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  • Lang Ranch - #LangRanch

    Socal - Ventura County - Thousand Oaks NickNames: #LangRanch lang ranch openspace

    Take Avenida de los arboles to Westlake Boulevard and turn right on westlake boulevard, then left on Lang Ranch parkway and take that street to the end where you will see a little trail leading into the mountains. It is a fun trail with a lot of really fast downhills and a lot of uphills and it's really long. But be sure to stay off of the non-public trail. Also, be careful because though I have not seen any snakes, there are a few tarantulas.

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    • Trail UpdateM/X Riders On Trail-Caught 2 kids on their x-mas toys (xr-100s) riding up Lang Ranch fireroad. Told them both dirt bikes are not allowed and they better f*&%@n leave. They gave me some crap which I gave back harder and they left, cussing me out when they got about 250 yrds away. Pretty funny shit. Anyway trail was fun and the dirt seems real fast right now. Just watch out for the two brats. From the tire marks they left they came in at the Westlake gate.
      simi mike the enforcer a ass kicken 46 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a nrs1/reign1 from simi flats


    • Trail UpdateFire Update-Signs are posted going in from the Simi side stating the Lang Ranch open space is closed to the public due to fire danger. Also I heard people are getting turned around at Alberson. Does this mean until the Topanga fire is out (which at this date it is) or until it rains? This could have serious consequences on my training schedule.
      simi mike a lots of year old Die-hard Enthusiast


    • Trail UpdateClear & Windy-Rode the Lang/Alberson area this AM. Only my 4th ride in about a month due to weather/work and my legs felt it(25-35+mph headwinds did`nt help). Trails are in pretty good shape overall. A little rutty on some of the fire roads which some are almost S/T now due to major sprouting of all the plants. Lots of flowers which translates into lots of stingy things flying around soon. Should be a great year for nuclear thistles also. Overall a great ride.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 12+ Elevation change: not to much
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=50%
      simi mike a 45 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a 05 Reign 1 from simi


    • Trail UpdateAlberson, Chute, Etc-I figured this might be the only thing rideable in the area so hit it on Sunday. You will have a couple water crossings that are almost always dry and the brief bit of singletrack near the creekbed is more techinical in one of the turns. Other than that,very little change though you'll see a couple landslides off to the left side of the fireroad but nothing you will need to worry about unless you're drunk. After cresting the trail and passing the turnoff to China Flats you will encounter some serious rutting before reaching the chute area so take it a bit slower than normal. The Chute itself looks great amazingly enough. Though I didn't ride through Chesebro I heard from a couple guys who did and they said there is lots of mud bogs and water and plenty of damage.
      The Big Ship


    • Trail UpdateAlberson, Lang Ranch, Etc-Only my 2nd mountain bike ride in the last 3 months on Halloween. I guess it's called burnout from over 10 years of mountain biking so these old bones needed a change. Great to be back in the saddle on the dirt again. I'll tell you riding the road can't replace mountain biking from a conditioning standpoint as I was sucking some air on trails I normally don't. Anyway, great hard pack conditions for the most part on this ride thanks to the recent rains. The Chute was really packed down nicely and some parts of Alberson felt like riding pavement. Lots of green already which is really unusual for this time of year. With the Santa Anas blowing on the ridges it got kind of cool but the winds allowed for great visibility. In fact I could make out snow capped Mt. Baldy to the east and Mt. Pinos to the north.
      Old Bones


    • Trail Update14th Annual Conejo Open Space

      Saturday, October 9, 2004
      (Rain Date: October 16)

      Trail Users & Open Space Enthusiasts!

      Meet at: Conejo Community Center, Thousand Oaks
      (Botanical Garden Entrance off Gainsborough Road)

      7:30 AM - 8:00 AM Registration & Board Buses
      8:00 AM - 12:00 PM Trail Work
      12:00 PM - 2:00 PM FREE Barbecue & Bike Giveaway
      Sponsored by Carlson Building Materials & Giant Bicycle

      This is our biggest event of the year, bringing together hundreds of Open Space enthusiasts!


