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  • Red Rock - #RedRock

    Socal - Santa Barbara County - Santa Barbara, CA NickNames: #RedRock

    From the 101 freeway in Santa Barbara take the 154 (there is only one way to go). From the 154 take the Paradise Road exit on the right. Follow Paradise road all the way to the end if you want to start at the Red Rock Trailhead.

    For longer rides, you can park anywhere in the parking lots along Paradise Road. You are required to purchase an adventure pass for $5.0 to use this area.

    This area has plenty of other trails and I would recommend purchasing a trail map for the area. You can get one from any Santa Barbara area bookstore for $3.00.

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    • Trail UpdateRoad Still Closed-Paradise Road is still closed at Lower Oso, which means you hafta ride to the trailhead and you're gonna get wet at the river crossing. The dirt road is still a nice dirt road, but the river "trail" is more river than trail, muddy, choked with dead vegetation, and I stopped counting ticks that I pulled off at 30. Not so fun.


    • Trail UpdateBackcountry Devastation-Rode this "trail", or what is left of it two weeks ago, April 2005. Do not ride this trail unless you enjoy swimming and hike-a-bike sessions!

      I took my wife on the trail; many people were walking to the famous Red Rock pool, so we decided to ride up the nice steady uphill fireroad. It's in very good condition. Once you reach the top, you can see in the distance Gibraltar Dam to the North. I would suggest turning back right then and there. The downhill trail leading to the base of the Dam is unsatisfying at best; the worst is yet to come.

      I was told by a MTB'er on the trail that the first river crossing is the worst, everything else is easy and flat. If you're reading this, I curse you and I regret having helped you with your flat tire! There were -->11<--, ELEVEN river crossings, each of them either very fast, or very wide and deep. Luckily we were running large volume tires, so the bikes floated across while we waded sometimes up to our necks!!!

      After each crossing, we'd eventually find a remnant of the trail, but it would abruptly vanish again and again due to serious rain damage. Along with the trail just simply disappearing, there were huge landslides, rockslides, and fallen trees in the remaining trail.

      The worst was at the end. the trail at the Red Rock pool has been completely buried by huge piles of dangerous, sharp rocks. If one were to fall there, you're going to bleed very badly.

      This trail is unrideable. It's beautiful no doubt, but it needs more than just a little trail maintenance. I will post pictures when I get the chance.
      dingburp a 33 year old Weekend Warrior riding a American Beryllium from santa barbara


    • Trail UpdateRed Rock/Little Pine-The climb leading up to the Connector has had some real bad earth slides, but past the connector to the Little Pine is fine, but one SOB of a climb, but you need to be careful coming down the 7 mile single track it has had some severe mud/earth slides so some of the parts are totally gone, but walkable. The climb from the bottom to Little pine is 13 miles, and if you are a beginner, it is a awesome climb, tough but dueable. Make no mistake the single track down is for Intermediate to Advance, so if you are a beginner, take the fire road down, and until you can work on your downhill single track, just take the satisfaction that you made it to little pine.

      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Singletrack=30% Dirt Road=70%
      Dino De L. a 43 year old Racer riding a Fischer from Vandenberg AFB, Calif


    • Trail UpdateRed Rock Trail-This is an excellent trail for the novice and intermediate rider through a variety of conditions. A few hundred yards from the trailhead, you run into babyheads. From there, the trail meanders through the valley floor, through the woods ... over rivers, and in the dale. Rocks are followed by hardpacked earth only to be replaced by more rocks and stream crossings. In a few places the soil becomes loose but it is manageable if you are prepared.

      As beginner, I had to hike-a-bike in a few places, but those with more experience should have no problems. And for the beginner it is a nice challenge and an excellent place to learn as the majority of the difficulty comes from varying terrain rather than elevation changes. So you only have to worry about one variable.

      WARNING: This is a VERY popular weekend spot for the locals as the river water is warm and there are numerous pools for sunbathers and swimmers. So, you have to be especially careful ... I almost ran over a co-ed who decided to sunbath in the middle of the trail!

      Then again ... all those half-clad college girls (and boys depending on your predilections) only add to the scenery.

      Ride rating: Novice
      Alienist a 27 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Giant Rincon with training wheels from Lompoc, CA


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