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Southern California Trails

  • Tarzana Fire Road - #TarzanaFireRoad

    Socal - Los Angeles County - Tarzana NickNames: #TarzanaFireRoad reseda fire road, end of reseda

    Get off the 101 Frwy and head South on Reseda Blvd. You will pass a few traffic lights and 2 or 3 stop signs, keep going straight (Reseda turns into another street name but no turning is involved). Go up a big hill and park at the end of the pavement. The trailhead is at the end of the street.

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    • Trail UpdateTop O Reseda Blvd.-If you park a few hundred feet north, you don't have to pay the $5. Maybe if the NPS wouldn't waste all their money, they wouldn't have to double charge us for something we paid for in taxes.
      Mikeh420 a 40 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Specialized Hardrock GX from Van Nuys


    • Trail UpdateTop Of Reseda Blvd.-There is now a $5 fee to park.


    • Trail UpdateEagle Loop/Hub Junction... Post-Why? Are you 6 years old? Have you nothing better to do?


    • Trail UpdateEagle Loop/Hub Junction/Nike-Hazard, BE CAREFUL , I saw mountain lions and wolfs. I barely made it, thank god I carry a gun with me.
      Also the trail is very slippery, too much manuer on the trail, especially early in the morning.
      my friend slipped and fell down the hill, it was no fun riding alone without her.
      Thank god I got a fast bicycle that I bought at ToysRUS for $89.99 on sale, it is better than some of the pro bicycles I saw people pay $800 for.
      this rout is a great survival practice. I loved it
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: Elevation change: 12.5


    • Trail UpdateEagle Loop/Hub Junction/Nike-The trail conditions today were awesome. Had clear sky with slight breeze and no smog. Went to Eagle Loop (Hub Junction) first. Trail was hardpacked with slickrock patches and some deep ruts. Minor hills with many hikers and MBers. Total of about 6 miles roundtrip from the top of Reseda Blvd. Went to Nike Missle site next after doing Eagle Loop. Dirt Mulholland east of Reseda over to Nike in great shape with hardpacked dirt with some major ruts. Other areas had crushed rock that was soft and sandy so be careful going down the hills. Many hikers and MBers. Some minor hills. Both rides are great for beginners and intermediate level riders. All the hills were not too steep but you did have a steady clib. Total of about 6.5 miles roudtrip from top of Reseda to Nike site. Total ride time for both trips was about 3 hours. Go early in the morning to avoid the heat.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 12.5 miles Elevation change:
      Dirt Road=100%
      Double C's a 31 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Trek Mountain Track from Woodland Hills


    • Trail UpdateEagle Springs To The HUB-They took a weedwacker to the trail. It's W I D E. There is alot of leftover branches, sticks, leaves. Looks kind of ugly
      What's a henway? a 16 year old Weekend Warrior riding a chicken run from about two-three pounds


    • Trail UpdateReseda / Eagle Rock Loop-Reseda to Eagle Rock Loop. From the end of Reseda, take the steep Fire road or the single track to the right, to Mulholland. Go west (right) to the first gate on the left. Take this road to THE HUB. From hear take the Eagle rock trial (far right), go up and down to Eagle Rock. Past Eagle Rock proper take the first left; donít go to fast you may miss it. This is Eagle Spring Trial. Return to THE HUB on this trial. This counterclockwise loop is a great starter trail. Steep down hill, long shallow climb out. For added distance and a great return ride, start at Caballero Canyon trail. This trail is in excellent condition. Enjoy it, and please help keep it that way.
      Ride rating: Novice
      James P. a 38 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Specialized FSR Sport from Reseda


    • Trail UpdateTHE BIG SHIP-You guys are forgetting the ride up Caballero canyon which starts before the end of Reseda and which also connects with dirt Mulholland.It's a pretty fun singletrack, though not very difficult technically speaking.However, since most of the remaining ride is all fire road, it's a welcome change.
      a Weekend Warrior


    • Trail UpdateReseda To Eagle Rock Loop-The trail was graded recently. Makes it alot smoother.
      It's a great 10 mile workout. Enough hill climb to burn the legs and enough downhill with ruts to challenge the arms.
      Dirt Road=100%
      Scott a 38 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Specialized FSR from Reseda .net


    • Trail UpdateTop Of Reseda To Eagle Rock Loop-Take the end of the pavement south to where the dirt starts, after 100 feet there is a singletrack on the right, go there. This will climb for 1/4 mile (or less) and dump you on Dirt Mulhuland, go right on Mulhuland. After 100 yards you will see a gated fireroad on the left, go there. Follow the fireroad for about 2 miles to "Hub Junction" and make a right going up (the first right) to Eagle Rock. After Eagle Rock it's downhill. Now stay on the fireroad, about 1/2 mile past Eagle Rock you will make a tight left (almost a u-turn) even though the fireroad keeps going straight. After the u-turn follow the trail back to the "Hub". At the "Hub" go left down the second fireroad on the left (the first left goes back to Eagle Rock). Now backtrack to Dirt Mulhuland and go right. After 100 yards you're back to the singletrack and down to your car. This loop is 8 or 9 miles and good for beginners or short train! ing rides. Eagle Rock is also a good place to brush up on your slick rock riding skills.
      Singletrack=10% Dirt Road=90%
      Scott McLean a 34 year old Cross-Country Rider


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