      For more info, call the Ranger office: 805-381-2741



    • Trail UpdateMore Wildlife Than People-Rode this trail on Sat. afternoon. Saw 2 hikers right at the beginning and only one bike all day. Saw a BIG Rattle Snake crossing the trail about 1 mile from car. Saw a Bobcat run across trail towards top, almost to China Flat turnoff. On the way down a big gopher snake was sunning itself on the trail.

      Trail conditions are great. The mud has mostly dried. The hills are really getting green.

      See ya in the dirt.


    • Trail UpdateLang Ranch Area-Perfect conditions Sunday. Cool crisp 58-60 degree weather, nice breeze and visibility unbelievably good--in fact easily could see snow covered Mt.Baldy in the distance some 50 miles away. Trail conditions are excellent, including the Chute and the Cattle singletrack.
      Spare Tire


    • Trail Update10/11: COSCA Trail Work Day-Correction: 10-11-2003, as in OCTOBER 11, 2003. I'm an idiot. Sorry.
      The Preacher


    • Trail Update09/11: COSCA Trail Work Day-

      Saturday, October 11, 2003

      Our biggest event of the year! Fun for the whole family!! Chance to win a mountain bike, donated by Giant Bicycle!!!

      7:30 AM: Meet at Conejo Community Center Park in Thousand Oaks. Exit 101 Freeway on Lynn Rd. north, right on Gainsborough Rd. right at the Conejo Valley Botanic Garden sign (just past the 7th Day Adventist Church). Breakfast snack. "Thank You!" Bar-B-Que and raffle after the work. This is a great event with many volunteers. (Rain Date: 10-18-2003)

      Click here for a map.

      Click here for more information from the Conejo Open Space Foundation web site.

      The Preacher


    • Trail UpdateSmooth & Fast-Nice ride up Alberson to China Flat. Overcast skies kept the temp down. Did the loop around China and flew down Alberson. All the drizzle really packed down the loose stuff after the Fire dept `dozed` it and its super fast on the DH.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: ? Elevation change: yes
      Singletrack=5% Dirt Road=95%
      Simi mike a 43 year old Weekend Warrior riding a nrs1 `02


    • Trail Update39 MPH-I started at Lang Ranch Parkway and chugged up Albertson fireroad. Gorgeous, clean air. Crossed up to Simi Peak. It's pretty rocky the last 150 yards. Kinda loose and gravely. Hung out and checked out North Ranch through binoculars. It was pretty lonely up there today. Totally enjoyable decsent. When I left China Flat I bombed the top of Albertson and hit 39 mph. Slowed down for the bottom 1/3, went home and fed the dog.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 9 miles Elevation change: 850
      Singletrack=40% Dirt Road=60%
      tdok a 43 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a s-works fsr xc / FUSO road from Thousand Oaks


    • Trail UpdateLang/Alberson-Rode Long cyn. west through the gate up & over to the top of Lang before it heads down to Alberson. Saw fresh motorcycle tracks so beware.Also when I got down to Alberson they have started bulldozing the fire roads. Saw fresh M/C tracks on Alberson also.
      Ride rating: Novice
      Ride distance: miles? Elevation change: up & down
      Singletrack=15% Dirt Road=75% Paved Path=10%
      simi mike a 43 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a `02 nrs 1 from simi


    • Trail UpdateRattler-At the Lang Ranch Park Switchbacks on Sunday I was hiking with my Webelos den. We got about 50 yards, around the 2nd switchback and heard the "shakin' o' the rattle". We stopped and slowly backed up and there in some low chapparel just off the trail was a coiled, thick snake, head raised ready to strike. We backed off some more and watched as it retreated into the brush. It was about a 3 footer. Needless to say we had a nice lesson about the importance of staying on the trail. The boys didn't feel like going any further so we descended. As we were talking about snake safety we almost stepped on a long non-rattler that had stretched out on the trail for some sun.
      Ride distance: 400 feet Elevation change: 20 feet
      TOK a 42 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Stumpjumper fsr comp xc / FUSO road from Thousand Oaks


