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Southern California Trails

  • Horse Flats - #HorseFlats

    Socal - Los Angeles County - Chatsworth NickNames: #HorseFlats

    There are several trails in Chatsworth. One can be reached by driving North on Mason St., if approaching from the 101 fwy, exit De Soto to Plummer (Right), to Mason (Left) until it dead ends. From the 118 fwy exit on De Soto (south) to Chatsworth (Left), to Mason (Left). The trails are mostly fire roads with some single track. Difficulty: Easy to moderate mostly, some difficult trails if you explore. This area is slowly being developed, so hurry.Watch out for rattle snake, mountain lions, and cows. Thomas Guide page 500

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    • Trail UpdateYon Mtwy To Browns Canyon-So I was looking for Limeklin Canyon singletrack, but ended up with a fire road climb and some other singletrack. Parked at Moonshine Canyon Park, rode the trail north of Sesnon toward the east. Behind a housing tract, I followed a singletrack around a SoCal gas gate and up a fire road I later looked-up as Yon Mtwy. Rode this up to another SoCal gas gate where I turned around. Saw two spur singletracks that looked enticing, so I took the one down about 1/2 mile from the gate. It dropped down into a canyon, crossed a small creek then climbed a bit out to a plateau where it intersected another singletrack coming down from a hill on the left. Kept going straight on a quick, semi-technical descent. Trail became more and more overgrown- definitely could use some trailwork. Several sections looked like horse trails in that there are small chutes to ride though. Met two hikers a trail junction which I learned also connected to Moonshine Park on another singletrack if I climbed back up the hill. I continued down though this canyon following a creek and eventually came down to a paved road (Browns Canyon Road). Followed this down to a 1-lane bridge then up a hill and down a hill to the 118 freeway. Rode Rinaldi to Porter Ranch Dr and back 2 miles up the hill to the park.
      Steve K a 23 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Giant Trance X3 from Cal Poly- San Luis Obispo


    • Trail UpdateSingletrack-Any singletrack?Anybody ride this yet.Really good news.I'll make it a point to check it out soon.
      Pain Freak riding a Surly Turner from The 909


    • Trail UpdateBrons Canyon/joughin Ranch-URL: joughin ranch open to public


    • Trail UpdateSWAT Gate-There are no gates *anywhere* except for at some of the dirt trail /
      road offlets. Didn't seen any other option but to drive throught the
      SWAT facility. Email me for more details: holyghostdance@gmail.com
      Evin Wolverton a 12 year old


    • Trail UpdateBelow the steep climb to the Swat Facility, there wasn't a closed gate, ie you can drive right up to the gate for the Swat camp?

      Just past the gate for the Swat camp, which you'd turn left into, the main road used to have a gate right there. That's open or not there?
      EBasil riding a Manitou HT or a Fisher Cake from San Diego


    • Trail UpdateOat Mt. Drive-Alright, I took Brown Canyon Rd. up Oat Mountain yesterday in my
      Lincoln Towncar (not being prepared for off-roading, and not equipped
      with my bike). I was looking for some definite trail that I could bike.

      What I found:
      - after the SWAT facility and the first helicopter-pad lookout spot,
      there was a dirt road on my left that traversed the inside of the canyon,
      but looks to die out along the way

      - above another helicopter pad (with blue / white paint on it), but
      below the electrical facility at the peak, there is a big dirt turnout area
      that looks down into a valley and what I can guess to be Joughin Ranch.
      Cows around, and lots of horse trails, but a gate very explicitly states
      that it's private property.

      My questions: How the hell to I get to those trails down there? Do I
      have to huff in all the way from Rocky Peak? From the trailhead way
      way down at the start of Brown Canyon?

      Also, how far does that dilapidated motorway along the ridge go (in
      either direction)? I'm not scared of any white trucks; I'd like to explore
      it if its at all hospitable or if it isn't a huge dead end.

      Please email me with tips / maps / antying
      Evin Wolverton a 20 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a m-80 pinch hitter from United States URL: Swifticus.com


    • Trail UpdateOat Mountain Land-I've had fun reading these threads and I'm glad somebody is using the trails near Oat Mountain. My name is Walker (no I'm not a Texas Ranger) and my family and I own 148 acres around Oat Mountain in several parcels. Currently the land is leased to the Termo Co. for oil and gas exploration. I love to bike but those hills are a little much for me. The next time a guy in a white pick-up says he owns all the land up there, tell him he's mistaken. Do be careful cause tanker trucks use those roads and sometimes you can't see them around a corner.
      Walker a 52 year old riding a Raleigh


    • Trail UpdateNICE RIDE-rode there today nice ride very hot all trails in good condition

      Watch out for the ranch manager, Not very friendly
      KRAZY a Racer riding a GT SPECIAL from CHATSWORTH


    • Trail UpdateNews Flash-Yes I will laugh all the way to the bank. Who needs a job with what you as California tax payers from a near bankrupt state paid me to buy the ranch. You got love those democrats.

