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Southern California Trails

  • Maple Springs - #MapleSprings

    Socal - Orange County - Silverado Canyon NickNames: #MapleSprings

    From the 55 Freeway in the City of Orange, use Chapman Ave. exit. Drive east. Chapman will turn into Santiago Canyon Rd. after about 5 miles. Continue 5 more miles Silverado Canyon Rd., turn left.
    From Mission Viejo, exit I5 at El Toro Rd. and travel east about 7.5 miles to Santiago Canyon Rd., turn left. In about 5 miles turn right onto Silverado Canyon Rd.
    Parking and the trailhead are about 5 miles up Silverado Canyon Rd. at the gate. Thomas Guide page 802

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    • Trail UpdateMaple Springs-Rode Maple Springs Road up to Main Divide, started late in the day and got to the top just as night fell upon us. Brought the lights for the trip back down. Pretty hot, but things cooled down quite a bit as we rode up. Only one thing made the ride miserable, BUGS!!! Make sure you spray down with OFF or some other bug repellent, it's your only hope unless you have netting around your head!! The view was awesome and we got to see some pre-4th of July fireworks (You know the 909 area can't wait). Maple Springs is as smooth as ever but pretty dusty.
      Jeff Tice a 35 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a KHS XC904 from So Cal


    • Trail UpdateThe Peak-Did this on thanksgiving,man i sucked>word of advice get more than 3 hours of sleep and dont drink like a bandit.Im sure that everysingle rider that passed me got a buzz.But i made it to the peak,walking most of it from 4 corners.
      boonespale a 34 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Iron Horse G-spot,and Iron horse mk III team from Fullerton,ca


    • Trail UpdateMaple Springs-Next Saturday evening October 1st the USFS will hold a "Black-lighting" event just past the gate.

      Stop by and see what wierd and wild insects they will lure into the sheets!

      Eventually Maple Springs Visitors Center will re-open to the public. The plan is to provide the public with general trail information, water, 1st aid, flora, fauna, geology, and local history information.

      Exciting things to come, to be sure. They will be looking for some volunteers to help out at the visitors center as well. Maybe befor or after your rides we could help out?

      ride wisely.
      ranger tom a Cross-Country Rider


    • Trail UpdateOPEN!-Maplesprings is now open(as of the 1st)
      Have fun riding!
      Matt a 15 year old Racer from Orange County


    • Trail UpdateToo Quiet-Boy, I rode Maple Springs again last week. Did the loop to the Motorway. Gravity was stronger when we rode... made it harder to peddle up Bedford Peak.

      You know something? It's too damn quiet up there. I wish someone would put a road through that mountain, so we could hear the comforting sound of Toyotas and Lexus' and Hyundais and motorcycles (CROTCH ROCKETS!) and such while riding! A big road that goes right through the middle of the mountain. That would be COOL!
      Fang Grebelski a 39 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Fuel 90 from The OC


    • Trail UpdateMaple Springs Still Open For Now-Rode Maple Springs today and at the end of the ride, I ran into the Forest Rangers at the parking lot.

      They were taking the "Closed from April 1st through September 30th" sign down off the gate. They informed me that because of the heavy rain, the springs are running too high and too fast for the little toadies to court each other and make-out; so for the time being, Maple Springs will remain open.

      I asked them if it would be open for the season, but they indicated that they would be keeping a check on the water levels, and if they came back down to the normal flow, they would then put the signs up.

      Bottom line they said was that if you come to the parking lot, and the closure sign is not on the gate, the trail is open for riding. Once you see the sign go up, the trail will be closed for the normal duration.

      Basically........Maple Springs is still open until further notice.

      Good News Indeed

      JamR a 49 year old Cross-Country Rider


    • Trail UpdateClosed After April 1st.-Maple Springs is currently open to bikes and hikers. The gate is closed to motorized cars, as the road is severely damaged. There is even one section with a huge "crater" where you have to ride around to get to the other side. I think they even have yellow tape around it.
      I rode my road bike to the gate on Sunday and they have a big sign announcing the annual closure, to protect the endangered Arroyo Toad. I think that the sign says closed from April 1st to September 31.
      So,only a couple more weeks left. After that, no more Maple Springs or Silverado Motorway for a while.
      And, since it is a closure motivated by the threat of a lawsuit by an environmentalist group, I heard that the fine for ignoring the closure is pretty steep.
      Pilass a 36 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Scalpel from Irvine


    • Trail UpdateI rode it twice in the past 2 weeks and one of the days was a "free day". Tons of people there. I even talked with a ranger for a few minutes. He didn't say anything at all about it being closed....
      Not to mention that the Vision Quest and Counting Coup just ran through there this past saturday.


    • Trail UpdateClosed??-I thought that Maple Springs was closed??? Ever since the rains the district lists it as closed on voicemail and website. Are bikes ok?
      Fang Grebelski a 39 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Fuel 90 from Newport Beach


    • Trail UpdateAlternative To The Wet Trails-This trail is currently in great shape with the water crossings being shallow and completely ride-able.

      The first stream is still deep so plan on getting wet carrying your bike across, and there is a tree across the trail just a few hundred yards after you start the fire road climb; but the fire road all the way up to Main Divide is super clean up and down.

      This is a great alternative until STT the Luge and other trails dry out
      JamR a 49 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a A few bikes from Capo


    • Trail Updatehttp://www.warriorssociety.net/voices.mv?parm_func=showmsg+parm_msgnum=1000107


    • Trail UpdateAnother Warriors Society Victory-Since Cris Vargas wants a road through the Santa Anas, here is another victory he wins:

      From the WS message board on 5-6-2003, written by cris vargas:

      "In a recent article in the Register Rep. Chris Cox announced he was going to seek 40-50 million to study the possibility of a tunnel through the Santa Ana's.

      In discussions with the Forest Service, we agree after studing the various routes, that the most probable and least intrusive route would be from Cajalxco Road in Corona through the Santa Ana's with the exit being near Ladd Canyon outside the National Forest..."

