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Southern California Trails

  • Long Canyon Trail - #LongCanyonTrail

    Socal - Ventura County - Simi Valley NickNames: #LongCanyonTrail

    Trailhead near intersection of wood ranch prky and First street.
    From 118 exit First St. Head south in first st 2-3 miles (crossing Cocran, LA ave, Royal and many others). Road enters new section of long canyon housing development. Eventually intersects with Wood Ranch parkway. Look for trailhead to the north between intersection and the stone 'gates' of long canyon

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    • Trail UpdateTrail Conditions-My partner and I explored this trail at about 6 p.m. Sat 6-28-08. It has great views and there is a large parking area at the trail head with the trail head clearly marked “Long Canyon Trail” at the southeast end of the paved parking area. It is steep and narrow overall - over 50% of the portion of the trail we explored, and mostly loose dirt and rocks. Holes here and there. Not a beginners trail. Must have true mountain bike equipment or you won’t be riding the bike, you’ll be walking it. Does have growth over the trail in areas where it as almost touching (growth of tundra/flora on one side of train nearly reaching that growing from the other side) so you can not avoid coming in contact with brush in these areas. We turned around after only about ½ mile because it was not what we were looking for. We really wanted a gentler, wider trail. And we had no idea if the trail was going to continue in this condition or level off and get wider. If it did level off and get wider we would have pushed through the narrow and steep to get there, but we just had no idea what lay ahead. Perhaps someone can answer this…
      LoriAnn a 46 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Raleigh Hybrid from Pismo Beach, California


    • Trail UpdateMountain Lions Still Around-Okay,
      In the last 3 weeks, I have seen 3 mountain Lions while out riding in this area. The first was a small female hanging out in a clearing on the left side of Albertsons motorway between the west-most bridal path gate and the secret trail. That one just watched us ride by. The second, was at the top of the hill just east of the same bridal path gate - that time my horse wouldn't move for 5 minutes and when she finally did, I realized she was waiting for the lion to get off of our path (it was climbing up a hill when I finally saw it) the third time was last night. I was riding down Dog Alley in the bridal path in the dark listening to my mp3 player and singing aloud when my horse got agitated and when I finally turned around and looked, there was a HUGH one following us...at first I thought it was my imagination, then I thought it was a big dog cause it was in shadow, then when I actually stopped to look, it came into the light and there it was! still walking toward us! 10 feet away so we took off at a dead run down dog alley in the dark...lovely...I'm not riding in the dark alone anymore!
      Patti Friedman a 44 year old Racer riding a arabian horse from Simi Valley


    • Trail UpdateThank You!-Hey thanks for the warning about the thieves. I also park in this parking lot a few times per week and really appreciate you posting this. I'm sorry about your wife's window and purse. :(
      Heidi a 32 year old Cross-Country Rider


    • Trail UpdateBeware Thieves!-My wife and I hike and bike this trail often. 1-20-05 at dusk she parked and took off up the hill with our dog. She noticed a couple of teenagers 'hanging out' in the lot and thought nothing of it. When she got back to her car, they had smashed the window and stolen her purse.

      Do yourself a favor and lock your valuables in your trunk, or take them with you.

      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Singletrack=90% Dirt Road=10%
      Seamus a 35-40 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Hollowpoint from Simi


    • Trail Update14th Annual Conejo Open Space

      Saturday, October 9, 2004
      (Rain Date: October 16)

      Trail Users & Open Space Enthusiasts!

      Meet at: Conejo Community Center, Thousand Oaks
      (Botanical Garden Entrance off Gainsborough Road)

      7:30 AM - 8:00 AM Registration & Board Buses
      8:00 AM - 12:00 PM Trail Work
      12:00 PM - 2:00 PM FREE Barbecue & Bike Giveaway
      Sponsored by Carlson Building Materials & Giant Bicycle

      This is our biggest event of the year, bringing together hundreds of Open Space enthusiasts!


      For more info, call the Ranger office: 805-381-2741



    • Trail UpdateMtn Lions-Hey thanks for all the info on the mnt lions. It would be so cool to see one but at the same time I really don't want to be face to face with one! I guess I have good reason to keep looking back to make sure I'm not being followed on the trails.

      Heidi a 31 year old


    • Trail UpdateAt Least 2 In The Area..-I have been riding in this area for many moons at a rate of about 2x per week. In the last 16 months, I have seen 2 mt lions: the small one on the albertsons 'detour'and a larger one(s) on albertsons (about 1/2 way up to china flat) and in about the same spot as mentioned in this thread (just on the other side of the same saddle). Definately 2 diferent sized kittys as I saw them in the order of big, little, big and not bob cats. (I see more of those over towards china flats). In all cases The kitty was moving very slowly (a walk) on the trail and it was the case of me catching up with them. Obviously, I would stop when I saw them and keep my distance. When they detected me, they paused a moment and checked me out and then took off at speed. I gave them some time to get where they were going and then proceeded. They are very close to civilization where I am seeing them. I did not see a radio collar but I didn't get too close :) While they are scary, it is also a real treat for me to see these magnificant beasts. I fear that soon there will be an interaction that results in both humans and cats in trouble. So, stay alert.