    • Trail UpdateLang Ranch/Alberson-Rode all around there today and did not see any recent M/C tracks. I did see tracks up at China Flats last time I was there, and thought "wow, the rangers are on M/C`s now". Hopefully the boneheads got caught. Lots of flowers mean lots of bees. Had a couple go through the vent holes and sting the `ol mellon. Must haved looked pretty funny doing the bee sting dance.
      Ride rating: Novice
      Ride distance: ? Elevation change: yes
      Singletrack=10% Dirt Road=70% Paved Path=20%
      simi mike. I wanna be a 43 year old Racer riding a 02 nrs1


    • Trail UpdateI came across the same guys on motorcycles on Saturday as well. I was coming down Alberson motorway and they were coming up. Had it not been for the fact that I was pulled over to the side checking something out, with the rate of speed I was coming down the fireroad and the speed they had coming up, if we'd have encountered each other on one of those blind turns, the results could have been deadly.
      I was up in the China Flats area of Cheeseboro and could see motorcycle tracks on some of the single tracks up there, so they are entering the park.


    • Trail UpdateLang & Motorbikes-I did the Lang loop on Saturday. I was charging down from the top approaching a 3 way Y. The 4 motorbikers were coming up. I could see them and they could see me. I was waiting for them to pull over and let me pass the intersection but they just motored right into the way. I had to brake hard. They had no trail respect or understanding of right of way.

      Trail respect is very important for MTB's to keep trails open to all legal users.
      Ride rating: Novice
      Ride distance: 7.5 miles Elevation change: 800
      Singletrack=40% Dirt Road=60%
      TOK a 43 year old Weekend Warrior riding a s-works fsr xc / FUSO road from Thousand Oaks


    • Trail UpdateCOSCA TWD THIS SATURDAY, 10/12!-Come one, come ALL! See the post below, or click here:

      The Preacher URL: http://www.cosf.org/2001/html/cvc-trailwork.html


    • Trail UpdateConejo Open Space TWD 2002-

      12th Annual Conejo Open Space TRAIL WORK DAY, FREE BBQ and BIKE GIVEAWAY!

      The Preacher URL: http://www.cosf.org/2001/html/cvc-trailwork.html


    • Trail UpdateLang Ranch Loop-I got to try out my new S-Works M-5 Frame today and am pleased to say there were no creaks! The lockout on the Fox RL will come in handy for climbing the fireroads around here.

      Went clockwise from Westlake and Autumn Ridge. It was dry, dusty and smooth up the widowmaker hill then cruised up to the 1.4 mile split, went right and up. Climbed the wide ST To the top and took the fireroad right. I wanted to bomb downhill and give the suspension and handling a workout. Went left at the bottom and did the counterclockwise climb to the top. I went down but sped right over and down the Long Canyon ST. At the bottom I crossed the parking lot and through the gate at the dead end street, back up and down to Lang at my starting point. It's a good 7 Mile - 1 hour workout with 2/3's climbing and 1/3 downhill
      Ride rating: Novice
      Ride distance: Elevation change: 800
      Singletrack=1/3% Dirt Road=2/3%
      TOK a 42 year old Weekend Warrior riding a S-Works M-5 fsr xc / FUSO road from Thousand Oaks


    • Trail UpdateLang Ranch-Was there some mountain biking convention here New Years Day? I've never seen so many riders heading up/down the Alberson fireroad or the switchbacks at Happy Meadows when conditions are ideal as compared to the somewhat damp conditions today. Frankly, it's nice to suffer grunting up to China Flats with some compadres. I guess some people had to try out there new bikes from X-mas. Whatever, the top half of the clmb to China Flat is pretty dry. As you head farther east there are some areas that will cake your tires and slow you down but overall not too bad.
      Wide Load


    • Trail UpdateLang Ranch-This is one of the few areas rideable in this area after a good one inch rain the day before as the trail soaks up the water very well. I rode this to the far powerline and back which is about 11 miles and there really were no wet spots to speak of. As I was heading back home there were 4-5 more bikers grunting up the road heading toward China Flat--obviously I wasn't the only one who thought this might be the only dry run around. Not a very exciting ride but certainly a good workout in the chilly air. Better than no ride given the previous day's weather. When I passed by the chute I noticed it looked packed down pretty good which should make for some fast downhill riding. Unfortunately, I didn't get to check out the little singletrack off to left mentioned by Spare Tire as I was thinking more about thawing out on the way back--next time.
      Dan from T.O.