      Now from teh OC Register a couple a years later:

      'Example' tunnel is call for folks to pay attention

      The Orange County Register

      El Toro is so 2004.

      We have a new entry for 2005 in the category of "Giant Public Works Projects That Will End Life As We Know It." The Damn Big Tunnel.

      Like the El Toro airport, the DBT is being pushed in part by an adjacent county (Riverside) in an attempt to solve its transportation problems. Where in the state Constitution, I ask you, does it say Orange County has to take the hit when neighbors overbuild?

      To catch you up: The Riverside and Orange counties' transportation agencies have hired engineering consultants to help them figure out how to best relieve congestion on the 91. One of the major suggestions is to bore a freeway tunnel through the Santa Ana Mountains between Riverside County and some lucky but as-yet-to-be-selected-community in Orange County.

      Transportation planners have been ever so careful not to signal that any one route is looking the most viable. Or that a DBT is even the best solution.

      But I've found out that at a private "Stakeholder Advisory Committee" meeting Dec. 13 one specific tunnel route was shown to attendees - an alignment that would wipe out homes in O.C.'s Silverado and Ladd canyons.

      Transportation officials warned attendees in a subsequent e-mail that the information was "provided for discussion purposes only and not meant for public distribution. ... Your discretion is appreciated."

      Mike Boeck, a Silverado Canyon resident on the local parks district board, was at the meeting and was more than a little freaked out. He began a furious discussion with parties involved. And then mentioned it to me.

      The two obvious issues for me: Has one route emerged as a favorite? Why the secrecy?

      Both county transportation agencies have strongly stated that a fictional Silverado alignment was installed in some computer mapping software merely for the purposes of showing members of the advisory committee how the software worked. Nothing has been decided.

      "There will be substantial analysis done on different options and there will be ample opportunity for the public to provide feedback," O.C. spokesman Ted Nguyen told me. In an e-mail to Boeck, another spokesperson told him, "I apologize that we did not use better judgment and sensitivity in selection of an example [route]."

      I believe them. However ... even if it was done at a subconscious level, there's some reason that route was picked over one in, say, Yoknapatawpha County. From a pure engineering standpoint, the Silverado route probably is a logical place to start if you're thinking about where to build a DBT. So at the very least, this is a wake-up call for folks to start paying attention.

      Which brings us to the second issue: the private meetings.

      The transportation agencies held several open houses last fall to get resident input, and then went, uh, underground. In lieu of true public meetings, about 60 community leaders from both counties were asked to be on the advisory committee, and about 35-40 have attended.

      Now, that is public representation in one sense, but the meetings are not open to the public at large. (Meetings of the actual policy-makers, the transportation boards, will be public, of course, but thoseare a way off.)

      Meanwhile, aren't these preliminary meetings subject to the state open-meetings law? Riverside spokesman John Standiford doesn't think so, and I haven't had time yet to research it. Loopholes galore when it comes to "committees."

      Nonetheless, Standiford said he had no objection if I attend the next meeting, probably sometime in mid-February, which I promise to do unless it conflicts with any of my wife's fancy Valentine's Day dinner plans. On second thought, make that especially if it conflicts with any of her fancy Valentine's Day dinner plans


    • Trail UpdateDeep Snow Near Main Divide-Rode today starting about 11:00 a.m. Gate was closed, but OK to ride or hike. I should have known what I was in for based on two clues: 1) started seeing patches of snow almost right away, and 2) a couple of mud-covered riders coming down. Anyway, it was pleasant enough up to about the 6 mile point. After that, the snow got to be about 8-12 inches deep on the shady sections and there was no good riding track. Found out quickly that my shoes are far from waterproof. Anyway, made it to about 1/2 mile from the Harding/MDTT intersection and decided to turn around. Mudfest on the way down, but no problems.
      Pete a 46 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Canondale V-2000 from Los Alamitos


    • Trail UpdateMaple Springs To Silverado ST-Great ride, despite the heat. The majority of the climbing in the canyon was nice because of the shade. Once on Main Divide shade became tougher to find, but the little breeze made life pretty Ok. Once onto the final short but steep little climbs before to head down to the single track, shade could be found but not much and felt better to just keep moving since the downhill singletrack was just waiting as a reward for all the (about 2hrs worth) of riding. The singletrack is in awsome shape for this time of year... watch out on some of those loose washed-out sections where the trail has gotten very narrow, and the rutts have gotten big at some points... but nothing too bad and made for a fun (if not a little too easy) return trip. Heading back through town all the way to the car. I like to start well back of the gate, dont need the adventure pass, and adds some very seneic road miles. Keep the rubber side down, and leave no trace! Peace -
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 25 Elevation change: yes
      Singletrack=15% Paved Path=35% Truck Trail=50%
      mtnbikerman a 28 year old Die-hard Enthusiast


    • Trail UpdateMaple Springs > MDTT > Motorway-Did a baby piece of the CC/VQ course today, so figured I'd update conditions for the contestants participating next week.

      Maple Springs up was it's usual easy self, so no worries there. MDTT has a few loose sections, and some ruts to watch out for, although this portion of MDTT isn't in the race. Motorway has quite a few ruts, all negotiable, but there's only room for one on the lines thru the sketchier sections, so keep this in mind on your descent next weekend. Also, Motorway has a couple sections around blind corners where the road/trail is nearly washed away now, only about a foot wide, and drops off the side far enough that you don't want to miss. Still, no sections require walking, if you keep it under control.

      Overall, conditions are good to excellent for traction and climbing speed, just gotta watch out for some erosion issues on the dh. Good luck to all the competitors. Have fun (if you can call 12k vert fun) next weekend!