      I'm Vern a 41 year old Weekend Warrior riding a blur from Simi


    • Trail UpdateMountain Lion Sighting.-I ride the area in question about 2-3 times a week. I've been doing that for over a year. My ride times are very early morning. Approximately 9 months ago I spotted a mountain lion on albertson and nearly caught up with it - as I was coming down. I got a very close look at it and figured it was rather small, maybe 90 pounds and looked skinny. I pretty sure it was a cat because I stopped to look at the tracks. They're very distinctive. Anyway I that was the only time I saw it. I do see a bobcat back there rather regularly, deer and coyotes and just too many damn rabits. If you ride in the morning it is easy to spot their tracks as the ground dust is moist. I still consider the area to be very safe - at least as far as wild animals are conerned.

      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Rprice a 50 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Stumpjubmer pro from Thousand Oaks


    • Trail UpdateMountain Lion Numbers-Currently, or at least in the last 4 years there have only been 2 lions that have been confirmed to be seen in the Simi Hills more then once. Only one of them has been found there on a regular basis and he spends about 90% of his time in an area very far away from Simi Hills. How do I know this? Because he has a GPS collar on. That is all I can say about that at this time. Never has there been an attack or close encounter. You are more likely to be killed by a bee then even see a lion. So if you are lucky enough to see one consider yourself that. They are amazing animals that should be respected but not feared.


    • Trail UpdateMountain Lion-I almost wish I hadn't asked where you saw the mountain lion - I was thinking it was much further back in the hills (towards China Flat). I know exactly where you're talking about and I ride that fire road all the time - its not even very far back in the hills at all. Scary! By any chance do you know approximately how many mountain lions roam the hills surrounding Simi Valley??? Have you ever heard any statistics on that? Anyway, thanks again for the reply.
      Heidi a 31 year old Cross-Country Rider


    • Trail UpdateLong Cyn Mtn Lion-We were at the last climb of Lang ranch fire road just before it tops out and descends toward Alberson. At the top there is a S/T that goes left and up that follows the ridgeline north of Alberson. Stay on the main fire road. At the first saddle don`t go left or right, go up the middle and follow it to the top. We saw it about 25 yards from the top and it headed up the S/T and then took off into the brush. For every one you see 250 have seen you:)
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: Elevation change: yes
      Singletrack=25 % Dirt Road=75%
      simi mike, mountain lion sighter. a a to many year old Racer riding a `02 nrs1


    • Trail UpdateLong Canyon-About that mountain lion you saw...I'm wondering if you mind explaining exactly where you were riding. At the top of widowmaker you ride for about five minutes or so and come to a Y. At that Y, did you take the fire road (up) straight ahead or did you take the shorter (steeper) hill off to the right? Was the mountain lion on the Bridal Path trail paralleling Alberson? Where you actually on Alberson when you saw it? I've seen tons of rattlesnakes, of course bunnies, two coyotes (not together) and two weeks ago a deer....but never a mountain lion. Ahhhh you're making me nervous. Maybe that's why not many girls are into mtn biking! lol
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Heidi a 31 year old Cross-Country Rider from Simi Valley


    • Trail UpdateLong Cyn West-Rode from the parking lot west towards Lang. Made the climb up widowmaker and chugged away to the first saddle. Regrouped with the slower riders and headed off towards the second saddle. As myself and another were just starting the last climb we saw a mountain lion. At first I thought it was a coyote, but when it heard us, it turned around, took one look and headed up and away going left onto the S/T that parallels Alberson. No mistaking it the way it slinked off low and fast. Way cool as it was only about 50-60 yards away, it probably weighed 100 lbs or so. Trails are all in O.K. shape. A little dusty but its that time of year.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: Elevation change: yes
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=50%
      simi mike, mountain lion sighter a to many to count year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a nrs1 from Simi flats


    • Trail UpdateLong Cyn To Simi Peak-Perfect day for a ride. All trails/fire roads in good shape. Last push to the top of Simi Pk. is in good shape, too. Fun going up, and of course, coming down. A few areas of overgrown brush, but no ticks were found to have attached for the ride. Did come across a rattlesnake sunning himself on the road, and later, a roadrunner scrambling to get out of the way.


