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  • Pamo Valley - #PamoValley

    Socal - San Diego County - Ramona NickNames: #PamoValley

    Take highway 15 north to Scripps-Poway parkway. Exit and Go east to highway 67, (About 7 miles). Turn left and head north to Ramona.At the far side of Ramona, the road climbs up and over a small hill. On the other side of the hill, you will see Magnolia Rd. Turn left and head north about 2 miles on Magnolia Rd. Turn left on Pile Rd and park.
    Now, get on your bike and ride another 2 miles north 'till the road turns to dirt, (finally), and begins a gentle 2 mile climb to one of the high points of the ride. The road then descends for several miles into beautiful Black Canyon. At the bottom, turn left, crossing over the old bridge.
    More advanced riders can take their first left, (75 feet past the bridge), and traverse the south flank of Black Mountain on the Santa Ysabel truck trail. After approx 3 miles or so, the trail tees into the Black Mountain T.T. If you want a gut-busting hour-long climb to the summit, turn right. Otherwise, turn left and descend to Pamo Valley. Once at the bottom, turn left and exit the valley via the steep paved road. At the top of the road, turn left on Pile to get back to your car. Total length: 18 miles.
    After crossing the old bridge, less experienced riders will want to continue up the main road. This dirt road continues for about 6 more miles, gently climbing all the way to the Mesa Grande Indian Reservation. Most people turn-around here and head back to the car, which makes this an out and back ride of about 17 miles.

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    • Trail UpdateBlack Canyon-This area consists mostly of graded dirt roads, although the Santa Ysabel Truck trail is fairly rough in places. Ferns line the road when you reach shady parts of the dirt road near Mesa Grande. Watch out for an occasional vehicle. on these roads. The paved climb out of Pamo Valley is tough on hot days.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 17-18 Elevation change: 1000
      Paved Path=10% Truck Trail=90%
      Tom R. a 41 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Ritchey Outback from San Diego


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