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Southern California Trails

  • Oat Mountain - #OatMountain

    Socal - Los Angeles County - Chatsworth NickNames: #OatMountain

    Get off the 118 Freeway at Tampa. Go North to the corner of Tampa and Sesnon.
    Thomas Guide page: 480 G6

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    • Trail UpdateI was sorry to hear that the site burned in '08. I, along with about a dozen staff and 50 corpsmembers, opened CCC Oat Mtn. in 1978. The site had been abandoned since the military pulled out. Before we got there a spike crew came up to restore the barracks. They had to clear out lots of rattlesnakes. The silos were still operating, and a part of the control panel was intact. A corpsmember taught a welding class down in the silo, and we held dances for the corpmembers. It was a very unique place
      Greg Wolley a 57 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Trek 620 from Portland, OR


    • Trail UpdateNike Crewman-I was stationed at Site 88, 1968-1971
      The Gate was locked half way up from De Soto and Devonshire. There was a residence there, (I assume it was the Browns)floods of 69 washed it away. several good forest fires toasted the hills and burned over the top of Oat Mt. There was a back road that you could take from porter ranch that would go through the getty oil fields and to Oat Mt. then Brown's Cyn Rd. Yes there were nukes. The Sylmar quake of 71 had us worried that the missiles would fall off the launchers. The Chatsworth Site has gone back to nature with the last fire. The Fire control area on Oat Mt. was taken over by communications companies and T.V. stations so it is in good shape. If you want to see an actual Nike base with missiles, (w/o warheads)visit the NPS at the Marin Headlands center on the Sausalito side of the Golden Gate Bridge. It is a great bike ride! there is a marine mammal center and great views of S.F city and the Golden gate. Google SF-88, Happy Trails!


    • Trail UpdateYesterday I left the bike behind and did a hike up the mountain. The fire in 2008 finished off the remnants of the Nike barracks. All that remains are the cleared off foundations. All of the piles of trash and junk burned up too.

      The paved road is really deteriorating badly in some parts. After the recent rains, life is beginning to return to the mountain. Everything is nice and green.

      There are 2 ranches west of Oat Mountain. I met one of the ranch owners on my way down the trail. He offered me a ride back down the hill to the parking lot. Nice guy but I can see where he might not be so nice if you venture onto his property. On the ride down I was asking him about the area.


    • Trail UpdatePictue Of Burrito-I found a picture of a Burrito once. So I went to the store and bought a burrito and I ate it. I am not going to include the website where I found that burrito because that would just be lame much like the post below this one.


    • Trail Update1960 Missils On Oak Mountain!-found a pic on a site! this explains the choppers flying over it.. probably a practice site or somethin...
      "This photo reportedly shows the Nike Hercules missile installation on Oat Mountain above Chatsworth in the 1960s. It appears larger on this website about the history of Nike missiles, along with a note indentifying these warheads as nuclear."


    • Trail UpdateFire Damage-I rode up Brown's Canyon after the fire. It is awful. Some parts look like the surface of the moon. It will be years before the vegetation regenerates.
      old gringo a 56 year old


    • Trail UpdateNike Site-went up there afew years ago and poked around. that old huey still there? surprisingly easy to get into the underground bunker...LAPD kept it padlocked probably should be welded shut. no dust, no cobwebs, no droppings, no evidence of life in there of any kind. only thing that can explain that on this planet burns brighter than the sun.
      jstsomgy a 36 year old Weekend Warrior riding a still shopping for replacement from the ignorant empire


    • Trail UpdateOat Mountain-I strongly suggest that you not go into the LAPD SWAT training facility. I don't think they would like that. You can continue up the road to the top of Oat Mountain. Tough climb and a great view. You can see the Pacific on a clear day.
      old gringo a 55 year old


    • Trail UpdateI December 20th, I went on a ride up Browns Canyon Road. The fog and drizzle made it a exciting one. The road has a number of pot holes, but nothing big. I made it to the old Nike missile site now owned by LAPD and had to turn around because it was getting dark. It was a fun trip--I could barely see as the fog was so thick. I saw some sheep along the way (probably 300 feet south of the Nike site). I'd like to bike to the top sometime soon. Had lot of fun in this area years ago.

      Anyone ever explored around the old Nike site, especially the barracks? Looks interesting.
      tdocan a Weekend Warrior


    • Trail UpdateOat Mountain-I rode up Brown's Canyon Road a couple of weeks ago. I have been doing so for ten years or longer. No prob with the locals. True, one section of the road is on private property and there is a sign saying the gate can be closed at any time.
      old gringo a 55 year old


    • Trail UpdateIs there any trespassing done driving up to the michael d antonovitch parking area? Has anybody had any problems riding this trail recently?
      mw818 a 18 year old Weekend Warrior


    • Trail UpdateTo xbmxr, When I wrote the original ride writeup seven years ago the park you use now didn't exist, it was still private property. The easiest way prior was to go through the oilfields on the eastern half of the mountain.

      Since this park has been opened access to the mountain is much easier, plus you don't really have to tresspass as much.
      Robert F.


    • Trail UpdateDon't forget to pay "The Man" or else! Just got back from a trip to check out the parking area with my wife when we passed a Park Ranger on the way down (He waved!). Of the two cars in the lot, one had paid the $3 fee but got a nasty note telling him that he had the slip put the wrong way in his window (so the date wasn't visible) and next time, he'd get a ticket. Car two didn't buy a pass, he got a ticket for.....$65! Beware.
      Top Cat a Weekend Warrior


    • Trail UpdateI don't know why the directions say Tampa to Sesnon. I tried that and couldn't find a way up there. Besides that, there is no parking anywhere. The trail entrance is on Browns Canyon Road. Exit the 118 FWY at De Soto and drive north. I think the parking area is about 3-4 miles from the freeway. There is a point where there are signs saying private road where the horse area is but you can drive right on through. There is a parking area by the Antonovich sign that is in my photos. That is where you drop the parking fee in the payment box. There is another parking lot about another 50 yards up the hill. Beyond that it is authorized vehicles only. Unfortunately I didn't pay much attention to the milage on the way up. I was too busy checking everything out and taking photos. It took me about 2 hours to get to the top (riding,hike-a-bike, and photo taking stops) about 15 minutes to get back to the car.
      xbmxr a 36 year old


    • Trail UpdateOat Mountain Trail-This message is for XBMXR. I would like to know when you get to the corner of sesnon and tampa, where do you enter the park? Can you please give me directions. I sometimes ride the lower and upper trail of lime kiln canyon. I would love to take that trail further all the way up to the top where you took the photos of Magic mountain. Also what was the mileage from the trail head to the top.Thanks
      Brian a 36 year old Weekend Warrior riding a GT STS 1500 from chatsworth


    • Trail UpdateThis week-end I took a ride up to the top of Oat Mountain. I had been wanting to do this ride for a long time and was glad I finally did. The views from the top were well worth the effort! Part if the Nike barracks look like they are still maintained. There were a few newer looking cars and a cargo van parked in the lot. Parts of the ride were pretty steep. Factor in a strong headwind meant hike-a-bike for me as I am not in the best of shape. I didn't encounter any dudes in white trucks on the way up. Actually I was the only person up there. The road is open almost all the way to the top. The paved road appears to be within the park's borders so if you stick to that you shouldn't have any trouble. There is a gate near the top which was open but has keep out signs posted on it. I was that close to the top that I wasn't about to turn back at that point! The ride down was fast. Watch out for big holes and slippery sand and rocks in the road on some sections. Here is a link to some pics from my ride.

