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Southern California Trails

  • Mt. Pinos - #Mt.Pinos

    Socal - Kern County - Frazier Park,Ca. NickNames: #Mt.Pinos

    Take I-5 to the Frazier Park exit, just north of Gorman on the Grapevine. Drive 12 miles west to Mt. Pinos, on Frazier Park Road. Numerous trails on the mountain and elsewhere in the area; up to 250 miles of riding! Clean, cool air; snow in the winter. Top elevation is 8,831.

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    • Trail UpdateA Treat Away From The Heat!-Hadn't ridden up here in about eight years. The trail is in great shape, a little dry and sandy in some places but not too dusty. A few large trees have fallen since the last time I was here but they've been sawed through to allow the trail to pass thru. One surprise though, a large tree had fallen across the bottom of where we like to drop in to the Pinos campground after crossing the road from the upper Chula Vista camp. Without checking ahead, I dropped into the "chute" and then tried to slow down in the sand and ruts. Luckily I was able to roll over the tree since someone had smoothed out a ramp to jump it (a little over my skill level these days). Overall, still the best single track in Southern California.
      ventanaman a 51 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Ventana Marble Peak FS from Van Nuys


    • Trail Update1st Time At Pinos-Just rode the trails today. They were all in excellent condition. We spent at least 5-6 hours just exploring all of the different trail options Mt Pinos has to offer. What a blast! Definately will be back even though it was a drive to get there.
      a 37 year old Downhiller from Costa Mesa


    • Trail UpdateMt. Pinos Rocks!-Trail conditions are awesome! One of best places to ride since the Gabs is still closed. Get while the riding is still good. Ride on!!!
      a 47 year old Racer riding a Intense Tracer from Pasadena


    • Trail UpdatePlease Respect Wilderness Areas-Congrats, you and your dad have just given the mountain biking community a black eye. Please stay OUT of wilderness areas. In the case of Mt. Pinos, the wilderness area (Chumash Wilderness) starts just west of the picnic table on the west end of the summit plateau. Please check http://www.fs.fed.us/r5/forestvisitormaps/lospadres/south/04.php before you do us any more harm.


    • Trail UpdateEpic Saturday Ride @ Pinos!-Rode Mt Pinos with my dad last weekend and it was excellent! Definitely much cooler (70s and 80s) than the inland valleys that were hitting the high 90s, low 100s. From the dirt parking lot, we rode up the singletrack paralleling the road to Mc Gill Trailhead, up McGill, up South Ridge, up Harvest, and up the fire road to the summit. I added 3 miles RT to that to visit Sawhill Mountain via the Vincent Tumamait trail, so I could log both the highest peak in Ventura County (Mt Pinos) and the highest peak in Kern County (Sawhill Mtn). Saw about 5 hikers and 20 bikers, but most shuttled to the top or rode the road up. Only a few campers at the campgrounds but no running water;
      ~19-20 miles total; 3200' elevation change

      Mc Gill-good shape except for some soft switchbacks and narrow stretches where it seemed like some skidded off the trail
      South Ridge- great shape, the ski jumps make this one very fun
      Drop-in to Mt. Pinos Campground- very loose, several pinecones, but still ride-able (DH); didn't have the guts to do the crazy log jump that is still there
      Harvest Trail- Pretty good shape, 1 log obstacle that can be cleared on the DH
      Pinos Summit Fire Road- good shape, some interesting spur trails at the top
      Vincent Tumamait Trail- bike legal, freshly trimmed vegetation, although fairly less-traveled than other trails; started off fun with 6 long switchbacks or so, then passes through a rock garden which I had to hike, then steep and tight going down to the saddle; climbs steeply up the other-side, steep but rideable. I'd estimate you drop down to about 8400 ft at the saddle and climb up about 400ft to either peak.

      Took about 3-4 hours up; 1 hour of eating and exploring, 45 min down from the Pinos summit to our car. Will definitely be back!

      Steve K a 23 year old Racer riding a Giant Trance X3 from Canyon Country (Santa Clarita), CA


    • Trail UpdateMt Pinos Videos-some clips of riding this trail http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8hDCuX638k


    • Trail UpdateHelmet Cam-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFMM-e3zh8s


    • Trail UpdateWere Are The Trials??-Can some one please be specific where the trials are because in this website it only tells you how to get to Mt. Pinos
      Rider591 a 19 year old Downhiller riding a Specialized, Next, Santa Cruz. from Frazier Park, California


    • Trail UpdateIts Ready To Go Kids..-T.K. Riders went up to Pinos to check conditions and what do you know, the place was Epic. Steady drizzle all morning+ semi-soft trail= hauling ass good times. The traction was the best I experienced and the speed was undescribable. Single Track was supper buff as usual with one fallen tree up top. Becareful hitting the drop-in campground jump, it eroded slightly and is in the need of some love.
      baloo a 31 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Yeah I got one. from Big Chino


    • Trail UpdateMcGill Trail-Rode Sunday 10/23 w/ 3 friends from SLO, the 4-6 inches of rain and snow Mt. Pinos received the week before was evident. Made 3 shuttle trips, climbed to the top once to see the view and contemplate riding over to Sawmill Mountain to bag that county summit on my list of things to do and check out that hiking trail that goes down to hwy 33, maybe someday! Found a couple patches of snow in the shade of trees, no wind and the fall colors were everywhere. Still couldn't see the Sierra's or the ocean, was glad to be out of the fog! The trails were washed out in places, specialy off the top, after Chula Vista and the first drop after Mt. Pinos campground. I came into it the first time a little too hot and almost lost it! Other than that the conditions were amazing, traction, compaction, no dust, no other bikers, one hiker and the fall colors were going off! We agreed that we were riding the trail faster and catching way more air than we did the previous 2 trips here and that this was the best trip here yet. Even got to ride my Carve board on the super smooth road. All I can think about is how can I get back next weekend and ride it again! Worth the drive from anywhere!
      Mark Pavlovich a 43 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Yeti ASX - Santa Cruz Blurrrrr from SLO, CA


    • Trail UpdateMutau Flat Riding-Johnston Ridge-Sespe-Alder Creek-Little Mutau Creek used to be a killer 25-mile singletrack jaunt, but it's now in the Sespe Wilderness and closed to bikes. Alder Creek isn't even maintained any more (your Adventure Pass dollars at work - NOT) and may be a severe bushwhack. It would still be a nice backpack trip, however.


    • Trail UpdateAnyone ridden on Mutau flat to the Johnson Ridge Trail down into Sespe?

