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Southern California Trails

  • Las Llajas - #LasLlajas

    Socal - Ventura County - Simi Valley NickNames: #LasLlajas marrland ranch

    118 into Simi Valley. Yosemite offramp, head North about a mile or
    so on Yosemite to Evening Sky Drive. Right on Evening Sky. Pass
    through a stop sign and just as the street starts getting steep, the
    trailhead is on the left. Parking on the street abounds. Across the
    street is the North Ridge trailhead. It's fun but it's not Las Llajas.

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    • Trail UpdateLas Llajas-We rode this trail for the first time ver today. My kind of place. Nice, wide fire road. Not too steep for the first four miles or so. Then steep and challenging. We rode to the Rocky Peak Road and then back. 10.4 miles.
      old gringo a 59 year old Cross-Country Rider


    • Trail UpdateLas Llajas/Marr Ranch-What happened to my beautiful trail?! Major clearing done on 7-5-10 has left the entire trail with deep cat tracks breaking up hardpack and any remenant paved portions leaving deep cat track ruts and 3-4" sand pockets the whole way up to the "Y". It appears they've tried to widen it by about 3 feet on each side with several turn outs. Now looks like a war zone and makes for a very challenging ride both up and down! Why, why, why! If anyone knows the reasons, please post!
      Sherri Mattera a Weekend Warrior riding a LTS from Simi Valley


    • Trail UpdateI rode to the top of oil well hill yesterday. The cattle have made the fire road pretty bumpy with hoof marks after the rain. Lower fire road is in great condition. Still a great spin up to the Las Llajas gate and race down the canyon, the creek is running ~3" deep. I wish I could jump and clear the whole creek and not get my tires dirty.

      Jerry Ventura BOMB a Cross-Country Rider riding a Superfly 100 from Simi Valley


    • Trail UpdateFirst time rider to this trail.This trail is another way to go if you want to get to the top oh Chumash trail.Some have told me that this would be an easier way to get to the top of chumash instead of climbing chumash itself,but i beg to differ.The trail to the top which is Rocky Peak Ridge is @ 5 miles which consist of @3.5 miles of gradual(very easy) climbing then it becomes alot steeper (very challenging) if your on a 35lb plus bike.The next 1.5 miles i mostly walked, it can be ridden, once you reach 5 miles its a quick 1 mile descent to Chumash.Chumash trail an awesome trail because its well groomed it has rock obstacles,fast straights,fast burms,fast drops AWESOME!
      24hrdemolitionman a 43 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a 08 Specialized Enduro Expert from Castaic,CA


    • Trail UpdateDirections For Superhoob-OK, here are some directions to get you to the start of Devilís Canyon if you are riding up Las Llajas. Ride up the main canyon until you get to the point where there is the fork in the road with the left road off limits behind a locked gate that goes onto private ranch land. I know the gate has been open at times in recent history, and you can get to Devils Canyon by going on that road. But for safety sake I will tell you how to get there assuming the gate is closed and that road is still private. From that fork take the right road and begin the long and grueling climb up to the top of the ridge. After reaching the top you will begin a short decent and see a road coming in from the left. It can be easy to miss as it kind of comes in from behind you. Take it. If you stay straight you continue up to Rocky Peak. I am assuming that is the way you took before Superhoob. As you begin riding on the road to the left it will climb a bit and regain much of the elevation you just lost. You will quickly top out and then begin a fun decent to another fire road. You will make a right here. Just a note, the left road is the road behind the locked gate back down in Las Llajas canyon. When and if this access is opened this is a much easier way to get to this point as it cuts the climbing in half. Make your right and start descending around a few turns until you find yourself at the bottom of a canyon. Look on the right and you should see the beginning of the Devilís trail coming up to the fire road. It is very easy to see. If you start climbing on the fire road on the other side of the canyon you have passed it.

      The trail begins as more of a fire road but will soon turn to single track and will continue to get narrower and more wild. There are a few trails and roads that shoot off of it but just stay on the trail that follows the main canyon and you cannot go wrong. After several miles you will pass an old dam and there will be a fork in the trail. Stay to the right and continue down the canyon. After another mile or a bit more you will see some more trails descending fairly steeply from your right. You can take these up and they will put you out near the bottom of Johnson Fire road in the ritzy houses. You can also stay in the canyon which is what I normally do as there is still a bit of fun to be had. The trail will continue and eventually just kind of fade away directly into the streambed. This part sucks as it is very sandy. But fear not, as it is only a very short distance. Continue down the streambed and you will see a good sized fire road coming in on your right. Take this up hill a short bit and before long you will see a new housing development. The trail stays above this development and at the top you should see the end of Topanga and the 118 freeway. About 20 seconds of downhill and you will be there.