      Be sure to pay the parking fee as the ranger does come through the lot to verify that the fee has been paid.
      xbmxr a 36 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Specialized


    • Trail UpdateCaution-There is a lot of private ranch property between Rock Peak and Oat Mountain and much of the fire roads as well as trails cross such land. Beware that not all the landowners enjoy trespassers or even want them on their land.
      The Ranch Manager a Older than dust. year old riding a Trail Eating Quarter Horse / Big Bad Pick Up Truck from Chatsworth


    • Trail UpdateParked at the parking lot just past the big "Michael A" sign this past Thanksgiving, and biked up to the top of the mountain. Very clear day, and I could see all the way to Catalina Island and downtown LA. This is a "road" ride, no dirt at all, but I think you can now ride from Rocky Peak all the way over to Oat Mountain on some of the old fire roads. I think the ranch burned down during the fires a few years back, because I saw no signs of any buildings, looking with my binoculars. I was wondering if anyone has done this yet, and I will probably give it a try in the next week or two.
      Superhoob a 42 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Gary Fisher Sugar 3+ from Simi Valley


    • Trail UpdateDrove as high as you can on this road and parked on the helipad at 6:30am on the 25th with my sister and brother-in-law. We hung out there for about an hour watching the spectacular sunrise. The views from up there are outrageously beautiful. Can't wait for some mountain biking circuits to be established.


    • Trail UpdateThe Actual Riding Trails.-I parked at the big sign you are talking about and tried to ride several of the trails that take off from there. They all go a short way and then are marked "Private, No Trespassing". We tried at least 4 different trails and all had the same results. I have a map for the area that states many of these trails are open, but indeed they are not. That is probably why you cannot find the map I have anymore. It was only out for a short time. At this point the trails are worthless from a biking perspective. However EBasil is right, the area is very nice and unique for the LA area. When and if they actually get a significant amount of trails open this will be a great area to ride. The Oaks and grasslands are fantastic this time of year. One trail has the potential to make for a great loop around to either Devil's Canyon (An Adventure Ride) or onward towards Rocky Peak and all of its connnectors. Problem is, there is a ranch right on this road and they have closed a portion of the road to the public. Lets hope they create a work around. This would make for the best potential ride in this new park.
      Matt a Cross-Country Rider from Newbury Park


    • Trail UpdateJoughlin Ranch Open Space-Okay, today, I drove up Brown's Canyon and here's what I can say:

      --Dang, they're building a housing tract up there!
      --The road, where one comes down the hill into the equestrian area, is still marked as private and with the big gates, but this road leads to the Michael D. Antonivich Open Space at Joughlin Ranch...so ride ro drive right on through.
      --Halfway up the ascent to the old Nike Missile barracks/CCC Center/SWAT Facility, there's a massive sigh/monument to Antonovich with a parking area and signs. From this point upward there are "15mph Enforced by Ranger" signs all the way up the mountain to where I had to stop. The pavement is very rough and broken up.
      --The old CCC center is indeed a SWAT facility, but is extremely run down. There are doors off hinges in the old mess facility and the front office building. The silos have tractors and an old RTD bus parked around them.
      --The gate on the road is open just above the SWAT facility and the road is open, but very rough in spots. In others, it has fresh pavement, but it's usually about 1.5 lanes wide. The road climbs up past two more parking areas with Antonovich Open Space signs and the views allow one to see a multitude of fire roads, jeep tracks and singletracks. Some of the fireroads have gates across them, and there are cattle roaming freely on this part of the mountain. The cattle ranch to the west is still in operation.
      --As one ascends further, there are views north and you will see a pair of oil-well pumps (not running). Just above the closer/higher of the two oil rigs, the road dramatically degrades again and climbs to a closed gate with No Trespassing signs on it. By my recollection from going to the top, this gate is about 2/3 up the mountain (the SWAT center is at less than half), and I pulled a 3-point to get back down.
      --As for trails, they abound and this, in cool weather, is some beautiful country one might not otherwise expect in this part of LA, etc... The Santa Monica Mountain Conservancy is listed on the signs as the administrators of the Open Space...maybe they've got a version of the mapped trails they could provide to the public (safe bet they know the mapping).
      --This would be a lousy climb/descend on a bike if one stayed on the road...
      Truck Trail=100%
      EBasil from Chatsworth


    • Trail UpdateI was talking to a member of the Chatsworth Historical Society (located in Chatsworth Park South) and she said some of the land below and leading up to Oat Mountain is now a public park area. Someone else and her drove up the road to Oat Mountain. This was earlier this year. She told me that as long as you ignore the "private property" signs, it is possible to drive up there (from Brown's Canyon Road). So, if it's open to vehicles, it must be open to bikes. I did ask her to let me know the next time she plans to go to the top. The museum inside the park is open from 1:00 to 4:00 PM the first Sunday of every month.
      I would sure like to go up there; I've been to the top of Mission Point, but not Oat Mountain.
      TG a 43 year old riding a Diamondback Response from Northridge


    • Trail UpdateSo whats the story with the new park? I drove up there last sunday and the gate just past the old CCC camp was open. And there is a park sign there that said park open sunrise to sunset. I drove past the gate to the top of the mountain. Along the way I saw a new parking lot with more park signs, trash cans etc.
      This supprised me because this area has always ben off limits.
      What does the park own?
      where are we allowed to go now?


    • Trail UpdateHey I never said I could spell. LOL


    • Trail UpdateThe Real Deal-I have been horseback riding, Fox hunting, hiking and mountain biking for 26 years. So I consider myself a self-proclaimed expert on the area. lol

      I found it very interesting to find this site so I hope I can add to it.

      I have been dealing with these same cowboys for years.
      As you get to the top of devils canyon or the top on Yubarra Cyn where it touches Browns Canyon Rd you will run it to some want a be cowboys. I use to ride up there all the time on horseback. They could never do anything because most of the time I had a gun on my side. It took the steam right out of them. There was no concern of a gun fight they were just worried that if they made me mad I would use there cattle for target practice when they were not around.

