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  • Loch Leven/old HWY 38 - #LochLeven/oldHWY38

    Socal - San Bernardino County - San Bernadino Mnts NickNames: #LochLeven/oldHWY38

    Take I-10 to the Hwy 38 exit or Yucaipa Exit and procede east on 38 as if you're headed to Angeles Oaks. Aprox. 4 miles past the Mill Creek ranger station is a picknic area on the right with ample parking. You'll need an extorsion pass. Ride out of the parking area and turn right on HWY 38. Ride up about 1 mile and on the left is the turn off for Lock Leven church. You can get water here. Just follow the road past the gates and begin your climb.

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    • Trail Update09-15-2013-Rode down the trail today. Overall it was in good condition. Somebody has been keeping it up Thank You.
      Milehigh a 55 year old Cross-Country Rider from Calimesa, Ca


    • Trail UpdateNice With Snow-Rode this 1-13-2011. Made it 4 miles and to about 5150ft and the snow was just too much. Covered most of the road/trail and got to 2' thick. The stream crossing is a bit tricky now becuase of all the run off, but doable. Bring a bandanna to cover your mouth, this place is bad for gnats that hover around your mouth.


    • Trail UpdateLoch Leven/Warm Springs Truck Tr-Entry # 1 said it best. There are 2 ways to take this trail and both end up to be about a 20 mile loop. Off Hwy. 38/Mill Creek rd. is a fire road that leads up to a fire lookout. This road is approximately +/- 2 miles from the Ranger station/Yucaipa exit heading to Big Bear. If you pull this up on Yahoo maps it might be called Warm Springs Truck road. This is a good climb with great views and continues on for 10 miles. Part way in is a "T" intersection with another fire road leading to a Helipad. Stay right and avoid the helipad road. In fact always stay right and you will not get lost.
      Half way up the trail you will turn right onto Thomas Grounds Hunting trail. Follow this road into Thomas Hunting ground. You might see a deer or two.
      Once you hit 10-10.5 Miles in you will start your decent into Angeles Oaks/Barton Flats area dropping right behind the general store in A. Oaks. From there you can enjoy a highway 38 decent all the way down to your car......orrrrrrr you can take Mountain Home creek road to the right less than .5 miles after the general store. It turns into the old busted out highway 38 you read in the other reviews.(much more fun on the old road) One hike a bike on old 38 that isn't too bad. Cross a stream or two. You can start at either end and have a great-not too technical ride.
      Pull it up on Yahoo maps and get familiar with the layout before you take out on your ride. If alone leave a printed version for your loved ones. Water is a must on this one during summer months. Enjoy.........

      Jon a 34 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Homegrown DSP from Redlands


    • Trail UpdateVery Nice!-Conditions were perfect this afternoon. There is still about 6" of water at the creek crossing, but little water left elsewhere.
      Todd a 39 year old Weekend Warrior riding a 2006 Gary Fisher Marlin (already beat up) from Redlands, CA


    • Trail UpdateNice-The trail up to Angelus Oaks is in good shape. The shady sections provide a nice relief from the heat.
      jomomma a 34 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a crappy supergo frame w/ 1 gear and new carbon bars from yucaipa


    • Trail UpdateKinda Hilly-Rode my singlespeed up this and a loop around Angelus Oaks today. Conditions are perfect. The leaves are changing, the trail is in good shape, there's still a little water in the creek to make the crossing fun. Go before it all freezes.
      jomomma a 34 year old Racer riding a crappy supergo frame w/one speed from Yucaipa


    • Trail Updateeven more snow than last time
      flocktothewall a 22 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a santa cruz blur


    • Trail UpdateDid the trail today, it was great, snow on the ground, new terrain from the changing hillside, COLD and snow on the ground wich makes it even more fun. Watch out for some of the rocks on the way down, they can get in the way and cause some trouble.
      flocktothewall a 22 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Santa Cruz Blur


    • Trail UpdateThe Floods-I did this ride about 2 weeks after the Christmas floods. The ride has changed quite a bit from the floods and mudslides. The first 1/3 of the ride is the same as it's always been. After that you won't really see anymore pavement like you used to. The mud covered everything. There were a few areas where there were tracks from tractors. It was much slower coming down than it used to me, but it could get faster because the dirt was still wet.

      It definately wasn't as fun as usual coming down, but it's still a nice ride. I'm guessing it will get or maybe already has gotten better.
      Jeff a 29 year old riding a Fisher Hardtail


    • Trail UpdateDid trail Labor Day for 1st time. Mix of deteriorating hard top and single track with a short hike thrown in for fun. The fast downhill makes all the climbing worthwhile. I didn't see anyone else up there but watch out on the blind corners. Hit those with a lot of speed and if there is a rider going up, smack, or go over the cliffs. Even though you're in the mountains, the views aren't great. Damn bark beatles.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=25% Paved Path=25%
      a 29 year old Weekend Warrior from redlands


    • Trail UpdateDid the ride on Aug 27th. *Lot's* of black-flies in the face going up. Wiff the smelly herb near the hike-a-bike bridge. Fast downhill!
      Ride rating: Novice
      Ride distance: 13 Elevation change:
      a Weekend Warrior riding a Grove Innovations - Agressor from Redlands, CA


    • Trail UpdateLoch Leven/old HWY 38-Rode Loch Leven last weekend at it's still as fun as it's always been. Trail's in perfect condition.

      Saw a big leg bone near the top, not sure if it's a bear or what,.?
      Ride rating: Intermediate


    • Trail UpdateThis is an old segment of the original Hwy 38 which was destroyed by an earthquake long ago. It's a moderate, long 7.5 mile boulder-strewn climb up to the Angeleus Oaks general store. This road has nearly no asphalt left and is reduced to singletrack in most places, mildly technical here and there. There are water crossings and one absolute hike-a-bike about 2miles in. The climb ends after one more gate with a small resevoir on your left. Follow the road to a tee and turn right at the tee. Follow that up to HWY 38 and turn left and then ride up to the store. Rest here if ya want, there's two more miles to climb. Once past the store you come to 2N12, a truck trail. Climb this keeping to the right at both forks, for two more miles. You'll notice a trailhead to the Santa Ana River Trail near the start. This one leads towards Middle Control Road and is another ride in itself but if you feel hearty enough then read about it elsewhere on this site and go for it. The River Trail single track does intersect this road further down twice and is a great option.After your 2 mile climb you get into a screaming, slippery fire road descent for ten miles! Don't go over, it's a looonngggg way down. At about 15 miles there is a fourth intersection to the river trail. Resist it unless you want to ride back up to your car from Mentone. Close to 18 miles is a large fork in the road, stay left unless you realy need to go to Mentone for some reason. This road dumps out on Hwy 38 about .75 miles down from where you parked. Turn left and ride back up.

      This is an old favorite of mine. Rode here with my friend today and it was just perfect. Some sand, some hard pack and it looks as if somebodies been up there doing maintenance since the last time I was there. I learned a very valuable lesson today though. If one is used to ridding with clipless pedals then by all means DO NOT forget your SPD shoes. I run 636 combo's but doing that whole ride in tennies was still a beeyatch. We still had a great time. This ride can be pretty warm in the dead of summer so start early in the hot months. My friend has done it in reverse too which should be a blast.


      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: Elevation change: 3500'
      Singletrack=40% Dirt Road=60%
      Chuqster a 33 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Happy-Happy Joy-Joy Specialized FSR from Riverside


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