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  • Pacifico Mtn. Road - #PacificoMtn.Road

    Socal - Los Angeles County - Palmdale (nearest) NickNames: #PacificoMtn.Road

    From east or west, take the CA-14 Fwy. to the Angeles Forest Hwy. exit (also Pearblossom Hwy. CA-138). Drive south on AF Hwy. to Mill Creek Summit. Turn left on a small road which passes a ranger station. Just past the station, there is a small parking area on the right. Park here.
    If you are driving from Greater LA or further east or south, take the I-210 Fwy. to Angeles Crest Hwy. (CA-2). Go north on CA-2 to Clear Creek Junction and make a left on Angeles Forest Hwy. Continue north to Mill Creek Summit, passing Monte Cristo CG (a nice base camp for other rides!). Thomas Guide page 4556 F6

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    • Trail UpdateGreat Views!-Team T.K. rode pacifico on Sat. great weather and no other riders to be seen. Had a very fast downhill the road is soft but grippey no prob. with traction. No large ruts or rock in the way. This road holds up very very well to bad weather I was surprised. Because of the alt. it makes for a very cool and breezey ride, will be riding here a lot in summer when the temps. go up in summer
      T.K. Castle a 94 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a lqd 30 from big bad chino


    • Trail UpdateSuperLoop Is No More-The SuperLoop detailed below is no longer passable by bike (unless you're an outlaw!) due to the Arroyo toad habitat closure in Little Rock Creek.

      If you need a big-mileage fix in this neighborhood, I suggest the nearby Mount Gleason Loops.
      Tom Kenney a Cross-Country Rider


    • Trail UpdatePretty Country...-Very scenic ride - cool breezes and not to warm at altitude. The road is in good shape, but watch out for cars and the patches of very fine dust that can really get you into a bog. If you're not feeling 100% on a given day then skip the side trip out to Granite and Roundtop - it has some nice vistas but it's a lot of give and take - and save your energy for Pacifico itself. No need for an adventure pass (at least as of this post) if you park at the fire station - they don't require it since they can't sell them there. Heard a few rattlers but never saw any.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 14 Elevation change:
      Dirt Road=100%
      gray a 43 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Giant NRS from LB


    • Trail UpdatePacifico Mtn. Super Loop-This is not an especially difficult or technical ride, but reaches some relatively high altitudes, and the overall distance is great.
      Park at the Acton/Vincent Grade train station, near the junction of Antelope Vly Fwy (CA-14) and Angeles Forest Hwy.

      Ride up AF Hwy to Mill Creek Summit. Go left (east) on the Pacifico Mtn. road (see below) and ride up and over Pacifico Mtn., making the short detour to the actual summit. Ride down the east side to the Sulpher Springs road.

      Ride the Sulpher Springs road past the locked gate at Sulpher Springs group camp, then climb a short distance, now on dirt, to the pretty but abused Pinyon Flat, an old shooting area that looks like a television set graveyard.

      Past Pinyon Flat, the road descends a long, long ways into a desert canyon with a creek flowing at the bottom. Descend all the way to the creek and cross twice at broad crossings, then continue descending to the Little Rock Reservoir. Ride around the reservoir, now on pavement, and down to Mt. Emma road.

      Go left (west) on Mt. Emma road and climb a long, long ways through the desert before descending to Angeles Forest Hwy. Make a right (north) on AF Hwy and ride the short distance back to the train station, and freedom!!!
      Dirt Road=40% Paved Path=60%
      Tom Kenney a 30 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Klein Pinnacle from Reseda, CA > URL: Tom's Page


    • Trail UpdatePacifico Mtn. Road-From the parking area near the Mill Creek station, ride past a gate (closed Nov-Apr, best months to ride!) and wind slowly through a Forest Service plantation of pines. Above this plantation, the road climbs to the south and gains a bare ridge. The road bends north around the crest of the ridge and follows it for a while. Two large switchbacks traverse the west side of the mountain in pine and oak forest. Above these switchbacks, the road rounds the north side of the mountain and gains a saddle. The Iron Mtn. Road goes south here. This is an interresting side trip, but it is a dead end.
      Past the Iron Mtn. Road, the Pacifico Road traverses, then climbs steadily across the south face of Pacifico Mtn. There is little shade here! In winter and spring months, there are some springs and triclkes here which provide some water. The road tops out on a ridge and intersects with the spur road leading to the summit of Pacifico Mtn. Go left here and climb 2 steep switchbacks before gaining a shady saddle with large ponderosa pines. The Pacific Crest Trail meets the road here. DO NOT RIDE THIS TRAIL - IT IS CLOSED TO BIKES!
      From this saddle, climb steeply to the east for a while. The climb ends atop the long east ridge of Pacifico Mtn. There is an abandoned spur road which leads east to some interresting crags, then down to the Cedar Springs Road. The main road turns west and descends slightly before switchbacking crazily around the east ridge. A steep final climb in cool pine forest leads to the summit and Pacifico Mtn. CG. There is no water here, so be sure to bring your own for the day. This CG is a beautiful place to rest, and in the winter months there is a fair amount of snow.
      Descend the way you came, or descend to the Pacific Crest Trail saddle, then go right on an old, ill-repaired road which leads down the long west ridge of Pacifico Mtn. This road passes a seldom-used climbing area about 1/2 mile from the saddle, then descends the crest of the ridge very roughly back to the Iron Mtn. Road saddle. From here, descend the rest of the Pacifico Road.
      Dirt Road=100%
      Tom Kenney a 30 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Klein Pinnacle from Reseda, CA URL:Tom's Page


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