      JUst curious
      Mtbchip a 47 year old riding a Fully from South of Burbank....


    • Trail UpdateYeah, i know usually I just go up the McGill/Chula Vista trail to the parking lot but I wanted to try somethuing new, so I tried this variation and I probably wont go that way again. The trail I'm talking about comes out just north o the parking lot on the fireroad to the summit, about 100 yards past the gate.
      SS Barby a 26 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a 2004 Marin Wolf Ridge/ Gt singlespeed from Edwards AFB, Ca


    • Trail UpdateOops, misread your post. I didn't go up the trail you mentioned, but you can get to the peak without going up the trail you mentioned.


    • Trail UpdateGreat Ride-Trail is in rough shape? You gotta be kidding me! I rode it yesterday and the trail is in great shape. Three steep hike-a-bikes...me think you need some gears ;-)


    • Trail UpdateMcGill trail was in excellent shape! Started at dirt parking lot on Frazier Park Rd. rode up singletrack paralleling rode to the Mcgill trail, then rode trail all the way to Mt. Pinos campground. At the park bench took at right and rode the North Ridge trail up to Chula Vista parking lot. This trail is in rough shape. The whole trail is very soft and sandy. Doesn't seem to be used by mtbers that often. Numerous fallen trees and about 3 steep hike a bikes through ravines. Drops you off just above Chula Vista parking lot on the fireroad to the Mt Pinos summit. Rode to the summit what a wonderful view. Turned around and rode the long, fast, wonderful Mcgill back to the car. What A RUSH. hAVE ALWAYS LOVED THAT DESCENT.
      SS Barby a 26 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a 2004 Marin wolf Ridge/Gt Singlespeed from Edwards AFB, Ca


    • Trail UpdateT.K. Strikes Again....-Once again the T.K. boys bombed it sick. The trail is in great shape with no one to be seen. Super fast and lots of traction. Thanks to whoever cleared the downed trees and such. Showed some riders new to the Pinos what they were missing they are sure to return. So once again if you havent tried it and sick of doing Mt wilson Or lowell etc. drive the extra 45 min and come visit this jewel of Los Padres national.
      T.K. Castle a 98 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a liquid someting from Big Chino


    • Trail UpdateMt. Pinos-Rode this one for the first time today. Sweet single track. Lots of climbing. The trail is in great shape except for a couple of spots. Lots of hikers and bikers.
      Gringo a 52 year old Cross-Country Rider


    • Trail Updatehey #46 me and my buds grew up in the sereno's(allen&lowell st.) we ride Pinos at least once a month(Team T.K.)
      T.K. castle a 98 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a liquid something from Big Bad Chino


    • Trail Updatehey #46 me and my buds grew up in the sereno's(allen&lowell st.) we ride Pinos at least once a month(Team T.K.)
      T.K. castle a 98 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a liquid something from Big Bad Chino


    • Trail Update"It was GOOOOD". All single track! We did 2 shuttle runs today. A few hikers and mountain bikers climbing up. The upper part was fast. Some minor climbing after the campground, but the rest was really fast. Switchbacks were kind of loose and sandy. The "Giant" rider in front of me almost went off the side because he was afraid of heights. Who was that fool riding the white M1? Too much suspension for this trail. Too bad the other "Giant" rider was not around.
      a Downhiller riding a specialized enduro from el sereno


    • Trail Updatejust pulled this off google:Ventura County Star:

      News Hiker found dead near Mt. Pinos. By Star staff June 6, 2005 ... Michael Hugo Miller, 61, failed to return home May 28 after a hiking trip in Yosemite, ...
      www.insidevc.com/vcs/news/ article/0,1375,VCS_121_3834433,00.html - 49k - Jun 7, 2005 -

      Dirtshark a 41 year old


    • Trail UpdateHey PF, Is your name really Michael Miller too? Because I'm pretty sure you know is and I haven't seen him post in a while. I'm concerned bro!!
      Dirtshark a 42 year old


    • Trail UpdateCoincidence-My name happens to be Michael Miller also.I didn't read or hear of this accident, can you tell us more? I don't remember anyplace along this trail where you'd be in much danger of falling.
      Pain Freak


    • Trail UpdateAll Systems Go!-Team T.K. did a campout ride of Mt. Pinos this last weekend and ripped it heavy. All the snow is gone trial is in great shape, everyone get up there and ride this gem thats only 60 mi. from LA.
      Prayers go out to the family of Michael Miller who fell to his death in the Pinos area.

      T.K. Castle a 98 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Liquid 30 hybrid from Big Chino


    • Trail UpdateWhen When When-Does Pinos open Team T.K. cant wait!


    • Trail UpdatePinos In Da Pines-Did this trail last Monday Morning! Was SWEET! I stayed at the campground Sunday night, had the place basically to myself & then rode the trail Monday late morning with not one other trail user! What a blast--you have to ride this one b-4 the snow hits!
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Matt Westlake a 45 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a specialized from Santa clarita, CA


    • Trail UpdatePinos In Da Pines-Did this trail last Monday Morning! Was SWEET! I stayed at the campground Sunday night, had the place basically to myself & then rode the trail Monday late morning with not one other trail user! What a blast--you have to ride this one b-4 the snow hits!
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Matt Westlake a 45 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a specialized from Santa clarita, CA


    • Trail UpdateMt. Pinos Mcgill-Awesome trails here kiddies!! My first time doing this one, and I gotta say that it was worth the drive from the San Gabriel valley. We had a good sized group and everything was perfect. Only one flat tire. There is a long climb to the top, but I personally think it was worth it. Perfect weather perfect views and some kick ass downhill. Just open it up and fly! A great diversion from the local mountains here. I hope you all enjoy this one as much as I did.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 20 miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=98% Paved Path=2%
      Maniacal a 35 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a VT 1 from Temple City


    • Trail UpdateMt Pinos-A group of us rode the trail 5/30 starting at the McGill trail head. Normally we would take the South Ridge/Harvest route next but a couple of us took North Ridge instead to check it out before hooking up at the upper parking lot before the climb to the top. I had heard North Ridge was steep and loose and that was an accurate description. The middle portion has some very steep sections and given the looseness it was hike-a-bike for a while. There were also a ton of gnats on this section and pine cones literally everywhere. It was obvious from the lack of tire marks that this trail doesn't see much traffic. The last portion up to the upper campground was better but nothing to write home about. Unless you are staying in the area for a couple days and want to explore the area I would recommend taking a pass on the North Ridge trail. The rest of the ride was excellent though there are a lot of silt bogs especially on the Harvest trail. No doubt the lack of rain has led to this situation. There is also a fallen tree blocking the McGill trail about 2.5 miles up from the bottom. Someone has placed small logs and branches on both sides to allow you to try and ride over the log with the smaller logs serving as a ramp so to speak. Most people will be too winded to try and ride over it on the way up but you can get some speed up to try it on the way down. They also cleaned out those sharp bushes lower down on McGill.
      Ride distance: 17 miles Elevation change: 3000'
      Old Bones riding a Intense Tracer


