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Southern California Trails

  • Prefumo Canyon - #PrefumoCanyon

    Socal - San Luis Obispo County - San Luis Obispo NickNames: #PrefumoCanyon madonna's end :)

    Off the 101, head west on LOVR (Los Osos Valley Road). About 1 mile in, go left on Madonna. Trailhead is at end where it T's off. Park in the community park area. Enter trailhead, go straight (or left, I prefer straight). It'll end at pavement after short hike-a-bike. Go up (left) 'til pavement fades into trail. Trail will 'T' off. To exit, go right at the 'T'. Trail will then 'fork' left, stay right to exit to Prefumo Canyon. End at pavement (PC Road), go right to LOVR, right to Madonna. See first post for more info.

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    • Trail UpdatePrefumo Canyon-At the 'T' or the 'fork' mentioned above, you may branch off other trails as you'd like. Just remember how to get back down (I prefer PC, a little steeper). Reddish soil, rocks, green brush, perfect conditions.
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