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  • Morning Glory - #MorningGlory

    Socal - San Luis Obispo County - San Luis Obispo NickNames: #MorningGlory west cuesta grade

    Leave San Luis Obispo heading north on US Hwy 101 until you reach the top of Cuesta Grade. Enter the left turn lane, and cut across the southbound traffic to the turn out on the west side of Hwy 101. Follow the turnout road to the paved singl-lane road that goes upwards. Follow this up for about 5 miles until you reach the TV and Radio towers. It is very eroded blacktop road with lots of potholes. Just past the towers you will see a turn out on the left side of the road with a old gate about 25' feet down the road. The area is called the 'Botanical Gardens' and signed. Follow the singletrack around the old gate and down the old road. Follow the trail for about a mile. Make a left off of the road onto single track by a rock pile/marker. This is the Morning Glory trail. Follow this for about 5 miles until you reach another old road. Turn left on the old road and follow the trail up (this is called Shooters) until you reach the top of the grade again and eventually (about 4 miles) the same old eroded blacktop road. Follow this back to your car. If you go right where Morning Glory meets the old road and go down, you will find several different trails all of which lead to the RR and eventually to Poly Canyon or Stenner Canyon. Locals enter and exit the ride from this direction, but from outside of town it is probably easier to use the West Cuesta grade access.

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    • Trail UpdateMorning Glory- June 19, 2009-I ride Morning Glory UP from CalPoly Campus. This trail is well maintained by CCCMB! Most of the loose rocks have been removed from the single track up to the jeep road it intersects at the top. The brush is getting a bit constricting in a few locations in the middle and lower sections, though very ridable! Anyone who likes technical challenges should ride the Elevator Tr. from Stenner Ck or its intersection with the RR and ride it from the base up!
      TechRider a 42 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Yeti 5.75 from San Luis Obispo, CA


    • Trail UpdateTrail Maintenance-Thank you CCMB for the work done on Morning Glory - May 7th, 2005.

      Bushes and trees cut back was the biggest difference I noted. Again, a kind thanks.

      Additional Morning Glory Information:

      Trail- 2.25 miles. Singletrack. Just a fun way down the mountain while a technical climb if you were choose to go up it.

      Connects to another singletrack dubbed 'shooters' which takes you back up to the grade. Shooters is a 1.25 mile climb.

      This is one of the most popular / known trails in the town; mainly used by cross country / trail riders.

      Great views of town, ocean, Morro bay to the North, Bishops Peak and the other 'sisters'. SLO is surrounded by dormant volcanos. They are lush green with boulders exposed at the top. The largest peak is Bishops Peak at approx. 1200 feet high.

      For more information on what you would view from the top, go here:


      Lag a 30 year old riding a Rootbeer Stable from SLO URL: http://www.cccmb.org/


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