    • Trail UpdateLANG RANCH-Upchuck, I did see a couple tire marks on it before we rode about a tenth of mile to a large boulder. The singletrack trail ended at the boulder but perhaps it's a bit of "hike-a-bike" after that. I got off my bike and walked around the boulder and it was hard to make out a trail. Obviously there must be something around there because that guy who was a little ahead of us went left there and we never saw him again. Probably is a poached trail. Let us know if you find something there.
      SPARE TIRE a Weekend Warrior


    • Trail UpdateMystery Turnoff-Spare Tire, I've not noticed the turnoff you mentioned. Next ride up I'll have to check it out. Does it look ridden? Did it literally deadend or just seem to go nowhere?
      It must be a poached trail by a local.



    • Trail UpdateLang Ranch-After the great ride at Chilao last week felt like doing some cardio today so hit the Alberson fireroad grunt to the far powerline overlooking Rocketdyne. Interesting little trail on the left about a 100 yards or so past the turnoff to China Flat as you're going east. Me and my friend rode it briefly but it seemed to dead end around a large boulder. However we were riding about 500 feet behind another rider who just disappeared and must have taken that left. For any of you familiar with this little singletrack (Upchuck? Vern? Dan from T.O.?)does it connect to some trail going into Simi--or possibly to the trail blocked by the electric gate (Bridal homeowner gate)? Inquiring minds want to know.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 11 miles Elevation change: 1500-2000'
      Singletrack=5% Dirt Road=95%
      SPARE TIRE a Weekend Warrior from THOUSAND OAKS


    • Trail UpdateLANG RANCH-Rode this thing up to the far powerline overlooking Rocketdyne just to get in some cardio work. 95 f*#king degrees with humidity made for a brutal ride. Not another soul out there just me and swarms of locusts and other annoying creatures. The recent fire did not include this trail as it was off to the north on the ridge between Simi and Lang Ranch. However much of the lower part of this trail up to the point it becomes a singletrack through the creekbed has been bulldozed--leaving a loose silty wide fireroad. Can't blame the fire dept. as they were just doing their job, rather blame the two punks who started the fire. Once into the creekbed area, everything past that is the same.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 11 miles Elevation change: plenty
      Singletrack=10% Dirt Road=90%
      OVERHEATED a Weekend Warrior


    • Trail UpdateLang Ranch/ Chesboro/ The Chute-Did a big loop throughout the Lang Ranch and Chesboro areas Memorial day. For those bombing down the Chute watch out for"low bridges" in 2 or 3 spots as some of the greenery is getting overgrown--a good hacksaw would solve the problem. By the way, the powerline fireroad to your left as you come down the Chute singletrack is badly in need of repair as it is very overgrown with plenty of small rocks to increase the technical aspects of it. On the other hand Chesboro is in excellent shape.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 16miles Elevation change: 2800'
      Singletrack=40% Dirt Road=60%
      SPARE TIRE a Weekend Warrior


    • Trail UpdateHey Upchuck-Not sure if the guy you saw is me. My Giant is silver colored with dark red front shocks. I had on a long red sleeved shirt and black shorts with a Giro helmet and no shades on. I don't remember speaking to anyone on Lang Ranch Parkway but I do remember passing a couple of people and saying hello near where the Alberson fireroad goes into the creek area--was that you? We'll have to hook up for a ride sometime.