    • Trail UpdateTo answer the question about linking to Ahmanson from Simi, yes you can. Get to Bell Canyon fire road (aka Las Virgenes fire road) it's at the east end of the Bell Canyon single track (aka Marbles), or Gas Pipe. Look at the other posts on how to get to those. Take the B.C. fire road south (towards Malibu) you will pass two fire road entrances to Ahmanson on your left. The first one is before the major water crossing and the right hand cut-off to Chesebro, the second is just before you hit the Las Virgenes trail head. I haven't yet ridden in Ahmanson, but my guess is that a loop from the Long canyon trailhead to the Victory Blvd trailhead and back would be ~30 miles and ~4000 - 5500 ft of climbing, depending on how you make the loop. Only a few sections are technical, most of it is fire road but there's a lot of climbing if you want it.
      Fervor a 36 year old Racer riding a S.C. Blur from TO


    • Trail UpdateAlso, I've rode in this whole area...
      If you keep going past the turn off that drops down in the the backside of the Cheeseboro power line road, you hop over a newer fence that's just below (Now your Tresspassing), and continue East on Albertson, you reach a "Y", continuing on to the right you come to the barbed wire fence of the SantaSusannaRocketdyne, (Do NOT hop over this fence - whatever you do!) Just before that on the right is an old power line access road that eventually drops into the bottom of Bell Canyon (Extremely steep/rockey & unmaintained), Back at that "Y", to the left the fireroad will (eventually) drop into the end of Sequoia in Simi.
      there is a bit more, but never mind...
      ET riding a Switchblade from Simi


    • Trail UpdateThe Long Canyon Trailhead in Simi (Intersection of Wood Ranch Parkway & Long Canyon) is closed (approx. 4 weeks; near the end of April), they are building a parking lot and changing the entrance location.
      Although you could park at the "Old Windmill Park" that's about 3/4 of a mile down Long Canyon, and ride up the street to the trailhead, and ride along the house-side of the trail and enter the area from the SouthWestern side...
      ET riding a Switchblade from Simi


    • Trail UpdateAlberson Motorway goes about as far as Rocketdyne. Once you start getting close to Rocketdyne, you start coming across some gates and no trespassing signs. You can't really go any further than that. You may be able to reach West Hills from the other trails you mentioned, but I've never ventured past Bell Cyn.
      As far as Alberson Motorway goes, you can only go as far as Rocketdyne.


    • Trail UpdateLong Canyon To Alberson And Beyo-A few Questions:
      How far does the public access version of Alberson
      Motorway go East? Has anyone gone from Long Canyon
      Simi to Victory Blvd. in West Hills via Alberson, Palo
      Comado, then through the new Ahmanson Ranch Park? Is it
      even possible?
      Kosmo a 34 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Cannondale Jekyll 600 from Simi Valley, CA


    • Trail UpdateGeneral Update-Grading has been done to some of the fire roads widening them into firebreaks(?) of approx 30 ft including what was that overgrown two track climb/decent from the ridge of Wood Ranch to the floor of Lang Ranch. Couldn't see much else since it was a night ride and no moon.


    • Trail UpdateLong Canyon West-All trails from woodranch/ long canyon trailhead are in great shape. Fire damage of 2 years past is getting hard to see. Foot traffic on first steep section of the trail has gotten very heavy and has become popular with familys so ride with care. Inner trails have seen some change with rain but all are in good shape to all destinations (lang ranch, alberston, and/or BPHOA fence). Watch for footballs and ruts on the steep "babyhead' single track that cuts from the west 'inner' ridge to the east fire road. The ridge trail to the east (towards BPHOA fence) is is great shape but the grasses and plants are crowding this very narrow single track. Albertson is in good shape to beyond china flats. Trails within china flats are in prime shape. The trail to simi peak has mostly improved with the rains. The last rocky climb has more loose rock debris but less loose dirt. Ticks are in full force lately so check your bits post ride. keep the meat side up, Vern.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: ??miles Elevation change:
      I'm Vern a 40 year old Weekend Warrior riding a 'dale from Simi


    • Trail UpdateLong Cyn To Lang To Alberson-Rode up first st to Long cyn/Wood rnch stop sign. Yeah I know its asphalt but its a good climb from my house. Anyway, took the S/T west thru the gate up to the top and over to Lang. Headed east up the `widowmaker` which I walked part way. Must be tired cause I rode so hard yestardy (good excuse). Got to the top and rode to where Lang heads down to Alberson. Headed up the S/T which has some good climbs.Got to the end and took the S/T south(which crosses some bphoa area) and went over to Alberson. All trails were in good shape but Alberson has had a `dozer` on it so there are some soft spots, which make for some interesting moments on the fast downhill.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: just enough Elevation change: not to bad
      Singletrack=15% Dirt Road=50% Paved Path=35%
      Simi Mike a 42 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a GIANT NRS1 from Simi Flats


    • Trail UpdateAlberson/Long Canyon-Hi, Mr. Simi! No, there aren't many night riders up here, and I've never seen a horse during the week. Monday I went down Alberson and passed two cyclists headed up (about 6:15PM) and seven joggers (local cross-country team) headed down. Last night I passed two hikers headed up Long Canyon while I was headed down, but they didn't have flashlights and probably weren't gonna reach the top. Alberson was smoothed out six or so weeks ago, making 40mph on the descent seem pretty tame, but those bunnies darting across your path do get your attention, don't they? For a change of pace, ride up Sycamore Canyon (Pt. Mugu) after dusk - it's not bunnies you have to watch out for, but nighthawks, little (dumb) birds that perch in the road and fly up just before you arrive, fluttering wings in your face and causing near-heart attacks. Anyway, keep riding Alberson at night, the lights are pretty from several spots along the ridgetop.