      Years ago there were a couple of brothers named George and Ed Boyle who owned 100 acres in Simi. Wasn’t even theirs they married into the ranch and in-herited it. They ran their cattle all the way to browns and claimed all the land was all theirs. They ran anyone and everyone off of it.
      I am sure the original George and Ed are long dead. As a matter of fact I remember one of them dying of cancer but I don’t know which one.
      But one of them had 2 sons George and Ed Jr. How original. And I heard they are running the family business. Pretending to own property that isn't theirs.
      Truth is you have as much right to be there as they do. If you drive to the top of Tapo Cyn in Simi you can see the white trash ranch they own.
      The Orcutt Ranch owns the top of Oat. It is 1 mile wide and 100 miles long. Getty Oil is leasing most of the Orcutt ranch. So the only one that has the right to though you off is Getty oil.

      Now at the top of devils due east there is an Old Spanish style home hidden in the bushes. Go about 10 years back and an old woman named Darlene Knet or Knight owned it. When I was about 10 y old I met her when my dad was trying to buy the property from her. She lived down by Indian springs. And two twin brothers named Lee and Lynn lived there. There is no power to the house and I don’t know exactly how old it is. I would guess it’s from the late 1800's.
      Last I heard about these want a bee cowboys was they had not paid there rent to her in years and they were telling every one the house was theirs and running people out. I am sure they must be gone now. A friend of mine saw a brown bear their.

      Follow the road south towards browns and you will run in to cattle storage and round up area. They may even have horses loose in the pasture.
      Know the area well. When I was about 12 y old I stayed there until almost midnight one night while my dad got drunk with George Boyle Sr.
      Typical cowboys George Sr tried to run us off. 20 min later he has flask out and there getting drunk.
      If you drive your car to the Old CCC camp you can see these pens from the road.

      Continue on the road toward browns and you'll find an old rock quarry. This is below the CCC camp. Now go back 25 years and there was a real crazy bas....d Living there. He use to try and hit us with his pick up. Luckily he flipped a bulldozer down there and killed him self.
      Now at the very top of Oat go due east to a valley in the ridge and then off the Magic Mountain side and you'll find an old school house from the 1800.
      There was cowboy their working cutting horses name Cecil cullory. Nice guy. Hes probably gone by now.
      But that old school house is kind of a cool landmark.

      By the way on a very clear day from the top of Oat Mountain You can see Catalina Island and Magic Mountain from the same spot. I have a picture of it at home somewhere.

      Now go back to the top of devils and go west towards Simi and you'll find a nice valley with a two-story house. I don't know who lives there. I heard it was Boyle’s sister but I don't know if that is true. If you follow that valley you will come out at tapo cyn in Simi.

      At the top of Yubarra Cyn in the valley there is the remains of a house. I know nothing about it. Now I see we have a new rancher in their fencing things off.
      If he was smart he' build a detour trail around his property so yubarra was still accessible to everyone.

      Now for those of you riding rocky peak. As you reach the top and start down you will reach a fence with a no trespassing sign. If you hop the fence and continue down the fire road it will turn do south and comes devils cyn. A great single track in a nice cool cyn. Follow that and it lets out at the top of Topanga cyn.

      One more story for you gold hunters, and its true. In the 1800’s a stagecoach was robbed down near stony point. As the robber road of with 5000 in gold he was shot in the back. He road up in to the hills and baried the gold near a sulfer spring. Then road down to his girl friends house and He told her what I told you and died. Years later after she died the info was discovered in her diary. The gold has still not been recovered. It was worth 5000 then I’m sure its worth a lot more now.

      As far as the missle base goes. I know very little.

      Well I hope someone finds this interesting
      a Cross-Country Rider .com


    • Trail UpdateLAPD SWAT Pic From Oat...-Oat Mountain is an awesome place. Here's a pic of LAPD training near the Nike base...

      Tony riding a Flying monkey


    • Trail UpdateOat Mtn. SWAT Center-
      Nice work, Pete, although I can't recognize any of the old CCC Center in those photos. I think you need to find more and post those, too.

      Classic old bike, bud. I hope you've updated the forks.
      EBasil from Chatsworth


    • Trail UpdateHere It Is LAPD SWAT At OAT MTN.-I found a website that has pics of LAPD SWAT doing their airborne sniper training at Oat Mountain in Chatsworth, CA. You guys described it just as it looks in the pics, so I hope these pics give some of the readers a better idea of what the area looks like.
      That RTD bus one reader posted about is actually used by LAPD for what's called linear tactical assaults for rescuing hostages in buses, trains, and aircraft. (it's visible in the first pic off to the left)



      Enjoy, and let me know if I can be of more help.
      Happy trails.
      Officer PETE#383, MCPD
      PETE383 a 33 year old Weekend Warrior riding a 1992 Alpinestars AL MEGA DX EOS from Los Angeles, CA


    • Trail Update"Is it a SWAT training ground? Anti-terrorist? Scares me!"

      Near Browns Cyn is a large active LAPD Swat training facility.
      Robert a 20 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Specialized HardRock (Same POS as 5yrs ago...) from Chatsworth, CA


    • Trail UpdateMountain lions are flying helicopters now!? We're doomed.

      Oat Bran Boy


    • Trail UpdateWhy are their armed helicopters flying around the top of Brown's Canyon (right at the gated fence, 3/4 of the way up), shooting rifles? EVERY time I've ridden Johnson’s (to Rocky Peak) I've seen a 'copter flying around the top half of Oat mountain and heard many shots. On 07/06 I saw three 'copters following each other, and saw muzzle flashes from one. They hover, then circle the mountain, and then hover some more, for hours. I've heard the rifles for months, but this is the 1st time I've seen the flashes. Is it a SWAT training ground? Anti-terrorist? Scares me!


    • Trail UpdateClarification-the trail the man talked about is the Weldon Canyon Mtwy. It loops with East canyon and at the top of the route where both trails meet the ridge route to Oat Mtn. is where the big fence is. Weldon Canyon does not get you to Oat Mt.
      Steve K a 16 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Mongoose XR-100 from Canyon Country (Santa Clarita), CA


    • Trail UpdateThe Real Deal On Oat...-Okay, first off, the top of Oat mountain (most of the ridgetop), has never been legal. It has always been private property, and still is. That said, more of Oat mountain is now parkland than ever before! While you still cannot legally access the top, much of the north and south slopes of Oat are now open. The park names are Michael D. Antonovich open space (east end, north slope), and Michael D. Antonovich Regional Park at Joughin Ranch (southern slope). Maps and information can be found at the www.lamountains.com website.