      You can take the side road, just north of the westbound 118 onramp, up the hill and through the ritzy houses (Go through the gate on the left of the guardhouse as you have legal access to the trail) to Johnson fire road up to the Rocky Peak ridge and then down Chumash to get back to the beginning of Las Llajas to make a fantastic and really fun loop. My personal favorite for that area. Have fun.

      MP a Cross-Country Rider from Newbury Park


    • Trail UpdateHow 'bout Some Directions?-Where does the Devil's cyn trail start? I have been up las Llajas all the way to Rocky Peak fire road, but I was not aware that there is a trail open to go down to Topanga, other than the Johnson trail near the top of Rocky Peak.
      Superhoob a 44 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Gary Fisher Sugar 3+ from Simi


    • Trail UpdateDevils Canyon-Rode over to Devils Canyon from Las Llajas. Rode all the way down to the exit at the end of Topanga Canyon. For the most part the trail is in great shape. A few sandy spots, but most are very manageable. The final few 10thís of a mile are very Sandy as usual and did require a bit of walking. The creek crossing are for the most part dry. A few down lower are still wet with a few inches of water. Some amazing wildlife in the canyon as usual. I had a very long stare down with an amazing Great Horned Owl. He was huge. One major tree down that you must walk around. Other then that it is pretty clear sailing. This is still one of the best mostly unknown trails for mountain bikers. I highly recommend you get out and do it. The climb over the ridge is a bear, but the 7 miles of super fun single track down towards Topanga make it all worth while. Have a blast.

      One final note: At the end, just before you come out the road, construction has begun on the new section of townhouses. Per the security guard you should avoid the construction zone and use the brand new access trail just uphill and northeast of the area. It is nearly impossible to miss.

      MP a 38 year old Cross-Country Rider


    • Trail UpdateTrail Condition Update-Did a quick spin up Las Llajas on 8-10-07, the Thursday 4.6 quake shook loose a few bowling ball sized rocks on the last bend in the narrows before the windmill. The road is still hard packed with just a few sandy spots. The trail around the Las Llajas locked gate is now closed with sheep wire and metal gates. The creek crossings are dry, since before the 4th of July. I never get tired of the ride down the canyon, it always is a hoot.
      Jerry BOMB a 53 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Gary Fisher Sugar


    • Trail UpdateLas Llajas at the Las Llajas gate and beyond is still closed to the public. This area is a working cattle ranch.
      The Rancher


    • Trail UpdateDing Dong The ..................-The gates are open, the signs are gone and there alot of bike tracks. Is the trail open beyond Poe's gate?
      coyote one riding a 292


    • Trail UpdateRode Las Llajas Today.-We rode up Las Llajas today and down through the creek bed to the San Fernando side (I'm not sure what that trail is called), ending up at the ritzy home tract just above the 118 Freeway at Topanga Canyon Blvd. Most of the trail is in great shape. Fortunately we got out of the high winds almost immediately after starting out. Of the seven people in our group only one guy and one gal were able to ride all the way up without walking, but the long uphill is worth it. The downhill trail along and through the creek bed is a wonderful single track. About 20 creek crossings, all of which had a few inches of water in them. There are a couple of stretches along the creek that are a deep sand/gravel mixture, and in the longest one I finally gave up and walked because the wheels sunk in so far. There were two deadfall trees across the trail. One we were able to remove, but the other is just too big. There is a rough bypass around it.
      JimNo a 66 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Marin Hawk hill hardtail from Northridge


    • Trail UpdatePerfect Weather!-I rode up Las Llajas and down Chumash today. The weather couldn't have been any better! While taking a break above the oil pumps overlooking the canyon below, I saw 2 deer skip across the meadow! They must have sensed my presence as they ran pretty fast and disappeared into the bushes.The trail above the oil pumps is really hard packed; almost like pavement. Last week-end's winds blew all the loose dirt away. Parts of Chumash were pretty rough but fun.
      xbmxr a 36 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Specialized


    • Trail UpdateLas Llajas Mud Fest-I road Las Llajas up to the Poe Ranch gate on Thursday evening 1-5-06. Several large mud boggs now exist where the rain did not drain off the road. Be cautious going downhill at speed between the locked Poe Ranch gate and the unlocked metal gate in the hairpin turn areas as the water has started to undermine the road surface in one of the corners. The next big rain may wash it out.