    • Trail UpdateTook my 6 year old son and two buddies from Santa Clarita area up to this trail. Great sinle track. A bit mushy in parts but overall really nice. Some guy put a pile of logs in the middle of the trail. Made for an interesting ride for sure. I will be back for sure. I will ride to the top then enjoy the downhill.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 8mi Elevation change:
      Singletrack=85% Dirt Road=10% Paved Path=5%
      Jim Larkin a 37 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Specialized M4 from Agoura Hills Ca.


    • Trail UpdateFrazier Mountain Loop-Start at Chuchupate Ranger Station, 4 miles west of Frazier Park on Lockwood Valley Road. Ride uphill about 7 miles to the top of Frazier Mountain on 8N04. Bear left at the main road junction near the top and follow 8N42 north to where it bends east. (Or you can go right, ride to the summit, then drop north to 8N42.) Just past the 7,808 elevation point on the topo or OHV map, travel directly north on an old roadbed thru meadows, then slightly up, then straight down the ridge on the west side of Sam Young Canyon. This STEEP trail eventually ends on the road leading uphill from East End Drive in Frazier Park. Ride down East End to Frazier Park Road, then west on roadside or pavement back to Chuchupate.
      Maps at Frazier Ski & Pack
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 20miles Elevation change: 3,000
      Singletrack=20% Dirt Road=80%
      local a 28 year old Weekend Warrior riding a db from Frazier Park URL: Frazier Ski & Pack


    • Trail UpdateFrazier Park Loop - Tecuya Ridge-Take I-5 to the Frazier Park exit....1 hour north of L.A., 45 min. south of Bakersfield, on top of the Grapevine, near Mt. Pinos. Travel 2 3/4 miles west and turn in to the main part of Frazier Park...the Business District. You can start either downtown or at the top of Mt. Pinos Way to the north of the Fire Station.
      Trail Info
      Travel uphill from the Fire station, then left where the trail begins to singletrack and switchback up Cold Springs Canyon. At the top of the ridge, at the trail junction, turn right. Travelling left will take you to Scott Russell Road and beyond on West Tecuya Ridge, eventually to Mt. Pinos. After going right, travel several miles on the ridge, mostly single track, until the trail drops down to the right thru forest to Edison Rd., then right and down, back to where you started from.

      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 12 miles Elevation change: 2,000
      Singletrack=80% Dirt Road=20%
      local a 28 year old Weekend Warrior riding a db from Frazier Park URL: Frazier Ski & pack


    • Trail UpdateBrrr. It's Cold.-It's thanksgiving morning and the santa ana winds are kicking up. I was worried that the ride up to Mt. Pinos would be very very cold. The start of the Mc Gill trail was pretty cold. Even though this trail is at a higher elevation than the Trail to Butler Peak in Big Bear the conditions here were quite a bit warmer. Still had to negotiate some icy patches. Continued on up McGill and found things starting to warm up a little as the trail turned to the southern side. Continued up to the South Ridge trail. Amazing how much temperature difference 5 to 7 feet makes. In the shade the melting snow has turned to very slippery Ice. Almost wiped out just walking accross it. Somehow the trail seemed to fly by and in what seemed like no time I was at Pinos campground. Didn't have to touch a drop of water the entire ride up to the campground. Continued up to the orange mesh and up the trail to the Chula Vista Campground. This part of the trail was very steep. There was still a good amount of snow too. But this trail too ended pretty quickly. Then of course the final trail on up to the Pinos Summit at 8831 feet. I don't know if it was the cool conditions, my tires being properly inflated, or the bike being oiled properly but this ride felt good and I had plenty of energy left over. Finished at around 2:00 PM and drove back home with plenty of time for Thanksgiving Dinner.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 18 miles Elevation change: 2697
      Singletrack=95% Dirt Road=4% Paved Path=1%


    • Trail UpdateThanks Folks.-I saw that Orange Mesh but looking past it I couldn't see how the trail continue. Next time I'll have a go at the whole trail. Btw there's a very nice and detailed description of the trail at


    • Trail UpdateGo through the campground, the trail continues
      across the street.


    • Trail UpdateThe Way:-On the way up the mountain, McGill Trail comes to a Y. The left goes down to McGill campground, but you want to continue RIGHT, where the trail will soon go down and cross the road.

      After you're across the road, the trail hits Mt. Pinos campground just after the series of cross country ski jumps/whoops. From there, go out to the road, and take it uphill (left) for about 1/8 mile.

      Turn right onto the very prominent fire road. If it's still there, you'll go around a gate with some of that floppy, orange, mesh barrier stuff wrapped around it. Very soon you will come to a Y in the trail... go left, and uphill. There should be lots of bike tracks on this part of the trail. This will take you up to Chula Vista campground, right under the alpine station.

      From there, take the fire road to the summit.
      The Preacher


    • Trail UpdateTrying To Find The Way.-Rode on a weekday during the last week of October. Conditions were nice but still pretty warm.

      Rode up the McGill trail. At the top saw the trail split up. I took a right and found the Paved Road. A short distance later I saw the trail continue on what I found out was the North Ridge Trail. Found myself at the Pinos Campground but could not find the trail continuing from there. Went back to the intersection on the Mc Gill and this time took the extreme right that goes uphill. Found that that trail just ends back on the McGill trail a little further back. If you find yourself there don't go down the improvised trail that connects back. I wiped out on the steep loose trail. Picking up the bike I went back to the intersection and this time rode to the left and found myself at the McGill Campground. Frustrated I rode back down the Mc Gill trail back to the car. Drove the paved road looking for a continuation from the Pinos Campground but never saw it. So drove up to the apline station and road the rest of the trail on up to the microwave towers and condor lookout. It's a Beautiful trail with very few bugs. I will study the topo more carefully to see how the trail continues from Pinos Campground. Or if someone knows it please post it. Thanks.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: maybe 12 miles Elevation change:


    • Trail UpdateGood Day Had By All!-We rode the Mcgill trail today and had a ball. Only saw one other rider the whole time although we did come across 3 hikers. The trail is in great shape except for some sandy areas and washboard sections from riders skidding into turns. Someone has cleared a lot of brush since the last time I rode here and it makes it nicer. The trail between the ski shelter and the campground is getting eroded and needs some work but it's still worth the trip. The campground was almost deserted and looked nice and clean.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 16.5 miles Elevation change: some
      Bradly BOB a 42 year old Weekend Warrior riding a White and yellow K-mart special from Lancompton, CA


    • Trail UpdatePerfect Pinos-Did this trail late Sunday afternoon solo, left the parking area at the bottom at around 2:45!...No other trail users were on this beauty!!!! In fact I got to the bottom & another lone MTB'R was just headin up the single track! I must say that since it got hit with way heavy rains this past week that the trail was just perfect no loose dusty trail just miles of pure single track!...Brings back memories! Almost all the major stuter bumps from heavy braking that goes on were gone! Go ride it this weekend or week b-4 it gets toasted!...You will love it!
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: uh-what he said! Elevation change:
      Singletrack=yes% Paved Path=yes%
      Matt Westlake a 44 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Specialized Enduro w/Spynergy Xyclone Disks :) from Santa Clarita, CA


    • Trail UpdateSPARE TIRE-Did the classic out and back from the bottom of McGil to the top of Pinos and back Sunday. You couldn't have asked for more perfect weather conditions. There was a thunderhead hanging over Pinos for most of the ride which never produced any rain but kept things pleasantly cool--in fact up top it was 64 degrees per my computer. The trail for the most part is in excellent shape with some minor loose sections. I'm sure things will get looser with the downhill full body armored knuckleheads who keep shuttling Pinos. I mean why in the hell do you need body armor and full face helmets on this ride? These guys need to get their lazy asses in shape and climb the ride first then enjoy the downhill or take their 40 lb rigs to some place like Tunnel in Santa Barbara. Make sure when your up top to take the little offshoot to the NW which leads to another bench and an amazing view of the San Juaquin valley. It truly doesn't get any better than this ride.
      Ride distance: 17 miles Elevation change: 3000
      Bloody shins


    • Trail UpdateMcGill - Mt. Pinos-Camped with family and frieds, 6/7 -6/9, at Mt. Pinos Campground. Despite no water at the campground, the views were awsome, weather was perfect, kids had a blast and the mountain biking was incredible! Rode from campground to top of Pinos, beautiful views but a little hazzy in the valleys and foggy at the coast, couldn't see the Sierras or Mt. Baldy either. Riding however you couldn't find a thing wrong, the traction was perfect, no dust and only ran into a hand full of riders in two days of riding. The singletrack from Chula Vista campground down through Mt. Pinos campground is some of the smoothest and fastest myself and my riding companions agreed we have ever riden. Don't miss the super fun drop in section right above Mt. Pinos campground, didn't know when we first arrived at our campsite that the trail would run right through it! Really dug the section between Mt. Pinos and McGill camprounds, fun banks, tranis and "jumps". Then to top it off you drop into the McGill trail, definitely could be a "downhill trail only" because you can't help but go fast when the pitch is so consistent, the trail so well maintained and the traction so excellent. If it wasn't for the fields of fragrant Lupin and Honeysuckle and the occassional down valley view I never would've slowed down at all. It is not a steep or technical trail so it would make for a good climb. Continue on past the bottom of McGill trail to the Y at Mt. Pinos Highway, the extra half mile down the road is worth it. Climbed Mt. Pinos Highway bottom to top the first day and then shuttled 2 times to Chula Vista from the Y the second, what a great downhill and you couldn't ask for a nicer road to shuttle on. Can't wait to come back again and explore a little more and do some more of the same! Definitely recommend this area for mountainbikers of all abilities, some of the fastest, smoothest and funnest singletrack I've found in 25 years of mountain biking. Has anyone done the loop off of Sawmill Mtn. to Hwy 33? let me know, Thanks.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: Elevation change: 2000+
      Mark Pavlovich a 40 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Yeti ASX- Santa Cruz Tazmon from San Luis Obispo/Mammoth Lakes, CA


    • Trail UpdateMcGill Trail/Mt Pinos-Sweet singletrack. Rode on May 21st. Weather couldnt be more perfect Started at the bottom of McGill trail and rode the paved road up to Chula Vista Parking Lot, made a left and shot up to Mt Pinos. Very little snow left.
      Backtracked to the parking lot and flew down Harvest trail to Road. Picked up McGill trail and flew down some of the smoothest singletrack around. Really did not want it to stop. Highly Recommended.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 18 Elevation change:
      Singletrack=40% Paved Path=50% Truck Trail=10%
      Jose a 40 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Specialized FSR XC from Venice,CA


    • Trail UpdateMcGill Trail/Mt. Pinos-Oct. 13, Tried to ride this area (Fishbowls), but there were too many people with high powered rifles. Aparently Bear and Deer season opened that weekend. It continues through Nov. 15.


    • Trail UpdateMcGill Trail/Mt. Pinos-Rode the trail on 22 Sept. 02, the trail is a little loose so be prepared. A good set of tires will do the trick. We rode at about 3 in the after noon. We saw one hiker on the way down, and one other rider on the his way up the trail. The trail is the best there is close by. The whole ride was awesome till I tried to launch off a birm over a log and bit it pretty hard. (pinched my rear tube and bent my stem) Had to ride the rest of the way with a flat rear and wobbly handle bars but it was still fun. Met some other shuttlers up there and got a pretty good deal on a BOXXER fork. So to Dennis and his friends, Thanks.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Trunks a 24 year old Downhiller riding a 2000 Kona Stinky from Canyon Country CA


    • Trail UpdateMcGill/Mt. Pinos-A bunch of us rode the trail from the McGill trailhead to the top of Pinos than back on Saturday. As a poster mentioned below the conditions are getting very loose in some spots namely the switchbacks on McGill and the upper half of the Harvest trail. This isn't too big a deal going up the ride but can be a big deal when descending at a decent speed. Be particularly careful on the descent down McGill especially as you come to the last right hand switchback--there is a large steep that comes right before it with 3-4 inches of silt throughout it and the turn and it's very tricky even for advanced riders. Harvest has some deep sand in the top half which also makes things tricky at high speed. Saw a lot of downhillers getting shuttled to the top campground and some of them are gutting out the turns on McGill. Bottom line is know your skill level and ride accordingly in these loose spots.
      Ride distance: 16 miles Elevation change:
      Old Bones


