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  • Home Depot Hills - #HomeDepotHills

    Socal - San Diego County - Chula Vista NickNames: #HomeDepotHills

    Take the 805 south from San Diego and exit at H street, go east. Follow H street east to Paseo Del Rey turn left and park in the Home Depot parking lot. Thomas Guide page 1310 H6

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    • Trail UpdateRattlers-In regard to the last post - rattlers are all over SD county, although there may be many on your trail in Chula Vista. You have to be extra alert coming around blind corners, etc. But as for the rattlers, just leave them alone and they'll leave you alone. In one instance I could not pass because of a rattler so I got a long (like 8 ft) branch from the woods and nudged him off to the side. Whatever you do, dont be one of those a-holes who kill wildlife, please.


    • Trail UpdateRattlesnake Caution!-I was flying down the trails and came within inches from a rattler's strike as he was defending his prey. I am not a snake expert at all, so I wasn't sure what to do. We kept our distance and let him live. We took video of him eating his prey, click the link.

      If anyone has advice on what to do in these scenarios, let me know. From my trip and the previous updates post, it sounds like we have a bit of a rattler problem on this trail. Be Careful!!!
      fabyloso a 28 year old Weekend Warrior from Chula Vista / Otay Ranch URL: Rattlesnake Video - Home Depot Hills


    • Trail UpdateHair Cut-For you Home Depot riders we need to give the area a weed cut. Be careful I have run into 4 rattlers on that road. Grass is too high and makes its difficult in some areas to see. The road is in good shape but needs a garner. Around the serpant the grass is all around be careful. All swings are in great conition but one bridge a piece in the middle is missing. 04-02-2010
      SBF Mountain IBIS a 46 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a IBIS SL Mojo from Chula Vista


    • Trail UpdateHome Depot Hills- Chula Vista-I just rode the trail the day after some heavy rains and it's still in good shape, even with the mud and bog. The obstacles and teeter totters survived nicely, but there are pieces of wood taken off the Serpentine, so watch yourself.
      a 38 year old Die-hard Enthusiast


    • Trail UpdateRwan, I Am Looking For Ya-I am checking the whole wide web to find out who is doing this and I find an asshole named Rwan is moving thing around in this trail.

      Whoever set those tricks in the canyon, did it in a smart way, off the main single track for the safty of beginner riders and to keep them away from the city employees, otherwise they will get taken away as they are not permitted there by the city.

      So take you f!@#ing crew down there and set them back up the same way they were and make sure you do it asap. I ride/hike there almost on a daily basis, and if I see you or your dumbass freinds moving things around, I will persaonlly take good care of you. So be smart and don't mess with the items.

      bigthickdick a 35 year old


    • Trail UpdateRwan please STOP moving things around, there is a reason the obstacles are off the main trail so hikers or other trail user won't complaint about it, pm me if you need more info, we can loose what we have if we screw things up.
      Bajamtnbkr a 43 year old Weekend Warrior


    • Trail UpdateMoved Some Stuff-The ride was great when I first took it but the 'obstacles' were in areas off of the main trail. Two of them you could miss completely unless you stopped and turned abruptly. So... along with some local kids, we moved the stuff around to better suit the trails natural route. Hope no one is too pissed. We're going to move the double teeter past the first one too... or build a burm because when you come off of it, the trails vears right.
      Two kids also cleaned it up a bit from the overgrowth and apart from a few puddles, it is riding pretty damn good right now!