      While riding up the canyon I came across a two pickup trucks full of teenagers who were blasting through the mud boggs and spinning around corners. On the way down I met them again as they had rolled one of the trucks on it side and were getting it pulled back onto it's wheels. No one was hurt but they were a little "sheepish" after the ordeal. They told me one of the teenagers uncle works in the canyon and gave them a key. I don't think they will be back but be aware this area has a few "wheel spinners" every now and again getting a little "mud on the tires." If you don't want to give your bike a washing after the ride best to avoid this for a week to let the mud dry up. Enjoy!
      Jerry Ventura BOMB a 52 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Fisher Team Race from Simi Valley


    • Trail UpdateA dare?! I won't be able to try it again until after the holidays. I only have time to ride week-ends as it is but I'm leaving for the holidays.

      I looked up the trail on Google earth. It goes on a ways but disappears like it is single track.
      xbmxr a 36 year old


    • Trail UpdateYes. It will take you over to Los Chivos Cyn. This is a legal ride but will take a little adventous spirit. I dare you to go back. I will mark it Monday with yellow ribon.


    • Trail UpdateTrail Above Las Llajas-Today I took a trail that started at Las Llajas dam and went up along the top of the west side of the canyon. Parts of the road were pretty steep which meant hike-a-bike for me. I'm not sure how far the road goes as I had to turn back because I was running out of daylight. Has anyone ridden this trail?
      xbmxr a 36 year old Cross-Country Rider from Simi


    • Trail UpdateLas Llajas Dam And More...-I took a ride up the canyon and also checked out the dam. There is a lot of dirt built up behind the dam! I remember going up there as a kid when it was first built. The drain tower was really tall. A lot of it has been buried by the debris. There were foundations of houses in that area that have also been erased from the landscape.

      I rode up to the last gate on Las Lajas. There are a few cows on the loose up there. These seem to be the California Happy Cow variety and not the type I encountered with Kosmo22 up on Rocky Peak this past winter. I had to pause to wait for a big bull to clear the road but it was an easy ride after that.

      I've never done a turn-around on this trail. The ride back was fast and fun. There is still quite a bit of water in the water crossings.
      xbmxr a 36 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Specialized from Simi


    • Trail UpdateLas Llajas Dam-They're not building, but rather clearing debris from the Las Llajas dam. Apparently, the rains last winter deposited a lot of trees, brush and silt at the dam and city officials were concerned that it (the dam) might fail.

      I read about the project in the newspaper about four months ago, when some hearings were held about the impact these dump trucks would have on the streets in Simi and Moorpark (where they're dumping the debris). Don't quote me on this, but I think it was supposed to go on for approximately six months with as many as 25 trucks a day.
      The B00giem0n a 38 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Specialized Big Hit w/Jr. T from Simi Valley


    • Trail UpdateLots Of Trucks-I decided to check this trail out on Tuesday while I had school off. I got to the trail head which looks like a asphalt street that forks in two directions (the left going to Yosemite). While I looked around three 18 wheelers coming from Yosemite jammed their brakes and literally skidded down the road. I decided not to take a chance being flattened and turned around and pedaled home.

      What the heck are these guys building out there? I know this has been going on for a while as I have seen the trucks turning in from Yosemite while riding on the road. Anybody seen anything?
      bobdole128 a 16 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a modified Marin Stinson from Simi


    • Trail UpdateWildlife-FYI: Wildlife, Be advised. The bears have come down low this spring. I ran the Las Llajas tria today. Starting off of Yosemite Drive and running up the trial to the "Y" in the road where the windmill and the big watertank are located. Flushed a bear from the streambed on the southside of the road, it ran up the road and into the brush north of the windmill. This may be the same bear that dropped into someone's swimming pool in Porter Ranch last week. It is rutting season so watch out, you don't want to get in between a sow and her prospective mate. Tracks on the road are easy to spot. They have graded the hell out of the road this spring, doing repairs. I could drive my wife's VW from top to bottom now and trail use has made the surface really dusty. Normally I only see the occaisional coyote, skunk, lizard or snake while I run (lots of snakes this year and the rattlers are big and onry), stuff I don't normally see on my bike when going 10-15 mph faster. Anyway, watch for the critters and ride safe, lots of runners, walkers, and dogs now on the Simi Valley end of the trial since the upgrades.
      kennethm3 a 42 year old Weekend Warrior riding a K2 Attack 2.0 with upgrades from Simi Valley


    • Trail UpdateLas LLajas - Simi Valley-Sevaral buddies an I did this ride on 4-30-05. The road has been flatten down and graded to the locked gate. All equipment is gone. This is once again a quick ride to the gate and back unless you decide to go up to Rocky Peak. With the stream running next to the road the sound and scenery is great for any ride.

