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  • O'Melveny Park - #O'MelvenyPark

    Socal - Los Angeles County - Granada Hills NickNames: #O'MelvenyPark

    From the 118 Fwy at the Balboa exit, go north on Balboa to Sesnon (west, opposite water works). Go left on Sesnon to the main parking lot for O'Melveny Park. Thomas Guide page 481 B4

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    • Trail UpdateNeon/mission Peak Etc...-what benefit was there from 2 gas company reps taking suggestions? either somebody suggested they screw up the trail or they completely disregarded any input from users.
      dgh a 38 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a epic from northridge


    • Trail UpdateI agree that the fence sucks and the new trail they built is a total half-ass job. But, before they built it, they had two representatives from the company sitting up by Three Trees taking suggestions and providing information about the new fence. I appreciate the fact that they solicited some public opinion.

      No, I don't work for the gas company. This isn't propaganda. I was just impressed that they at least made some effort to do the right thing.

      I noticed this week that somebody cut through the fence. Don't be an asshole. There are so many trails to ride in the area, you can give up this one. They didn't block it off just to be assholes (although that was my first suspicion), they did it because the government told them to.

      Why doesn't somebody organize a trail clearing party? Go up there and cut the trail the way it should have been done in the first place -- make it rideable. Then dump all the bushes that get cut down in the half-ass trail to let it regrow. I don't have the time or energy to organize such an event. Do you?


    • Trail UpdateNew Trail Now Open!!!-Great News, There are new trails built around the So Cal Gas fences. We were up there on 6/27 and it looks like the trails were built last week sometime. So itís open to East Cyn again.
      Steve M a Cross-Country Rider


    • Trail UpdateEast Canyon Omelveny History-Sempra energy Just erected barbed wire fences at the top of east canyon! you can neither descend to three trees (Omelveny park) or go west to Oat mtn. Bastards! were we really hurting the dirt? Are we all a threat to national security? Absolutly sucks. You cant even finish your climb with a view of the San Fernando Valley. Who do we bitch to? Who has wire cutters? Even the cows are pissed.
      ticky a 43 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a blur from santa clarita


    • Trail UpdateNo Mroe Connection To East Cyn-No more connection to East Cyn - So Cal Gas Co. now owns property at the top of the mountain and has erected a huge fence blocking the Neon Wy/Mission Peak/three Trees ride from connected with East Canyon and Weldon Canyon from the Interstate 5 side. We tried to come over from East Canyon yesterday; didn't work.

      Steve K a 16 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Mongoose XR-100 from Canyon Country (Santa Clarita), CA


    • Trail UpdateTrail Info??-I've never been to this trail but I'm always looking for a good climbing work out. What's the distance on the hill & the trail overall? What kind of conditions?
      Rayzorx a 48 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Stumpjumper Pro Hardtail from West Covina


    • Trail UpdateTrail is back to normal now (after to plow). Still a tough climb. Locals claim the record time is 18 minutes. Average old farts like myself do it in 40 minutes. Most can't do it at all. Great view at the top see the "monument".
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 2.5 Elevation change: 1250
      Singletrack=1% Truck Trail=99%
      briman500 a 45 year old Weekend Warrior


    • Trail UpdateNeon Way - Three Trees-The trail has just been graded and is in horrible shape. Not very suitable for riding with a lot of very deep loose stuff left over from the dozers.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 4 Elevation change:
      Singletrack=1% Truck Trail=99%
      Tino a Weekend Warrior riding a 03' Specialized Epic from Granada Hills, Ca.


    • Trail UpdateAliso Canyon Trail-The top trailhead for Aliso Canyon is located at the end of Senson leading in from Balboa (1 mile west of O'Melveny Park). The bottom of the trailhead is off of Rinaldi St., west of Zelzah.

      The ride down from the Senson trailhead is pretty fun, especially for a beginner (ME!). It's got a nice flat section (pretty wide / fire road) that leads into a somewhat steep drop that connects to the rest of the trail. Watch out for the ruts. One of which was HUGE (waist deep) and took up half of the single track on the way down. There are some dried out creek beds which you will cross along with some nice humps which can be jumped. Lots of shade from all the tress make it nice on hot days.

      I saw some deer and a one guy walking a horse. People seem very friendly and don't mind sharing the trails. I didn't see any signs prohibiting Mt. Bikes on either trail heads.

      I'll be using this ride to get into shape so I can and tackle the Neon Way trail! ;)

      (Remove the nospam from my email address)
      Ride rating: Beginner
      Ride distance: 3 to 4 miles Elevation change: 300 ft.
      Singletrack=25% Dirt Road=75%
      Tino a 28 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Specialized Epic from Granada Hills, Ca.