      VLander a 44 year old riding a 5-Spot from Viejoland


    • Trail UpdateMaple Springs To Santiago Peak-My first ride to the summit. Great workout on the way up and very comfortable temperature-wise. However, FREEZING on the way down. Conditions were decent with some recent rain; tacky hard-pack most of the way but rocky at the top b/c of recent grading. Views at the top were amazing! Cloudy on the ocean side but could clearly see Lake Elsinor and some snowy peaks in the distance (Big Bear?) Lots of 4x4s and motorcycles yesterday. Rode the last few miles down in the dark. Next time I'll be bringing more clothing, winter gloves and a light!
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 25 miles Elevation change: 3800 ft
      Paved Path=25% Truck Trail=75%
      MikeR a 28 year old Weekend Warrior riding a 97 Specialized Rock Hopper from Ladera Ranch


    • Trail UpdateOpen, But Freshly Graded.-I was up here yesterday and had a wonderful time. Nice and cool, popped out of the clouds @ about 3000'.Trail cnditions nice and tacky, with a few loose spots here and there.About 100yds before the last turn before the gate at MD, a huge grader started tearing up the trail. I let the guy pass and scarfed a clif bar. He only got about 200yds tore up, but it seemed like 10 miles of bad road. After passing him, things were back to normal, so I let go of the brakes and coasted back to the car.I had a great ride, but the guy who started out when I returned probably didn't. PRAY FOR RAIN.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 14 miles Elevation change: 2500
      Dirt Road=8% Paved Path=6%
      johnny a 35 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Yellow Gary Fisher from Costa Mesa


    • Trail UpdateOh Yea I Agree-You know what gets me... I like to check the National Forest service web site, and they have an entire section on the clevland national forest... but they do not list any closures... or really any useful information at all! The fact that it is closed is OK, but I agree, even if you are trying to be good, the only way to find out it is closed is to drive up to that gate and see the sign... I wonder how hard it would be for someone to post that on the Forest service site? What the hell is it for if not that sort of thing?
      -my useless rant
      Ride rating: Beginner
      Mtnbikerman a 27 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Giant MCM Team from Long Beach


    • Trail UpdateMaple Springs Road-I honestly don't mind THAT much that the trail is closed for the purpose of toad fornication, I mean, hey, they were there first! BUT, I do mind that, not knowing that Maple Springs was off-limits, I went all the way up Silverado, parked, got my gear on, scatched away at my Adventure Pass, and was at the actual gate lifting my bike over it when I see the tiny sign telling me to keep out. Would it KILL the forest service to have posted something 15 MILES BACK?!?! Or at least posted a VISIBLE sign in the parking lot?! What the %#&*@ does my Adventure Pass $ finance anyway? Yes, there are a few signs on the drive up that say 'gate closed' - but that refers only to motor vehicles, and is often up when legal mtn biking is possible. So, there's my pointless rant... I did a nice ride anyway down the road at O'neill Park. God bless the Santa Anas!
      Ride distance: 0 miles Elevation change: 0!
      Daniel-san a 33 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Huffy '76-er' model from New Yawk


    • Trail UpdateDid Somebody Say BITE?-
      "Think Spotted Owl"

      Actually, the Gnatcatcher would be more relevant to Southern California.

      The Gnatcatcher may be soon be reclassified from Subspecies to 'Distinct Population Segment':

      This reclassification is important because it removes the Critical Habitat protections that are invoked using the Endangered Species Act.


    • Trail UpdateGetting Way Out Of Hand...-Like some of the more astute posters have said, this is one trail, temporarily closed. Deal with it. There are plenty of other great rides in the Santa Anas besides this one. Also, last time I checked this was a Mountain Bike site, not the place for you to spew your political views at each other. There are websites for that as well, but please leave it out of here.
      Tony a 37 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Spot singlespeed from Temecula


    • Trail UpdateToads Are A Means To An End.-The toad lawsuit was filed when plans were announced to build a Tunnel or Toll road though the Santa Ana mountains from I-15.

      "Endangered" species habitat status greatly reduces the likelihood that this project will proceed.

      Think "Spotted Owl".
      MadMaxim a 32 year old riding a HumV URL: Find out what Green Really Means.


    • Trail UpdateReading Way Too Much Into This..-The Arroyo Toad TEMPORARY closures; fire season/drought TEMPORARY closures are not a Liberal, Republican, Democratic, Communist or any other entities bizarre conspiracy or plot to destroy mountain biking or free access. When the Toads are through doing their thing, we will once again enjoy this trail.

      This gives me an eerie vision of some poster’s typing away in dimly lit rooms wearing tin foil caps to protect them from secret Government radio waves sending subliminal messages through the atmosphere, while at the same time listening for the ever present black helicopters.

      If you want the straight scoop, visit the Southwestern Center for Biological Diversity's web-site yourself. Whether you agree with their philosophy or not; they are very blunt and open about their mission, and open about their litigation victories and defeats.

      Bottom line is that this trail is closed for certain periods because a particular group did their homework and won a victory. If it's that much of a concern to some of you, and you cannot find any alternate trails to ride in the 500 plus miles of open trails in Orange County; then hire your own attorney and start your own class action litigation against the TEMPORARY closure.

      I imagine any law suit however; will have to contain more "Bite" than simply misconstruing a One Sentence Law (RS2477) out of its original intent in an attempt to make a very weak point.

      Live with it, or do something legal about it.... just don't ride it in the mean time because it affects mountain biking for the rest of us if you do.

      This section is about trail conditions….so simply put, this trail is temporarily closed and as soon as it’s opened for riding again we’ll know it and we’ll be out there riding in force.

      Jam-R a 48 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Classic Steel from Capo


    • Trail UpdateYew Shouldn't ASSume Things...-
      I am no more a fan of the masonic Bush Junta than I am of Slick Billy.

      Set up and sold out is not Pro-Republican - it simply makes a strong case that the Communist party has hijacked the environmental "movement".

      Four legs gooood two legs Baaad.
      Sound familiar, Mr. Sheeple?

      Oh and, please spare us the NATIVE American PC newspeak BS, K.