      But be forewarned as to your boundary lines as there are many more ranches in the area bordering the Joughin Ranch that are still under my jurisdiction.

      And for those non believers on the trespassing laws we just finished prosecuting a guy last month in the Chatsworth Court who though he new the boundary lines better than we do. And due to this criminal’s persistence thinking he had the right to disrespect private property he pushed the matter to a jury trial in which he was found guilt and received a hefty fine along with a restraining order refraining him from coming with in a 1000 feet of the area.

      Any way enjoy your newly acquired play ground while I enjoy my new pick-up truck and over and under Browning shot gun.

      The Ranch Manager riding a A New Shiny Ford 350 XLT from Chatsworth


    • Trail UpdateJoughin Ranch To Be Parkland-I have not ridden this area, but am intrigued by the possiblity of riding from Rocky peak all the way to Santa Clarita.

      According to this article:


      Joughin Ranch has been purchased by the SMMC and will be open to the above riding possibilities. I would recommend waiting until this sale is finalized before using the property, I'm sure more announcements will be forthcoming. Also it may be that the only legal ways into this property will be from the Rocky Peak and Santa Clarita Woods sides. It may still be isolated from public access on the southern side, although this real estate site does give directions to the JR gate on public roads:


      All in all an awesome addition to open lands by the SMMC! Sorry "ranch manager", but I guess you are out of a job, maybe you can lighten your attitude and become a park ranger! The only patrols will soon be MBU's.
      JH a 33 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Specialized M4 Comp from Conejo Valley


    • Trail UpdateOpen Space Equals Open Rides-We love riding in the Oat Mountain area and will never stop. There has never been a person on patrol and if there was, s/he couldn't do much to stop a biker anyway. The ownership of the property is too vague.
      Chester the Arrester is a 45 year old Racer riding a Huffy from Heaven


    • Trail UpdateBrowns Canyon / Browns Ridge-Please be advised that the area south of Joughin Ranch, where Mormon Canyon joins Browns Canyon, is private ptoperty also. The trail system west of Browns Ridge is maintained for equestrian use and caretaking of livestock, and is not open to the public.
      Another Ranch Manager from Chatsworth


    • Trail UpdateKEEP OUT!-The trail from Oat Mountain down through Browns Canyon is a private road. The ranch is a working cattle ranch as well as a hunting area for the owners of the property only. For the safety of all bikers who are considered trespassers they must stay out of this area. The Joughin Ranch area is forbidden to trespassers from any direction that the biker may enter including from Rocky Peak, Oat Mountain, or from Browns Canyon. The property has been in the family for over 130 years and is regularly patrolled. Trespassers will be prosecuted.
      The Ranch Manager from Chatsworth


    • Trail UpdateSTP- Please look at Thomas Guide Page 480 (LA/VEN CO. Ed.)Moonshine Canyon Park leads off Limekiln. The radical drop you refer to is the drop down into Limekiln (just east of the Sport Chalet and a church, am I right?)The only place to bike in Moonshine Canyon is off of Sesnon, going North following a road to a water tank. From there you can connect up to Horse Flats, but that route is frequented by horse riders. Plus you cannot head north in Moonshine Cyn Park from Rinaldi, it doesn't go that far south. So, unless LA Co. has changed the name of the canyon in the last week, you are refering to Limekiln. If I am wrong forgive me, but it seems to me that you mean Limekiln. I will go over there tommorrow (7/13) and read the sign. I notice you are from Lancaster, I am from two blocks from Tampa, I learned how to bike in Limekiln.

      Robert a 16 year old


    • Trail UpdateHorse Flats Aka Tampa Land-Robert, The park that we head north from Rinaldi, is called "Moonshine Park". This is the loop that we do. We start from the Sesnon part, go up to Horse Flats or as I know it, the Olive Grove, head down the sweet rough part, out of the canyon to Desoto, then cross Desoto and head east on the hiking/horse path that runs south of the 118. We exit out at Rinaldi, a couple blocks west of Tampa, right there at Corbin. then cross the street to where the apartments are and do the radical drop into Moonshine Park (that's what the sign by the City of Los Angeles calls it, and whats shown on the Triple A maps). then climb out a little after Ball Breaker hill out onto Tampa, and head north back to the car. 10 miles, good workout, lotsa fun.
      STP a 41 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Diamondback Zetec from Lancaster


    • Trail UpdatePlease note that what STP said was Moonshine Canyon is Limekiln. Moonshine canyon is over by Porter Ranch Drive and not much of a place to bike on. It only goes south about 200 Feet.

