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  • Prewitt Loop - #PrewittLoop

    Socal - Monterey County - North of Ragged Point NickNames: #PrewittLoop prewitt trail

    Take US Hwy 1 north from Morro Bay for about 1 hour 15 mins. Turn out is on right side past the Prewitt valley and ranger station. Follow the sign to the single track and then the single track up up and away. Be ready for poison oak, walking sections, and six hours of epic singletrack. This is for advanced riders only. Be prepared.

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    • Trail UpdatePrewitt Loop-This is a really tough loop on the only Big Sur backcountry trail that's not in wilderness. It took me 5 hours to complet the loop. The trail begins to disappear after the trail campsite 4 miles from the northside trailhead. The next 4 miles were hit and miss sections of very narrow trail. The posion oak is everywhare and everytime I stopped I would pick off 6-8 ticks. At one point on a grass hillside(near large fallen live oak) I lost the trail for 500 yards. After regaining the trail I continued on and eventually the trial becomes more rideable. The last 2-3 miles are in great shape and an awesome decent.

      The scenery is what you will enjoy on this ride/hike epic. The trail has seen alot of work and I did encounter a Forest Service brush crew working a section of trail about 2 miles from south trailhead.

      I did the loop clockwise(north to south) and would again if I had to.

      Enjoy yours


    • Trail UpdatePrewitt Loop-This is an awesome trail. Drive Hwy 1 north from Morro Bay about an hour or so. Just past Sand Dollar beach and camp ground (less than 1/4 mile) turnout and park on the right hand side by an old gate. Look through the gate to the small brown Forest Service sign that says Prewitt Trail. Follow this up and back. Keep on the main tread.

      You can also start back by Sand Dollar beach behind the Pacific Valley Ranger station. The trail climbs up one side of Plaskett valley and comes back along the other. The Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers have been putting lots of work into this 13 mile loop trail and both ends are in good shape. The middle section is still fairly rough and will require walking. Keep a careful eye out for the tread as it fades. Be ready for PO! (longsleeves, rubbing alcohol afterwards) Expect excellent views of the Pacific, redwood forests, misty valleys, waterfalls, creek crossings, and other amazing views.

      This is not a beginners trail. Intermediate riders should use cation. However, it is a one-of-a-kind epic ride worth the drive.
      Structure a 35 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Can-endo Suffer V from San Luis Obispo


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