    • Trail UpdateLong Canyon To Lang Ranch-rode my new nrs1 on a night ride 3/11 and those damn bunnies almost killed me! does anyone besides me ride up (almost to china flat/REAL DARK) there at night. been doing it quiet alot this winter and don`t see many other lights
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Singletrack=10% Dirt Road=90%
      simi mike a 42 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a yel/blk giant nrs1 from simi


    • Trail UpdateLONG CANYON WEST-trail is in great shape. Some new signposts, gates and other signs of adult trailhood have started to appear. The fire damage is still visible but with a fuzzy green coat. Foot traffic has picked up on (esp near the trailhead) as the new neighborhoods near the base have filled.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Singletrack=30% Dirt Road=70%
      lord of the verns a 38 year old Weekend Warrior riding a cannondale from simi valley


    • Trail UpdateFire Damage Update-The fire from Friday took out a few hundred acres from lang ranch over towards long canyon. The nasty short trail up from the trailhead enters the burned area approx 2/3 way to the top. It is like riding on the moon. In general the fire roads have been chewed up by heavy traffic while the single track was left untouched. The 'public trail' detour from albertson motorway near lang ranch didn't see much fire but is no longer single track due to fire brakes and truck traffic. fire did not get into cheeseboro or simi peak. fire did not get into any of the trails heading in that direction from long canyon. Now that the vegitation has been replaced with ash and char, expect it to be hot. Some of the fire brakes have 'new trail' potential.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      I was vern now i am not a 38 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Raven from Simi Valley


    • Trail UpdateLong To Lang-julie,

      easiest way to get from long canyon to lang ranch as follows:

      from intersection of woodranch parkway and long canyon road, face south (towards the hills) and take small paved road to the right (200 yards). go straight through the small gate and hit the dirt. Follow this trail to the west. it is relatively flat vs other routes.

      NOTE: watch out for the drainage ditch that you will need to cross as the 'WR' fence ends on the right. As your skills grow, you will be able to hop this or cross it by riding at an angle.

      Continue to follow the trail west and southwest. It will climb a bit but no huge hills. when you can see a small paved road ahead of you, look for a trail on the left. Take this trail. (if you miss it, take a left on the paved road). Stay to the left when the trail rubs up against a dirt road. Have fun coasting down the back side of the hill you just climbed. At the botom head left a few yards on the dirt road and then take the right fork (the left leads to a hard climb). Follow this to another dirt road. Head right on the dirt road and you will be aimed directly at lang ranch. FOllow the dirt road down the hill to lang ranch.
      Ride rating: Beginner
      Singletrack=25% Dirt Road=37.6% Truck Trail=37.4%
      Vern a 38 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Raven from Simi


    • Trail UpdateLong Canyon To Alberson-Hi Julie. First of all, don't worry too much about directions - there are lots of places to explore up there, and getting lost merely hastens the process of exploration. You can get to Alberson a couple ways by climbing Long Valley to the ridge, then turning left on the fire road and dropping to a saddle. If you make a hard right and descend westward from this saddle, you'll dump out where Westlake Blvd. dead-ends on Oak Valley Place. Head south on Oak Valley to Lang Ranch Parkway (Oak Valley dead-ends), turn left (east) on Lang Ranch Parkway, and follow it uphill to a sharp left turn - Alberson is on your right, just behind a street light, at that left turn. Back at the saddle, a road heads south and quickly forks left and right. The left fork climbs eastward over the ridge, from where you can see Alberson on the next ridge south, then drops down to meet Alberson above the singletrack section. The right fork takes you out to a ridgeline to the southwest, then drops down a bumpy ridge to meet Alberson below the singletrack section. Have fun!


    • Trail UpdateLong Canyon To Lang Ranch?-
      Looking for information and trail description and/or
      directions on how to get from the Long Canyon
      trailhead through to the Lang Ranch start. Please
      keep in mind that I am a beginner!!



    • Trail UpdateNo Access From Challenger-Last weekend I checked out the trailheads located in Challenger Park. Both have "no bicycle" signs posted on them. Does this mean that you can ride the long canyon trail up to the park, then you have to turn around and go back?

      The timeless question remains: how to get to Albertson Motorway from Simi Valley. A largely fanciful map published by the Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District shows two trails leading up to it, Long Canyon and the fabled "Rim of the Valley Trail." I have not located a trailhead for the Rim of the Valley trail, which supposably starts at the Equestrian Center. There is a paved road leading from the Madison County housing development overlooking the Equestrian Center. There was a green gate there, couldn't notice if it was locked. Does anyone have any further information on this?

