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  • Haskell Canyon Ttrail - #HaskellCanyonTtrail

    Socal - Los Angeles County - Santa Clarita NickNames: #HaskellCanyonTtrail

    Exit 5 freeway at Rye Canyon then it turns in to Copper Hill. Take Copper Hill till you get to Haskell Canyon Road, then go past that past Walgreens and there is a turn in to a dirt road in the back there is a movie ranch(private property) and if you go a little bit past the dirt road up Copper Hill there is a water run off basen right to the right of that. There is a little trail that takes you up by some power lines and alog a dirt road. If you follow that you can get to a little down hill trail. It's my favorite one to ride on.

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    • Trail UpdateFun Trail! A Little Sandy...-So, I biked on this trail about 3 days, ago about 2 days after the recent rain. Some sections of the trail were sandy, as can be expected, but most of it was in good condition. Recently, there were a few more structures that were built in addition to the ones that exist. We need to renovate the structures a bit as some of them are rotting away! I'm glad to see that some people care about this trail still, though :). It still has a few 5+ foot drops that I shall attempt when I get a better bike haha. Spread the word about the trail and it may become better!
      Robbieisbobert a 17 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a 2003 Specialized Hardrock from Saugus, CA


    • Trail Update"Rattle Snake"-A buddie cut that trail well over 10 years ago & it was recently maintained last year...It has changed a lot over the years due to flooding, lack of use & developement...but it is still one of the best kept "secret" loops in Santa Clarita!...Yes it can be done in a few separate loops or figure 8's! Have fun a lot of sweat went into that!



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