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  • Otay Lake - #OtayLake

    Socal - San Diego County - Chula Vista NickNames: #OtayLake

    Go down Telegraph Canyon Rd. until you get to Otay Lakes Rd. and turn off. Then just park and go on into the trails. Its the lake by the Olympic Training Center.

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    • Trail UpdateAwesome Single Track-This trail is awesome. Its not too technical just a bit to make a well balanced ride. 99% of it is singletrack awesomeness with about 5 bridges and tons of switchbacks. You basically start at the marina park on the side of the road unload and get ready for a fun out and back. Like i said you start at the marina to your left will be the single tracks there are tons of drops that will all lead you to the 2 main single tracks that converge into one and then divide again etc etc etc. It is awesome for more info on this ride email me at psychedelic84@gmail.com


    • K2sam-I rode this trail today 01-14-2008. Its a pretty good novice trail. I parked at a park that overlooks the lake. then i went south towards the dam stayed at the bottem in a single track thaT took me to a park. I think it was called Otay Lakes Park. I turned around there and came back the same way. It was a short ride about about 5 miles tops, but fun.
      Ride rating: Novice
      Ride distance: 5 miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=85% Dirt Road=5% Paved Path=5% Truck Trail=5%
      a Weekend Warrior from chula vista


    • Trail UpdateOtay Lake-I rode this a couple days ago and since all the crazy rains the lake rose to the top of the dam. So if you're trying to ride around the whole thing like I thought I could, don't the dam is now closed to crossing. The border patrol guy there said it's a terroism risk. Bastards. But I parked by the dam and rode most of the single track by the lake, with a few street sections around the high water, to the skydiving place. Its about an 8 mile ride there and back. The suroundings are awesome.
      rock4x4 a 24 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a 2005 Cake 2 Dlx from Valencia / San Diego, CA


    • Trail UpdateOtay Lake-Fun trail, and is in good shape. We started at parking lot and followed fence around the lake; saw a baby rattler in the middle of the trail. After taking a break at the gazebo, proceded through a real fun downhill....that is even a more fun up hill if you enjoy climbing. Plenty of sand, rocks and drop offs.

      some advice..DON'T try and make this a full loop. My dumb friends and I tried to do this. After you do the big download you'll eventually find a area to cross the ravine and start riding around the other side. There is some real cool single track, but just remember you have to come back. We went all the way around, got lost and had a long ride home on the road in the dark.

      I'm excited to go back and explore more.

      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: varies at least 7.5 Elevation change: 500
      Singletrack=70% Truck Trail=30%
      Sigha a 27 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Cannondale from SD


    • Trail UpdateOtay Lake-Chula Vista-Rode today 12-30-03 with a friend and the trails were in excellent condition. It was his first time on this trail. We did 3 different sections around the lake. We did the Rock Garden, Touch the fence, Touch the bench. Total of about 14.2 miles round trip. Great single track and varied conditions. The rock garden was loose and alittle slick. All and all it was a great ride.
      Ride rating: Novice
      Ride distance: 14.2 miles Elevation change: 1
      Singletrack=60% Dirt Road=35% Paved Path=5%
      Jeremy peyton a 29 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a 03 Trek Fuel 80 from Chula Vista


    • Trail UpdateThis was a great 7.5 mile ride. It's a nice trail to get someone started. The trail goes about half way around the lake then you have to return. It's about 90% single track, with a few good short climbs. This was the first ride for my wife. She had to work a little but did fine. Their is one spot that their is no trail and you have to ride next to the road for about 400 yards then your back on the trail.
      Ride distance: seven. five Elevation change:


    • Trail UpdateThe trail conditions are very simple. Mostly single track all the way through. Its a very fun trail to go on no matter what experence level. Dirt all the way through. There's this one part where there's a small hill about one foot high and it drops down about two feet. If you go fast enough, you can clear the two foot drop and fly off the other end.
      Ride rating: Novice
      Ride distance: 4 miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=98% Dirt Road=2%
      Jake a 13 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Pacofic YX 2200 from Chula Vista


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