      MadMaxim a 32 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a HumV URL: Find out what Green Really Means


    • Trail UpdateGet Real-at least I don't post anon! Try reading "stupid white men" not that I agree with all of it... but at least it is true... the man in office WAS NOT ELECTED and the constitution gives absolutely no authority to the supreme court to decide our president... he lost Florida, though they tried to make people think otherwise.. the guy is a total crook, and the suggestion that the middle class is "fine and well" sounds like someone (like Bush) who is not living in reality. Most of my friends are just happy to be working right now, since the feds let ENRON screw California. California is 1/3 of the nations economy... funny how right after Ca got hit with this made-up energy crisis, the nations economy went (totally) downhill. Duh, you try paying bills with 2/3 of what you used to make... duh, he is trying to destroy the middle class. DUH he was not even elected. DUH he lied to EVERYONE including congress (and not about something silly like a hummer) yet nobody is talking impeachment? I don't get it... how can you defend ANYTHING Bush has done... name one thing! Also you might want to read "1984" because I think the jargon and slogans of the republican party sound just like the "party" in 1984... the similarities are striking. and my point is still valid (another republican tactic... just send things off topic.) If mtnbikers are the only people crossing that gate, it gives the anti-mtnbike lobby more ammo... lets not do that please!
      Ride rating: Beginner
      Ride distance: seems impossible Elevation change: attitudes
      Mtnbikerman a 27 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Giant MCM Team from Long Beach


    • Trail UpdateLOL-The middle class is alive and doing just fine... it just can't hike in Silverado Canyon.

      Follow the link and read "Set up and Sold Out".


    • Trail UpdateGive Me A Break!-Bill Clinton??? - Bill Clinton may have been the BEST president in my life time... but he did fall short on many of the enviornmental issues. Leftist agend? What is that exaclty? Is that like the right wing agenda to destroy the middle class? What else does the current "resident in thief" think he is doing? If you mean the leftist agend to leave something to future generations I am all for that. Count me with the leftists then, because I sure am not one of these bible tumping, right wing freaks who have no idea what Jesus was trying to say.
      and my point is still valid... if its JUST mtnbikers who are crossing the closure it gives the anti-mtnbike groups more ammo!

      Ride distance: its hard to change some Elevation change: attitudes
      Mtnbikerman a 27 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Giant MCM Team from Long Beach


    • Trail UpdateLeftists Love Lawyers-More land closures are in the works. The same Toad lives in the other canyons of the Santa Ana's and if the center for Biodiversity gets its way they will all be closed to public access.

      These subversive "environmental" lawsuits are being decided by federal judges who were appointed by Bill Clinton and other leftists.

      See the book "Setup and Sold out"

      It describes the relationship between leftist agenda and the hijacked "Environmental" movement.

      Your vote ~does~ count. Leftists love an appathetic population. Lower voter turnout makes it easier for special interest groups to advance their agendas.

      Get involved and speak out!
      MadMaxim a 32 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a HumV URL: Find out what green really means


    • Trail UpdatePerspective...-not the whole mountian is closed... I agree, and in fact the climb from Silverado canyon to main divide is one of my favorites... but if you want to hit Silverado motoway, you could go from Black star, then climb back up the single track and avoid any problems with the closure. I look at it this way... the area is closed to all access (hikers too), if its JUST mtn.bikers who are "trespassing", it gives the anti-mtn.bike people more ammunition, so I may disagree with the closure, but give 'em that on since there are many other rides in the same area that are just as good... I want to make sure we don't get kicked off those too!
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: changed Elevation change: attitudes
      Mtnbikerman a 27 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Giant MCM Team from Long Beach


    • Trail UpdateMapleSpring Gate Is Alway Closed-I am told the Silverado Motorway and Maple Springs Truck Trail is closed do to some endangered frogs that is federal mandated (Trabuco Ranger District, Corona; 909/736-1811) and will remain closed until the end of September 2003. So the whole mountain is closed so some stupid frogs that lives only by watery areas can survive. But after September (mark my words) they will close the gate again because of fire danger, and after that, the first rains, because of road damage, and many other excuses to keep the gates closed from yours and my land. Well enough is enough, what about me and my family’s pleasure to enjoy this land now. I should have the rights under RS 2477 rights-of-way to cut off the lock to the gate. Also whoever pays for the Adventure Pass is an idiot, now I would not have a problem paying the 5 or 30 dollar fee if it did something, but for the arrogance of the rangers to enforce this farce is an outrage.
      Check out these sites if you care, and Don’t Ever Stop!


      I shall return! Fast Eddy

      Fast Eddy a Weekend Warrior from Anaheim


    • Trail UpdateEnviromental Group Suck-We should be able to use the trails till the lawsuit filed by an enviromental group is settled.
      Eat Toad Legs


    • Trail UpdateNot The Govt.-The trail is closed because of a lawsuit filed by an enviromental group : The Southwestern Center for Biological Diversity

      Conveniently, the "endangered" Toad was found and the lawsuit filed shortly after plans for a tollroad or tunnel from I15 through the mountains were anounced.

      Interesting links regarding BioDiversity:


      And from the International Library of the Communist Left:


      MadMaxim a 32 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a HumV


    • Trail UpdateI Agree, Take Everything Back!-Don't let people dictate where I can and can't ride. There used to be a sweet trail that I loved until someone demolished it and built a house in its place. You've inspired me to burn that house down and take back my trail. You're right we're all robots, my right to ride a bike for my plesure is more important than the survival of a species of an animal. How could I have been so blind? Never trust the gov't!

      P.S.- do believe in area 51?
      Does the gov't have elvis frozen somewhere?
      You really can't be this stupid can you? Or are just trying to get people all riled up?

      paranoid a Racer riding a gov't conspired vhicle


    • Trail UpdateThe Trail Is Closed...-because a weak and pacified population blindly accepts whatever the enviro-religious left decrees.

      Anyone who confronts their new-age shamanistic BS is labeled a racist hatemonger - and they are censored.

      Censorship is an old tool in the communist bag of tricks.


