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  • The Horse Trails - #TheHorseTrails

    Socal - Los Angeles County - West Hills NickNames: #TheHorseTrails

    Take Roscoe Blvd. WEST 'til it terminates at Valley Cir. Blvd. Go through signal (stop first if it's red!!!) to Quiet Hills Ct. (Roscoe becomes Quiet Hills WEST of Valley Cir.) and park here on this quiet, hilly street... ur... court. Access trails from the well maintained dirt road just NORTH of where you parked your dinosaur incinerator. This area is commonly referred to as "The Horse Trails" by MTB'ers and BMX'ers 'cause of the stables (B&B Horse Trails) that used to be located at the trail head. All that remains is the white rail fence and a pile of twisted mobile home frames... and, of course, the trails! SPECIAL NOTE: You will be riding on some private property (which at this time is open to responsible users) so be very respectful to ALL trail users... THEY MIGHT BE THE OWNERS!!! DANGER! ON THE DIRT ROAD, DO NOT PROCEDE PAST THE TRAIL HEAD AND ESPECIALLY THE GATE MARKED "STOP". IF YOU DO THERE IS A CHANCE YOU WILL SHOT AND IF YOU ARE ATTRACTIVE YOU MAY BE KEPT AS A PET!!! Thomas Guide page 529 E2

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    • Trail UpdateSecret Entrance-i have found an entrance to the trials. there is a dirt round that is found of the left hand side if going on valley circle then take it and the gates stop soon and there is a acceses points to the trials but im new to the horse trials so i dont know where everything is..


    • Trail UpdateLand Developement-People up there are getting ready to build houuses up there
      studboy13 a 13 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Iron Horse from West Hills


    • Trail UpdateI Bet The Waterfall Is Pumping!-
      Too bad this area is fenced off (and damn, is it ever fenced off up there at the end of Roscoe!), because I bet the waterfall and pool up there are awesome right now!

      Hey, there's no way a Cherokee is gonna navigate the mud up there. Somebody go get some pictures!

      EBasil riding a Manitou HT or a Fisher Cake from San Diego


    • Trail UpdateFenced-this trail is now fenced, the owner took all the jumps down, he also has put up cameras to my knowledge so BE CAReFUL. the owner drives a red jeep cherokee and he will call the cops and run you out of there.
      ryan a 15 year old Downhiller riding a kona stinky from west hills


    • Trail UpdateFences are up and the "NO TRESSPASSING" signs are posted. I have been informed thet I am tresspassing and threatened with the having the law called out when I have entered at the Roscoe side of things. The trails extend all the way up to Woolsey Cyn. Rd. where no fences or signs are up. Ride at your own risk...but RIDE ON!!!
      Smoke Wagon


    • Trail UpdateThe Horse Trails... West Hills..-I grew up 1/2 mile away and have been riding bikes at "The Horse Trails" for 20 years. Fences have gone up, and fences have come down.
      Some of the jumps/tracks (Big-Little, J-Jump, Staircase, etc.) that have been there since I was a kid are in desperate need of attention. If you go, try bringin' a shovel and a pick. It's a beautiful area, will very little traffic.

      Quick note: DON'T park in the NO PARKING zone. You will get ticketed & towed.

      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 2 Elevation change: 200'
      Singletrack=20% Dirt Road=60%
      Aaron a 32 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a 2001 TREK 4500 from Simi Valley, CA


    • Trail UpdateAre You Sure?-This area has been slated for development for a long time now. Why would they suddenly change their mind? I don't mean to sound like I'm attacking your post, I just would like to know for sure. Where did you get your info?

      Upchuck a Die-hard Enthusiast


    • Trail UpdateThe Horse Trails-No, they are not building because the are too many oak trees.


    • Trail UpdateA fence has been put up around all access points to the BMX area and trailhead with No Tresspassing signs clearly posted. Does anyone know if they're going to build on this site? This technical "play" area will be missed by everyone.
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 4 miles Elevation change:
      Singletrack=75% Dirt Road=25%
      Eric a 35 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a GT LTS from Woodland Hills


    • Trail Update"Trials Trail Loop"-Trail length: about 3.5 miles. Ride time: 20-30 Min. Ride dirt road short distance, hang right on major off shoot just prior to first house on right (used to be a cable across this trail) and cross Dayton Creek. This is your trail head. DO NOT PROCEDE ON DIRT ROAD, ONLY GO RIGHT!!! Pedal under a shady canopy of oaks and on past a shallow, arched cave on left. Carefully maneuver through enormous poison oak and climb rutted trail up short incline to steep down section/creek(seasonal) crossing. Steady climb up to second crossing(water most of the year) and 20 Ft. waterfall on right. Trail splits here to form loop. Stay left on "Trials" to climb technical staircase to cave at top. This leg is great practice, so pick the most difficult lines to bone-up on handling skills. When you're at the top there will be some large boulders off to the right. On their other side an overhang creates a "cave" with cool shade and views. You might picture Chumach Indians resting there some time back. There are a few connectors to "Lower Trail" as seen from the cave. All are past and to the right of the boulders. Coast down "Lower" over a short, rocky area, past a blue Datsun pick-up, and off a couple of drop-ins back to the second water crossing. That's the loop! Just fallow the main trail back out to just before the dirt road and climb a narrow trail to the left to check out the BMX jumps. This is a fun multi-lap ride. NOTE: There are some trails that run to Woolsey Cyn. Rd. from the boulders. Woolsey is a fun, fast, paved downhill. WATCH YOUR SPEED!!! and the guardrail, Dave B.!!!
      Singletrack=75%% Dirt Road=25%%
      "Smoke Wagon" a 22 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a True Temper (KHS) hardtail from West Hills,SoCal


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