      Ride distance: ? Elevation change: ?
      Singletrack=?% Dirt Road=?% Paved Path=?% Truck Trail=?%
      Bald Biker a 43 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a GT Slipstream, Diamondback Response from Simi Valley URL: Tim the Bald's personal web site


    • Trail UpdateAlberson-thanks to everybody for the responses. i'm going to try making a semi-loop out of alberson fireroad to the chute, to powerline fireroad then somehow get gaspipe and bell canyon single tracks in there, back to shepherds flat, over the connector trail to palo comado and palo comado back to alberson fireroad. i think. i have some exploring to do.
      i'm usually coming from wood ranch, so i go down the Cattle-trail single track, make my way over to alberson. climb alberson and then explore from there.
      on my way back, i go around the BPHOA fence on alberson, descend that fireroad for maybe half a mile until you see a super steep, very rocky chute that comes down off a ridge that runs parallel with alberson. i hike a bike up that chute and follow the single trak along the top of that ridge that is just some high speed fun. it eventually lets out on the fireroad that takes you back to the woodranch area.
      thanks again.
      looks like i've got some explorin to do.

      stinky a 29 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a bike from simi


    • Trail UpdateAlberson Beyond China Flats-Hey Stinky, there's not much fun to be had beyond China Flats (I was up there yesterday). Previous posts point out The Chute's location. If you climb beyond there, you'll get to the highest electrical tower with a good view of Power Line Road to the south and Rocketdyne to the east. Just east of this highest tower the road T's. Turning left takes you down to the long meadow you see northeast of the highest tower. It's a nice meadow, but fenced off (and patrolled) by Rocketdyne. Alberson continues north past the fence and ends at another Bridle Path HOA gate blocking the road in another half-mile or so. Back at the T, turning right puts you on Power Line headed back toward The Chute and, eventually, the 4-way. Some good scenery and some decent climbing exercise on this route, but it dead-ends and doesn't connect to Simi.


    • Trail UpdateLang Ranch-Stinky, that singletrack you saw that dives down into the oaks is the Chute. It leads to the powerlines fireroad and you can pick up the Bell Canyon singletrack from that fireroad if you turn right off the Chute and go a few hundred yards as it will come up on your left. It will dump you out on the Las Virgenes Fireroad and as you take that south you come to the Gaspipe trail on your right.
      I happened to ride Alberson today all the way to the last powerline overlooking Rocketdyne and than reversed course until the gate where there is another fireroad that goes up to the north. I took that to the ridge hung a left went about half a mile than hung another left up the singletrack to ride down the Cattle trail singletrack--so named by Upchuck who had first dibs on the naming rights--hey someone had to name it. It's a fun moderately technical singletrack which has a nice stretch of boulder fields in the middle. It will drop you back onto that fireroad you came up on. Total riding distance on this route was a little over 13 miles. By the way, I've seen 3 rattlesnakes the last week in Lang Ranch and Chesbro so keep you're eyes open as it looks to be one of those years this time. This particular ride will get you some good cardio work with a little fun on the singletrack on your way back.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 13miles Elevation change: 2000-2500'
      Singletrack=10% Dirt Road=90%
      Dan from TO a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a GIANT from Thousand Oaks


    • Trail UpdateStinky,
      Check put Upchucks 3-06-01 post under Chesebro, that will explain the litle single track you saw off to your right.It takes you up and over the ridge and dumps you out at the 4way were Gaspipe starts.You could hang a right here and go through Shepards Flats and up the Palo FR to China Flats and back to Albertson mtrwy,
      Crashman a 40 year old Cross-Country Rider from Thousand Oaks


    • Trail UpdateAlbertson Motorway-Has anybody ever explored the area off of albertson motorway that is past the palo comado/china flat/simi peak turnoff? Yesterday, while trying to find a way to get from wood ranch/long canyon trailhead over albertson motorway and down into the sequoia ave. area of simi, I noticed some trails that took off to the right towards what I imagine would be the Agoura/Cheseboro area.
      While riding on albertson motorway, if you pass the palo comado/china flat/simi peak turnoff, you climb for about another half mile maybe. you reach the peak and begin to descend. after about a mile of downhill, i noticed a single trak trailhead on the right hand side. after climbing a bit more, i reached another peak that had a power tower on top. from there, i could see a whole network of trails over towards the south that looked like they might have lead to the cheseboro area. I was just wondering if anybody had explored this area and if so, where they lead? I'll probably explore them myself some time in the very near future, but I thought i'd check to see if anybody had any experience with these.
      and by the way...i did find a way from wood ranch, over albertson motorway and down to sequoia ave. but i had to hop a fence with a private property sign, pass a scary bunch of bulls and cows, and came nervously close, maybe a quarter mile, to the rocketdyne facility. and it a was lame ride. i just wanted to see if it could be done.
      Ride distance: 14 miles Elevation change: 1000 feet
      stinky a 29 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a bike from simi


    • Trail UpdateI was riding down a hill near Simi Peak on the Long Canyon trail, and ran into a big swarm of flying bugs. I started trying to swat the devil creatures away and forgot to steer. I ran into a ditch and almost biffed it. I was lucky and only got a bruise and a bear claw.

