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Southern California Trails

  • Marine Base/I-15 - #MarineBase/I-15

    Socal - - Scripps Ranch NickNames: #MarineBase/I-15

    1.) Take I-15 North
    2.) turn off 15 to Pomerado Road
    3.) Go past crown point and Mesa Madera Drive and turn right on to Semillon into Whispering Ridge.
    4.) go to the top of semiilon and dont turn left to where the houses were burned.
    5.) Go up to the trail past the sidewalk. (it's very steep so take up your bike and not your car now)
    6.) When Half way up the trail, take a left to the edge of the ridge. (you should walk in the sewer/waterway)
    7.) go right to the top of the hill.
    8.) then just go left and have fun.

    Parking- park at the swimming pool parking lot, no one almost ever parks there now

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    • Trail UpdateThe Sewer Thing- 4 Blow Hole-its clean dude, its just those little concrete waterways behind houses and stuff
      Joe Mangan a 14 year old Racer riding a Trek 4500 from San Diego


    • Trail UpdateNo Good-You had me until "you should walk in the sewer/waterway"

      Blow Hole


    • Trail Updateps- this trail is contaminated with high explosives that the marines use. DO NOT GO OFF OF THE TRAIL! IT'S FULL OF LAND MINES AND IM NOT JOKING! But there are sometimes marines on humvees and trucks cary bazookas and machine guns and grenade launchers. If you see them, wait a few minutes for them to go ahead. Do not be afraid of them, the mariens are very nice, just wave to them. Just be careful on this trail because of the explosives
      Singletrack=0% Dirt Road=100% Paved Path=if your not on the trail its paved% Truck Trail=100%
      Joe Mangan a 14 year old Racer riding a Trek 4500 from San Diego


    • Trail UpdateMarine Base/I-15 Trail-very rocky and often times very steep. I'd Reccommend using a bike with treds, no all terrain, bmx or childrens bike. Only Mountain Bikes. sorry i selected all of the trail ratings, its intermediate.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 27- 30 miles or so Elevation change: 250- bottom of canyon
      Dirt Road=% Truck Trail=%
      Joe Mangan a 14 year old Racer riding a Haro V-3 from San Diego


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