      According to the map at http://www.lamountains.com/maps/joughin.pdf you can now legally access Oat via Browns Canyon Rd. at the end of De Soto. However, this is a paved road, open to vehicle access. Not much good mountain biking in this area, but there are some dirt roads to ride around on. Unfortunately, many do cross private inholdings, and the owners may or may not tolerate your presence there. This is the case with the ride over from Rocky Peak fireroad. Most of it is legal parkland, but it does cross a private inholding before reaching Oat and Browns Canyon Rd. In fact, there is a ranch house and horses, so please do not do anything to upset the landowners!

      The previous poster was refering to the Weldon Canyon fireroad, which is legal and is in the Michael D. Antonovich open space. Again, though if you try to acess the top of the ridge of Oat Mountain from here, you will be trespassing. The map, which may make the directions in the previous post a lot more clear, can be found at http://www.lamountains.com/maps/eastRiceMDAOSNewhall.pdf

      More and more of Oat is becoming public parkland all the time. If you ride around here, please remember not to do things that would jeopardize our current or future access here. Do not upset property owners, and remember that the Oil and Natural Gas wells that are on some of the private property around here are considered A NATIONAL SECURITY RISK IN THE POST 9/11 WORLD. Lets not give them any more reasons to build fences, or restrict our access.
      Pilot a 31 year old Racer riding a Spider SPV from Chatsworth URL: http://www.lamountains.com/parks_listing.asp


    • Trail UpdateOat Mountain-If it's a legal way up, why do you have to hide if you
      see people in trucks or you are toast?
      Gringo a 51 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Ellsworth Isis from Chatsworth







      Just past the PAINT BALL PLACE, you will see a over pass (that cuts over the 5 freeway) (I forgot the name of the street)

      But it leads to a GUN CLUB, you can't miss it. The over pass is right on the crest of the hill before you drop down into SANTA CLARITA. If you go over the hill, you went too far.

      go over the over pass, and turn right, "you can't go left"

      ***this is the important part****

      Once you turn right, AND YOU ARE HEADING DOWN THE ROAD, keep your eyes out on the left hand side the road. (ABOUT 100 YARDS FROM THE OVER PASS) you will see a fire road, with a brown swing gate. THIS IS THE VERY FIRST FIRE ROAD YOU SHOULD SEE AFTER MAKING THE LEFT.. You can legally park there, and hike up, bike up, horse back up. or whatever.

      THIS IS YOUR PATH TO OAK MOUNTAIN! this will take you to the top parts of the mountain. JUST FOLLOW THE TRAIL UP, and UP ON THE TOP PART YOU WILL SEE WHERE IT TURN LEFT OR RIGHT, right take you nowhere, right.... takes you to the mountain top, but BUT ABOUT 2 MILES UP THE MOUNTAIN THE TRAIL SPLITS OFF "right or left" IF YOU GO RIGHT you back down the mountian, left will take you to HELL... PRIVATE PROPERTY... AND THE A*SHOLE IN THE WHITE TRUCK! beware! But LEFT, WILL TAKE YOU THE TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN WHERE THE MICOWAVE TOWERS ARE, and there is a OLD MISSLE COMAND CENTER there too, AMONG THE RADAR TOWERS. YOu will have to squeeze throw the fence to get to it. But it's cool, It goes underground, it has heavy blast doors, and a cool escape hatch....


      Pardon any typo's

      Good Luck
      the man


    • Trail UpdateOff Limits-As far as I know, there is no legal way to get up to
      Oat Mt. now. The Gas Co. has shut down all
      access routes to the top.
      Gringo a 51 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Ellsworth Isis from Chatsworth


    • Trail UpdateHow Can We Get To Oat?-Since there seems to be a few road blocks to Oat, what are the possible ways to get there now? Browns Canyon Road, Rocky Peak, up the gas roads? Is it possible to get to Oat from Simi/the west. I saw a trail coming from that direction, but don't know where it goes/starts. Anyone know? Also, what's the safest way to get to Oat (by foot or bike) without someone getting pissed?
      Monkey a 24 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Huffy


    • Trail UpdateHow Can We Get To Oat?-Since there seems to be a few road blocks to Oat, what are the possible ways to get there now? Browns Canyon Road, Rocky Peak, up the gas roads? Is it possible to get to Oat from Simi/the west. I saw a trail coming from that direction, but don't know where it goes/starts. Anyone know? Also, what's the safest way to get to Oat (by foot or bike) without someone getting pissed?
      Monkey a 24 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Huffy


    • Trail UpdateSocal Gas Fence-socal gas put up a fence which blocks rides up to Oat Mountain from Weldon Canyon, East Canyon, O'Melveny Park, Neon wy/3trees. Can't really go around this one either. Time to write letters or something.
      Steve K a 16 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Mongoose XR-100 from Canyon Country (Santa Clarita), CA


    • Trail UpdateReading through the rest of the posts since I first posted the trail, you should also note that the land where the homes were gonna go is now SMMC parkland and is open to the public. Not as much of a trespassing issue anymore.
      oswap/Robert a 20 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Specialized Hardrock from Chatsworth, CA


    • Trail UpdateYou do know I drive a white truck and am up there all the time? And most of my fellow radio techs drive white company trucks? And all the gas company guys drive white trucks?
      oswap a Weekend Warrior riding a Specialized Hardrock from Chatsworth, CA


    • Trail UpdateAliso/neon/oat Mountain-about three weeks ago i rode the bike from Rinaldi (aliso canyon) to dirt sesnon onto sesnon to neon way and up the fire roads to the great golf ball in the sky. what an amazing 360 degree view. this ride is not for the faint hearted. i passed by the guy in the white pick-up twice and he didn't say a word to me go figure.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 25 miles Elevation change: alot
      teizoteiz a 25 year old Weekend Warrior riding a walmart boat anchor from northridge


    • Trail UpdateDude In The White Truck-He's still up there... I ride, but I actually HIKED to the giant Golf Ball today on Oat Mountain, while doing some photography. Ran out of water for 3 hours, which was hell.

      DITWT said he owned the land... at any rate, he was gruff but not unreasonable. An older security guard in a white Explorer up by the Golf Ball was actually very cool. He asked how I got up there, I said I hiked from the East Canyon trail... then he laughed, said in 25 years he's never seen a hiker up there, and drove off. A moral victory of sorts.

