- Thursday, July 25, 2024

Southern California Trails

  • Holy Jim Trail - #HolyJimTrail

    Socal - Orange County - Modjeska NickNames: #HolyJimTrail

    To get to the bottom take El Toro road to Live Oak Canyon road and turn right. Take that to Trabuco Creek road and turn left. Take this dirt road about 4-5 miles in and look on the left for the Holy Jim fire station. The trailhead is behind on the right.

    This trail can be ridden in either direction. It goes from Trabuco creek road to Main Divide in a couple thousand feet of elevation. Nice canopy, switchbacks, creek crossings, and rock slides keep you busy as you climb your way to Main Divide. About 4 miles one way(foggy memory, could be wrong).

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