      Robert F. a 16 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a RockPounder from Chatsworth


    • Trail UpdateTampaland-This is the name that many of us know this ride by. It starts as the earlier post by Chuck at Tampa and Sesnon, thus the name. After riding around the gate off've Sesnon, my brother and I found the trail almost completely overgrown by waist high Mustard weed. There was so much of it, that at slow speeds, it would get wrapped around the sprocket and effect the derrlr. It was pretty hot, so thankfully no horses. The muddy section at the waterfall is fixed and you can now ride across. The moonwalk is still moderately difficult from this point, but don't be surprised if you dab. Coming out of the olive grove, I got sucked into the usual rut that runs down this whole downhill section. Didn't take any soil or plant samples and flogged on. This part of the trail is always a blast. There are sections that are filled with death cookies, baby heads and bigger rocks. There's enough of this to make it interesting and keep you on your toes, but not enough of it to slow you down too much, and you can still go pretty fast. Tree roots, steep drop offs and sand make for a good time as well. The water level in many of the stream crossings are low. One section just sucked the bikes into deep mud. Our variation on this, is, after exiting onto the paved section in Brown's Cyn, passing the ranches, and finally the bridge, is to look for an entrance to the stream bed. It's marked with a 2-3 foot mound of dirt. You enter into a cool section, where the overgrowth is so heavy, you're forced to ride down the stream itself for about 1/4 to a 1/2 mile. Usually 6-8 inches of water. Typical tropical feel. But this time, it was dry (read sand and mud). You'll drop the bikes over an 8 foot dam, then get back through the Eucalyptus to Desoto. Cross the street about 200 feet down, and do the hiking trail back to Rinaldi. The Moonshine park part has been ruined by a LA County Bulldozer. One of the really tough, technical stream crossings, has been wiped out.
      It's the second one thru the park, a typical 6-8 foot ravine drop, thru the water and out the other side. What made it interesting was the 6-8 inch straight dirt curb on the other side, that made you use a combination of unloading the weight front and back, while judiciously using the big pedal power stroke, to lift the front tire, and then the rear over the curb, while climbing. You had to just tap the curb with the front tire and be ready. Too much speed and you bounced off, not enough and you didn't quite have it. Too bad. Only got to make it once. Didn't make ball breaker hill either, despite many attempts. Good ride, good day, yeah!
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=25% Paved Path=25%
      STP a 41 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Diamondback Zetec from Lancaster


    • Trail UpdateHorse Flats-Went up there recently and found that after the first gate it is only about 1 mile to the trail of to the side. There is a small rock pile marking the trail. Watch out right after you drop into Mormon Canyon (just north of the flats, when you are crossing the creek)because it is all really loose sand in there cause of all the horses. Have fun and travel safely.
      I am gathering information about Oat Mountain and Horse Flats and the whole area. I posted a like to my site that is in the very early beginnings.
      Ride rating: Novice
      Ride distance: 10 Elevation change: Not Much 300 or so
      Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=25% Paved Path=25%
      Robert (Oswap) a 15 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Specialized RockPounder from Chatsworth


    • Trail UpdateHorse Flats-From the Northwest corner of Sesnon and Tampa the trail immediately forks. Take the left fork. From here the trail goes west for about 0.75 of a miles until it comes to a fire road. Take the fire road for about 1.5 miles (if you come to a Getty Oil gate you have gone about 0.25 mile too far). You will see a trail off to the left just as the fireroad makes a right turn. The trail goes down and around a small ridge and comes to an all season stream that makes a small waterfall. Cross the stream and continue on the trail over the next ridge and then down into Horse Flats. This area is also referred to as the Olive Grove due to the olive trees. There are also peacocks, cows and horses. From the North end of Horse Flats, next to the stream, take the trail down Mormon Canyon. Watch out for the 2 foot drop about 100 yards down. The Mormon Canyon trail eventually comes to Browns Canyon Rd., after crossing the stream several times. Take the Browns Canyon Rd. South (down, down, down, up and up) to De Soto. On Desoto, cross to the South side of the 118 freeway. About 100 yards South of the freeway is the entrance to the Old Mission Trail. Turn left (East) onto the Old Mission Trail and follow to Limkiln Canyon where it turns into a paved access road. Turn left, go under the freeway and then back up the other side to Rinaldi St. Find the entrance to Limkiln Park, on the North side of Rinaldi and take the trail back to where you started. About 10 miles with very nice country.
      Singletrack=40% Truck Trail=20%
      Chuck Stoughton a 50 year old Weekend Warrior from Granada Hills


    • Trail UpdateThis is a very versatile trail system. Starting from Mason, you can head up to Sesnon Blvd. From Sesnon, you can head back over to DeSoto (Brown's Canyon), a nice 10 mile beginner's trail. Also from Sesnon, you can find a route through the oil fields to the top of Oat mountain (3700 feet), though you may cross some private land. Safer is to go up to the top of the Santa Susana's and over to O'Melvany park, a nice 20 mile round trip with about 3000 feet total elevation gain. You won't find many people here, so travel safely! Use the Yahoo map service to find the trail's you need-there are hundreds of trails so don't get lost.
      Singletrack=20% Dirt Road=30% Paved Path=25% Truck Trail=25%
      Kevan O'Meara a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Cannondale F700 from Chatsworth, CA


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