mi from the trail head to Hummingbird, 3.6mi to Johnson and 3.8mi to chumash. Not exactly sure what the elevation gain is.
      Dirtbikedude68 a Downhiller riding a Kona Stinky and a Giant OCR from Chatsworth


    • Trail UpdateRocky Peak Trail - Questions-Anyone know how many miles it is from the starting gate (bridge) to the top is? What is the elevation rise from the base to the peak?


    • Trail UpdateRocky Peak Trail-Rocky Peak Trail is fine now, after the bulldozer smoothed-out the ruts. Need another rain to harden the powdered dirt though.
      Chumash Trail is getting alot of wear. Who is skidding on the downhills? No foot-down if speed is maintained and cranks kept parallel through the rocks.
      Very important to slow through the turns and watch for hikers (because I like to hike it also.)
      Larry a Die-hard Enthusiast


    • Trail UpdateRocky Peak-The rains over the last two months were pretty hard and have created a lot of ruts.
      Randy a 36 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Gary Fisher, Tassajara from Simi Valley


    • Trail UpdateRocky Peak Road - Simi Valley-I rode this last week and caught some of the filming of Flintstones2. The lower mile of the road has been heavily graded. The upper 2/3rd's remains the same as always. Some rain ruts and a light dusting of powder. Good loop up Rocky Peak, and down Chumash, then road back up to Rocky Peak trail-head.
      Steve a 30 year old Cross-Country Rider from Simi Valley, CA


    • Trail UpdateRoad on 9-4-98. The first 0.6 miles of climb has been 'smoothed' with heavy equipment. The resulting surface looks nice but is very fluffy and difficult to ride. Loose soil = increased drag= reduced stability= harder climb. The fluffy part ends just after the park bench. Above this the old lumpy surface is in good shape.

      FYI distance to Chumash trail is roughly 3.8 to 4.0 miles from parking area. Chumash trail is in good shape.

      Please ride in control, I would hate to loose access to this trail.
      M Estes a 35 year old Weekend Warrior riding a C'dale F500 w/ stupid elastomer fatty from Simi


    • Trail UpdateROCKY PEAK - Tread Lightly!!!-Just a reminder to take it easy on this multi-use trail as we share it with hikers and horses. The previous update suggests that bombing the Chumash trail at speeds of 40mph can be fun, however, it is TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE. There have been numerous attempts by the anti-bike crowd to close this precious trail to mountain bikers, so it is up to all of us to demonstrate that we ride responsibly. Slow down and enjoy the scenery a bit!
      Tim Tommasino a 34 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Specialized FS-Comp from Sherman Oaks


    • Trail UpdateET-Hot weeks have made the time to get to the top of Rocky Peak longer, last Sunday took us 45 minutes to top. LOTS OF WATER NEEDED!
      Road is getting smoother now, after getting to top, the path to the
      SF valley overlook scrape unprotected shins. Road going down to Johnson cutoff & Chumash OK, but back up to fossels is bushy again.
      Chumash is better single track than Hummingbird, expecially at 40mph
      run at bottom half. Can't do that speed on the Hummingbird trail.
      Still has 2-3 hike-a-bike parts on Chumash & technical top 1/2, but
      fun & fast bottom! Back up to top of Santa Pass Rd is no picnic, best
      to have a two-car shuttle. Will do hummingbird in few weeks again just to see what has changed past few months. Adios!
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=50%
      Eric a 40 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Trek Y11 from Simi


    • Trail UpdateRocky Peak/Oat Mountain-About Oat Mountain, I thought the ranch nearby was called Boyle and Hardman Ranch and how do they patrol it all the time? They dont prosecute either because I have been there and they were mean but not mean enough to prosecute. I have friends that say they have seen some men in a Suburban wearind cheesy cop uniforms and they were asking them to leave. I now know that it is certainly possible to get to Oat Mountain because I have looked on many maps.*****Does anyone know anything about that white house you can see from Rocky Peak...it is northwest of Rock Peak and it looks very large****.Does anyone know anything detailed about Oat Mountain ( Nike info / ranching )


    • Trail UpdateRocky Peak-The RPT does not access Oat Mnt. via public roads. There are access roads that connect the peak via the old nike missle site to the Gildabrand ranch, but they are private, patrolled, and violators are prosecuted. The closest approach I am aware of to Oat Mt. from SFV is riding up (winnetka or mason).


    • Trail UpdateSpinout-ouchy!
      Joey riding a no thanks from Chatsworthington


    • Trail UpdateTony-Does anyone know if its possible to get to Oat Mountain from this trail? Or maybe any other ways to get to Oat Mountain (easily)?
      Tony a 17 year old from Granada Hills


    • Trail UpdateRocky Peak-Trail is a steep (and hot) fire road about 2-3 miles to the top (about 3000 feet). Try your hill climbing against the best (most people end of walking the first time, 30 minutes is good, 25 minutes is great, NORBA racers do close to 20). At the top make a sharp right to a beautiful overlook of the surrounding valleys. Returning to the main trail, you can return to your car, or continue onward. Continuing on gives you three options: 1.) make a right turn a few miles later down Johnson Fire Rd (not marked) to come out on Santa Susana road and back to your car 2.) make a left on Chumash (marked but look hard) for some very nice single track into Simi Valley and back up Santa Susana on the other side or 3.) continue straight to a locked gate with some interesting fossils in the cliffs by the side of the road, and retrace your route back.
      Singletrack=30% Dirt Road=70%
      Kevan O'Meara a 43 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Cannondale F700 from Chatworth, CA


    • Trail UpdateRocky Peak Update-Rocky Peak is part of the Santa Monica Mountain Conservancy. The Conservancy is currently considering whether or not to close the trail to bikes due to excessive trail erosion of the single track off-shoots. Please exercise extreme carewhen riding here not to slide through corners and to skid your tires while braking.
      Michael Goodman URL:CORBA's Web Page


    • Trail UpdateRocky Peak Road-Use "Old Rocky" dirt road UP to the top of Rocky Peak. Great views of the San Fernando and Simi Valleys. Lots of work here, be in good shape for the uphills and good brakes for the downs. Old dirt road still has wheel ruts of the stagecoaches that traveled here many years ago. Side trail takes you off the road and down into Simi Valley for a loop.
      Mike Stewart a weekend warrior from Moorpark, CA


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