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Southern California Trails

  • Mt. Woodson - #Mt.Woodson

    Socal - San Diego County - Poway NickNames: #Mt.Woodson lake poway to mt. woodson

    TOP to LAKE POWAY: Park on Hwy 67 near the gate to the access road, (Thomas Guide 1171, F4). Ride the marked trail to the paved road that climbs 1.8 miles to the top. Once you have hiked-biked-pushed to the top, find the single track trail near the west antenna tower. That will take you down the other side, all the way to Lake Poway.

    LAKE POWAY to the TOP: See Lake Poway trail description. The Mt. Woodson trail is clearly marked where it departs from the Lake Poway trail. You can see it climb eastward, from across the lake near the boat launch. Ride around the lake (either direction) to find the trailhead. Enjoy! Thomas Guide page: 1171

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