    • Trail UpdateMessage Boards-these last few posts have nothing to do with any "condition" of the trails... more of the "condition" of the users here. These should go on the message boards not the TrailHead area. For what it is worth... if you do ride this area often you might learn to appreciate its unique beauty and understand its fragile state. It's not about being PC or anything else, its simply learning to love the land and not just selfishly use it up, and leave it plundered. I am not sad I am white... but I do feel bad about how the whiteman treated (and treats) the NATIVE people everywhere. It's simply about trying to make a difference where you can. Please leave your hate and 50 year old thinking in Congress where it seems to be most comfortable right now. Peace!
      Ride rating: Beginner
      Ride distance: as many miles as it takes Elevation change: long road ahead
      Mtnbikerman a 27 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Giant MCM Team from Long Beach


    • Trail UpdateInfo You Seek...-http://warriorssociety.org/Forest_Service/temporary_closures_of_forest_ser.htm

      Temporary Closures of Forest Service Recreation Areas

      Corona, California, March 27, 2000.....Beginning Saturday, April 1, through September 30, 2000, the Trabuco Ranger District, Cleveland National Forest, will Temporarily close the following areas: 1) Silverado/Maple Springs Road - closed to all entry (i.e. hikers, mountain bikers, equestians, all vehicles including motorcycles, 4-wheel drive and other street-legal vehicles; 2) Lower San Jaun Picnic Area - closed to all entry. These areas will be closed to accommodate the breeding season of the federally-listed endangered Southwestern Arroyo Toad; 3) Elsinore Peak - year- round closure to public entry, except electronic users who will be required to keep their vehicles on the designated road. This closure is to accommodate the federally-listed endangered Munz's Onion.

      "We are taking this action to afford the Arroyo Toad the protection it needs during its breeding season, which lasts approximately from the first of April to the end of September. Protection of habitat and native plant and animal species is a major concern and and important part of the Forest Service mission", stated District Ranger Clem Lagrosa.

      Signs will be posted at the closed areas. "We regret any inconvenience this action may cause the Forest visitor. We hope they will consider alternative locations to visit on the Trabuco Ranger District", stated District Wildlife Biologist Mary Thomas.

      Visitors may contact the District office, (909) 736-1811, for more information about alternative roads and picnic sites. Status of closures will be posted on our web site at: www.r5.fs.fed.us/cleveland

      anon guy URL: The Warrior's Society


    • Trail UpdateWho Posted This Please?-Why do people who tell you something like they know what they are talking about post annon??? I have questions about who you got your information from... is it current or from years ago? Are you from the area, I'm not trying to create an arguement or anything.. just trying to make sure the correct information is present, because I do not want to create any conflicts I'll aviod the area untill I know, but the route I took, it was impossible for me to know about the closure untill I had already crossed (by walking) the lower creek, then past the gate. In fact, I had to turn around and look at a small sign that indicated a closure. The forest service web site has no information regarding this closure, just wondering how you know what you know since I've been looking for that kind of info and can't find it. Thanks
      Ride distance: 0 Elevation change: HIGHS AND LOWS
      Mtnbikerman a 27 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Giant MCM Team from Long Beach


    • Trail UpdateClosure.....more-The unfortunate part of this type of closure is that it closes ANY use of Maple Springs, including the Motorway to the gate, most specifically since you have to cross one creek to get to the gate. The upper part of Maple Springs isn't what the CBD sued over, it was the lower road before the dirt that they claimed was critical biological habitat for toads getting it on.

      The Motorway is technically open, but only as an out and back ride, again, not having the ability to use the road below.


    • Trail UpdateClosed To Main Divide...-Silverado Canyon to main divide is closed annually if there is a significant rain fall over the winter, no rain last year so we were able to ride this great area all year. This year it rained enough for the closure to occur. However, I went up from BlackStar over to Motorway, no sign at the top of Motorway indicating a closure, and Main Divide is open to traffic, so I assume the downhill trek on Silverado Motorway is OK, just not Maple Springs to Main Divide. I'm guessing, since the closure signs are not totally clear, except to say the closure is to ALL TRAVEL (foot, bike, horse, ect.) do not use MapleSprings as a way to connect to Main Divide.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 17 miles Elevation change: ???
      Singletrack=20% Dirt Road=70% Paved Path=10%
      Mtnbikerman a 27 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Giant VT 1 from Long Beach


    • Trail UpdateMaple Springs Is Closed-Closed, closed, closed now through Oct. No Motorway, no climb to the divide. Use Harding or Blackstar instead.

      The closure isn't based upon actually seeing the toads, but rather a calender closure of April 1st through Oct every year.


    • Trail UpdateMaple Springs Open?-Anyone know if the frogs have taken over Maple Springs Road yet? And if so, what's the practical impact of this :) ?

      Dave M a 43 year old


    • Trail UpdateSilverado To Santiago Peak/ Moto-Started in the town of Silverado, up to main divid and noticed a rare sight. Snow on the upper portions of Santiago Peak, little detour to grab a handfull of the OC white, back over to the motorway. The trail was not very wet and fast rolling, but some sections have a few extra ruts burnt in. Saw many other MTB'ers, most I've seen on a weekday type ride up here. Perfect temps, great climb, nice day.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 20miles Elevation change: ???
      Singletrack=30% Dirt Road=60% Paved Path=10%
      Mtnbikerman a 27 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Giant MCM Team from Long Beach


    • Trail UpdateSilverado To Main Divide To Moto-Little T-day ride. The Singletrack is in a good shape its ever been in... the air was clear and crisp. Loads of people using the area for variuos recreational activities. What a great thing to have in our back yard!
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 20miles Elevation change: 2500?
      Singletrack=30% Dirt Road=40% Paved Path=30%
      Mtnbikerman a 27 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Giant XTC NRS from Long Beach