    • Trail UpdateMt.Pinos- Downhill--Grrrrrrrrr!-Just wanted to say that I shuttled to this trail early Saturday morning with four other friends- All of us with different levels of riding. We all loved the views- Noting too technical and NOBODY was on the trail at 8:30am. The only complaint was that the trail was SO SHORT- It was all over in about an hour and that included stopping to take in the killer views!
      So we decided to do it again- This time we started from the top around 10:00am. More people- Hikers, riders, kids and retired people. I got my group together and coached them about trail etiquette and watching it around corners and coming up behind people etc. No matter what we did (except one wonderful family) we got dirty looks, no "hellos" in return form ANY of the uphillers. I have been there up AND down and let me tell you something- We are ALL bikers. NO bike messes up a trail as bad as a horse or motorcycle so dont go badmouthing downhillers. I downhill because I am now in my 30's, I can afford a kick-ass bike and I spent the last 18 years of my life riding to the top of Mount Tamalpias.

      I will NEVER stop being friendly, courteous, or acting like your brothers when I come across you on the trail- But pull your head out of your rear and knock off the attitude.

      The rides were great. Trail was GREAT. Look forward to going camping up there in two weeks and riding up the trail this time. I can guarantee you I will be friendly to anyone coming down- Even if they are wearing a full-face helmet.

      Ride rating: Novice
      SIMPSON a 33 year old Weekend Warrior riding a 2002 Foes ZigZag from Bakersfield, CA


    • Trail UpdatePinos Ho-ooooo!-Rode it on Sat! Parked at the bottom & rode the pavement up! I think only like 10 cars went by on Sat. at about 10:00 AM! What an easy climb & the single track is well worth the EASY climb! It simply amazes me still on those that just don't want to make the pedal? I noticed a couple truck loads of bombers! Any how go ride!!!!!
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Matt Westlake a 43 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Specialized Enduro w/Spynergy Xyclone Disks :) from Santa Clarita, CA


    • Trail UpdateMt. Pinos (McGill Trail)-Rode this trail solo today from the bottom of the McGill Trail to the top of Mt. Pinos (and back). Other than a few hikers, the place was all mine. Although its only June, the trail is already real loose in spots, and the few switchbacks along this route are getting rutted out. By late summer this trail will probably be all thrashed by the downhill crowd and their brakesliding. Its too bad you can shuttle this ride, but I guess not everyone can handle a good climb, especially if you're riding (pushing?) a 40 lb rig.

      This is not a technical trail, but the altitude can get to you when you're climbing, and there is some exposure on the last 3 miles or so when you're coming down. Very scenic. Definitely one of my favorite SoCal rides.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Dirk a 42 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Santa Cruz SL from Glendale, CA


    • Trail UpdateMill Canyon/McGill/Cuddy Meadows-Tried this route last week as an alternative to the up-and-back McGill. I'm posting this description here, because unlike the McGill trail, the Cuddy Meadows trail (also described below) could actually use more bike traffic on it to make it more ridable. I also asked a local if he minded me posting this and the answer was "hell no!"

      1. Park your car on Lockwood Valley Road, a couple miles south of the Ranger Station at the Mill Canyon "trailhead". It's on the right (west) side of the road,and looks like a dirt driveway with a big row of mail boxes on the right and "no trespassing" sign on the left (It IS, however an easement through to NFS public land and the Mill Canyon Fire Road, NOT trespassing). Also look for what appears to be an abandoned rodeo rink. There are a couple of trees on the side of the road, just south of the driveway to park under for shade.

      2. Start riding up Mill Canyon Fire Road. Stay on the most heavily used fire road, as there are a few that branch off (one that took me 5 miles and 900 vertical feet out of my way, damn!). Look for the 2 orange and white gates -- the first you'll cross right away and the second will be on a little rise up toward Mt. Pinos. Now you are on Mill canyon Fire Road where you'll stay for about 5 miles up to Mt. Pinos Road.

      3. When you get to Mt. Pinos Road, hang a left and go uphill for about 1/4 mile and turn into McGill campground. Stay to the left and you will see the trails heading up onto the hill to the intersection with the McGill trail. From this McGill intersection, you can either continue up to the summit of Pinos or down to the McGill trailhead on Mt. Pinos Road. (I was going to try to summit, but my wrong turn earlier and shortage of water made me decide to go down, especially since this was an exploration ride.)

      4. Take McGill trail down the mountain to the trailhead on Mt. Pinos Road -- NOT all the way to the Bethany Pines junction.

      5. From the McGill trailhead on Mt. Pinos Road, turn right (uphill) and head up the road for just a couple hundred yards to the snow gate. At the left of the snow gate is another dirt road which heads downhill to the east. Stay stright on this dirt road all the way to it's end in the Bethel Church Camp.

      6. At the end of the dirt road, after you ride through the Bethel Church Camp, you will see a little trail to your right, heading south. This is the entrance to the Cuddy Meadows Trail. Follow it as it parallels some barbed wire fences and some "Dukes of Hazzard" scenery... you'll see what I mean! The trail will go through a couple of posts where you will see an NFS sign.

      7. Now you are on the Cuddy Meadows Trail. Stay on the most heavily used trail, as there are MANY criss-crosses, apparently made by folks coming and going on horseback from their private ranches (talk about going off-trail -- you won't believe the mazes!). The trail is currently very sandy and "horsed", but it is rideable. If more MTBers ride it, it will only get better. The trail rolls gently up and down and eventually will spit you back out on the Mill Canyon Fire Road, just across from the 2nd orange and white gate described in Step 2. From here, it's about 1/4 mile back to your car.

      This ride should be about 11-12 miles with about 2200 feet of climbing. Although the day I did it, it was 21 miles/3100 feet with the wrong turns, exploring, etc.


