- Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Southern California Trails

  • Lopez Lake - #LopezLake

    Socal - San Luis Obispo County - Arroyo Grande NickNames: #LopezLake the grind

    Take Grand Ave exit off of Hwy 101, follow signs for Lopez Lake going east, if you head west, you will head for Pismo beach. It's about a 10-13 miles drive from the hwy. Once you have crossed over the bridge take a right turn and head down the road for Pozo/High Mtn Trail, there will be free parking on left hand side down the road, its only a mile and half down the road, or you can pay the 5$ parking at the ranger shack, park on your left hand side, they have great BBQ area's for after ride BBQ's. There is some great places to eat back in Arroyo Grande also. Follow signs for the Cougar trail, the cougar trail will empty out on to the road, take a right and head for the boyscout camp, then look for signs for the Touaski trail, follow the trail all the way up to the sitting benchs. then follow the trail down through the switchbacks back down to the lake, then just retrace your path back. It is about a 13 mile round trip. Great camping area, and it is the site for the Scott Tinley MTB Duathlon, this happens every October.Its a great ride. Email me if you have any questions: sddino@hotmail.com

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