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Southern California Trails

  • Jim Green Trail - #JimGreenTrail

    Socal - San Luis Obispo County - Atascadero NickNames: #JimGreenTrail

    Turn off Hwy 101 onto Curbaril Avenue. Go east across El Camino Real about 1-2 miles to Cortez Ave., and turn right, just one block before the railroad tracks. You can park along Curbaril Ave., or at the end of Cortez Ave. in the parking where you can bike right into the Jim Green Trail head.
    There's also a bit of the trailhead with some speed bump wooden bars, beginning parallel to, and at the RR crossing. Along the tracks going south, ride into a field and you will see the Jim Green Trail going uphill. It's about 1.2 miles around a couple of hills, with views of Chalk Mtn. Golf Course, the Salinas River and hills over east.
    From there you can also road bike into the country side across the Salinas River at the end of Curbaril Ave. onto Hwy 41 East, Templeton (northwest) & Rocky Canyon (southeast) Roads (see also Rocky Canyon Trail).

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    • Trail UpdateThere are a couple of short steep sections with a bit of slip. Need good traction - good knobbies.
      Ride rating: Intermediate
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      Chief Joseph Flys Like The Wind a Millenial year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Diamond Back Racing'97 V Link 3.1 from My Mountain in a Valley at Shangri-la. URL: Bike View Heaven - Bike Shangri-la Trails Menu.


    • Trail UpdateJim Green Trail: MtB.-A fairly smooth & easy, scenic rural ride up and around the hilltops with water bars crossing the trail. It's very pretty in the Springtime with all the fresh green grasses and oak trees leafing out, and flowers, birds, and maybe deer. It may be a good trail to bike around & around for endurance training, and perhaps for a bit of MtB racing with a pal. or just for a nice quiet leisurely bike ride.
      Chief Joseph 'Flys Like The Wind' a Cross-Country Rider riding a Diamond Back Racing'97 V Link 3.1 dual suspension from My Mountain in a Valley at Shangri-la URL: Bike View Heaven


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