      If you hike it, bring all the water you can carry, especially if it's in the 90's (doh). It took 2.5 hours to get to the Golf Ball from the parking lot at East Canyon, and I had to dodge a couple trucks on top.
      TheDTVkid a 33 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Ritchey from NorCal


    • Trail UpdateTHE GATE HAS BEEN TORN OFF!!!!-I was just up there in my 4 by 4 talking to the DUDE IN THE WHITE TRUCK and he is still as mean as ever... but he was kinda cool, when I spoke with him... He mentioned someone torn the old bar gate off on the 5 freeway side, and this has made more accessable for the average bike rider.... A few times I was up there with a pal of mine ridden dirt bikes, and we were coming up over this one fire road, and POW, there he was.... His fricken white truck, looking like a T-REX waiting to bite your head off. We pulled a BATMAN and u-turned our asses out of there. And as we burned back down the trial, we heard his truck tearing after us... So we boomeranged up the side the hill and ditched out bikes in the weeds, and ducked as he fired by. This white truck was flying down the fire road like the IRS was after him. We laid low for 10 minutes till he back tracked our location, and dissapeared over the ridge. Then we continued our Bike trek.

      As everyone knows, they are going to be building 20,000 homes in the next 5 years on the Santa Clarita side from the 126 freeway along the 5 freeway all the way up the base of OAT MOUNTAIN. And when all this building is completed and people are all moved in. This bastard in the white truck is gonna to be up to his ass in tresspassers!!!!! He better hire a hole crap load of fellow REDNECKS in white trucks to patrol the hills.... or he is toast!!!

      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: Elevation change: 34121
      Singletrack=34% Dirt Road=54% Paved Path=65% Truck Trail=87%
      Some Putz a 106 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a PEEWEE HERMAN SPECIAL from Nowhere Usa


    • Trail UpdateKicked Off Oat Mountain Stories.-I see all is alive and well at 3,747ft. Stumbled onto this site. My old nemisis -men in pickup trucks- telling me basically to "get out" are apparantly still kicking, all these years later on Oat Mountain. I am happy to see its still a loosing battle too. I have many fond memories of getting "Kicked out" only to disapear into the brush, and go around some other way. Honestly, when a full Santa Ana is progress, how is a no tresspassing sign relevant at all, when there is a higher issue at stake, that being, literately the view from the top. I used to camp out right on the open hunk at 3,400ft. Only the night wind, and a few sheep knew I was there. Now days you'd have to watch out for lions, I guess. But guys in pickup trucks... well, may the best man win. The "guy in the white pickup truck story" reminds me of the mean white pickup truck guy that used to patrol the top of Boney Mountain back in the seventies before it became parkland. We used to ditch the dude by jumping into the bushes. I wonder what happend to him? Anyway, someday Oat Mountain will be public land. Long live the BLM! And someday the soft sandstones of the Saugus formation and towsley shales will all wash down with the next 1000-year flood; And nothing will be the same.
      West Fork man a 46 year old Cross-Country Rider from Stoughton, Wisconsin E-mail: tgiblin@braun-corp.com


    • Trail UpdateOat Mountain Cools Off...-Hey, if it's private property, fine, but the line about an insurance company getting on someone's back is not credible. As long as the landowner has the place posted and can show reasonable efforts to prevent trespassing, he meets his duty and is fully insured. By doing "extra patrols" and/or "harassing" people, the "ranch manager" would only INCREASE his/her liability for injuries, not reduce it. In fact, if the land were "opened" to recreational use, the landowner wouldn't have any liability to you if you "fall down go boom", and that's by a special California statute just for that purpose.

      Anyway, live free, ride free, watch out for giant hungry snakes!

      Rico Sanchez riding a HardTail from Chatsworth, California


    • Trail UpdateOat Mountain-I sincerely doubt that the "guy in the white truck"
      wrote the last entry. I have talked to him several
      times (not recently). He has been getting pressure
      from his insurance company to keep trespassers
      off his property which includes everything on the
      north side of the Santa Susanas. There are plenty
      of other places to ride.
      Gringo a 50 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Gary Fisher Paragon from Chatsworth


    • Trail UpdateJohn Jacob Jingle Himer Schmidt-To all mountain bikers. You all kick ass! Stay off of OAT MOUNTAIN.

      The Guy In the White Truck


    • Trail UpdateYour talking Johnson's Motorway.
      There's lot's of caves around there.
      Where's the pictures?

      ET a 43 year old from Simi Valley URL: http://www.mybikesite.com/socal/trails/johnsons.htm


    • Trail UpdateHas anyone ever took the trial that spits you back on rocky peak road (rocky peak plugs into the santa susanna pass). This original bike trail starts off on the side road on top of Topanga past the 118 frwy. First you have to pass thru a Gated (Rich) Community, then the trail picks up! The whole area looks like it has alot of history. If anyone can fill me in, I would appreciate it. I am not talking about the Nique Base, this is a little west on the same mountain... The only thing I know is this Property used to be owned by Bob Hope. But I know there is more to this part of the mountain. While putzing around on my bike, I took small hike, and came aross some indian caves. I couldn't believe it. This cave still have pictographs on the walls, and some old bones, not human, laying on the floor. This cave i right on the top of the Mountain. It overlooks both the simi and the sanfernado valleys. It is really hard to say exactly where it is. But during a really clear sunset, the caves are outlined against the sky. And you can actually see them. But getting to them is a Different story. I still have abunch of scraps to prove it. I took tons of Digital pics to show my pals, coz no one believed me. I think the caves belonged the cumash indians. Some of the pictographs are way cool. These indians really knew how to live it up. If anyone has anymore info, please let me know. Thanks and good biking.
      GARY a Weekend Warrior riding a DIRT BIKE from CHATSWORTH


    • Trail UpdateHaunted Story Of Oat Mountain-One time when Trial Riding up there right where the 2nd set of radar towers are right next to the old NyQue Base I witnessed some stuff that will curl your hair.

      It was about 2 years ago when we had that really bad lighning storm, and the weather was really wacky. It was rainless, but the clouds were a mosaic color from the setting sun. The thundering was echoing off the moutain's rim like a base drum. I got off my bike to take a gander at the view, and whamo a lighning bolt zaped the towers I standing close too... A shower of sparks lite up the area like a x-mas tree. Just then it happend! The thunder bolt was like a wake up call for something so strange and unusual.

      Right there, almost a football field off the top of the mountain on the San fernando side, a full rainbow opened up in the sky. But it wasn't like any normal arched rainbow that horse shoes back into the ground. This one looped in a complete circle that horizontal to the ground that floated just above the top of the peak were I was. Then from nowhere came a choris of Sound unlike a Choir of angels singing at full strength. The sound grew in intensity until every thing within visual range lite up with a golden glow.

      By now I found myself feeling overwelmed. I wanted to get the heck out of there like if my life depended on it, but my feet and legs we set like stone. I can feel those hairs on the back sticking up like a porcupine needles. The round halo rainbow got brighter, and the sound became like a golden cystalyn sound. The incandesent golden glow on the surroundings turn silvery in color. And that's when it happend! I can see them clearly... They were numbered in the hundreds... Like a bunch of angels with underscribable features of the unknown surrounding them. They pointed to the east and shimmered and faded just as fast they came! The rainbow and the angelic sound faded like a train slipping down the tracks... and then with the setting sun... the sky and the very air around me seemeed so eerily still, like the moment you feel before an earthquake...

