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  • Proctor Valley Trail - #ProctorValleyTrail

    Socal - San Diego County - Chula Vista NickNames: #ProctorValleyTrail

    The area is located, well for most riders considered the trail to be in the Bonita area. From downtown SD, get access to I-805 southbound take East "H" St. exit in Chula Vista. Turn right off the exit go all the way east past Southwestern College and Bonita Vista High School. You would hit a four-way stop sign on East H and Eastlake Drive, turn right on Eastlake Drive to another stop sign. Turn right here and a quick left to a parking lot on Eastlake Recreation Center (manmade lake should be visible at this point). Unload bike and head out again on East H (four way stop sign). Turn right down and up the hill to another stop sign on Mount Miguel Road. Turn right here and a few yards to the left of the road is a dirt road. This is the starting point of the Proctor Valley Trail. Thomas Guide page 1311 F3

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    • Trail UpdateProctor Valley Trail-There has been lots of earth movers digging everything up. It's to bad because this is a fun trail! Hit it while you can.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Hardtailer a Die-hard Enthusiast


    • Trail UpdateProctor Valley Trail-The trail is 18 miles in and out. 100% dirt, almost flat but real rugged after heavy rain. The trail starts out with low grade climbs and short downhills for the first 6 miles. The trail is bordered by two mountain ranges, Otay Mountains to the south and some mountain to the north with the radio towers. On the 6th mile marker, there is an off-the-trail path heading north to the hills. (if you choose to take this off-trail you have to get off the main trail). From the main trail, there is a small stream (you may have to dismount at times when the water level is high). the trail starts out with a serious climb right after the stream. I walked 90% of the way to the summit about 2-3 miles from the main Proctor Trail. Some people say it's the Donovan Trail (?), but my friends have called it the Wild Dog Chase Trails. For its obvious reasons. Wild dogs do appear at times especially at the summit. I haven't reached the end of this trail. Because from the summit, the trail drops down a curvy path down to who knows where. I'll give an update when I have enough fuel to take it all the way. Anyway, this trail is single track and the condition changes from top to bottom. From dirt, boulder, gravel, huge dips, ridges and mud at times. The Downhill part is the adrenalin shot for us. Very challenging when riding with speed. Very fast downhill so keep the brakes cool. Going back to the main Proctor Valley trail, from the 6 mile marker, the two mile climb starts.. I'm not sure what the grade is on this climb but low gears sometimes a must. the trail leads to a pave road, this is Proctor Valley Road in Jamul, the east side of the trail, which leads to Highway 94 Campo Road. But we usually turn around at the 9 mile marker. Coming back down the climb can get you going as far as 30 miles per hour (I clocked me and my buddy at 34 mph). The trip usually takes 2 hours in and out. 3 1/2 if you plan to take on Wild Dogs Chase. Caution: Bring lots of water especially on a hot day. Watch for fast moving vehicles on blind curves. Temperature drops rapidly especially on the east side of the trail so you are forewarned. Happy trails..
      Dirt Road=95%, Paved Path=5%
      Orven "Hooligan" Zaragoza a 23 year old weekend warrior from Chula Vista, California


    • Trail UpdateWild Dog Chase (North Proctor)--At the 6 mile marker on the main Proctor Valley Trail, the Wild Dog Chase trail..This trail parallel to the north of the main trail. As mentioned before, Wild Dog starts off a climb on the side of a hill. Recently, trail condition have been poor. Loose gravel, rocks, and ruts are commonplace now on the way up. The trails leads towards the North from the second vista point of the climb (Eastlake and EastLake High School should be visible to West and the radio towers should be visible to the north mountain tops. I haven't ventured the north part of the trail but if you head a few yards to the west, you should see a doubletrack connecting the trail heading north from the main climb from Proctor Valley. The doubletrack takes you to an adrenalin shot in your cranium downhill bomb run. It is a fast,with occasional ruts, loose gravel and small rock downhill trail that would lead you to a powerline tower. From here you would see a lot of other trails to your North and northwest...I have this feeling that they connect with each other in loops. Oh yeah, they're also quite a climber. From the powerline tower, head down another short drop-off (really rutted and ate me my first time) which cuts on a trail but just keep heading west and this trail would lead you to the main Proctor Valley Trail right at the bottom of the RC Club, before the paved uphill entrance to the club that is. This is a fun playground and I will try to explore more of the northern part of it when I have enough fuel coz the climbs knocks the wind out of me... Another update: There is a new housing development going on right first intersection a mile from the start of Proctor Valley. This is a massive development and I have this feeling they're gonna pave Proctor Valley soon. So if you have any plans of a weekend ride, a bumpy weekend ride (or late afternoons), enjoy Proctor while it last.. But otherwise, I think that Wild Dog Chase would be left untouched along with its adjacent northern trails...See me there at my playground...
      Dirt Road=100% Paved Path=huh% Truck Trail=huh%
      Hooligan a 23 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Schwinn S9six.40 (a really beat up one but loyal) from Chula Vista, CA (maybe it's in Iraq)


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