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Southern California Trails

  • Oak Spring Trail (north Half) - #OakSpringTrail(northHalf)

    Socal - Los Angeles County - Little Tujunga Canyon NickNames: #OakSpringTrail(northHalf)

    Get off the 210 at Osborne. Go north from the highway,
    and turn left onto Osborne, which soon becomes Little
    Tujunga Canyon.
    After about 3 miles, take a right onto Gold Creek Road.
    Go up the hill and Oak Spring Trail is on the right.

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    • Trail UpdateRecent Fire ...-...in this area burned close, but left Oak Spring Trail intact.The trail is in excellent shape and has started to gain some character back since being realigned with a Bobcat(Swenco)tractor. Watch out for poison oak on lower section.


    • Trail UpdateOak Spring Trail-Oak Spring Trail goes steeply up to the Yerba Buena
      fire road from the south and from the north.
      The north side is about as steep a sustained climb as
      I've ever been on. While only 2.3 miles, I made many
      stops, usually leaning on my handlebars and panting
      for oxygen.
      The trail looks like a singletrack widened by a bobcat at
      some point. It is fairly wide, with no brush in the way.
      The surface is mostly dirt, but waterbars and some
      rocks add to the challenge.
      It is a fun downhill on the return, steep but not terribly
      exposed. There are ways to avoid the uphill by biking up
      the Yerba Buena Fireroad from closer to the entrance of
      Little Tujunga Canyon
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 4.6 miles Elevation change: 1500'
      LCS a 34 year old Weekend Warrior from Los Angeles


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