      Eskanol2 a 29 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Giant DS 2 from Simi Valley


    • Trail UpdateI gave Las Llajas a ride on 4-6-05. The road has been graded and is smooth all the way up to the creek crossing near the Las Llajas locked gate. The earth moving equipment is still up in the canyon. Large piles of dirt are in the meadow near the windmill. It appears as if they may reset the big culvert in the creek and build a bridge over the creek. Say goodbye to the Ďgrand canyon.í The slides and washouts have all been tamed. They moved a bunch of dirt! This takes this trail back to an easy cruise up to the big gate. The fire road still is soft and loose in a few spots that should pack down over time.
      Jerry a 51 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Gary Fisher Team Race from Simi Valley


    • Trail UpdateMad Cows-My friend and I went on a ride up there a couple weeks ago.
      It's pretty beat up, which makes for quite an adventurous ride/
      hike. After crossing a few deep gulleys we made our way to
      the crest of the oil well road on our way to Rocky Peak. Once
      we got there we spotted a herd of cattle in the distance. They
      were heading the same direction we were heading. All at
      once, the herd turned and started to stampede right at us.
      Well, should we stand our ground or get the hell out of there?
      Judging from the amount of longhorns in the bunch, which
      was about 7 or 8, we took off down and around the hill. We
      were in no condition for the west coast version of the
      Running of the Bulls. They took over our original spot and
      just stared at us as we meandered through the shrubs and
      back up to the trail to Rocky Peak. So much for "Happy
      California Cows."
      kosmo22 a 35 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Cannondale Jekyll 600 from Simi Valley


    • Trail UpdateLas Llajas - Simi Valley-1-23-05 Rode the trial up to the Las Llajas gate today. Between the second and third steam crossing is a deep wash-out that some kind souls have marked with a few branches three feet before you launch out into neverland or have to attempt an Evil Kneivel jump. I am a slow old guy who at best gets 3" of vertical travel on a jump, so I would likely get swallowed alive by the ditch. You can get around the mud bog without too much trouble. The fallen tree has been cut and cleared. Several large boulders are smack in the middle of the fire road, making for difficult to almost impossible passage for 4 wheel trafic. Unless they push the boulder off the side of the road. Nothing has changed about the big washout at the base of the steep climb up to the Rocky Peak Fire Road.

      The canyon valley is green, lupins and purple nightshade flowers are out, and even a few deer tracks in the trail. A great way to spend and hour and a half as the new ruts will slow your speed down.
      Jerry a 51 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Gary Fisher Sugar Team Race from Simi Valley


    • Trail UpdateLas Llajas Mud Bog-Yep, you can still ride it. Watch out for the muddy parts. I
      accidentally hit a spot that looked pretty user friendly, but it
      actually wanted to take my bike from me. I sunk up to my
      forks until I stuck my foot in. Then it wanted my shoe. I fought
      and fought and finally won. This story DIDN'T end in a
      bubbling bog with a bike helmet floating on top.
      We rode to the start of the Rocky Peak connector which is
      washed out. much more than the last entry. It is about 5 feet
      deep and 10 feet across now. There were lots of mudslides
      and rockslides which made for some hike a bike moments.
      All told, it was a nice new year's day ride for the adventurous.
      We turned around at the washout since it started to rain
      Beware of flash floods. The evidence of what the water was
      doing (coming up on the road and out of the side canyons)
      looks like it might be a very scary place during a flood.
      Kosmo a 35 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Cannondale Jekyll 600 from Simi Valley


    • Trail UpdateLas Llajas Lives-A couple of buddies and I did the long loop through Llajas up the fire road and down Chumash on 11-28-04. The conditions pretty much are the same as you guys described them. The tree is still on the road but now there is a trail around it. The road still has a washed out pit about 2 to 3 feet wide and about 5 feet deep. Could be cleared by bunny hopping if you have the guts if not just jump over on foot. As for the rest of the roads are in good condition, even the Chumash trail. Lots of fun. See you guys on the trails...
      LEO a 29 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Giant DS-2 from Simi Valley


    • Trail UpdateLas Llajas-Rode trail 11-2-04. Wind knocked over large tree across road in section between the first gate and the Las Llajas gate. You can lift over the bike without much trouble. Enjoy