      Steve, do you work at the bike shop on LA Avenue?
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Jarrod a 19 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Walmart Special from Simi Valley


    • Trail UpdateTHANKS FOR THE ALBERTSON ROUTE:-Thanks for all of the people that informed me of the way to get to "Albertson Motorway" between Simi Valley and Agoura. From Thousand Oaks take Highway 23 and exit at Avenida Delas Arbolas. Head east until you come to Westake Blvd, turn south to Lang Ranch Parkway. Go until it dead ends or heads left. Park on the street and look for a sign at the trailhead on the right. The entire Lang Ranch area was once a cattle ranching site, also used for TV Western filming. The dirt road, known on topo maps as the Albertson Motorway, heads east going up and up and up towards China Flats and heading above Agoura and Oak Park.
      Trails headoff to the south towards Agoura and to the north towards Simi Valley. Good luck to all traveling this route, and make sure you are inshape before heading out.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: Lots Elevation change: 1000
      Dirt Road=100%
      Mike Stewart a 52 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Trek from Moorpark, CA


    • Trail UpdateBEST WAY TO ALBERTSON MOTORWAY-I recently parked in the unmarked dirt lot at the corners of Wood Ranch Parkway and Long Canyon in Simi Valley. I noticed the brown trail sign on the left of the parking lot, but followed instead the trail to the right through a green gate, following a green fence behind some homes. I continued towards 1000 Oaks and eventually turned towards the southeast and discovered a "magical open space" area. Lots of dirts roads and OPEN LAND! My question is, what is the easiest way to get to Albertson's Motorway from Simi Valley, either by bike or hiking. I want to make it to China Flat from the Simi Valley side, but not sure if I was headed in the correct route. Also, is there a way to get the Albertson Motorway from Lang Ranch, without paying $ to enter through the Chumach Indian Center?
      Let me know by email ASAP! Thanks for your help and good luck in the biking. Great weather this time of year.
      Mike Stewart a 52 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Trek from Moorpark


    • Trail UpdateHey Arnold! You reading this?
      We know the Tapo(power line)/Sequoia(Runkel) route to Albertson (yes x-pass'in) but it's 90% boring fire-road... One of these day's Vern we'll get together on these trails, much easier to start at Long Cyn (or Tapo/Sequoia) than drive all the way around the hill to Cheesboro...
      ET from Simi


    • Trail UpdateChallenger Park-We also took the sharp right up and were very concerned about running into horses. It is also steep for this girl. An alternative is to take the dirt road south right at the gate to the parking lot. It runs into the same trail but the soil is very loose. Looking forward to some rain to clean these trails up, especially after crashing recently :(
      Wonder which routes will be "legal"...
      Roxie a close to forty year old Weekend Warrior riding a yellow bike from simi


    • Trail UpdateToday, rode original long canyon trail (lame) over to near-future site of challenger park. Followed pavement to the trail at end of the parking lot. Flat and shady path between hills (south) and houses/horses (north). No BPHOA signs to be found. Took sharp right to climb to the top of the ridge. Left at top with more climbing until major new fence project came into view. Wanted to see if I was on a legal trail so I continued to the fence to check out the expected signs. Big hill, no signs, gap in fence, trail leading up, up, up. Moth to flame, followed trail. T-boned another trail, right turn and more climbs along ridge. Finally got a view of where I was relative to known trails. Nirvana. Oops, sun setting, no time to reach Albertson or long canyon trails before dark. Poop! Why do i seek new advantures only when darkness is near.

      u-turn, down, down, down. Fading daylight. If this is the other end of future long canyon trail extension/ loop, this will make one hell of a loop. IF not, I may consider getting a BPHOA tattoo or dressing my bike up like a horse.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Dirt Road=80%
      vern riding a keyboard from sime valley


    • Trail UpdateAs of right now, the only legal way to Albertson Motorway from Simi Valley is via Long Canyon
      trail. All other trails trespass on privite proprety. But that should change soon. The most current Rancho Simi Parks & Rec map shows a trail called "Rim Of the Valley" going from the Arroyo Simi Equestrain Center up to Albertson. It's yet unbuilt but must be in the works or they wouldn't have put it on the map. Also due to open soon is the long delayed Challenger Park located right where First changes into Long Canyon (where all the new housing starts). The other end of Long Canyon Trail will start here and go for 3 miles to meet up with Albertson. It's also on the Park map, and I suspect is the fireroad running through the area that connects up at the Long Canyon Trail/Albertson intersection.
      Jim a Weekend Warrior from Simi Valley .com


    • Trail UpdateRoxie,

      I am not aware of a connection to sequoia from the long canyon/ lang ranch area. It may not exist. The BPHOA owns a huge chunk o land where the route would be. The road you went down is one of 3 or 4 routes that connect simi to the albertson motorway. All of them go through BPHOA land.

      There may be some connection on the east side of the electrical tower that is well east of the china flat connection to albertson. ( you can see this tower or it's kin from most of simi). Everything that connects to simi valley between the lower portions of long/lang and the electrical tower is BPHOA controlled. They have very clear signs from the albertson road side.