      Then and there I sank to the grass, staggered by what happend. Sweaty and fatigued by what happend. I picked up my bike and rode back down the trail. When I got back to my car. I noticed a car on fire next to the freeway. I dropped what I was doing, Jumped the fence, two people where in the car and baby was in the back. I picked up a rock and smashed the window on the passangers side. The fire started to spread from the engine compartment and was getting bigger. I pulled the first two out, and then grabbed the kid in the back! Soon all the looky loo's pulled over to gak or help. I forgot to close the door of my car or put my bike away. I started to leave, when the woman from the burning car came up... looked me square in the eyes and said. "I cried to God to send some angels to help me"... I guess all I needed was one!" I left the scene without leaving any names.
      Ride distance: Elevation change: 3000
      Mike a 42 year old Weekend Warrior from Calabasas


    • Trail UpdateJust Ride-Well, I guess we can tell when the kids get out of school for the Holidays...

      I did, too! See you on Oat Mountain for Christmas! Whether you be ridin' a shiney hoopdie bike or drivin' an old pickup, it'll be good to see you. Looks like the weather will be perfect.
      Rico Sanchez a Cross-Country Rider riding a Manitou HT from Chatsworth, California



      ONE PISSED OFF BIKER a 55 year old Downhiller riding a TRAILTREKKER


    • Trail UpdateI Have To Agree With You Brother-That fool Wanna be Deputy is one messed person. Who the hell does he think he is trying to School us on where we should ride, and what the laws are? What a jerk, and by the way I am still laughing after reading what you wrote. (Your grammer is a little off) but you had me rolling off my chair. But I have to agree with you. I think he is nobody, and who is he trying to scare? I am going to ride when and where I feel safe doing it!

      Mr. Allan Grayson
      Alan Grayson riding a Italian from Simi


    • Trail UpdateIn Response To That Lame Sheriff-Dear Mr. Barney Fieff(a.k.a Deputy), first off, you are a quack! I think you are just some Idiot with squirt gun. Badges! We don't need no stinkin Badges! We really don't give a (FLYING) crapolla about the laws concerning that lame Hill Billy (Zed) in the White Sanford and Son Truck! He is a real Dick head just like you! Who in the hell do you think you are fooling with that Cheap ass Joe Friday act! This isn't Adam 12, ya know! You ain't scaring no one! You're probably some stupid wanna punk, who had his lunch money taken from you in 1st grade! A real Deputy wouldn't front himself out on some lame Message Board like this! You probably do security at K-mart! Some stupid Rent-a-cop with hemeriods! The only gun you ever shot was a Super Soaker! Why don't you just shut the f**k up and play your little cops and robbers game with your Blow Up Doll, and shave your butt. You fricken homo! You don't know shit about Oak Mountain you little fart! Does your Mamma know that you're f**ken around with your Uncle Zeke's computer! I bet you still shit in your shorts??? You ain't no really Deputy! The only thing you ever put under arrest was your G.I Joe (with the kung fu grip). You've got to be lame Sh*t head who lives in a two story outhouse and eat cheerios out of a hub cap! You are so ugly, the doctor slapped your mom! Hey Barney, do you still carry 1 bullet in the pea-shooter of yours! When was the last time you were at Aunt B's house? How in the f**k is Opey!??? LET ME FILL YOU IN A LITTLE SOMETHING (BARNEY FIEFF)... IT IS AGAINST THE LAW TO INPERSONATE A LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER! NEXT TIME YOU GO AROUND PRETENDING YOU ARE A LAME DEPUTY, SOMEONE IS GOING BITCH SLAP YOU INTO NEXT WEEK! You've got to be some little bitch who has no life! (I hope that you are reading this, coz we all think that you are a real Schmuck and you don't know what the F**k you are talking about)... So stay the f**k off of Oak Mountain coz you might just damage one of your Training Wheels! And before I go Barney.... I just want you to know that you stink, and your upper lip smell! Thank you for reading this, and Merry Christmas Everyone, and Have a Great New Year! God Bless America. And to the REAL SHERIFFS, AND POLICE AND THE FIRE DEPARTMENT.... you are doing a kick ass job and keep it up! Don't let FAKE A**HOLES like Barney here ruin your Good Name!!!!!


      The ghost of Oat Mountain is riding a cloud from heaven
      John Jacob Jiggle Himer Schmidt a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a K-mart Special from Your Ass


    • Trail UpdateRide To Oat!-Sheriff, maybe you are missing the point. Your analogy comparing trespassing mountain
      bikers and having kids build mountains in front yards makes no sense. Mountain bikers
      do not build or damage anything. Mountain bikers ride trails. In addition, posting "No
      Trespassing" signs in the mountains is essential for owners of land because how is
      someone supposed to figure out when they are on private property? Many trails in the
      Santa Susannas are not marked as public or private. If you don't wear your uniform to
      work, how am I supposed to know that you are a cop? If land owners don't mark their
      territory, how am I supposed to know to keep out?
      Happy trails Oat Mountain riders!
      Oatrider is riding a broom


    • Trail UpdatePrivate Property Is Exactly That-I jumped on this site the other day, and checked out the trailheads. I was very surprised to see how many people are posting trails that are on Private Property. They even go so far as to tell you to avoid the owner who chases everyone away.
      USE YOUR BRAINS people!
      I am a Deputy Sheriff who unfortunately has to respond to calls of this nature. I usually do my best to squash any complaints from landowners, but at times I get really upset when I see riders that are blatantly disrespectful about the whole thing. One rider was chased off some land, and actually tried to report that he had been threatened while trespassing. The owner told him that if he caught him on the property again, he would physically throw him off and damage his bike. The rider, despite my best efforts, continued arguing that the land was not posted as Private Property. I settled this one really quick…at the station with the biker.
      How many of you own your own houses or lots? Now, how many of you have gone out and posted "No Trespassing" signs at all access points of your property? What, you haven't put one up at your driveway or front door. Oh, then I guess it is okay for the neighbor kids to go in your front yards, play football, dig it up to build jumps, or maybe just take laps around your pool and back yard.
      Do you see my point?
      Private Property should always be assumed unless otherwise informed.
      Here in the City of Los Angeles, where I work, we have actually worked with the many of the property owners. Our city ordinance states that, "Upon written approval from a property owner, Cyclists, horse-back riders, and hikers are allowed." However, not all landowners are as generous as this.
      Many of the property owners in this area have signed complaint/arrest forms to prosecute any biker, off-road motorcycles, 4x4'ers, or illegal dumpers caught on their land. You could go to your cities and check on easement status, but again, an easement does not mean you are allowed on your bikes. The easements are usually for Police, Fire, Water Dept, Electric Company, etc. In the case of Browns Canyon just past the Stables the road is accessible only to the property owners and those with easement rights. One of which as some of you know is LAPD who use the old Nikie site as a training facility. So that means that past the stables on Browns Canyon to Oat Mountain is private and not open for recreational use by the public as Rico is alluding to.