      1. Water! Water! Lots and lots of water! Faucets at McGill campground are all dry. I think the same is true at all campgrounds on Mt. Pinos.
      2. Maps. Don't be dumbshit and get lost out here. Check in with Lloyd at Frazier Ski & Pack. He's got maps of the entire area. Here's his info: Web: http://www.shopoutdoors.com/,
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 12 miles Elevation change: 2100
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=45% Paved Path=5% URL: Internet Outdoors Unlimited


    • Trail UpdateMt. Pinos-A group of us rode this beauty from the lower McGill trailhead to the top and back on Sunday. Skies got a little threatening towards the top but the thunderstorm activity stayed east--too bad because the trail could use a little rain to pack it down. They may have got some Monday as there were flash flood warnings for northern Ventura county that day. On Sunday, the trail was quite loose and silty in spots on the McGill portion of it. As your climbing, it's particularly tough at and just past the first switchback as there is a large silty rut on a steep part. At high speeds the trail gets a little hairy around the bottom 2 switchbacks on your return to the vehicles so keep your eyes open. Don't make the mistake I made in eating 20 minutes before the ride--usually I'm a strong climber but my stomach was working on the sandwiches while not enough blood was going to the legs and the result was a pretty poor effort. Oh well live and learn. The Harvest trail is also a little loose but the South Ridge and Condor road parts are fine.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 17 miles Elevation change: 2600'
      Singletrack=70% Dirt Road=25% Paved Path=5%
      SPARE TIRE from Thousand Oaks


    • Trail UpdateMt Pinos (McGill Trail)-Rode it on Sunday (6pm). Did not see a single soul. This is definitely one of the top rides in SoCal. Trail is pretty much completely dry and very tacky...What is even more tacky is the idiots who keep cutting through the switchbacks. These new paths were not there back in May. I noticed some good sized logs were in place to hopefully prevent further erosion. STAY ON THE DAMN TRAIL! Fighting for access is difficult enough without having to worry about poachers.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 18 miles Elevation change: 2200+


    • Trail UpdateStormy Saturday On Mt. Pinos-As we were getting up the 5 freeway towards the Frazier Park exit you could see the thunderheads building towards Mt. Pinos. By the time we hit the Mcgill trail it was raining lightly but as we went on it got heavier with frequent thunder and cold temperatures. It was obvious from the soil conditions this area has gotten some rain the last few days from the monsoon conditions. Despite the slick conditions and concern about getting hit by lightning we pressed onward. When we took a break at the bench a little over 3 miles up a couple guys shuttling down mentioned something about a bear sighting near the top(oh, great like things weren't interesting enough already!) and that it was hailing further up the mountain.Hell, we drove 90 miles to get here so we figured we might as well keep going. After about 2 hours of thundrstorms the weather finally let up the last 2 mile climb to the peak. The ride down was epic as always as the soil there dries fairly well. It never ceases to amaze me how fast the ride back down is. I never find this trail particularly technical (though recent rains have created a big rut after the 2nd switchback up McGill)but because of the high speeds going down you leave yourself open to the possibility of serious bodily harm. There is some exposure on McGill and one mistake around a turn could send you off into the wild blue yonder. It's a matter of knowing your skill level and adjusting your speed accordingly. No downhill full body armored types this day as th weather scared them off. I agree withg those who rank this as one of the five epic So.Cal rides. Just a lot of fun even on a stormy day.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 17miles Elevation change: 2600+
      Singletrack=80% Dirt Road=20%
      Dan a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a GIANT from THOUSAND OAKS


    • Trail UpdateMcGill Trail Iris Point-I did this trail on 5-23-01. All snow is now gone and trail conditions are excellent. This is a great time to do this trail as there are few people out on the trail this time of year and especially during the week. There are a few trees down along the trail. Most notably one about a quarter mile in from the trail head at the bottom of the trail. Watch out for Mountain Whitethorn in a couple of places along the trail as it is prickly and can do a number on you especially if your DHing ! Other than that it is a beautifully scenic ride through pines and some oaks. An added bonus to this is to continue up to Iris Point and add another three miles to your trek. This is a great addition to your trip. Don't miss spring returning to the high country along the way to Iris Point! Plenty of water and greenery along the way. To continue to Iris point: From the McGill trail at the first major intersection of trails just before McGill campground make 90 degree right onto a trail heading west and pass another trail heading northwest. Follow this and it will take you to Mt Pinos highway in about a quarter mile. Make another right and you will follow the highway for about 250 feet or so and on the left hand side there will be a ski trail heading northwest. Follow this crossing the stream and up to Mt Pinos campground in about 2 miles. Most of this is much like a fire road but there is some single track in places. At Mt Pinos campground follow the road past the bathrooms as it curves to the right and head up the hill to the Iris Point trail and turn left on it. It is a little hard to find but you will see the ski sign next to Mt Pinos highway. Then continue on for another mile to Iris Point the trail curves to the left go on out to the point and enjoy the eagles eye view of Lockwood Valley, Topa Topa Mountains and various other points south. Return the way you came or you have options of continuing onto the summit by heading back towards Mt Pinos Campground and connecting with one of the trails across the road and quarter mile up. This trip is about 14 miles round trip. If you do add the summit loop to it then it will probably be close to 19-20 miles total ! Enjoy and happy trails !
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 14 miles Elevation change: 1,700 ft
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=45% Paved Path=5% URL: Internet Outdoors unlimited


    • Trail UpdateCuddy Meadows Trail-This hidden, seldom-used trail is a GREAT link for a hiking or mountain biking loop up or down McGill Nature Trail and Mill Canyon Rd. (9N04). It travels gently northwest/southeast on rolling Los Padres National Forest lands on the easterly foothills of Mt. Pinos, just above the beautiful, expansive Cuddy Valley meadows south of Pinon Pines. The southerly trailhead is by the road gate just above Plunderosa Ranch, on Lockwood Valley Rd., and inside Section 12, T8N, R22W on the Cuddy Valley topo map; northerly trailhead is by the gate at the northwest corner of Sec. 31, T9N, R20W of the same map. The latter trailhead is on a public right of way just north of the gate, specified on the map. To find this trailhead, take Darling Ave. off Cuddy Valley Rd. south thru the estate residences, then southwest to the fence lines south of the church camp. The public right of way is the road between the two fences that leads south to the USFS gate and boundary sign.
      You can ride up the McGill Trail to McGill Campground, then cross Mt. Pinos Highway and pick up Mill Canyon Rd. on the south side of the highway. There are two roads at this junction; Mill Canyon is the most northerly road (left, looking downhill). Or......you can do this route in reverse. Total trail distance- 3 miles. Total loop- 11 miles. Elevation gain on loop 1,800 ft.; 100 ft. on Meadows trail.

      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 3-11 miles Elevation change: 100-1,800
      Singletrack=70% Dirt Road=30% URL: Internet Outdoors Unlimited


    • Trail UpdateGrand Slam (part 4)-Sunday afternoon, ride #4 of the weekend, Mt. Pinos, the McGill trail. Another trail I had heard endlessly about.