    • Trail UpdateSilverado Motorway Up And Down-After 2 days of riding on the road, this morning I felt the urge for some MTB. The local parks were still closed due to the wet conditions, so I decided to check out the Motorway. My original plan was to go up Maple Springs to Main Divide and around to the Motorway, but it was getting late and I got lazy. I didn't want to spend an hour on a fire road climb. I decided to climb the Motorway instead. I have been down the Motorway on countless ocassions, either from Maple Springs or Black Star, but I had never climbed it before.
      It was a nice experience, because when you go down a fast single track you don't have much time to enjoy the scenery. Going uphill allows you more time to enjoy the trail. The Motorway is totally rideable uphill. I only had to hike a short steep and lose section near the top. The trail was in great condition, it seemed almost non affected by the rain. There were a few basketball-size rocks in the middle of the trail, as a result of some rock sliding due to the rain, but that was all. It took me about 45 minutes to the top. The downhill seemed faster than usual, as the rain has washed away some of the dust, making for very good traction. I guess the motorway is a good choice when the other trails are too wet to ride.
      Pilas a 34 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Cannondale Hardtail/ Schwinn Rocket from Irvine


    • Trail UpdateMaple Springs / Joplin / Harding-It looks like there is still no water (except for that little spring along the Joplin Singletrack), so no closures for now. Up through Silverado Canyon, hang a right and continue uphill along Main divide, check out the view then look for the small Joplin Trail head on the right. Umm, maybe you should drop the seat a bit, this trail has always been tough, but right now its very loose and rocky, some parts are better walked. After crossing the spring things get a little less steep, but watch out for those darn slick leaves! Take a little rest at Old camp before climbing out of the small canyon the head down the STT (Santiago Truck Tr). Options here, but to make it back to your car in Silverado Canyon its best to follow STT tell it ends. I Usually resupply here, or this time I also attached a light. Head right and follow the signs to the "wildlife santcuary" then a left (through a metal gate behind a tree) and up the Harding Truck trail (about 6+ mile climb back to Main Divide) this time follow Main Divide right and down along a fast fireroad (careful now it gets very loose and kind steep in spots). After 2 small but fairly steep climbs look for the Silverado Motorway on the left. There is a large clearing where the trail starts, but it quickly becomes singletrack, and darts nicely back down into the canyon. Hang a right at the bottom of the singletrack and back to the car. Great ride on a cool day, it was amazing how clear it was.
      Ride rating: Expert
      Ride distance: miles 50? Elevation change: lots O pedaling
      Singletrack=35% Paved Path=10% Truck Trail=55%
      Mtnbikerman a 27 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Giant XTC NRS from Long Beach


    • Trail UpdateApparently........-they are not going to close Maple Springs this year. I was told that there was not enough water for the toads. So they decided to leave the road open.

      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Dirt Road=25% Paved Path=50% Truck Trail=25%
      mtnbikej a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Santa Cruz Bullit/Santa Cruz Chameleon from Tustin


    • Trail UpdateMaple Springs-I don't think anything at Silverado is closed. I rode there a couple of weeks ago and didn't see any signs of trail closings due to the toads.
      Muddy a 40 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Specialized M4 Stumpjumper from Trabuco Cyn


    • Trail UpdateMaple Springs Road-Is Maples Springs Road closed for the toads?
      Mike a 48 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Trek from Irvine


    • Trail UpdateMaple Springs-Rode up on Feb/6 afternoon. What a nice day and a nice ride. The condition was excellent up the Maple Springs. Toward the top there was snow. New experience for me, riding on the snow. Actually the traction provided by the fat tire on the snow is quite good unless you hit spots that are pure ice. The temp up top was not too cold, even with snow around (I only wore one bike shirt and felt little cool, not cold. However, my toes were cold). Turned left on the Main Divide. The conditon on MD was not bad, only some loose areas. Silverado Motorway was fun decent. It is gravelly, but overall smooth. I liked it better than Luge because you can really gain some good speed. Just be careful in those gravelly sections with limited traction.
      Overall, a wonderful loop.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Turtleman a 39 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Mongoose Fairlane from Anaheim


    • Trail UpdateMotorway + MDTT + Blackstar Loop-Did this loop (but in the opposite direction) Thursday 1-3-02. Parked at the end of Silverado Cyn Road, then re-traced the paved road 5.5 miles to Blackstar, hooked a right, and proceeded to enter hillbilly country. Blackstar was tacky and fast up to Hidden Ranch, then pock-marked hardened mud where them doggies cross the road. Following the hard-packed truck tread tracks helped. From the Ranch to Beeks Place was uneventful. Rested at Beeks than rode MDTT to top of Motorway. Good and tacky conditions, nice breeze, cool temps along the MDTT. Motorway descent was its normal fun self, but as usual ended way too quickly. Felt nicely worked when I finally made it back to the vehicle. I can't believe the Vision Quest does this PLUS up Maple Springs/down Joplin/up Horsethief/down Trabuco! It makes me tired just thinking about that!

      Cool day to be out there... Saw only one other biker coming down from Hidden Ranch, and one toothless dude in a battered pick-up truck on the MDTT. He pulled over to let me pass. Thought I heard banjo music on his car stereo and something muttered about a "nice mouth" so I scurried on up the hill a bit quicker in case he found a place to turn around down the trail. That may be one problem with wearing lycra so far from civilization... Anyway, no other incidents to report, just nice solo riding far from the hustle of city life. Ahhh...!!! Good way to recharge the batteries.

      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 25.5 miles Elevation change: 3950
      Singletrack=15% Paved Path=20% Truck Trail=65%
      MTB Addict a 42 year old riding a SCZ Superlight from South OC


    • Trail UpdateGreat Loop-I have to agree with MTB Friend and the previous post. This is a very fun loop.I have been riding it a lot lately, since it reopened in October. You have to take advantadge of this ride while you can, because is closed half of the year. It has all the components of a good ride, nice climbs, a rolling fireroad with great views, and a very fun singletrack finish. I did it on Sunday AM and the views were spectacular. From Main divide Road you could see the snow covered peaks of the San Gabriel and San Bernardino Mountains.
      The Motorway is pretty rocky, but not too technical, only a couple of tricky spots.
      However, by careful if you are not familiar with the trail along Main Divide road. You can pick up a lot of speed and there are some rutted patches that can send you flying into space.
      Overall a great loop ride.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 17 miles Elevation change: about 3000
      Pilas a 33 year old Cross-Country Rider from Irvine


    • Trail UpdateMaple Springs To Silverado Mway-Rode up Maple Springs to Main Divide on Saturday AM - just an awesome day for such a beautiful climb.