    • Trail UpdateHey Dan...-I believe I saw you today on the tail end of your ride. I was with my 2 year old son walking my black Labrador on the last stretch of Alberson Fireroad. I exchanged greetings with a guy riding a Giant who looked like he just finished a good workout on a great ride. As he (you?) cruised by I turned and watched with envy until he was out of sight. I can't wait to get back on my bike! The waiting is torture. Seeing guys out on my "backyard" trails only makes it worse.
      Was that you?

      Ride distance: 1 mile Elevation change:
      Dirt Road=100%
      Upchuck a 34 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a CHUCK from TO


    • Trail UpdateLANG RANCH LOOP-I decided to try the route suggested by Upchuck in a post below. Start at Lang Ranch Parkway and climb up the trail west of the Chumash center. Don't fool yourself this is a tough climb especially without a warm up for your legs which will be burning when you finally hit the top. Consider yourself fit if you can ride to the top without stopping-if you don't have a warmup--somehow I made it all the way up without a stop. Continue along the trail as you head toward Falling Star. It's easy to get lost on the way there if your a first time rider, especially in the foggy conditions today. Fortunately, I'm familiar with the trail which gets quite technical in a few spots as you head to Falling Star. Once you exit the trail on Falling Star take that street until you see the Church on the left. You can cut over to Lindero Canyon behind the church through a small meadow. Then head over to King James and head up the beast we locals refer to as Dead Cow. 1.7 miles of torture. However, if you come the way in this post your legs will be warmed up for the relentless technical climbing. I have climbed this monster in summer in 90 degree plus temperatures and it's brutal at that time of year as the sun seems to right on top of your head frying your brains. Today however was cool and drizzling--ie, good weather to climb the Cow. I saw a biker connecting to the trail from Suicide--nice gouge in his shin but it comes with the territory. The Cow can be climbed without stopping but it takes a superior rider with great skill at climbing rocky technical trails. More likely, even a strong rider gets worn down as you go up and you'll get stuck a couple times as you hit some of the more technical areas. Once on top head through China Flats and bomb back down to Lang Ranch Parkway back to your car. If you take this route in the opposite direction the climbing isn't as much though you get to enjoy going down the Cow--or Suicide. Overall, this is a great cardio workout. The whole ride can be done in under 2 hours.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 12 miles Elevation change: 2000'
      Singletrack=40% Dirt Road=45% Paved Path=15%
      Dan from TO a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a GIANT


    • Trail UpdateAnswer To Your Question-Don't know you personally Vince but know of your fall on the Cow. You did a nice write up on another site of Chesebro and possibly Suicide/Dead Cow and mentioned you had taken that fall on the Cow. Some buddy of mine had mentioned it as well--I don't know if he has met you either. Concerning the "Cattle trail" as you call it, I last did it about a week ago. It's in pretty good shape and I would rank it as an intermediate level run with a few harder sections due to the ruts and small boulders. You are right about the brush as I have a few slices on my left leg healing up from manuevering around the ruts on the way down and getting sliced up by the brush in the process--just goes with the territory. I would imagine climbing it would be a good challenge, something like climbing the Poacher trail up from Palo Comado. E-mail me if you would like and perhaps we can hook up for a ride in the near future. The e-mail address is Dano154@hotmail.com
      OLD BONES a Die-hard Enthusiast


    • Trail UpdateOK, Mr Bones. Who Are U?-Have I ridden with you? How do you know me? Yes, I am Vince.
      The singletrack you're refering to doesn't have a name yet. I usually call it the "Cattle Trail" because it used to be trodden upon by the local herd. If you haven't had the opportunity to ride a cattle trail yet, you're really missing out.
      Descending is so rough it will loosen your fillings. Ascending the trail was just as bad because the overgrown brush had a tendency to point downhill only (the way the cows traveled) making it virtually impossible to stay on your bike as you fought your way through the dense branches.
      It's been cleaned up nicely since the cattle were relocated. I agree, the trail is a lot of fun to climb and descend.
      So when are we going to ride?