      Started at the bottom of McGill and climbed this super buff, pine needle covered singletrack to the top where the air and the views were fantastic. I will keep this one short because the reviews below pretty much tell it all...super fast, smooth, buffed out singletrack.

      Amazingly, we did not see another living creature on the entire ride! Nothing. It made for a descent that seemed to last about 8 minutes. This IS a great trail, however, a little to uneventful for my taste. A rock here and there would be nice.

      Good luck to you.
      Dusty Bottoms


    • Trail UpdateLabor Day On McGill-Finaly made the 80+ mile drive to Pinos for this one. I've been meaning to for years and thought I'd better before it got to be winter (read SNOW!). Started about a 1.5 miles or so before the official McGill trail marker. Saw a few guys that had just returned from a ride and pulled out where they were parked. I let them know that it was my first time and they got me started in the right direction. Cruised along on some single track for about 3/4 mile, reached the blacktop, crossed into a large pull out on the left side (heading NW) and picked up the trail again. Within another 3/4 or so found the McGill trail head marker sign and continued up the single track. Just cruising long, not knowing exactly what was in store for me a small group that had started at the trail head marker caught up. They gave me some more info on the trail and kept me on course as we passed through the "4-way" intersection and whoop-de--doo area. No hikers or DHers on the way up. Made it up Harvest trail and check my watch, 3:45pm on Labor day with the Hwy 5 south back to WLA to face. Unfortunately the top would have to wait for next time. Did an about face and started down, really getting into a rhythm. Great weather, outstanding views and incredible single track! Enjoyed the whoop-de-doos and the switch backs. Lower on the trail encountered a few day hikers, alerted them to my presence and thanked them for letting me pass, they happily stepped off the trail and thank me for slowing and giving them the heads up (as it should be).

      I've read the other postings about this, and other trails, and I would agree that it is extremely important to share the trails, the McGill is one we wouldn't want to lose. Heck I really like to let it out on the DH's and do, but a frendly hello and thanks, etc., etc. goes a long way.

      Anyway off my soap box and back on the bikeÖ through the trees, down the switch backs and off every lip and mogul I could find and all to soon I could see my truck in the distance.

      Hopped on the 5 heading south and back to reality, a sea of brake lights - remember its Labor day 'bout 5pm!. I guess itís a kind of Ying and Yang (sp?), you know the good and bad balancing out. Well I'm planning to do this one again before the seasons over and I'd suggest you try it too.

      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 17 miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=99% Paved Path=1%
      Todd a 33 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Ventana El Saltamontes from Culver City URL: Team Fearless Descender


    • Trail UpdateDaley Ranch Video - VIOSPORT.COM-I found some great online video of mountain biking at Daley Ranch on viosport.com. I'm thinking about sending some of my own video in, as it seems they accept amateur videos. Has anyone else submitted any video to these guys? - Savannah


    • Trail UpdateRode To Top & Back Down 8-13-Took three hours total, nice cool, pines, I started 'bout 7:00am, passed one hiker going up, saw 5 bikers doing down as I was riding up (between McGill campground & South Ridge), then saw a group of backpackers at top meadows just before observation point, then three bikers going down Harvest, and maybe 8-10 group riders near the bottom maybe 2 miles from McGill start. I might of spooked the lead rider here going around a corner because I was going fast, but not so fast that I could of stopped if I had to before geting to him, he shouted "{something}uphill has right-of-way{something}" I know this, maybe he was mad because he was going up, or thought I couldn't stop if I had to... Sorry dude I'm not a DH'er, I had shorts & a tee shirt on, I slowed down to under 5mph when passing each of these riders. Fun trail, link of pictures I took when up there.
      ET URL: http://albums.photopoint.com/j/AlbumIndex?u=214580&a=7724818


    • Trail Update"Hey! You're Hurting My Pinos!"-Parked at the bottom of McGill trail yesterday, and started riding up the ST. Everyone we encountered-- hikers, DH riders and XC warriors, was in disbelief that we actually were climbing *up* the trail, whoís comments were "I like the way youíre going much better than the other guys", and "youíre doing this the hard way" and "the other way is much more fun", respectively.

      I will focus on the first and second categories of people. The hikers we passed on the way up looked like they had been traumatized by the DH riders. Even though McGill is climbable, I can understand why someone with a 35+ lb bike would want to shuttle to the top- it would be a grind under those circumstances. Also, because this trail is a paradigm DH bomb session- low tech, absurdly fast banked corners and jumps and long straightaways, all well-cambered singletrack through the trees. I know one of the guys in this group of riders, who is a perfectly nice, courteous cool guy- they werenít riding irresponsibly or too fast, but people who arenít used to seeing armor-clad full face helmet riders on engine-less motocross bikes are gonna freak out when they see six guys tearing around the banked corners this ST is famous for.

      I guess the bottom line is be careful if you shuttle this ride. Weekends produce lots of hikers, and if you shuttle, you are going to pass the same group 2 or 3 times in one day. When they have kids and dogs, regardless of how courteous or safe you are, they arenít going to like you. IMHO, much better trails for DH practice are Coldsprings and Tunnel, both about the same drive time from LA. Tunnel and CS are rock chutes so the trails are resistant to fast cornering and braking. Much less impact, and much more bang for the buck than Pinos.

      I guess I donít have any real solutions. I love going fast down this trail, also. It would just be a shame to lose it.

      Be the ball.