    • Trail UpdateHoe Depot Trails-ehh this is a cool trail but its not all that technical there is little wooden bridge and like 2 or 3 wooden woops and nother is a dubble teeter totter and then a single teeter totter now. but its ok
      spazybiker147 a 17 year old Downhiller riding a 2006 yakuza kumicho from San Diego


    • Trail UpdateHome Depot Hills-I rode this trail last week and got some scraps from all the dry over grown bushes. The trail has great ups and downs allowing for a continous and fun work out. Some spots were almost washed out so be careful around the blind corners by the stream bed. It's almost all single track with a few signal crossings.
      rock4x4 a 24 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a 2005 cake 2 dlx from Valencia / San Diego, CA


    • Trail UpdateAre The Jumps Still Rideable?-I haven't been here in over a year and was wondering if the jumps at the top of the hill are still rideable? Or, any others in the area? Thanks-
      Intenserider a 29 year old riding a Giant VT & an 'ol Intense from San Diego


    • Trail UpdateEastlake Singletrack-Screw the entrance at the Home Depot parking lot! It is lame and has way too much "city" invloved to really enjoy the trail. Take H Street east from the 805 freeway, make a right on Paseo Del Rey, at the first stop sign make a left. This street will lead you along the residencial area east of Home Depot and alongside the singletrack valley. Just follow the road about 1/2 mile and make a right on a residencial street called River Ash. Park anywhere there an the street's entrance an unload there. Right across the street are alot of bushes, fences, etc. Get on your bike and the trailhead is about 30 yards west on the street you just came in on. The large electical tower marks the entrance. You can do two things: (1) head east and hit up the intial 1/4 mile of the singletrack, or (2) just go downhill to the leftside of the valley and follow the singletrack. The (2) option in more preferable and it will take you about 1.5 miles until you reach the top of the valley at the H and Paseo Del Rey intersection. Just cross Paseo Del Rey and cross the fence. The is a short downhill section to continue the trail, but follow it along the H street and you will encounter the remaining 2-3 miles of pure technical singletrack. Have fun, but watch your corners!
      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 3-4 miles Elevation change: highest point 300feet
      Jog-jam a 20 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Trek 4500 from Coronado


    • Trail UpdateHome Depot Hills-I rode this trail yesterday, October 3rd, 2002, in an effort to find something fun and comparable to Mission Trails which is probably one of the best--most common--trails in San Diego. The rating was Advanced to Expert; however I found it to be more of an intermediate to an lesser-advanced trail. The soil condition was nice an packed--not too soft. The trail was very windy, with no long descents, but very technical terrain--downward sloping trails, many rythyms, and narrow singletrack. I didn't find it all that exciting because of the area, and there isn't much wilderness view in it. Just a lot of homes, and the "H" street below. Although overall, I highly recommend it to an intermediate rider looking to improve their coordination in highly-technical, braking and turning strategies.
      Ride distance: 2 Elevation change: 100 feet
      Log-jam a 20 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Trek 3500 from Coronado


    • Trail UpdateCaliswift-Trail is simple. Some spots are a little techincal and you get can get some speed but overall this is boring trail. If you already have gained basic skill on your bike try riding some of the other trails in southbay. The trails over on Otay ranch have alot more variety. Not to mention during the day it gets extremely hot in the cayon where the trail is.
      Caliswift a 21 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a 97' trek y-frame from Chula Vista (eastlake)


    • Trail UpdateSo Cal Bomber-
      a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a 98 GT Avalanche from IB


    • Trail UpdateApart from this aforementioned trail, there are other trails around here that are (well) rideable...If you live around South Bay and wants to know about these trail, email me or go to Mission Cyclery in Bonita Rd ask for Curtis and ask him for the trail map around H st, L st and Telegraph canyon. These trails could be fun if they are longer.... Email me for info, like for Rice Canyon and Discovery Park.
      Orven "Hooligan" a 23 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Roadmaster 10" Trike from Toys R Us from Chula Vista, CA USA URL:ORVEN'S MOUNTAIN BIKING PAGE


    • Trail UpdateUnload and head to the west end of the parking lot. Here you will have to go down a very steep trial through the ice plant. Cross the street at the bottom, this is where the trials begin. Climb the hill straight ahead and at the top cross the street and go right on the downhill trail. You will come upon a steep descent called the chute YAHOO! Ride the trails eastward and you will eventually return to the home depot. This area is single track all the way and should not be attempted by beginners. Watch out for rattle snakes.
      Jim Stanley a 35 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Nishiki Pinnacle from San Diego, CA


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