      Main Divide was a bit rough in one small section, but no more than usual.

      This was my first ride down Silverado Motorway, WOW! what a cool ride. You can bet I'll be doing it a bit more regularly.

      Overall, about 17 miles, plenty of altitude gains, and descents, followed by a wild, steep, switchbacked descent. Great day for a ride!
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 17 miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=10% Dirt Road= % Paved Path=20% Truck Trail=70%
      MTB Fiend a 42 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Ventana El Saltamontes from Portola Hills


    • Trail UpdateHold Off On Maple Springs-Pilas--
      Even though the creeks are long dried up, hold off on Maple Springs until Oct. 1st when it officially reopens. You can probably make it up and down the Motorway right now without attracting attention even though that is also "officially" closed.


    • Trail UpdateIs Maple Springs/Silverado motorway open again? If not,does anybody have an idea when is going to be reopened? I can't wait any longer!
      Pilas a 33 year old Cross-Country Rider from Irvine


    • Trail UpdateThis trail could soon be closed to mountain bikers. Check the posts below and take action.

      a Cross-Country Rider


    • Trail UpdateCLOSED-Silverado Motorway and Maple Springs Truck Trail closed April 1 and will be closed until around September 1 for toad love. I confirmed this with the Trabuco district ranger station today.
      Ride distance: 0 miles Elevation change: 0
      GregS riding a locked steel gate


    • Trail UpdateSnow And Bobcats-I rode Maple Springs Road on Saturday. Snow level was about 4000 ft elevation on the north facing slope, just below the final switchbacks up to Four Corners. This is the second time in a month that this area has had a decent covering of snow, on Saturday about 4 inches, last month there was 6 or 8 inches. Riding up on the snow is tricky, especially after it has warmed at the surface and then frozen a crust, but it is just incredible to experience winter conditions in these mountains.

      The best part of the descent was seeing two bobcats run across the road in front of me on the lower, paved section. They were 50 yards apart and might have been a pair. They were beautiful animals with mottled brown black yellow coats. They looked to be 40 pounds and knee high or slightly larger.
      a Cross-Country Rider


    • Trail UpdateSingletrack Option On Maple Spgs-For intermediate and advanced riders descending Maple Springs, there is a great techno singletrack option to liven up the ride. Pay attention while you make the climb and after the road changes to dirt. Note the second wide turnout you come to. It is about 1 mile along the dirt, and has square wood posts marking the downhill edge (the first turnout, by contrast, has a metal guardrail.) Ride between the posts and down. This trail is tight and fast, with just enough rut and banks to keep you from losing traction on the rocks. There are a couple of small jumps to try at your peril (I ended up in the brush today from one.) An excellent, but short, trail. There appear to be one or two more of these offshoots up higher if you like this one.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 0.5 miles Elevation change: 300ft?
      Bob Soper a 30 year old Weekend Warrior riding a XCR2000 from Mission Viejo, CA


    • Trail UpdateMaple Springs/Silverado Motorway-For anyone who may not know, this trail just reopened Oct. 1st, being closed since April 1st to accomodate the breeding season of the Southwestern Arroyo Toad. I had been salivating all summer to get out here, and was not entirely disappointed. It's great to have a route to Harding entirely makeable in the middle chain ring! Of course, the 3 miles on pavement was tedious--the stream crossings are even dried up. As soon as I hit the dirt, though, the scent of pine trees and sound of my Panaracers gripping into the lightly sanded hardpack made the ride much more enjoyable. At the junction with Harding, I strapped on the Skinz pads and went flying downhill (most of the way, at least) to the Silverado Motorway. This singletrack must have been a whole more exciting after El Nino, as I found it pretty overated in its current condition. The trail is 99% hardpack with a medium to large-sized rocks topcoating (i.e. loose and crunchy! would hate to climb it!) Yes, there are big, parallel ruts near the top and the bottom, but nothing really interfering with your line. The cliff factor is overated below, as the ruts tended to be between the trail and the cliff. I would say there was a greater danger from the thorn plants encroaching on the trail! With a whole lot of work, this would be a great finish to an otherwise great loop ride.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 17 Elevation change: 3900
      Singletrack=10% Paved Path=10% Truck Trail=80%
      RSS a 30 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a GT XCR2000 from Mission Viejo


    • Trail UpdateSilverado Motorway Loop-Just rode this loop yesterday (Sunday 12-19-99). Because of the amount of motorized traffic I took the loop in reverse. Riding up the old Silverado Motorway and coming down Maple Springs Road was a lot more fun than grinding my way up Maple Springs Road while dodging trucks and SUV's. Winds were EXTREMELY high but overall the trail is in great condition to ride. Looks as though the Forest Service has done quite a bit of blading the Main Divide TT and cutting back the overgrowth that was starting to infringe on the road. A very peaceful time in the wild's of OC. This post is also available on the Silverado Ranger Station trail.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 25-30 Elevation change: ?
      Singletrack=20% Truck Trail=80%
      JLampitt a 27 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Cannondale SuperV 500 from RSM


    • Trail UpdateMaple Spring- Silverado Motorway-This is a great ride. 17 miles that is full of climbing. 3900 ft on my Altimeter. This a great ride to get away. Didn't see any other riders after the first mile of the ride. The Silverado Motorway is the great reward after all of the climing. The trails are all in good shape. It looked like they are grading the back side of Main Divde right now so it loose in some spots. Take pleanty of water and plan for it to take at least 2 full hours to complete
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 17 miles Elevation change: 3900
      Singletrack=5% Truck Trail=95%
      OAF a 28 year old Racer riding a Zaskar LE from So Cal


    • Trail UpdateMaple Springs Road - Santiago P.-Dont let the first three miles discourage you. Even if it is on pavement. During the winter, it has stream crossings and its a good warm-up to the next 9.5 miles uphill. Once you get out of the pavement, it steepens, and its pretty rocky and your back tire will spin a lot. once you get to the main intersection after 7.5 miles, go up the main divide to the peak. this is the easiest way to get up there, and believe me, the view is stunning. then take it easy back down 12 miles. or fly down like me in 40 minutes.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 12 Elevation change: to the peak
      Singletrack=none, if you take the fire road all the way% Dirt Road=almost all% Paved Path=3 miles% Truck Trail=tons%
      Brandon Walter a 15 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Schwinn from RSM, CA


    • Trail UpdateMAPLE SPRINGS CLOSURE-The National Forest Service is 99% sure that Maple Springs Truck Trail will be 100% closed (including hikers, bikers, trucks, etc.) during the summer months to protect an endangered species of frog whose mating season continues to Sept. 30. If the Forest Service does not close the road, they are at risk of lawsuit from environmental groups for not adequately protecting an endangered species.

