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  • Rancho San Diego -Road Course - #RanchoSanDiego-RoadCourse

    Socal - San Diego County - El Cajon NickNames: #RanchoSanDiego-RoadCourse

    94/54(Jamacha) Junction NORTH approx 1 mile to Willow Glen Road. Plenty of parking at the Rancho San Diego Towne and Country Shopping Center at the Willow Glen - Jamacha Road intersection.
    Head EAST on Willow Glen Road. (Bike lanes both sides)
    Continue EAST, past Rancho San Diego and Singing Hills Golf Courses.
    Continue straight ahead or NORTH on Harbison Canyon Road where Dehesa Canyon road turns Right or EAST to the Sycuan Indian reservation.
    This is where the bike lane stops. I did this (and recommend the same) on a Sunday morning and experienced very light traffic.
    Turn Left or NORTH on Frances Drive at the Harbison Canyon Fire Station
    * This will become Mountain View Road about 1/3 of the way up.
    Continue up - up - and UP to intersection of La Cresta and Mountain View Roads.
    Several nice pullouts with north - south vista's on the way up. Again, very light traffic.
    Continue WEST down La Cresta road to Greenfield Drive.
    Turn Left or SOUTH on Greenfield Drive.
    Turn Right or WEST on East Madison.
    Turn Left or SOUTH on Granite Hills Drive.
    Turn Left or SOUTH on Jamacha Road.
    This will return you to the Willow and Jamacha Roads intersection and the Rancho San Diego Towne and Country Shopping Center.

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    • Trail UpdateLa Cresta Rd-La Cresta Rd is 3 lanes (2 uphill, only one downhill) with no shoulder and very few spots to pull over. Car speed limit is 55.

      I rode down this April 24, 2014. Road pavement on downhill side is mostly good but some cracks and potholes are hard to spots early. You should assume any discoloration on road surface to be bump or crack until proven otherwise.

      There is a particularly nasty series of bumps (3 or 4 close together) right center of downhill lane just down the hill from Vista de Montemar Rd. It there are cars tailing you, better pull off at Vista de Montemar and let them pass, then take the lane so you can avoid that cluster of bumps. They aren't easy to spot (almost like sharp bumps you see caused by tree roots... except there isn't any tree there :P ).

      La Cresta Rd only becomes a 4 laner at the bottom... And the loop sensor on the left turn lane at Greenfield doesn't recognize bicycles.


    • Trail UpdateRancho San Diego To Crest-
      Notes: Most of the road shoulder area and bike path was free of debris (glass, etc).
      La Cresta Road is four lanes and 50MPH with no bike lane. Although this was Sunday morning, the traffic was moderate and fast.
      The trip down to Greenfield Drive is steep, fast and over quickly. An alternate return route - retrace route at the intersection of Mountain View and La Cresta Drive.
      I came up with a rough total of 20 + miles A good ride for experienced "hill people"
      Paved Path=99%
      DT a 40 year old Weekend Warrior riding a GT Arrette from El Cajon Ca


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