      I agree, please lets not give Mountain Bikers the bad name that the motorcycle and 4 wheelers have earned. If you need to, go out and find some new trails with fewer hassles. There are many in the area.
      Keep Mountain Biking a fun and a free sport! Be responsible, highly regarded, and most of all, respectful!!!! See ya all on the trails.

      Sheriff of Mountain Biking a 43 year old Weekend Warrior riding a 2001Kitsuma from Simi


    • Trail UpdateNo Liability For Injury-Zaskar guy, you're mistaken. In California, a landowner has statutory immunity for injuries you suffer while on land opened for recreational use by the public, so long as your injury is not due to a known, unreasonably hazardous condition. Natural terrain does not constitute a basis for an exception to the immunity. A maintained or clearly known trail that leads off a 30 foot drop might...certainly enough issue there to get to trial.

      The simple translation is that landowners allowing mountain bikes and horseback riders to use the established trails in and around the Santa Susannas are not liable to you or I if we bang our head on a rock while riding, are bitten by a rattlesnake (Oat Mtn. is our topic, after all) or get punched in the nose by a third party unrelated to the landowner. The California Supreme Court affirmed that years ago, and the "liability excuse" is either a ruse or based on misunderstanding.

      Add to this that it would be a simple jump to extend the doctrine of "Primary Assumption of Risk" to MTB riding (is it inherently dangerous? Calif says that touch football, water skiing and golfing are.) and further deny us riders the ability to recover for such injuries as we might get greedy over after the fact.

      I still want to know what the "Ranch Manager" claims regarding Oat Mountain.

      Rico Sanchez, Esq. a Cross-Country Rider riding a Manitou HT from Chatsworth


    • Trail UpdateOat Mountain-You guys are all missing the point. A land owner is
      liable for injuries to people on his property whether
      they are invited guests or trespassers. If someone
      doesn't want you riding on his property, that's the
      end of the story unless we can work through IMBA
      or CORBA to get an agreement to the contrary. Be
      patient and find some place else to ride.
      Zaskar Guy a 49 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a GT Zaskar LE from Chatsworth, CA


    • Trail UpdateQuestions For "Ranch Manager"-Actually, I have asked "Ranch Manager" whether he's claiming the ROAD is off limits, or the trails, or just some of the trails in and along Brown's Canyon. He hasn't responded to that, though.

      If I climb to the top of Oat Mountain, from Sesnon, and then want to descend down through Browns Canyon:
      1) can I use the paved road? If not, says who?
      2) can I use dirt roads?
      3) can I use trails? Where do they come out, and which should I avoid?

      What the heck is the LAPD using the light blue dorms up there for?
      Rico Sanchez a Cross-Country Rider riding a Manitou HT from Chatsworth


    • Trail UpdateOat Mountain-Ghost rider, you are not helping out mountain
      biking in any way shape or form. Yes I do believe
      that the ranch manager has been harsh to some of
      the bikers but has anyone attempted to ask him if
      there might be certain trails that would be OK for
      bikers? It is private property and he has the right to
      kick us off. With your attitude I'm sure it'll piss him
      off even more as to go after bikers. This is how
      most trail closures happen. I enjoy riding limekilm,
      moonshine, aliso canyon, and three trees on a
      regualr basis and would love to ride oat mountain
      too. I respect the no tresspassing though. Have I
      ridden illegal trails, sure, who hasn't, but lets not
      make matters worse. I am in the process of talking
      with IMBA and hoping to contact the ranch
      manager or owner of the property to see if there
      might be a chance of certain trails that might be
      open to us. Ranch Manager if this is in anyway an
      option please email me.
      Darren a 29 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Fisher Sugar 3 from Porter Ranch


    • Trail UpdateTruth Teller-Your statement, "Would you like it if a bunch of cowboys ran a herd of cattle through your private back yard and home?" does not correlate in any reasonable way to bikers riding on private property. Cattle would destroy a home and backyard; bikers don't destroy anything. Good luck trying to get a tresspasser arrested up there...especially on a mountain bike. Even if the police did catch a tresspasser, there are dozens of excuses that would immediatly free the biker. Especially because of your bad attitude, dozens of my friends and I will continue to ride in that area whenever we feel like it. (By the way, some friends and I camp out on Oat Mountain every now and then...come swing by...)
      The ghost of Oat Mountain is riding a cloud from heaven


    • Trail UpdateMr. Oat Mountain Ghost Rider-Your posted statements of the property between the blue gate and Oat Mtn. are inaccurate and lewdaquest. You need to get your facts straight before you spit out such statements. How dare you disrespect any landowner’s privilege and right to protect his or her property. What is the difference between his private property and yours where you live? Would you like it if a bunch of cowboys ran a herd of cattle through your private back yard and home? I think not, you would be the first to cry for your rights. Private land is no different. A person can be arrested for coming into your home, as you will be for trespassing into ours. Private property owners are also tax-paying citizens. The landowners pay thousands of dollars every year in taxes for the acreage they own as well as all other cost associated to maintain and insurance the property. So Mr. Ghost until you pay your share, as a landowner the area will continue to remain off limits and the owners will exercise their right to have trespassers arrested.

      California has many public places that are beautiful and legal to ride your bike. Many are posted right here in these web pages. Go there! And do not give the good sport of mountain bikers a bad name by encouraging such disgusting behavior.

      The Ranch Manager from Chatsworth


    • Trail UpdateOat Mountain-NOTICE TO ALL: The light blue dwellings up on Browns Canyon Road are owned by the LAPD. They used to be the sleeping quarters for soldiers during the Cold War and later for the California Conservation Corps. The land between these dwellings and Oat Mountain has been sold and purchased through out the years. There is no family that has owned it for 130 years. The road between Oat and the blue gate is "off limits", however, let it be known that a few people each day ride that area and nothing happens to them. Ride that area if you want to. Remember, just because you 'tresspass' doesn't give the owner to touch you in any way. Claim that you got lost and go on your way. The land should be enjoyed and cheerished, not fought over. Share and be happy. Life is good.
      The ghost of Oat Mountain is riding a cloud from heaven


    • Trail UpdateFox Hunt?-On Saturday I hiked with a friend to the top and saw the white truck guy and he was low key and friendly. No hassle, just pointed out that it was private property and we should move on.