      Write or contact Mary Thomas at the Trabuco Ranger District at 909-736-1811 for more information and/or to lodge your opposition to complete closure.
      Trabuco Ranger District
      1147 E. 6th Street
      Corona, CA 91719
      Concerned riding a any from OC


    • Trail UpdateMaple Springs Road to Main Divide is in great shape. After a storm last month, there was actually snow down to about 3,000 feet. The snow is gone now, but the redneck truck drivers remain. BE WARY OF THEM AT ALL TIMES!!! Most are considerate and cautious. However, a few think that they are in a Pike's Peak race to the top. I'm surprised that no one has been killed by these reckless idiots. Why are trucks allowed on this trail? The Silverado Motorway singletrack offers a much more desirable descent option
      Singletrack=30% Dirt Road=20% Paved Path=20% Truck Trail=30%
      Steve a 31 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Specialized Stump Jumper from Orange County


    • Trail UpdateMaple Springs Road To Santiago Peak-There has been a major landslide, taking out a large portion of the road. The best way to get to the peak now is via Bedford Canyon, off of the I-15 exit Weric.
      PS. I have heard that indian truck trail is pretty rough, and don't know the condition after the recent storms..
      Both Gates are to be locked at all times, so take your chances on getting locked out or in!


    • Trail UpdateMaple Springs-Silverado Motorway-Had the extreme pleasure of riding Silverado Motorway today. Got an early start and began grinding up Silverado Canyon. After the 3.2 miles of pavement I got to the good part. The rain has really helped this section of trail out a lot. From the beginning of the dirt to the top of Silverado Motorway is very hard packed moist dirt. The traction was phenomenal the whole way. The only problem I had was on the Main Divide just before the base of Bedford Peak, there is a pretty nasty rock slide, fortunately, someone was nice enough to put a large branch in the road to slow any rider down, which probably saved some skin on me as I was going about 35 at the time. The Motorway has suffered the effects of El Nino at the top portion. It is fairly rutted, particularly down the center of the steepest portions. Definetly not for the faint of heart. The middle section was in great condition and hard packed, lots of hikers, so watch your speed, they all seemed to be on their best behavior. The bottom section is heavily rutted out with some large sections of the trail missing, so be careful. For the most part, it was in better condition that I expected. The entire 17.5 mile loop took me about 2.5 hours and ended way too soon. Enjoy!!!!!
      Singletrack=15% Paved Path=20% Truck Trail=65%
      Tony Blane a 31 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a GT LTS-1, STS-DH from Orange County


    • Trail UpdateThree Peaks-Start at the gate at the end of Silverado Canyon. Sometimes the gate is open and 4 x 4s and some motorcycles are around. When I rode I only saw 3-4 cars. Ride for 3.2 miles up the paved road following the creek drainage up and crossing the creek several times. At 3.2 miles you turn to the right and begin on the dirt. The ride climbs moderately with decent traction through some pine trees and sagebrush until 7.5 miles where you reach a saddle. Views from here on a clear day are fabulous. The Harding Truck Trail meets here too. You have now climbed from about 1800' up to 4500'. Next head up and to the right toward the antennae of Modjeska Peak area. After 1.4 miles and 500 feet of climbing through some loose-rocky sections you reach some antennae. Follow the turn to the left and watch for a road off to the left leading up to the peak. Ride this very rocky and tough trail to the top 450' and 1.5 miles later. From here you can see forever. I could see San Diego to Mt. Pinos to Victorville to Joshua Tree. Truly a sight to see. Next return down the same path you rode up past the antennae and down toward the saddle. Just before reaching it bear right and downhill. You can really fly down these sections. But, watch for cars if the gate was open at the bottom. Continue up and down for 5-7 miles passing over Bald Peak and then ascending Bedford Peak at around 20 miles. While descending west off of Bedford watch for a wooden barrier on the left (about .3 miles after you start downhill) with an old looking trail heading off down toward Silverado Canyon. Sometimes the trail is ducked with a pile of rocks. Turn onto this singletrack trail. Follow it briefly up for .25 miles the pass an orange windsock to your right and begin the serious downhill. The trail soon steepens, narrows and becomes very loose-rocky with hundreds of feet of exposure to your left. Sometimes the trail (only 1-1.5 feet wide is rutted vetically down the middle of the trail makeing possible crashes very real and dangerous. Avoid your front brakes as you switchback down the trail. I saw one guy taco his wheel in this section. El Nino has done some damage here. Squeeze for the brakes for about a mile down the hill and then bear left at the "y" to continue down the Old Silverado Motorway. Continue down the switchbacks and some really steep, washed out, fast and dangerous sections until finally you meet up with the paved road you started on. This downhill is alot like W. Horsethief Canyon Trail on the downhill but more of the switchback corners are ridable. Turn right, cross the creek one last time for good measure and continue about .25 miles to your car. My odometer said 23.4 miles. My body agreed. It took me just over 5 hours with ample rests. All in all a great ride if you've got the time and energy.Bring lots of liquids and food.
      Singletrack=15% Dirt Road=70% Paved Path=15%


    • Trail Update<A HREF="http://reality.sgi.com/employees/djo_newport/maple.h-


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