      The good news is that there are tons of good trails without making that connection.

      vern riding a laptop from simi


    • Trail UpdateTrail To Sequoia-Does anyone know how to get to the North end of Sequoia Ave from here. I am assuming you take the long uphill to the China Flats area. Then where? I would like to try that ride. Went out Saturday and headed left up the single track just before the long descent. Made the mistake at the bottom of dropping down a beautiful canyon that belongs to BridlePath HOA. Oops! Got reprimanded but was smart enough to dismount to let the horses go by. I asked that they put up signage so we could respect their (private) trails. I had no idea I was entering private property.
      RoxieChick a 37 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Diamondback Sorrento Hardtail from Simi


    • Trail UpdateRant-Anti-thanks to those who have been 'bombing' the short and nasty single track near the trail head. You people are destroying the trail, pissing off hikers and risking future access. Stop it.

      This is a multi-user trail with limited line of sight and a very high "mom and dad with kids out for a stroll" factor. Ride in control. Ask yourself: "could I stop here if I needed to?" Save your downhill exploits for deeper into the trail system. Nothing beats the 'thrill' of running over a 3 year old.

      Yes, skid and slide is fun and fast. No, it is not viable for long term trail health/access. Yes, it is possible to descend on this trail without skidding. Yes, it will still be fun.

      One of you left your shin/knee guard on the trail on Sunday (unfortunately, no blood). If your style of riding requires these, cool it on this trail.

      Extra anti-thanks to the genuises who staged a 'race' on this trail a few weeks ago. What were you thinking?

      vern riding a soapbox from simi valley


    • Trail UpdateAccess To The Rest Of The World-RIc,

      Basic Directions (not the most fun but you will get the idea): At the intersection of long sanyon and woodranch parkway, look to the south for an unpaved parking area (of your right if looking towards the hills). This trail is short and nasty. Follow the main path and you cannot go wrong. At the top the single track joins a fireroad. take a left. This road will join many other roads in less than 1/2 mile. do not take the immeadiate left as this will take you back to long canyon. Do not take the immeadiate right as this will take you to lang ranch. This leaves you with the choice 2 roads that fork in front of you.

      If you take the left, you will climb a bit and then drop down a long fire road descent. after a short climb, you will intersect another fire road. go left and you will be on a long but uneventful climb to china flat. when you reach the top, look for a turn to the right. this right will take you towards simi peak, dead cow, suicide, palo-comado and the rest. (2nd right off this road heads to simi peak, 3rd right to dead cow, staying on fireroad goes to palo-c...)

      Taking the right will climb a bit to a grassy ridge. if you follow the ridge, you will intersect with the same fireroad that climbs to china flat. (intersection is much closer to lang ranch). As you climb, you will come to a detour that takes you from the fire road for a few miles to avoid a private area. (protected cave paintings from the nearby indian center). This detour is slightly more entertaining than the fire road so enjoy. Eventually you will pass the fireroad coming from the other fork.

      There are several other ways to reach the final fire road . Most of these involve single track and are more fun. If you master these main routes, you should explore the side trails you find. The good ones have tire marks.

      Tomorrw (Saturday at 3:10 pm(approx) or Sunday 8 am (approx) , a group of us will be heading up to china flat area from the long canyon trailhead. I will be the slow one. Feel free to join us.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: Elevation change: yes
      Singletrack=20% Dirt Road=80%
      vern a 37 year old Weekend Warrior riding a bike from simivalley


    • Trail UpdateLong Canyon-Hey Vern-
      How about leading a tour of these newly opened trails?
      I live below Long Canyon, and would love access to China flats without having to drive to Agoura!

      RIc a 38 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Heckler from Simi


    • Trail UpdateLong Canyon-The recent spree of new trails and gate removals has been great for this area. From part II one can now connect with simi peak, lang ranch, cheeseboro or deadcow/chinaflat. Look for new topo map soon (i submitted it last night). Many ways to get get to cheeseboro/simipeak area. Here is one: take left at top of single track then take fork that climbs to the left at intersection 1/2 mile later. this will climb a small way and then drop 400 feet so so before joining fireroad from lang ranch to simi peak area (turn left on fireroad). from there a good climb to what used to be a closed gate (now open!!!) and the world is yours. Many fun loops with 1 to 3+ hours of fun. lots of elevation change and great views of simi, T.O., moorpark, Oxnard and ocean (on clear days).