    • Trail UpdateThree Trees-We rode this trail last week. (12-24-02). We started from East Canyon off of The Old Road which is next to Towsley Canyon. We climbed up East Canyon until we reached the small water tank. Its about 4 miles up on the main fire road. We turned left on the fire road which took us down to a gate. Over the gate to three trees. (Its really four, but who's counting). If you look down to the Valley, we took the singletrack to our left. It goes down some good technical hills which are rutted because of rain. Some of the singletrack was still very slick and caused some near crashes. The trail leads directly into O'Melveny Park.

      Now for the bad news, what goes down must go back up. Exit the park and turn right onto the road. ( I think its Senson). The third street to the right is Neon. Make a right. At the end of the street on the left is an entrance to the climb back up. The climb is about 3-4 miles directly back to three trees. It is a fairly steep climb which is a little muddy due to recent rains. Continue back the same way you came.

      The ride takes about 2- 2 1/2 hours. Good luck.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 19 ish miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=40% Dirt Road=60%
      a Cross-Country Rider from Saugus


    • Trail UpdateSingle Track At O'Melveny Park-A summary of the single track I have found at this location: (1) Straight down from three trees. Pretty steep at the top (advanced) but it mellows out (intermediate) and is a lot of fun; (2) Directly below the tree trees, the Neon Way/Dr. Mario A. DeCampos Memorial Trail passes a chain link fence; there is a single track that heads off to the left (if you are going downhill) and will eventually lead you into Bee Canyon in O'Melveny Park; it is pretty steep in some areas but is a fun ride; they recently plowed the section just above O'Melveny Park next to the stream, so some of the fun obstacles are gone; but it's still very much worth the ride; I rate it an intermediate; (I noticed below in a 1997 posting that there was a serious accident on this single track. The terrain is not inherently very dangerous. I have to assume that the injured rider was riding recklessly.) (3) A few switchbacks below the chain link fence, there is another single track that traverses to the left and meets up with #2 above; (4) My favorite single track in the Mission Point/O'Melveny Park area starts at the first switchback below Three Trees; it drops down the ridgeline; Aliso (?) Cyn is on the right; after going through a decent vegetable tunnel, it opens onto a dirt road next to a high voltage tower; follow this down to an asphalt road (belonging to the oil company); go straight down the road; it curves to the right, then there is a sharp switchback to the left; then veer off the road onto the single track to the left; this is the section that is a lot of fun; it will drop you off on Sesnon right where Sesnon becomes a dirt road; you can ride up this route, although you'll probably have to throw the bike over your shoulder close to the top; consider it cross-training; this single track I would consider intermediate.

      I think that's all of the single track on Mission Point. If there's more, please post the information here.


    • Trail UpdateThe city just graded (10-11-99) the trail up to Mission Peak so the trail is in rather poor condition right now. Hopefully the rubble and loose stuff will pack down after a little water hits it.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      John Godden


    • Trail UpdateNeon Way Trail-From the O'Melveny Park paring, drive or ride west on Sesnon to Neon Way (just before top of hill). Go right on Neon Way to its end. If you drove, park here. Ride uphill on a fairly steep, overgrown 'road' which eases off occasionally. Pass the trees locally known as "Three Trees" (even though there are 4 of them!) and continue to the top of Mission Peak. This trail meanders up a beautiful ridge through walnut and oak groves and open grassland, providing broad views of the San Fernando Valley and its surrounding mountains.
      There are two other ways to descend besides the Neon Way Trail. The first is a singletrack 'ridge route' which follows the Neon Way Trail. This trail is easy and fun in places, hair-raisingly steep in others. The second is another overgrown road which splits from the Neon Way Trail at the chain-link fence just below Three Trees. This road descends very steeply back to O'Melveny Park. Caution! This road has been the site of at least 1 serious accident. Someone lost control and rode right off the edge, requiring a helicopter resque and hospital time!
      Singletrack=30% Dirt Road=70%
      Tom Kenney a 29 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Klein Pinnacle from Reseda, CA URL:Tom's Page


    • Trail UpdateCanyon Trail-Ride the easy dirt road through the orchards and ranch, then farther up the canyon, passing a small picnic area along the way. At the point where the road makes a u-turn and goes steeply uphill, go right on a trail. Ride this trail up the canyon to a waterfall. The riding is mostly easy and pleasant, but some difficulties are encountered.
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=50%
      Tom Kenney a 29 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Klein Pinnacle from Reseda, CA URL:Tom's Page


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