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  • Lake Poway - #LakePoway

    Socal - San Diego County - Poway, CA NickNames: #LakePoway

    I-15 to Camino del Norte. East about 4 miles to Espola Rd (Cam del Norte changes name to Twin Peaks at Pomerado Rd). North on Espola to Lake Poway Rd on right. Parking at the lake is $2. You can park on Lake Poway Rd west of Espola and ride in for free.

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    • Trail UpdateLake Poway To Mt Woodson-This was a fun adventure! The first third is steep but relatively easy fire road, but then you hit the uphill singletrack... lots of steep, tight switchbacks preceded by rock steps and/or small boulders that pretty much make it impossible to do the uphill without quite a few hike-a-bikes. Once you finish this section, though, you ride some sweet, less technical singletrack along the ridge up to the towers at the summit. Nice trail maps are available at the lake parking area.

      Not for beginners or the faint of heart!
      a Cross-Country Rider riding a Ostentatious Peccadillo from Cornhole, Nebrasky


    • Trail UpdateMt. Woodson Trail-Last Sunday morning we rode to the peak of Mt. Woodson. We were originally planning on riding around the lake and over the twin peaks but figuring we needed to pre-work the Super Bowl beers off, we decided to take the detour up the Mt. Woodson trail. The trail was suprisingly in great condition and it's not too steep if your a good climber. The scenery was great and will urge you on. There were several downhillers towards the bottom who said that there are two ways down and one is quite rutted and rocky. I took the trail to the peak and found it in suprisingly good condition. On the way to the top it's easy to see why so many hikers love the trail! The feeling of discovery and the interesting rock formations that surround you is something to see. Towards the top there are some tough switchbacks and tightspots that will likely force you to hike your bike but again the trail is easy to appreciate. Thanks to those who did some excellent trailwork recently! After the climbing was over, the view was great, and the way down was a great reward for your work. If you've tried alot of the other San Diego area trails you need to add this to your list! If you don't care to see the view from the peak and want to stay in the saddle, the trail connects with other trails about 3/4 of the way up, I'll have to go back soon and explore!
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 3.5 miles Elevation change: 1200 ft
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=50%
      ICPAYDIRT a 31 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Santa Cruz Superlight from San Diego


    • Trail UpdateMt Woodson To Highway 67-Just completed this trail on Saturday. We parked in the far corner inside of Lake Poway. This is a very challenging trail both up and down. It is a series of rollers, both of which are on the aggresive side. It looks as though this trail has not been maintained throughout the last few years. Deep ruts down the center and of course the d.g. is as loose as I've seen anywhere. Once you "T" off onto Highway 67, you could go right for approximately 3/4 mile and on your left, pick up the Elle Lane trail to Iron Mountain. Or, head left on 67 and pick up the Mt Woodson service road, which climbs quite aggressively up to the Mt Woodson trail which is also quite a challenging downhill. This trail is definately a must do. We saw no mountain bike tracks at all. Not sure if anyone really knows of this trail or just chooses to not know it!
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: unknown Elevation change: a bit
      Singletrack=90% Dirt Road=2% Paved Path=8%
      Bob Burgess a 36 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Santa Cruz Superlight,(FOR SALE) from Carlsbad, Ca.


    • Trail UpdateJeff-If you want to make this a challenging ride, add the Mt. Woodson Trail out to Hwy.67 turn right, ride the Iron Mountain/Ellie Lane Trail, return the way you came. It becomes about a 25 mile ride with lots of technical sections and a few hike-a-bikes. Bring lots of water and extra food. Try not to do it on the hottest day of the year.


    • Trail UpdateThe trail is only about 3 miles around the lake but has both smooth, wide dirt roads and single track. For the cardiovascularly fit, there's also a 2.5 mile climb to Mt Woodson. There are also some other spurs off the main trail. The single track at the north end of the loop has some great switchbacks where erosion control logs have created deep ruts in front of the logs for a high pucker factor. Right now, there's one water hazard but that will disappear as soon as the rains end. I wouldn't drive there just for the mtb but if you're new to the area and want a convenient place to ride before or after work during the week, you can't beat Lake Poway.
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=45% Paved Path=5%
      Lee a 49 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Klein Mantra Comp from Poway, CA URL:Poway Trails Map


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