      ET lunch is out but night or weekend would work, I will check buddy board.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: Elevation change: 400 - 2000 ft
      Singletrack=25% Dirt Road=70% Paved Path=5%
      Vern a 37 year old Weekend Warrior from Simi


    • Trail UpdateHey Vern...-Looks like you ride Simi a lot, live here also?
      Want to ride at lunchtime week-days? Or local trails Saturday or Sunday mornings? Check out "Riding Buddy"


    • Trail Updateticks!!!!!
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Singletrack=25% Dirt Road=75%
      vern a Weekend Warrior from simi


    • Trail UpdateLong Part II-last week, after the rain, i waited for the trail to dry. Saturday AM it was perfect, dry enough to ride without leaving tracks. Later the same day, came back down the same trail and the bottom 1/2 had been wrecked by 2 horses (with riders). seriously deep hoof marks/ total destruction of the packed surface. Wish i had a camera, the before and after shots would have been good to show the impact horse vs bike. horses suck.

      ps dont ride when you will wreck the trail. let it dry out.
      vern a Weekend Warrior from simi


    • Trail UpdateLong Canyon To Simi Peak-This trail has many variations can become quite difficult in both directions. Views of all of simi,san fernando valley and beyond.Possible to connect to Cheesbro,as well as other T.O. trails. Not recomended for non locals as their are at times private property egresses. Possible to end in simi @ sequoia ave. COWS,sometimes mud always GREAT workout.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 25 miles+ Elevation change: 2500
      Singletrack=35% Dirt Road=65%
      Cptn.Vortex a 37 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Litespeed Vortex/Litespeed Obed from Simi Valley


    • Trail UpdateLong Canyon Part II-a few more notes on my past post:
      it is 0.8 miles from the bottom to the top

      'topo' indicates approx 375 feet elevation change

      fossils (shells) can be seen on the first big rock on the left if one heads left from the top of the trail

      vern from simi


    • Trail UpdateLong Canyon Part II-As one can see from the posts below the original trail is no big deal. However, a new section can be found within 150 yards of the west end (to the south at the intersection of wood ranch parkwy and long canyon road). this trail is it is currently unmarked and is similar in design to the original (i.e. does not seem to be built with bikes in mind, odd switchbacks and grades...). The trail climbs up to the top of the hills that you can see from the bottom (roughly 2 miles). The trail then joins the network of fire roads that run between long canyon and simi peak- chesburo - sucicide et al. From there, either turn around, explore the network of trails or ...

      For a simple loop, turn right at the top of this trail onto the fire road. bear right on every major intersection (1 or 2 depending on how you define major) and you will climb a short hill to a lonely patch of paved road near a water tank (major dirt-moving development to your left). as you descend the steep pavement, look for a trail to the right (chunks of wood filling the trench on that side will be a big clue). Follow this trail and you will end up back at the intersection of long canyon and wood ranch. mileage is 4 - 5 miles. many other options can be found in this area as well. the loop in reverse is also fun (1 steep long climb).

      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 4.5 miles Elevation change: 600+
      Singletrack=49% Dirt Road=49% Paved Path=2%
      vern a 36 year old Weekend Warrior riding a c'dale from simi


    • Trail UpdateLong Canyon Trail - Simi Valley-I ride this trail after work sometimes when I want to get a quick ride. It's only 15-20 minutes long, and is not very challenging. If you live in the very near vicinity, it's a nice warm-up, but I don't recommend you go out of your way to ride this trail.
      Steve a Cross-Country Rider from Simi Valley, CA


    • Trail UpdateET-Trailhead is to South, not North, and only go's for 2 miles along ridgecrest between WoodRanch to your left and new housing developement on the right (if you start from Wood Ranch Rd & Long canyon Rd). You will not feel like you are away from Simi, only good view is Bard resivor and the mountians to the north that you want to get into but cannot from this trail. Only increase altitude maybe 300 feet, and drop back down to Long Canyon road again, at least it's singletrack, and there's one steep uphill part in middle for about 100 yards just before crest to Wood Ranch trail, that drops down to houses. No trees, no dabbing for experiences Mtb'ers. I would expect hourses and hikers on weekends. Not much fun. 20 minute ride.
      Singletrack=90% Paved Path=10%
      a Cross-Country Rider from Simi


    • Trail UpdateIf you live in Simi or Thousand Oaks you can use this trial for some exercise. From T.O. you can access this trial from Lang Ranch area, up and over to Wood Ranch, east about half mile to trial head on your left.If you must ride this trial do it from west to east. Definitly not worth going out of your way for this trail
      Dirt Road=100%
      R.C. a Weekend Warrior from Simi


    • Trail UpdateAKA canyon view trail


    • Trail UpdateNot worth the trip if you cannot ride your bike here.
      New multi user trail. Current surface is more of a bald spot in the grass than a trail.
      Trail travels (West to East) on ridge between long canyon housing development and wood rance golf course to a 2nd trailhead east of the development. Roughly 2.2 miles.
      Optional side trail (wood ranch trail) heads north from midpoint. This looks to be a very steep but relatively smooth trip (I have not ridden this part).
      Ride begins with a short climb to the ridgline and a short but steep climb to the high point on the ridge. Thereafter, it follows da ridge. I recommend turing around at the last peak as the steep descent to east trailhead would be less fun that a return trip along the ridge. (any speed that would be fun would have a high likelyhood of pissing off a hiker/ horse).
      If you want to see simi valley from a new angle or want a local ride in the woodranch area, give this a shot.
      Singletrack=80% Dirt Road=20%
      Vern a 36 year old Weekend Warrior riding a 'dale f500 w/superfatty^2 (me and da shock) from SImi Valley


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