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Southern California Trails

  • Mortero Wash - #MorteroWash

    Socal - Other Places of the World - Highway S2 at the Imperial Count NickNames: #MorteroWash

    Just take Interstate 8 out of San Diego until you reach the Ocotillo Exit. Follow S2 north for several miles until you see the Imperial Highway Monument (no plaque as it was stolen by vandals in the late 1970's). Park in front of the monument. Ride your bike west about a quarter mile and take the southward dirt road off S2 towards the old abandoned Dos Cabezas Rail Station. After about 5 miles of semi-firm ground you'll come upon the old water tower and loading ramp. On the left you'll find the ruins of what was once the main building for this historical site along the Sand Diego and Arizona Eastern Railroad. Remember that the tracks are still owned by the San Diego Metro. Transit district (they own the Trolley too), and you've got right away to cross...but loitering in any of the nearby tunnels is punishable by fine. The ride itself isn't easy, except coming back where you'll literally glide on light sand for miles with a minimum of effort (due to the gradual northward downward slope of the desert). Thomas Guide page unknown

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