      El Santo riding a faux-bangah


    • Trail UpdateMcGill Trail/Mt. Pinos-This is truly an epic ride. It's 8 miles from the lower McGill trail head to the top of Mt. Pinos via the South Ridge and Harvest trails which is the way to go. You go from about 6300' up to 8831'. Even though you come back the same way you came it's like 2 different trails. The same grunt up becomes an incredibly fast and fun return.Starting at the McGill trail head it's a steady climb up the singletrack through the pines. Just after a mile you come to the first switchback which can be kind of tough as you're trying to get adjusted to the altitude and breathing fairly hard. Just a ways before you get to that you'll go through an area with some tight quarters and prickly plants--kind of like going through a cuisinart--expect some scratches and cuts here, especially when bombing back down it on your return. Shortly after switchback #1 come two more but these are certainly makeable without too much trouble.After the3rd switchback you'll start to get a view of where you parked and the surrounding valley. 2 more switchbacks come eventually but these are easy. After you have gone a little over 2 miles things ease up a lot and it gets fun for a while. Just about 3.25 miles comes a bench on the right and then a trail on the left from the McGill campground. Keep going straight. You'll come to the camp area than Mt Pinos road. Go right up this road and shortly on the left side you'll come to the South Ridge trail. This trail is full of whoop-de-doos which are an absolute blast doing on your return. Eventually you'll come to another campground. Go right to Mt. Pinos road again and hang a left on that road. Shortly on your right you'll see the trail--take it and than when you see the sign go on the Harvest trail. This trail is only a mile or so but it felt longer as it seemed to be the toughest climbing on the way up.Again you will come to a large parking lot--you're at 8300' now. Go across the lot to the fireroad which goes up to the top of Pinos. It's about 2 miles up to the top on a rocky, sometimes silty/sandy fireroad. When you are at the top enjoy the views in all directions--just awesome.Didn't see any condors this day.Now the fun really starts as you go down the fireroad--watch your speed as there are a lot of hikers going up and down. At the bottom go back across the parking lot and go down Harvest--a lot funner this way. Then it's back to the South Ridge trail. This whoop-de--doo trail is one of the funnest downhills you will ever see and do. There must be a good dozen or so whoop --de--doos. After this it's back down McGill at warp speed. It's amazing how fast the 8 miles from Pinos down to your car can be. Be careful on McGill as your fast downhill speed can be dangerous when you get back to switchbacks 3, 2 and 1--especially 1! All in all, this is a great ride. It's out of the way for most of us but sometimes you just got to make the drive as this is one not to pass up. Bring a lot of water and grubb.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 16miles Elevation change: 2500-2750'
      Singletrack=75% Dirt Road=20% Paved Path=5%
      Dan from T.O. a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a GIANT from Thousand Oaks


    • Trail UpdateLockwood, Piru, San Guillermo Cr-A challenging one to three day mountain biking/ trout fishing trip can be found in Lockwood Valley, beginning about 7 miles southwest of Frazier Park at the Lockwood Creek trailhead, just south of the Ridgelite mining operation. Leave your car at the Lockwood Creek parking area and ride back out to Lockwood Valley Road. Ride the paved road about 5 miles southwest to the Mutau Flat/Grade Valley trailhead sign, just where the paved road turns west. Ride down Grade Valley Road towards Piru Creek. At Pine Springs Campground, take the fork east to San Guillermo Creek trail, ride that trail to Lockwood Creek and then upstream back to the parking area. For an extended trip, instead of taking the San Guillermo trail, travel down into Grade Valley, follow the signs to Halfmoon Camp, then downstream on Piru Creek until you meet the junction of Lockwood Creek and Piru, at the bottom of Miller Jeep trail. From this junction, you can continue down Piru Creek and eventually end up at God Hill Campground/Alamo Crossing at the south end of Hungry Valley, or you can travel upstream on Lockwood Creek through GREAT trout fishing areas about 8 miles to the original parking area. Several campgrounds along these beautiful, pristine routes make for a wonderful extended outing.
      Maps and info available at Frazier Ski & Pack in Frazier Park- see www.shopoutdoors.com for more info
      Singletrack=60% Dirt Road=30% Paved Path=10%
      URL: Internet Outdoors Unlimited


    • Trail UpdateTecuya Ridge-From the McGill Trail at the bottom of Mt. Pinos, travel easterly alongside Mt. Pinos Hwy, past the Pine Mtn. Club turnoff and Camp St. Nicholas to the trailhead sign for Pleito Creek and Cherry Creek. Follow this 4x4 road up and to the east along the crest overlooking Cuddy Valley, then eventually Lake of the Woods and Frazier Park. At the east end of the trail, the ride drops on Edison Road into the east part of Frazier Park by the elementary school.
      If you take 2 cars, you can drive one to the top of Mt. Pinos and, via the trails described in the McGill Trail Ride description, ride a total of 15 miles, mostly downhill from Mt. Pinos to Frazier Park, pick up your other car and drive back to Mt. Pinos. A GREAT one day ride!
      Singletrack=70% Dirt Road=30%
      a Weekend Warrior from Frazier Park, Ca. URL: Internet Outdoors Unlimited


    • Trail UpdateFrazier Park Century MB Ride-The Frazier Park Century mountain bike ride is a gruelling 100 mile backcountry ride that hits several major summits in the area, streams, single track, fire roads and 4x4 routes. For maps of this ride or other info, see www.shopoutdoors.com or call Frazier Ski & Pack in Frazier Park; (805)245-3438. Open weekends and holidays except daily during snow season. Info and maps to numerous other rides in the area also available.
      Singletrack=60% Dirt Road=20% Paved Path=1% Truck Trail=19%
      URL: Internet Outdoors Unlimited


    • Trail UpdatePt. Pinos X-Country Ski Trails-Cool, smogfree, no people and lots of dirt trails. What more does a mountain biker want? At the parking lot to Mt. Pinos Campground, there are many marked cross country ski trails to choose from. These trails are from 1 to 2 miles in length, one way. You can connect these trails together in any order and have a great time. Try camping at at tent or car or trailer camping at McGill, or Mt. Pinos Campgrounds or tenting at Chula Vista Campground. The trails generally radiate from Mt. Pinos Campground: Iris Point, South Ridge, Fir Ridge, Harvest and Knoll Loop. The best times to bike here is fall before snow, and spring after snow. Lots of wild flowers in the spring!!! Want something more difficult try biking up to the summit as Mt. Pinos at 8831 feet! Have fun and enjoy the solitude.
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=100% Truck Trail=50%
      Mike Stewart a 49 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Diamondback Response from Moorpark, CA


    • Trail UpdateMt. Pinos Summit To McGill Trail-Park at Chula Vista parking area, at 8,100 ft. on Mt. Pinos & ride the summit trail 1 1/2 miles to top. Views of San Joaquin Valley, Anacapas, Sierras, Lockwood Valley. Occasional condors. Take the same route down to the parking area, then Knoll Loop trail to Harvest trail, South Ridge trail to McGill trail to its' bottom at 6,000 ft. (From there you can link an additonal 10 miles on Tecuya Ridge back to Frazier Park, at 4,500', or a 4,300 ft. descent/slight uphill ride!). Mostly single track; McGill is a super ride. For more info, check out www.shopoutdoors.com or www.frazmtn.com. Also new mountain bike park and BMX downhill track being built in Frazier Park. email shopout@shoputdoors.com for info/rates/location. Area MB maps also available at same website.
      Singletrack=70% Dirt Road=5% Paved Path=5% Truck Trail=20%
      Lloyd Wiens a Weekend Warrior riding a GT from P.O. 1510, Frazier Park, Ca. 93225 URL:Internet Outdoors Unlimited


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