    • Trail UpdateYep...-Did this one on Saturday (10/30) as part of a larger loop. What can say? Vern said it all already. Pretty unremarkable conditions. No big mud flows, or anything to obstruct your passage, really. Well, except that chasm he mentioned where the road got washed out by the Poe Ranch gate. A good route to climb back up to Rocky Peak fireroad. Starts out nice and gentle, barely climbing for miles. Then a steep final climbout to Rocky Peak fireroad, but it's not very long. Good for big loops, when you have already done a climb or two, but need to get back up there again! :)
      Pilot a 31 year old Racer riding a Spider SPV from Chatsworth


    • Trail UpdateLaS LLAJAS-Who knew? Rain has washed much of the dirt and sand from the trail. Who knew where was so much pavement between the trailhead and the poe gate? Mud still wet in some spots but definately rideable.

      NOTE: at the bottom of the hill coming from rocky peak, near the poe ranch gate, the stream has washed out the road and there is a 2 to 3 foot wide and about 8 feet deep trench across the road. An easy bunny hop for most but a painful wheel eating ditch for those not paying attention.
      Ride rating: Novice
      Dirt Road=50% Paved Path=50%
      I'm Vern a 41 year old Weekend Warrior riding a blur or mutant 1x1 from Simi


    • Trail Update.-ya ya on the ya yas!
      Oh ya.


    • Trail UpdateWeird Experience @ Las Llajas-My dad and I rode up to the Poe Ranch gate and proceeded
      up to the first good lookout over the ranch on the way up to
      Rocky Peak. We decided to turn around and head back
      down into the canyon. Once we got to the main trail, a large
      transport helicopter started circling around us, lowered it's
      landing gear and tried to land near one of the flat oil pump
      spots up near where we were. It creeped us out, as we were
      the only ones up there and couldn't identify the logo on the
      side. I shot a few pictures of the chopper and it eventually
      flew away. That lasted all of 5-10 minutes. I got the pics home
      on the computer and the logo on the side was from
      Children's Hospital of L.A. I don't really know what that was
      about. Makes for a pretty strange MTB experience.
      Kosmo a 34 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Cannondale Jekyll 600 from Simi


    • Trail UpdateTrail Notes-Head right at the t intersection as you start.

      elevation at trail head: 1200 feet.

      elevation at LAS LLAJAS/ Poe Ranch
      gate: 1800 feet.

      elevation at top of first climb (of 2) to rocky peak 2400 feet.
      That would be 600 feet up in about 0.6 miles ('pavement' ends mid climb). There is a second slightly longer climb that follows this one to reach the back end of rocky peak.

      Folks at poe ranch seem very intent on preventing trespass. As we approached the gate (with no intent to cross it), we were met by a woman on an ATV who was scanning the gate. Please respect their sign and either turn arround or make the climb.

      Ride rating: Novice
      Ride distance: 4 miles Elevation change: +600 or +1200
      Paved Path=29% Truck Trail=71%
      I'm Vern a 41 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a blur or mutant 1x1 from Simi


    • Trail UpdateLL=Y


    • Trail UpdateYa Ya-Quick question: Would one pronounce this trail "Las YawYaws"?

      Ya ya? Or no no?

      One winged wonder


    • Trail UpdateLas Llajas-This is a gem on the northeast corner of Simi Valley. From the get
      go, you are plunged into a canyon which once was designated for
      cabin lots. Evidence of these abounds as you meander creekside
      along the canyon floor. Steep canyon walls envelope the visitor
      and in turn create everchanging and numerous vignettes which
      reward the rider with some of the most beautiful scenery the area
      has to offer. Local folklore tells tale of a resident religious cult and
      a long since defunct mental hospital. There are some old
      structures, but mainly old farming equipment and oil pumps, some
      of which are still functional. There are two gates on this ride. The
      first is closed but you can pass though as long as you close it
      behind you. At 3.9 miles you are confronted with the final gate
      labeled LAS LLAJAS. A new no trespassing sign for Poe Ranch
      has been placed there in the past month which is very direct. I
      guess a few folks kept on going onto the ranch property. However,
      If you are still not satisfied and want a more epic ride, just before
      the gate, the trail branches off to the south and eventually connects
      to Rocky Peak fire road. If you decide this is for you, get ready for a
      good climb or two. Once on the main part of Rocky Peak you can
      take Chumash back to Flanagan Drive to Broken Arrow St. and the
      North Ridge trail takes you right back to the car. Pretty handy. If
      you choose to head back from the gate. Remember it's all downhill
      and a true blast. Enjoy!
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Dirt Road=100%
      Kosmo a 34 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Cannondale Jekyll 600 from Simi Valley


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