      Upchuck2 a 34 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a CHUCK bike


    • Trail UpdateLANG RANCH-Upchuck, are you "Vince"? If not you must be the 2nd person I have heard of shattering their wrist on the Cow. The singletrack I was referring to is located about 1.5 miles from the end of Lang Ranch Street. In other words as you are heading east up Alberson fireroad and cross through the creek area you come to another fireroad on your left which heads north to a ridge overlooking Simi/Woodranch. The singletrack is visible to the left of this fireroad. If you haven't done it give it a try. I mean it's not a Dead Cow, Gaspipe, Suicide type deal but it's decent.


    • Trail UpdateAh Yes, The Wreck...-That unfortunate soul who shattered his wrist was none other than me! It was about 9 PM on July 16, 1998, just 6 days before my son was born. I actually won a new set of JetDesigns lights for the story.

      Every time I ride past that section I still get the "heebie jeebies", although it's not nearly as treacherous as it was after El Nino washed it out.

      I'm not sure which singletrack you're refering to off of Alberson. Could you describe it's location a little better?
      Upchuck2 a 34 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a CHUCK bike from T.O.


    • Trail UpdateNight Ride Up Dead Cow-Sounds like a plan Upchuck. Not too many riders venture up Dead Cow due to the awesome cardio and technical challenge. Now's the time of year to do it because it's brutal in the heat of summer. I know a few who ride it at night including one unfortunate soul who went over a washed out section and shattered a wrist. Wouldn't recommend a night time descent on the Cow except for advanced riders. Are you familar with the singletrack I mentioned in the prior post/Does it have a name? Thanks.
      OLD BONES a 37 year old Die-hard Enthusiast


    • Trail UpdateNight Ride Up Dead Cow-Sounds like a plan Upchuck. Not too many riders venture up Dead Cow due to the awesome cardio and technical challenge. Now's the time of year to do it because it's brutal in the heat of summer. I know a few who ride it at night including one unfortunate soul who went over a washed out section and shattered a wrist. Wouldn't recommend a night time descent on the Cow except for advanced riders. Are you familar with the singletrack I mentioned in the prior post/Does it have a name? Thanks.
      OLD BONES a 37 year old Die-hard Enthusiast


    • Trail UpdateReverse That Loop-If you're up for some real torture, try that loop going the opposite direction. The ride up Hidden Meadow Trail from the park on Lang Ranch Pkwy is much more difficult. Then do a quickie road ride over to the Cow and grind out 2 miles of serious anaerobic techie stuff. As you recover, pedal over to Alberson through China Flats and get ready for a screaming descent.
      Did that as a night ride last week. Superb for working the skills as you can't see too far ahead to prepare for the next obstacle as you're climbing.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Upchuck a 34 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a CHUCK from T.O.


    • Trail UpdateLang Ranch Loops-Lang Ranch is another way of accessing China Flats and Chesboro by riding up the Alberson Fireroad from the end of Lang Ranch Street. One favorite loop which has it all (great climbs , scenary and ball busting singletrack)is to take the Alberson fireroad up to China Flats and hang a right at the"T" into the Flats. Go by the pond and hang a right and go through the oak trees up the singletrack. Now you can choose between Suicide or Dead Cow to get down to King James Ct. Once down on that street hang Aright on Lindero and take it to Kanan. Hang a right on Kanan and go to the first street on the right which is Falling Star. Go to the end of that street and enter at the trailhead. You'll hit some technical singletrack than fireroads as you go NW. Eventually you'll hit the trail that switchbacks down to Lang Ranch Street west of the Chumash center. Than ride east back to your car. Excelent loop. If you go left from Alberson on the fireroad overlooking Wood Ranch/Simi you can go left and fine a trail that leads to a nice singletrack that dives back towards the fireoad you just rode up from Alberson's. Not sure if this singletrack has a name but it's fun and intermediate in level with a few harder spots of ruts and boulders to keep you on the ball.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 10-15 miles Elevation change: 1500-2500'
      Singletrack=30% Dirt Road=70%
      OLD BONES a 37 year old from THOUSAND OAKS


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