      The interesting part of the day was on the way down we saw a guy on horseback with a red jacket blowing a horn. Full fox hunting gear. We stopped and asked what was going on. He told us he and his buddies were on a coyote hunt. Sure enough, about 20 people on horseback and dressed like English nobility came up and were following the hounds. They don't shoot the coyote, but sometimes the hounds will corner and kill one. He has a lot of cattle and the coyotes prey on the calves.

      Just another day in LA

      EPB a 35 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a FSR XC from Northridge


    • Trail UpdateQuestions About Oat Mtn.-1. Is the former Nike base no longer occupied by the California Conservation Corps? Those light blue buildings up there were the CCC dorms in the mid-80's. I hunkered down in one of the elavator/silos when the Brown's Cyn fire overtook the compound in '82.

      2. "Ranch Manager", is it your claim that we cannot ride on the paved Browns Canyon Road, or is it regarding trails in the area?

      3. How are the snakes up there this year?

      Rico a Cross-Country Rider riding a Manitou from Chatsworth


    • Trail UpdateTrue this is all private property. True, the guy in the white pickup truck is mean, mean ,mean. Some day this will all be open trails, YES!!!
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      pilot a Cross-Country Rider


    • Trail UpdateSorry: "... as well as a hunting area for the owners of the property on .." That's illegal...
      Also: "... has been in the family for over 130 years..." But you are not the OWNERS.
      Another link about this:


    • Trail UpdateOat Mountain - Chatsworth-KEEP OUT! The trail from Oat Mountain down through Browns Canyon is a private road. The ranch is a working cattle ranch as well as a hunting area for the owners of the property only. For the safety of all bikers who are considered trespassers they must stay out of this area. The Joughin Ranch area is forbidden to trespassers from any direction that the biker may enter including from Rocky Peak, Oat Mountain, or from Browns Canyon. The property has been in the family for over 130 years and is regularly patrolled. Trespassers will be prosecuted.
      The Ranch Manager from Chatsworth


    • Trail UpdateWhew! He Didn't Have A Gun-Tried to ride to Oat Mountain and beyond today from Three Trees/Mission Point. Came across some freshly painted No Trespassing signs but figured they were just there to protect the owner from liability if we got gored by a bull. Almost reached Oat Mountain but we were stopped by a man in a white pick-up truck. He told us that the whole ridge line from just west of Mission Point past Oat Mountain has belonged to his family since 1870. It was originally part of a Spanish land grant. Interesting. None of this was said in a friendly manner, and he sent us on our merry way wence we had come. So we didn't make it to Oat Mountain this time, but we've been there before. Definitely a cool ride, particularly on a beautiful day. Last time I started at Rocky Peak and just headed back to the ridgeline.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      a Cross-Country Rider


    • Trail UpdateAwesome As Ever-I rode up Mission Point today, met another adventuresome biker, and we rode to Oat Mountain and explored around a little. The trails and roads are in great shape. I saw cows, bulls, and heard dirt bikes in the distance. Anyway, on a fence that surrounded the main tower, I picked up this web page: www.Americantowers.com . The Oat Mountain main, large grey lookout and communication tower is for sale. Go to the web page and look up site number 89345. On the way down, we took Browns Canyon Road and a white Ford Explorer was driving up, but did not stop or bother us. The road on the way down is super smooth and fresh. A new helipad has been built. Half way down, we came across the ex-NIKE Missle sight. I saw a RTD bus in the parking lot, and I was perplexed. I ventured around, and saw signs of the City of Los Angeles which now owns parts of this property, including the LAPD. Off to the west, there is a canyon in which there are many trails (which lead to Rocky Peak) and a ranch. I spyed on some loud people, riding their dirt bikes and sitting outside of the camper in white chairs (I have heard that these people have threatened bikers with shotguns). Anyway, we rode out and had a good time.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 21 miles Elevation change: 3,000
      Singletrack=10% Dirt Road=35% Paved Path=35% Truck Trail=20%
      Tony Docan a 19 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a flying monkey URL: http://Americantowers.com


    • Trail UpdateI rode to Oat Mountain last week. I started at Neon Way in Granada Hills with a friend and we made our way up to Mission Point. After that we traveled along the ridge line to Oat Mountain. There was no one else up there. We did see some cows as usual though. We rode down the Browns Canyon Road/ De Soto way. We also came into contact with the old NIKE Missle sight up there. There are also old dwelings/homes that are white an blue that are very interesting. Anyway, this is a great ride. Elevation 3,800.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 20 miles Elevation change: 2,000
      Singletrack=10% Dirt Road=35% Paved Path=35% Truck Trail=20%
      Tony a 19 year old Cross-Country Rider


    • Trail UpdateSesnon To Oat Mountain-Just to the west of the gas company gate there is a trail. Take the trail that follows Sesnon. Keep going for about .74 miles. There is a fire road to your right. Take it. Keep going up. You will come to a Getty Oil Gate.Throw your bike over and keep goinging. You will come to a natural gas pump. Keep going a few feet and turn right up a dirt road. Pass the gas pump and make another right turn up a dirt road. Stay on this road for about 50 feet and it will come to a paved road. Make a right onto the paved road. Go up the hill and when you get to the next junction in the road stay on the road you are on. You will pass another gas pump (i think). You will come to a sign telling you about the Sesnon Collection Plant (or something similar). Follow the signs up the hill to the plant. Keep going past the plant. You will come to what appears to be a service yard. Stay on the paved road. Stay on the road for a long time. Don't turn off it. After a while you pass a paved road that turns into your road. Stay on the road you are on. Keep going on this road till you hear an engine. You are close to the Oat Mountain Ridge. Stay on the paved road. Watch the hill to your right until you see a microwave tower. Keep going. You will soon meet up with another paved road. Take this road west toward an old rusty oil pumper. Stay on this road. You will come to a rusted open gate. You are almost there. Now you are at a junction in the road. There is a white post your left that says Oat MTW on it. Follow it. Stay on this paved road. Soon it will turn into a new asphalt road. Keep going till you come to a yellow gate. It is latched with a chain. Open it and then be sure to latch it back up or it will be locked with a padlock. Right after you go through the gate, you will see a little shack off to the side. That is the entrance to the old nike missle site. You are now pretty much on top of Oat Mountain. you can keep going and go down to browns canyon. If you do that after you come to the freeway from browns canyon go under the freeway and turn left onto a old paved road. Stay on this past to more overpasses. Look to the north for a white church. Take the overpass right after you see it. Turn right onto Rinaldi. Keep going to Tampa and turn left. Go up Tampa to your car.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 15+ miles Elevation change: 1000+
      Dirt Road=5% Paved Path=90% Truck Trail=5%
      Robert a 15 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Specialized HardRock from Chatsworth


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