- Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Southern California Trails

  • LittlePine Mtn - #LittlePineMtn

    Socal - Santa Barbara County - Santa Barbara NickNames: #LittlePineMtn

    Hwy 101 to hwy154. Turn right on Paradise road. Go in 7 miles to UpperOso camp. Follow road till you get to parking lot. Unload your bike. Check your water and equipment. Tell the dude you are riding with to stop whining, its only 22 miles uphill. The view at the top is incredible. You can see everywhere from here. WELL worth the venture. I am there every Weekend. Hope to see y'all there. My name is Don. I am the guy thats always ahead of you. P.S. Stay off the singletrack until spring. We try to take care of our trails. The singletrack is for advanced riders, the fire break is for all but beginners. Enjoy.

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